Her Cheating. How To Prevent It. The Patriarch

This post is for guys, who are jealous and “scared” of losing a woman.  

In the majority of the cases when a woman cheats on you, you did not have the right attitude in regards to it.  

For example, this:     

Her: (watching 007 movie and playing the jealousy game) “Wow what a guy. What muscles. “  

Me: “True! Would I be a woman I would fuck him myself”   

This shameless approach makes – her – worried would – you – have sex with someone else than her.  

A simple way of turning the tables. 

What makes so many men worried to death of a woman cheating. What a man can do to have a woman remain loyal to him.   

It’s the opposite of what many jealous and insecure men think. The majority of the women – will – be faithful to you.   

Women, who are true libertines, are very rare. Ask me how I know. I search for them in purpose, as companions for adventures. They are rare. There are two types. The Adventuress, going after excitement and validation, the Materialista, going after material possessions. These are minorities. All the other women go for your heart.  

The truth is: the majority of the women are hard-wired to be loyal to one man. 

They will want to be only with you. They will push you to be exclusive. They will do everything they can to be in an exclusive relationship with you. From making your life impossible to murder.  

When you want a woman to be loyal to you it’s enough to let her do that: chasing for exclusivity.  

All what you need to do is to follow what – you – do and do it in the right way.  

Assuming you are not messing it all up like I describe here. Assuming you are doing the right thing.  

Even the Adventuress and the Materialista desire exclusiveness with the right guy. It’s only that their addiction keeps them from achieving that.  

I have had my share of trouble getting some of them off my back. Some of them, at the end, I helped myself to find a boyfriend. It was the only way to get them off my back, with their continuous pushing for exclusivity.   

When a woman cheats on you it is in almost all that cases because – you – did something very, very stupid.  

You gave her the message that you think of yourself as being less than other men.  

You gave her the message that you cannot live without her.  

She tested you for neediness and you failed the tests.  

These mistakes connect to a not so good knowledge of how the female minds works in matters of loyalty.  

The process that brings the average woman to cheat is different compared to what a man does. 

A woman who feels attraction towards you and sees you as a man of value is hard-wired to be faithful to you.   

It is an instinct.   

In fact, while you get more and more experience as a seducer, the more you being to notice one thing. You will notice how your problem will be how to get a woman off your back. The opposite of what jealous men fear.  

Why is this?   

It is because women are deadly, deadly serious about their own emotions. Their emotions are something they value more than anything.  

They needed their emotional detector for survival much more than men.  

When a woman says: “men do not express emotions” she is always little bit envious of that skill. 

The average woman – to cheat on you and leave you – will need a reason.   

She needs to go through all the drama necessary to justify to herself the end of the relationship. To rationalize that – after all – you were not the guy she can look up to.  

This is very much connected to the instinct of pregnancy.   

Becoming pregnant is a risky business for her. Like an investor she needs some “security analysis” before she can invest into a man.   

It is very, very difficult for an emotional person to drop a faulty investment.  

You can be sure that if the average girl cheats on you – you missed something crucial. You did not address her passion in the proper way. You did not bring her to the stage where she feels lust, passion and worship when with you.  

You were not able to maintain it over time.  

What you did helped her creating the drama necessary for her to cheat on you.   

It can be a very short process with more freaky women with a strong passionate nature.  More often it is a very long process.  

If you never managed to unleash her true passion, you did not have in reality a “relationship.”   

This can be because of lack of game from you, or it can be because she does not like sex or is afraid of it.  

Nothing to be jealous of here: the relationship never existed.   

If she is not heterosexual and in tune with that then the cheating in ingrained in your relationship. It was there since the beginning.  

Nothing to be jealous of here.   

If she is not heterosexual and comfortable with it she cannot be exclusive with you.  

If she is a more or less average heterosexual girl (the majority) and she cheats on you what happened is:  

You – in a more or less conscious or unconscious way – gave her the message that feel you are less than other men.  

