How To Meet And Bed Hot Women

- Manual Of Seduction For Husbands, Single Men And Playboys -Written By Franco

This Is A Book For Men On How To Meet And Seduce Beautiful Women. You Can Use The Advice Contained In This Book Also To Keep Attracted Your Woman In A Relationship Or Marriage Over Time. 


You Will Learn From The Manual Of Seduction:

How To Meet Women

How To Meet Women Everywhere In Bars, Restaurant Or Clubs And Have Them Attracted To You


How To Exploit Female Instincts To Seduce

Our book is also included in Mobi formats for easy reading on your Kindle or Nook.


Soft Signs

How To Detect The Smooth Non Verbal Signs Of Her Desire So You Know When And What To Do To Get Her.


Female Tests

Women Will Test You. How To Detect Females Tests And Pass Them To Elicit Incredible Desire In The Woman You Like.


Female Relationships

How To Detect The Real Sezual Meaning Of A Woman's Tests And Mood Swings To Keep Her Attracted By Reacting Properly.


How To Screen Women

You Will Learn How To Recognize The Women Who Are For Good Relationships And The Women To Avoid.


  • As someone who read most important books about seduction, that's actually the 2nd time I read Franco's manual of seduction. This book is unique as its handling an overlooked angle of seduction which is "how to keep a woman seduced during a relationship " and that's really the only book I've read the deals with this with this VERY important subject. I recommend to read ( and off course put into practice ) the attitude and actions brought to you in Franco's manual of seduction. I know it helped me better understand women thus improve my relationships. (Amazon Review)

  • I think Manual of Seduction is the best choice to understand female psychology. Franco put particular attention on the psychological/biological side of seduction. This manual will give you a deep Knowledge beyond all what is called "seduction process". Reading this book you will jump from the chair shouting out "Eureka! That's the way it goes!", over and over again! You'll literally begin to see the world of seduction through a scientific eye. This will give you a key to realize you dreams, to meet up with woman you love and to be loved by them, to avoid negative situations and to avoid pains. You will reawake the masculine capacities which are inside of you and Women will feel to be realized by you, and you will feel to be loved by them. You will learn how to build a stable, happy and long term relationship with the woman you love. Finally, I recommend it. (Amazon Review)

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  • "For most of my life, I thought of myself as a "Beta Male". This book convinced me otherwise. What a milestone it was for me in building my self-esteem and the quality of my relationships. Franco teaches the difference between alpha and beta behavior, and how any man can become more alpha in the eyes of a woman. Other books about seduction teach tricks & techniques for picking up women and getting them into bed, but Franco teaches about fundamental psychological principles that can be used in any stage of a relationship. With the help of this book I took a stale, anxious 25- year marriage and made it seem fresh and new again. If you have trouble with women, buy this book. It will change your life."(on

    Jerry, - Oregon
  • Every straight man should read it. Perfect explation about women behaviors. I appreciate it very much. Regards Gurler

    By Gurletan, - Gurler
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