Tired of being chosen by women? Bored of choosing the wrong women? Franco´s Getting The Good Girls makes of you a selector of women! Now available as eBook.

Here is some of the knowledge and new useful skills you will acquire inside my eBook Getting The Good Girls

  • This new book can be used as a practical manual of pickup and seduction to learn the art of extracting women till the bed room from places like a bookstore, a food shop or a bus stop. The same book can be used to learn to screen women for what they really are depending on their personality.

  • Here you really learn what does it mean to screen women. Screening women means detecting in the course of a short conversation with her what kind of woman she really is and adjust your behavior depending on what you want.

  • Learn the secrets of detecting the personality of the main 3 kinds of women: the Good Girl, the Adventuress and the Materialista. In this book your focus is on the Good Girl. The Good Girl comes from the heart and she has in her mind your best interest and hers, the Adventuress can do all what crosses her mind to satisfy her need for approval, attention and pleasure, the Materialista has your wallet in her mind and can do whatever to achieve her materialistic interests. 

  • While you read this book you notice how each one of those women has an agenda. A Good Girl has in her mind sex, safety, her own interest and yours at the same time. An Adventuress has in her mind her own need for validation, an extreme need for attention, sex and how to have her own emotions satisfied. A Materialista has in mind how to seduce you in order to gain material interest and believe me: also sex but not with your best interest in her mind.

  • You will learn how to deal with each one of this type of woman already since the first very meeting with them. The focus of this book is to share with you a pickup and a seduction technique meant to have you choose a Good Girl and screen out of your life Adventuresses and Materialistas.

  • In an age where marriage became a high risk investment for men - with women leaving with half of your property while blaming you for everything they did themselves in the relationship - it is vital to learn how to screen women. When you have in mind a long-term relationship and you choose a Good Girl from the beginning you are doing a good investment for the future. No need to pay for divorce lawyers afterwards and you can share your properties with her without fear. 

  • A Good Girl is not what you think. The Madonna/whore complex has had men for centuries divide women in "good women" = no sex and "naughty women" = plenty of sex. Well as you read this book you will notice that a Good Girl is not someone who avoids sex. That is the LSE LD girl (low self-esteem low sexual drive), a particular kind of Adventuress. 

  • A Good Girl wants sex, plenty of it. Her main goals is to give you love, receive love and do her own interest while doing yours, too. These women do exist. As you read the book and you gain more experience and you learn how to screen for them you will begin to notice the difference. 

  • In the case you really want to be a "Bad Guy" you can use this book also to seduce girls even if you do not have a committed relationship in mind and I promise: by applying what I write here you can get at least 4 new girlfriends every other month with minimum effort, during day time and while you are doing your business. No need for clubs and sleepless nights! No need for expensive dating evenings. 

  • The beauty of it is that you do not need this time to catch a tram and get to the street to get the book. I am going to send it to you straight to your computer.

    I am going to send this book to you with a special offer. At the same time you get my eBook "How to have pickup lines really work on women"
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    This eBook has your pickup lines
    really work on women. Learn how to perform after your pickup line so that she really wants to go on talking to you. Learn how to attract her so she cannot resist you.

    With the help of the eBook "How to have pickup lines really work on women" you will get the necessary skills to:

  • Know what to do and what to say after you launched your pickup line. How to proceed to have her interested in going on chatting with you. 

  • Which are the main areas of female psyche you need to be in touch with to have her interested in you. By approaching the rights area of a female personality you will get past the pickup line. 

  • Learn to speak to her after the pickup lines in a language which will make her feel: "Wow! What a man! Let me find out about him more!"

  • You will learn how "lines used by pua" mean nothing without the experience and the skills necessary to get past the line itself and will learn those skills with great results for yourself. 

  • You can receive "Getting The Good Girls" eBook at the price of 19,9 EUR and the free eBook "How to have pickup lines really work on women"
    as a bonus right now.

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