Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys by Franco

– How To Become Irresistible To Women And Manage Female Relationships –

Hello, I hope you will let me introduce myself and The Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys. 

I am Franco, a businessman, writer and publisher.

When I am not on business and free from my duties, one of my hobbies is a huge interest in psychology and several other cultural topics.

I like women a lot, and at the age of 40 and a life spent as a playboy and countless female relationships, I ran into the word “Seduction”.

Till then I barely knew the existence of such a topic and my lifelong studies in the field of psychology barely contained any info about something called “Seduction”.

Anyway, since I was a young man I knew that I was one of those happy guys whose knowledge of women was not confined to his mother, sisters and first girlfriend.

When I ran into the word “seduction” I quickly realized how my lifelong experience of having many women and my knowledge of psychology could be transformed into something that might help many guys to get a better emotional and sexual life.

The decision of writing this first book – The Manual of Seduction for Husbands and Single Men – was also influenced by the fact that as a young man I’d already moved from my male-dominated macho country to a “politically correct feminist country”.

In that country I learned how many modern men are put in a position of submission in their female relationships – a position that would have been unthinkable in my home country.

This is how my Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys was born.

When I saw how men were treated in my new, adoptive country, it gave me great motivation for starting my coaching activity and writing the Manual of Seduction.

That motivation was to help men get happiness and power in the area of their sexuality and female relationships.

The Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men & Playboys by Franco is today the best book for men on how to seduce women!

It is a revolutionary, field-tested document. Every chapter of the book contains powerful advice that you can see at work yourself by applying it to real life situations!

This book will destroy the myth that women cannot be understood by men.

It will have you predict – as I like to say – with “mathematical precision” how women react and behave with men.

It will help you start or maintain a healthy relationship with a beautiful woman, or simply teach you how to get laid like a rock star.

This book will help men to learn all the necessary steps required to seduce women into wanting sex and/or a relationship!

Let´s go through all the chapters of the book. The sections and the chapters of the book are highlighted here by an asterisk *

Part I: The Right Attitude

In the first part I share with you the knowledge you need to “get it” in regards to becoming good with women. The right attitude alone will already distinguish you so much from the other men that it will alone put you in an unfair position of advantage in the area of female relationships.

* Genetics – A Seducer’s Best Friend

The behaviors of men and women in matters of sexuality are hardwired into the brain. Hundreds of years of evolution have helped men and women develop those behaviors that are more likely to protect the life and the continuation of our species.

Those behaviors are totally different in men and women.

If you are having difficulties in seducing women, one big reason may be that you are projecting into them your own masculine instincts and are blind to how feminine instincts really work.

In the book I show you how these instincts are really not romantic and really not “nice” to the woman and how by learning to recognize them you can learn to “push” the right buttons in a woman in order to have her want you sexually.

* Woman’s Primordial Instincts

The truth is that pretty much repetitive and very basic, primordial instincts affect the way a woman responds to you as a man, and those instincts dictate her behavior – as I love to say, with “mathematical precision.” In the book we get into the specifics of those instincts.

* And How To Exploit It For Your Own Needs

What a woman says is not what she responds to. Her behavior in terms of sexuality and attraction is directed by impulses that you can become able to recognize. When you become good at it you become able to “read” a woman “between the lines” and thus able to affect her emotional life in the direction of having her become receptive to your masculine desire. One of the main reasons for you being a nice guy and having difficulties in having women like you is you taking what a woman says at face value instead of reading the “language” of her instincts and affecting it properly.

* The Subservient Frame And The Little-Known “PNP-Mechanism”

Women get pregnant inside their body and a female is, in reproductive terms, irreplaceable. For that reason the individual woman holds the power of deciding who will be the man who will father their children. The sexual power of the woman is in this: she can decide who is going to reproduce with her and who is not.

The sexual power of the man is as powerful as the woman’s: a man can decide whether he spends time with one woman or another, but the majority of the men are unaware of this power of theirs and do not use it.

Instead, the average man tries to conquer his right of being chosen by the female by becoming subservient to her and trying to please her. This is a poor strategy. It brings the woman to mental overload and either quickly – or over time – has her lose respect and attraction for the man.

In order to stop men from using their sexual power and to win competition with other females, women actively bind men by the hypnotic power of the PNP mechanism. This is not different compared to what happens in many animal species.

In the Manual of Seduction I share with you powerful ways of reverting the female PNP mechanism so that she becomes addicted to you in the same way she was trying to have you addicted to her. Beware of stalkers when you have learned this!

* Woman’s Language And Seduction

A woman’s way of intending and feeling language is totally different compared to a man. A woman’s speech has a sexual meaning and men totally fail to see it. In the Manual of Seduction I share with you the powerful knowledge connected with seeing the sexual differences in female language and how to act on them to make her yours.

* Woman’s Emotional States

A woman’s sexual desire and her constantly changing emotional states are, in sexual terms, basically the same thing. Men without experience of women totally fail to see the connection between the two. If they are weaker males they will be totally emasculated by a woman’s constantly changing emotional states and become subservient to her, which will turn her off. Stronger men who do not understand the sexual connection between female emotions and female sexual desire will begin to resist the hypnotic effect of it and argue with the woman or try to dominate her like a dictator but without the seduction part, and will end up transforming the woman into “a man” which will ultimately be bad business for them.

