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Franco Seduction is a coaching company and a publisher in the field of dating advice and female relationship coaching for men.

If you are under 18 you are not allowed to browse the content of this site and apply for the newsletter.

Disclaimer: Franco Seduction does not bear any responsibility for the use of the powerful teachings and techniques you will learn here. You are solely responsible for the use of what you will learn on Franco Seduction. The use of applied psychology is strictly applied in the coaching to dating women and to female relationships. You understand that applied psychology means the application of psychology to help the person in coaching to understand his/her goals and achieve his/her outcomes. Thus Franco Seduction Services are for entertainment purposes only and they are not in any way connected with any medical or psychotherapeutic relationship. The coaching and the publishing is intended to help you reach your goals in your relationships and has no other meaning beside helping you to achieve your goals in the areas of dating women and female relationships. . By using this site you admit that you have read the pages Company Info & Disclaimer, Privacy Policy And Terms Of Service and Copyright and that you agree to the terms mentioned in the pages and the disclaimer.

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