Bisexual Girls – How To Seduce Them

Hello gentlemen! I hope you are having great days and real fun in spite of the war against the virus going on! This is about seducing bisexual girls. I have been in a relationship with a bisexual girl for a while. She has been for quite long one of the girls I have been seeing the most. I like her a lot. Of course, I didn’t tell her that. We have a lot of fun together meeting girls. We have the same “hobby.” Today It came to my mind that some of you guys might want to know how to seduce a bisexual girl. It could be a win-win situation to have a girl who… likes girls, too!

To seduce a bisexual girl the first step is to understand what bisexuality is. When you understand that you know what to do – and what not do – when meeting a bisexual girl. It’s not only about the sex, like you bad guys might think.

These are the main things you should do – and never do – when wanting to seduce a bisexual girl.

One: it’s all about sexual identity. For her it is all about “unsureness” of sexual identity. Sexual identity is much more than “identity” in a broader sense. This is because there is a very strong, physical component to it. It goes to the core of a person’s identity, because it is very, very physical.

I do not care what nice souls might thing about this. The truth is that a bisexual girl is a girl who does not know who she is in her sexual choices.

She is “gender unsure” and “gender ambivalent.”

You know what “unsure” means. More difficult is understanding what “ambivalent” means.

The word ambivalent is when someone has conflicting feelings and emotions about something. Usually, it happens because this person wants them to be true at the same time. This person also feels that both are true at the same time.

For example, like both emotion “x” and emotion “y” are together in the same person and both are true. As the bisexual girl is a woman, after all, she will behave like every other woman. She will feel that she has the right of feeling those emotions. She will be very negative towards anything invalidating what she feels.

To seduce a bisexual girl, learn to deal with total naiveness. Prepare yourself for constant changes in her attitude towards conflicting aspects in her.

She will relate to you like a person who believes that “x” is = “y” when you know that in reality that is not true.

To seduce her you need to be able to mirror these constant changes of humor. You need to be able to mirror the “masculine” and “feminine” in her. You cannot make the mistake of trying to approach them with logic.

Mirroring is to seduce her by providing a “mirror” to all the ambivalent aspects in her. You should do this without bothering of addressing the ambivalence itself in her.

You need to make her feel that you believe yourself that “x” is = “y.” Don’t make the mistake of having her influence you to approach that ambivalence for real.

In a word: you mirror all the conflicting and changeable aspects of her. You do not make the mistake of addressing them with logic.

To seduce a bisexual girl, you need to be able to talk to “the man” in her and “the woman” in her at the same time. You should not try to “define” what she is in any sense.

That way you become her “Mom.” When you become her good, permissive “Mom” she will feels that with you she can achieve full acceptance. That will be the step necessary to seduce her.

For example: with the bisexual girl I am right now at times I slap her ass or swear in front of her… mirroring the masculine. She is little bit shocked and… gets horny about that. In other times, sometimes in the same day, I am sweet and give her my chest or say something sweet.. the feminine.

What you should not do: to address with logic the conflicting behaviors and emotions in her! On the level of biology, she is still a woman: she would hate you for that.

Realize that her unsureness about identity is constant and not changeable. It is very rare to find a bisexual woman who knows who she is.

The one I am with right now is a rarity: she knows very well how much she like men and how much women. With men she gets all the time into fights. This is because the guys she meets are not able to mirror the feminine part in her. At that point she gets into terrible dramatic fights with those guys. Then she comes to me to say: “Why with you I do not behave like this.” It’s because I am the Mom she always wanted. I made sure I become for her the “Good Mom.”

Mirroring is a seductive strategy where you become a “Good Mom” to the target of your seduction.

The majority of bisexual women will much be more unpredictable than her. Their mood will change all the time, from a moment to another.

Some bisexual women are HD (high sexual drive) and some are LD (low sexual drive). You should avoid the LD type at any cost. The LD type will for sure move her ambivalence about gender choice into a “non-sexual sphere.” She will do that with both men and women.

You must avoid the LD type! No fun with her and only problems. With the LD type you would face tough resistance. It would spoil your fun! Go for the HD (high sexual drive) bisexual girl!

Two: not all the bisexual women are the same. Think of bisexuality as a “degree” that can go from 90/10 masculine feminine to 10/90 masculine feminine. You must prepare yourself for that. If you try to seduce a bisexual woman who is more on the “masculine” side, you will delude yourself. Of course, unless you are gay or a feminine, passive guy.

You need good screening skills also with bisexual women. I know another girl who is 80% masculine. The more “erotic” thing that comes to my mind is that to play with her football, not more than that. Yes, she is hot but… when I see how she behaves, talks and moves … such a turn off. Once I found out that she goes around with a bag with inside: a knife.

Go for bisexual women who are more “feminine receptive” to men and “masculine dominant” to women. For example, the one I am with right now has the main fantasy of…slapping females’ ass. Yes, she tried to slap mine a few times at the beginning. I took her hand, reprehended her and told her that if she tries that once more, I am not going to have sex with her anymore. When I did that and kept that frame, she changed into a very feminine and receptive girl… at least with me.

She was trying to solve her ambivalence about gender by “changing me into a woman.” I am sure that she found my tough reaction very reassuring. In fact, after that the feminine part in her unleashed and she began to get mind blowing orgasms. The change required some time tough.

Some guys might not have seen the important symbolic meaning of “slapping the ass.” They might have gotten along with that… unleashing the masculine side in her. So far, we had only one 3some with a girl. It was amazing to follow how she took total leadership over that girl and was with her very dominant.

Three: when you meet a woman that might be bisexual, look for feminine and masculine symbols in her. Follow her behavior for the same symbols. Try to understand the “degree” or masculinity and femininity in those symbols.

Your job is to have her unleash her feminine side with you and direct the masculine side elsewhere.

Do whatever you can to unleash the feminine, submissive side when around you. Support her into unleashing the masculine, dominant side with women. Realize that she can have huge emotional problems with both men and women. Not all what shines is gold.

Four: the best choice for seducing a bisexual woman is the bisexual woman who does not know she is one. The best choice for you is the heterosexual woman who has an unconscious lesbian side in her.

That can be the best choice for your seduction. I do not think many of you would enjoy the opposite: the 90% masculine dominant bisexual woman. For this latter one it might be very difficult to adjust to any kind of relationship with you, even short one.

That situation is close to what happens with heterosexual dominant masculine women. They have a lot of problems and are unable to have a good relationship with a heterosexual, masculine man.

The so called “bi curious” heterosexual woman likes women, without knowing that herself. This is the best choice for your seduction. It can be a very pleasant journey to unleash the bisexual side in her. In the past I have gone through that process with a couple of girls.

Bisexuality can be very much in her unconscious. She can be very much feminine receptive with men and… have an unconscious desire for women. In your screening try to direct your efforts into the direction of finding this kind of woman. Your job will be to have her get in touch with what is “already” in her.

It is an exciting and pleasurable journey!

You will notice that if you try to do the same to a heterosexual woman that woman will resist that! What you can do with a bisexual woman who becomes your girlfriend I leave to your fantasy! 🙂

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Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys by Franco

Have fun and stay healthy!

Cheers, Franco

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