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Suprise Her Big Time When She Runs The Jealousy Game On You

Let me guys the pleasure of sharing with you a technique you can use to give a girlfriend or a wife – who is trying to make you jealous by putting you to compete with other guys – the surprise of a lifetime.

This is a very powerful technique to counter act any kind of game a woman may try to play on you while you plan to seduce her and in long-term relationships with her.

I have highly field tested this technique and it works every single time like a very well oiled machine. Of course you need to know the basics of the game as described in the Manual of Seduction for being able to apply this well.

When women talk to us they use rich descriptions. This I also call female hypnotic talk and it´s a way the female of our species uses to gain power over the male.

Women describe richly colors, situations, feelings, shape and all. On the contrary men tend to exchange data and prefer to say it shortly to increase effectiveness in action.

For example about the gym:

A man to a male friend: “I was at the gym. It was a hell of a a great session!”

A woman to a girlfriend: “I felt so good this evening. Suddenly I realized that I need to do something for my body. I felt inside myself the need to move, enjoy, and hike. I took by blue bag, the one I like so much. Outside the sun was shining and I felt hot inside. Before I even noticed it I was already moving with a wonderful joyful feeling inside me towards the gym. There I took all my clothes off in the changing room. I could feel how the guys were staring at me while entering the aerobic room. Such nice guys!”

Something guys do not know is that by using rich descriptions a woman – consciously or unconsciously, it doesn’t matter! – aims to control the mind of her male! We have examples of the same process in many animal species and the mean used by the female of our species is: rich and descriptive hypnotic talk.

The songs of the Sirens.

It is a general notion in NLP that by descriptions/stories you can capture another person’s mind into a hypnotic state. You can suck the person into your world.

By describing a pink elephant to someone you have the person “actually see” a pink elephant.

A woman’s rich description has a great hypnotic effect on the mind of the one listening. It captures the imagination of the man into the scene described.

Experienced seducers use the same rich descriptions to capture the imagination of the woman and by doing so they bring her where they want her to go: into bed with them.

Now, when a woman will want you to do something for her she will rarely tell you: “I want the thing X”.

In most of the cases she will describe to you what she wants in a rich way in order to capture your imagination into the scene described by her”.

If you go with your wife to the market and you are a provider to her you will notice for example that by richly describing the items she likes she will slowly have you into hypnotic state, which will probably have you to spend more money on the item than what you wanted.

Stronger men instinctively react defensive in those situation and their irritation may cause a fight.

Now let´s get to how a woman plays the jealousy game on a man.

If you observe carefully the chat between a jealous husband or boyfriend and his woman you will notice that a moment before he has the jealousy attack she will run on him rich descriptions where she inserts open ended statements,

She will richly describing to him open ended situations like: “I was at the gym. Suddenly a guy, Mark smiled to me. He seemed to be such a fun guy, tall, with deep and intelligent eyes. He said he could teach me some new aerobic exercises…”

What happens to average frustrated chumps at this point is that they are hypnotically “captured” into the woman´s rich description – just like she meant it to be – their brain begins to “see” the scene described by her and they become to be reactive to it and begin to compete with the imagined other guy on the mental level.

Then they react by showing jealousy or becoming controlling and begin to let her grab them firmly by the balls.

Notice: a woman will not always use a rich description to influence you. This way of talking is the way women usually talk and if you listen to discussion between women you will notice that this is the way the communicate to each other.

A woman may or may not – consciously or unconsciously – try to use this both in short-term encounters with you or in long-term relationships to capture your mind.

You need to calibrate and be able to discern when she is simply being a woman and when  she has a purpose behind her rich descriptions.

And here is how you surprise her big time when she runs the jealousy game on you:

These are the steps:

– First of all awareness. With women you cannot afford a lack of awareness. If you are not aware you will find yourself  (especially in a relationship) sucked into her frame before you even notice it.

– So coach yourself to be aware and always pay attention to your surroundings. You need to be able to listen and observe her non verbal reactions and her speech.

– Keep in mind that rich descriptive talk does not come natural to men! Men prefer short communication and enjoy exchanging data. If this kind of talk would come natural out of you I would think you are probably a quite feminine man. For this reason you can put this advice in practice only by practicing full awareness.

