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Meeting Women

­­First Date Questions. Why She Asks “Why” On A Date

When you are dating a woman and erotic tension begins to build up between the two of you, it may happen that she asks first date questions like: “Why do you want to meet me?” “Why are we here together?” “Why did you take me to this place?” You need to be good at understanding…

Meeting Women

How To Meet Women – Don’t Move, Just Attract!

Today I was thinking why so many guys ask questions about “how to meet women.” Women are everywhere. Right now I am going by train to another town. A gorgeous blonde is sitting right in front of me.  On my right, another sweet girl is watching at the landscape out of the window. A few…

Female Relationships

How To Get A Girlfriend – 10 Ways To Reverse Common One-itis Symptoms

One-itis is a very painful and damaging condition, if you’re unlucky, you’ll get infected with this illness especially if you’re young and lack experience with women. If you don’t know what one-itis is, here’s a definition: “Obsessively thinking about ONE woman to the extent where you feel so attached to her, if anything happened to…

Online Game

Unusual Trick Helps You Easily Pickup Women On Facebook

During the long winter evenings – when you’re stuck at home – it´s nice to pickup girls on Facebook. The main purpose with Facebook is simple… Get her to meet you face to face. Of course when you will meet her you will need to have good game! So.. With this unusual tip getting a…

Female Relationships

Get Her Horny For You By Avoiding Meta-Communication

This is for you if you are asking yourself all the time the question how do I get a girl to like me. If you want to kill a woman’s sexual excitement for you…practice meta-communication. What is meta-communication? It is a “discussion about the communication itself” Let me show you an example: Version 1: “We…

Meeting Women

How To Screen For Female Receptiveness And Why

When you are looking for a relationship with a woman, you should  screen for female receptiveness. Having the ability to pass the tests of virtually any woman, and have sex with her, is a good skill to have. However, it can cause you to make wrong choices, even short-term wrong choices…not just the long-term ones….