Prolonged Eye Contact With A Female

Learn how to use eye contact

In the case you are new to the world of seducing women something you can try which is not that difficult is prolonged eye contact with a female.

Just sit down at the edge of a crowded street and observe males walking when they are just about to have a woman coming from the other direction.

Almost all of them will avoid prolonged eye contact with a female.

Why so?

Well there are many reasons.

One of them is that those males get horny when they are seeing a hot woman and feel ashamed of it.

Women know this and when they see a male who avoids prolonged eye contact with a female they already screen him out as a potential mate.

He is feeling ashamed of his sexuality so he is not an alpha male.

Alpha males do not make mystery out of wanting a woman.

So when you are at the first step of learning the art of seducing women when you are on the streets practice the art of prolonged eye contact with a female.

In a totally calm and non aggressive way when she is closer to you and coming from the other direction lock her straight into the eye. Lock on of her eyes and don´t look down.

Some of them will look away.

This is an automatic reaction in primates. By keeping your prolonged eye contact with a female you are showing dominance.

Don´t bother about the ones who are looking away.

When you see that she is looking at you back at that point smile widely and say “Hello.”

This is the simplest way of doing it.

Other ways of doing this is to smile and say something totally random, some short expression like:

“Nice day isn´t it?” > and smile.

“Oh.. life is so though sometimes!” > and smile.

“Wonderful!” > and smile.

If she smiles back and comments what you said you stop and begin to chat with her.

By doing this you already put yourself far above all the other men who are scared of prolonged eye contact with a female. She knows now that you are the deal.

At this point she will begin testing you which is what you want because..

When a woman is testing you she is actually saying that she begins to like you.

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