– When she is rich describing something ask from yourself: which is her purpose, is there a purpose in it. Women may describe richly all what´s around without a purpose in mind of they have a clear purpose behind their speech. If the answer is yes get to the technique.

– The delay: this is key, key, key!  You should be able to listen calmly to her rich description when she is trying to make you jealous without reacting in any way and control yourself for all the time she does that and after she has finished it. Your turn will come after and I guarantee you will enjoy it.

– Just listen to her jealousy plot line and act like you would not understand what she is behind. This already will make you score points as what she is expecting is you reacting to it. If you react in any way at this stage you will come out as reactive to her game and that´s game on for her!

– Then the delay: simply drop the conversation and let some time go. For example a few hours if you are in a seduction situation or maybe even a day or two if you are in a relationship.

– After the delay while in the middle of another totally unrelated conversation with her insert a rich description of yours. At best it goes well when you link it “innocently” to something she is talking about.

– For example she is talking about the importance of taking care of own health and then suddenly you go like this: ”Yes! Taking care of our own body is extremely important. The wonderful feeling you get when you are moving and enjoying yourself. Yesterday at work place Jane told me that she began to practice squash. She seemed to be in a perfect shape. Even before she began to practice sport she was really slim and good looking but now she is gorgeous. She told me that now guys on the streets stare at her in the most disturbing way. She wanted me to go with her to play squash but that evening I was very busy. Her idea sounded quite nice. Yes taking care of body is very important. By the way: how was your last time at the gym??”

Watch at this point her non verbal reactions carefully and enjoy: you have a girl who is jealous of you now. You can repeat the sequence at need. You will see her collapsing and beginning to chase you.

I have field tested this a lot both in encounters where the woman was trying to raise her own value artificially by trying to have me compete with other guys on the mental level and in relationships where she was trying to have me jealous in order to control me or betaise me.

Each single time it works perfectly: the same chick who tells you about that wonderful guy, Mark is soon asking from you questions like: ”Listen, are you going with Jane to practice squash next week? You know I think we could have a wonderful weekend in Barcelona.. I bought the flight tickets for us..”

By the way in my eBook Getting The Good Girls you surely learned that Good Girls rarely run the jealousy game on you and if they do it  they are only testing for safety so be nice to them.

Some Freaks may became pathologically jealous of you when you run this technique.. this is an unwanted “side effect” of this technique so watch the stalker!!!

Franco, helping men since 2004

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  1. u r a mad genius!!!

  2. Genius… Makes me wonder why I didn’t see this earlier!

  3. Franco this is excellent excellent POST!
    Yes FReaks do this and then your excellent “frame” makes them chase harder and now this one is deeply passionately in love and paranoid. you were right!
    guys read the manual and good girls book !!

  4. Very good information. When the gal I’m dating runs some jealousy statement at me I always congratulate them on making new friends. I also state to her that one can never have too many friends. Takes the pressure off me and puts the load in her. Listen attentively, wait to react or speak, act like it doesn’t bother you. I realize I don’t have to ask her out just because she tells me she’s going out with other guys. I see the game she’s playing however, it takes two.

  5. Just walk away.

    Do not deal that kind of women.

  6. Okay, I get it. I got a history of jealousy. I have to withdraw from my wife when it gets to me. She loves to get at me. One time she asked a male friend of mine if he thinks her breasts look bigger after she has had kids? She has affectionately hugged other guys in my presence. Loves to say things like “he texts me all the time.”

    I try to ignore it, but it burns me inside and she knows it.

    Got any advice?

  7. I have an alternative technique, I haven’t tested it but makes sense in my mind. When she’s dropping that jealousy trick on you, speaking about other guys that stare at her or whatev, tell her that she reminds you of this friend of yours who always tells you stories like that. Tell her how your friend speaks about the same situations and how she always has something like that to say. I was thinking that if this girl has an intention behind all her jealousy game then it will make her believe that another gal is also trying it on you. Comments?

  8. Very good idea Carlo. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. Perfectly true. Avoiding them is better. As for the screening: I am helping guys to recognize the signs and know what to do.

