How To Easily

How To Easily Sleep With Any Woman You Want

Written by Franco, The Natural

This book is about all what you need to know and need to do to have a woman want sex with you. In addition, it will help make sure that she will continue to want sex over time In Your Relationship With Her.

My name is Franco, and I have spent considerable time and effort shedding light on what men have considered to be a mystery for centuries: the female psychology and behavior surrounding love and sexuality.

Benefits This Book Will Bring To You:

You will more fully understand what makes a woman desire sex.

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The knowledge contained within this book will give you a better idea of a woman’s lust, and how to achieve and unlock that in her.

Instead of “getting lucky,” with this book, you can know exactly what buttons to push and how to entice and excite a woman.

There are several ways to have a woman want sex: some are direct and harsh, and some of them are soft and gentle.

You will learn all these ways and will be able to choose the one that fits with your personality and your partner’s needs.

No woman will be able to resist you after applying these lessons!

The same tools described in this book will work when dating women and also in a relationship with a woman, whether as your girlfriend, wife, or lover.

We focus in the book specifically on how to adjust your own behavior in order to have women feel desire, so that – as a consequence of your change and increase in experience – they will feel incredible lust when around you.

Men project their own masculine nature on women and believe that they would feel sexually “like a man.” This projection and lack of knowledge about female sexual desire stops them from being successful in dating and in relationships with female. This book will help you clearly see the reality of what makes a woman want mind blowing sex with you!

Other men are prisoners of what is known as the “Madonna/whore” complex, and think of women as pure Angels without desire or conversely, as “sluts” if they show openly their desire to them and society. In reality, these differences exist only in men’s minds: almost all women want sex and many want heterosexual relationships with men. Women are different only in the ways they use to achieve pleasure and in how much they can allow themselves the joy of femininity.

This book will have you see how female sexual desire is inherently bisexual – and if not physically and directly bisexual, at least on the platonic level. In knowing this and applying the lessons from the book, it can help you see how you can use that at your advantage to have her want you. This approach to female bisexuality in this book may be known as the Yang and the Yin way of having a woman want you. This book will give you a clear vision on what makes a woman “tick” and what you need to do, how you need to behave to get her there.

The knowledge contained in this book will help both when dating and seducing women and when in a long-term relationship with a woman. No matter what your aims or goals with women and romance, whether short-term or long-term, this book will surely help you meet your goals and meet her needs in pleasure and lust!

In the Chapter 1, the Introduction there is a main, broad look on how to have a woman feel incredible lust and desire towards you.

The Chapter 2 describes the main primeval instincts of a woman and the principal law that regulates her sexual desire. Knowing the law of what makes a woman want sex is important: you will then know what direction to take with her, as if it were a lighthouse showing the way to the ship around a coastline.

In the Chapter 3 I am going to share with you powerful knowledge about how female horniness and communication are strictly linked to each other and how you can use that knowledge at your advantage with women. Men are better than women in processing emotions “inside their heads.” And, as they have better emotional control, they tend to put “sex” and “communication” into two different boxes. Women are much more vulnerable and tend to get aroused by the means of emotionality and connection. Knowing this, and understanding how this works in women (different from us, in men) is a crucial aspect to fully knowing and understanding women as sexual beings and partners. This difference keeps most men from seeing the easiest way to have a woman want sex: pushing the right buttons at the level of the communication, and acting on her emotions.

In the Chapter 4 I share with you the real reason of why women must control their own sexual desire. This knowledge is extremely important and that is from where the misconception of the “Madonna” versus “whore” comes from in the eyes of most men. Knowing the dynamics behind it will help you to understand what is happening when a woman resists you. It will free you from the anxiety, fear or rejection when you know the dynamics behind why a woman cannot let herself go as much as a man would on the sexual level.

The Chapter 5 “The Prince From Afar” will clearly unveil the right attitude you need to have with women in order to have them feel desire for you. Learn how to evaluate the place you need to go and how you need to stay there on an emotional level while seducing a woman and making her desire you. Additionally, this chapter will help you decide which actions you want to take, and what you need to do (be it around the house or actions in your daily lives) to help you better understand how a woman does (and does not!) feel lust for you.

The Chapter 6 “Being harsh and rude at times” is as harsh as it is meant to be. It will tell you why so many women fall in love with the “bad boy,” and how you can use that knowledge – why still being in your soul a nice guy – to keep her in a constant state of desire towards you. And no, you won’t need to rob a bank to become the bad boy, or anything crazy like that… you can do so simply and specifically, and must read the book to see how and why.

This chapter is strictly linked with The Chapter 8 “Creating Horniness, The Way Of The Yang” where I describe the masculine, active ways of seducing a woman and having her want sex.

The Chapter 7 “Creating Horniness, The Way Of The Yin” has nothing to do with being passive, a wimp or a nice guy. It is the “Aikido” of seduction: you can use receptiveness, the art of withdrawing and “steal” from women the ways of seduction they use daily as a means to have them become more attracted to you, and what you offer. Female sexuality is bisexual in nature. By following the path of the Yang you act on the heterosexual feminine side. By following the path of the Yin you act on her “lesbian” side. Both ways are extremely effective and knowing how to calibrate and “mix” the Yin and the Yang in seducing a woman makes of you irresistible.

In Chapter 9, various powerful techniques to have a woman want sex with you are discussed, and..

In Chapter 10 we cover how to apply the knowledge of this book to your relationships with women. This can be your relationship with a girlfriend, with your wife or – if you please – with lovers. Nowadays with female liberation it is critical for men to learn how to manage female relationships successfully: it has implications connected with a healthy and satisfying masculine sexual life, quality of life and much, much more.

When you learn how to deal with female sexual instincts as described in this book you will not need to pay anymore to enjoy your sexual life as a male! You can apply the attitudes and the behaviors you will learn in this book and keep women in a constant state of sexual willingness around you while remaining in a safe masculine sexual place – both emotionally and financially!

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Cheers, Franco – Dating And Relationship Advice For Men That Actually Works!