You – in a more or less conscious or unconscious way – gave her the message you feel fear of losing her.  

This is what gave her the reason to cheat on you, as your message was:  

I am less fit than other men in matters of survival.   

In the Manual of Seduction I describe the female “evolutionary detector”  

Her evolutionary detector in a way or another “sensed” your fear.  

Also, this fearful behavior of yours made her feel that you consider her of higher value than yourself.   

These are killers for female attraction.   

A woman needs to be loyal to you to feel that you are of value to her.  

She also needs to feel that you can walk out of the relationship at the drop of a hat, without looking back.  

This is because the hotter she is the more many, many men will have her feel she can get all the stuff on a silver plat.  

For that reasons she will not be able to respect the men who put her on a pedestal.   

She will want to be loyal to the man who can – at the drop of hat – leave her without looking back.  

This is one of the reasons so many women became victims of psychopaths. 

They make them feel they do not care about them.   

Believe me. When you must do this:  

Give your woman the message – more than by words, by attitude – that you believe you are the only man on the Planet.  

Do not overdue this! If you let your Ego come on the way of this she will still read: insecurity.  

Your message must be: my feeling about myself is that I am the only man on the planet.   

You do not “talk” about the relationship with her (see my post on meta-communication)! You – ARE – in the relationship with her.  

“Being” in the relationship is not the same like “talking” about the relationship.  

For sure all the psychologists without game told you one thing.  

They told you should “discuss” your relationship with a woman.  

That is total nonsense and total lack of understanding of the true female psyche. 

Your attempt to “discuss” your relationship with a woman means for her only one thing: you are insecure.  

That increases the chances of her cheating on you.  

So, should you talk about your relationships with her otherwise? Yes, only to celebrate the joy of the relationship with her and with the intent of being the Patriarch for her.  

The inspiring leader of the relationship. This is different when compared to “talking about the relationship” with her.    

When you talk about your relationship with a woman, she can detect you worry. 

She reads: insecurity.  

It increases the chances she might cheat on you. 

The concept of the Patriarch.  

The concept of the Patriarch means this. What YOU say and DO in your relationship with an attracted woman becomes for her the reality.  

It is for her like the word coming from the mouth of the Patriarch to his people.  

The Patriarch says: “war” and the people prepare for war. The Patriarch says: “peace” and the people prepare for peace.  

So, if you say: “did you cheat on me” the woman who looks up at you feels: “He wants me to cheat on him, I want to please my Patriarch”  

What you as the Patriarch get out of your mouth and your attitude are what she will over time do.  

So, watch your mouth, watch your behavior. 

Every word coming out of the mouth of the Patriarch will become for her the reality. This is true only when she feels worship and attraction for you.  

A woman who is not attracted to you or is controlling that will never feel this way! 

When she is attracted, she will want to follow your self-confidence as much as your fears.   

Your self-confidence will become her reality. Your fears will become her reality as well.  

This is one of the reasons I say: being a man is a lonely business. You cannot count with a woman on reciprocity.  

That is for the child.  

You can count only on her worship and admiration towards you. 

The concept of the Patriarch does not apply to a woman who is not attracted to you. If she does not feel worship and admiration for you, you do not have a relationship with her. Nothing to be jealous of.  

You cannot lose what you never had.  

What I am saying is NOT “politically correct”. I could not care less because it is the truth.  

This is of what happens when a heterosexual woman is much in love with you and attracted to you.  

Find golden advice about a woman’s psychology, how to seduce her and keep her attracted to you in the Manual of Seduction by Franco!  

Cheers, Franco 


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  1. Hi, Franco I just wanted to express my gratitude for your books..they literally changed my life. Although I am sure you are a very busy man I would like to urge you to write more to this site and maybe also more books, updated ones with more examples. I believe you are one of the very few people with both top understanding of woman nature and actual real life experience. It would be a shame if this knowledge goes away. Whatever happens, I wish you the best to your life and future! Greetings from Greece !

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