  10. Hello Ritchie, those are group situations and she is addicted to the attention. You should take leadership over the group: your wife and the other guys involved. Make friends with the guys and then tease her in front of them. That way you mirror back to her her whole behavior. Besides this: try to put into practice what I described in this article and let us know how she reacted to that.

  11. Can I LOL now? July 25, 2017 @ 4:57 am

    I’m a girl. Your suggestions to guys would go right past me lol. “Jane is so slim, I saw her at the gym, everybody wanted her” HELLO, we already know you’ve noticed and probably fucked Jane. You’re not that special, Bedelia. We know p***y directs all your actions. D**k does not. We can solve what we need with a cucumber, can you? You guys are silly… you’ll never outmanuver women at Game, don’t even try. I decided to read this site tonight to see how my Game is working on this one beta phuck who thought he could lure me to sleep with his married a** and used “online jealousy tactics” to accomplish it. I turned the tables on him by hooking up with my ex, taking lots of pictures and simply posting them in response.

    He’s as silent as the dead and thinks, like all you guys reading this think, women can’t see this and tell, yep, I just wounded him back.

    I’m the type of beyotch who will mirror your shizit. What you do unto me I shall do unto thee. What’s between my legs runs the show. You’re not Maybelline, you’re not special, and you’re not “the prize”. Men are anonymous, faceless and replaceable.


  12. Hello!

    The sexual power of a woman is in deciding who is the one who will reproduce through her and.. the sexual power of the man is in his legs: her decides when, how and how long he stays in touch with a particular woman.

    If the cucumber would have been enough human race would have been gone already since trillions of years:)

    I am sure Jane had a lot of fun we don’t know if with the cucumber or something else.

    Thank you for applying perfectly the approach described here on a guy. You really long for him.

    Best of luck getting him!

    Have a nice day

  13. Hi everyone,

    I use a totally opposite approach when it comes to jealousy.

    I first must admit I have a sort of fetish for being jealous. The state of being jealous turns me on.

    Whoever dates me or has a relationship with me will know that I enjoy being played games on. Many times I am the one who brings up the topic and asks if there is any hot guy chasing her, if they are chatting, if they are doing this or that, and she knows I am waiting to hear something exciting, transgressive. And here comes the test to see if she is a good girl or not. If she is a really good girl and respects you, she will have her own threshold that won’t cross, or at least she will be uncomfortable crossing.

    Sometimes, I am so active at bringing up the topic and asking questions that she will find playing games not fun anymore. She will instead ask me why don’t we just live our relationship without thinking at these things, request to which I will eventually adapt, although not fully, as it is natural for me to look for this source of excitement. She will eventually agree to my request to make up some stories once in a while just to keep me excited. Anyhow, if she really sees a future with me, she will be the one to normalize the relationship.

    As you can see, in a natural way, I am inadvertently neutralizing myself from the jealousy game some of the girls out there like to play.

    Have a nice day.


  14. Hello. My ex has many male friends. She always mentioned this guy co worker when we are together. They knew each other 4yrs before we met so at first i had no jealousy. But even after we dated,she mentioned him at any chance she got.
    He always picks her up and drop her from work. Whenever i offer her ride to her office, she refuse and even one time tells me she have “him” for that.
    I feel like she doesn’t want him to see us together. Whenever i tried talking to her about it, she skillfull dodge topic.
    She would only texed me at night and demand full attention too. I felt liked im being played so i tried breaking up with her 3 times.. Yes 3 times.. But she always texted me first. I know its stupid but i really liked her so i get back to her again and again.
    This time, she was super late from work and i told her i will come pick her up, she ignored me again. I was pissed. I stopped talking to her. But next day she came to my shop and give me some cookies…i was pissed so i barely talked to her. After that its been 5 days and we haven’t talked again.
    My question is.. Am i wrong to doubt her? Is she worth my time? What will or can i do if she tries to talk to me again?

  15. Thank you for posting this. It will help many guys. See the issue here is that you are in defensive mode. She is setting the frame of the interaction. She also runs a huge PNP on you. I think you could start to reframe the interaction with her. Read this and put into practice:

    Also read this, too:

    She is holding the Meta Frame of the interaction!

    Please, let us know!

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