* The Alpha Male And The Alpha Attitude: Copy This For Success

For centuries the world has been a tough place to live in. The struggle for survival has been a reality for hundreds of years, and only the men who could make it for survival were able to provide food, shelter and security for their women. Women have been forced to link their sexuality and security to each other by pregnancy and the need for the care along the long years as it’s necessary to take care of the children. As a modern man you have surely lost a big part of the skills and strength your grandfathers and fathers had. Were you to end up dealing with the same conditions, you would probably end up crying like a little baby and only after a long struggle would you again acquire the same skills for survival – the skills and the strength of the Alpha male. Waiting for the next war and natural catastrophe, in the book I help you to learn how to “model” the skills and the behavior of the Alpha Male of the group. This is important because modern women, no matter what they might say, still respond with increased sexual desire and attraction to a man who is strong and can protect them and their offspring. In the book I also help you learn how to put a price on your leadership, because many modern women live in the illusion that your leadership should be provided for free. Again: what does not have a price has very low value, and low value is a sexual turnoff for every woman.

* The Nice Guy Syndrome, And Why You Should Weed It Out

If you feel compelled to be kind and nice to women all the time… If you have a deep need for pleasing them all the time… If you have asked many times the question: “Why do all the assholes get the girls and I get nothing by being that good, caring guy?” then I am going to explain what you need to do. No, the solution is not being an “asshole”. The solution is realizing what parts of a woman´s psyche you need to bring to the surface with your healthy masculinity. When you learn to do that you can still be nice to her as you were before but… you will not get any more than: “Maybe we just be friends”.

Part 2: Seduction In Practice

* Phases of The Seduction Process – A Step By Step Account

Yes! Male logic is powerful and you can use that when you date women… but keep it to yourself, inside your head! Women can be predicted and seducing a woman follows a precise and clear step-by-step chain of events. Here I describe all the steps you need to go through to seduce a woman. How you use it is your responsibility: you can use it to find a loyal wife, you can use it to get a girlfriend or… you can use it to get laid constantly with many girls. It is up to you.

* The Concept of Frame of An Interaction

When I think of how I explain to guys what a “mind frame” is and why that is hugely important, I always have in mind President George Bush´s “Iraq has forbidden weapons” and how he imposed his frame on everyone… in any interaction there is a “war of frames” and when you win the war… well, afterwards it does not matter whether Iraq had forbidden weapons or not. It’s the same thing in seduction: women work actively all the time to have you caught into their frame… when you get into their frame they do not feel attraction for you anymore. Here I help you learn how to get women caught into your frame… and how that is extremely attractive for them!

* Cocky and Funny – And How To Pull It Off Perfectly

Learn to be the fun guy who is shamelessly sexual! Here I help you see how in the interaction with a woman you can make her attracted by being direct about your desire and have her feel the emotional “roller coaster” she needs to get wet!

* Mental State Mastery

Whatever you do in life, including dating women, requires mastery over yourself and your own emotional state! You come first! Here I share with you powerful knowledge on how to learn to be the master of your emotions and how that helps you to become irresistible to women!

* Human Relationships Are Made of Exchanges

Would you appreciate a businessman who sells his company to you for zero dollars and even pays for dinner for you? Hell no! That is highly unattractive. Well, this is what the majority of the men do with women. When you want to be attractive you need to learn how to put a price on yourself. Here I tell you how to do so.

* Rejecting Her and Telling Her Why

A big part of putting a price on yourself is placing value on yourself and your time! Nice guys believe that being good and tolerating any kind of behavior is what gets women to like them. Sadly, we live in a tough world and the truth is exactly the opposite. Sometimes you need to learn how to distance yourself from people who are not delivering the goods! And that is, again… extremely attractive.

* Finding Out More About Her System Of Beliefs

We all see the world through the eyeglasses of our beliefs. Beliefs are subjective. When you want to seduce a woman you need to learn about her and what she believes. Then, starting from that you can enter into her world and from there… have her fall for you!

* Making Physical Contact

There is nothing you can do or say when dating a woman that will ever get you the woman if you do not get physical with her. Touching a woman and escalating to sex is something that cannot be avoided when seducing her. Here is how to escalate to sex with a woman in the proper way without being a nice guy and at the same time without being accused of harassment! We might say that the fine line between harassment and seducing a woman into sex is… good salesmanship!

* The Golden Rule To Making Fast Approaches

Seduction is like hunting in the jungle and it requires quick reflexes and good observation of your environment. Men don´t notice it, but women have the switch of “hunting men” on all the time! Many men believe they can get results in dating women by being lazy. Well, in this tough world you get nothing by being lazy, women included! Here is knowledge of how you can be effective like a pro when dating women.

* Patterns And Hidden Commands – Get Into Her Subconscious

Words are powerful tools for affecting a woman’s mind. This works especially well with women because their main channel for sexual arousal goes through strong emotions and verbal descriptions. Here I help you learn how you can “install” in her mind tremendous desire for you by using covert hypnosis.

* Female Tests And How To Easily Overcome Them

A woman in matters of sexuality is like an investor forced by circumstances to invest in only one company. Yes, she can have sex with many men, but the child, the fruit of her pregnancy is in her body, and if the man leaves she is left alone without support and the need to take care of the child for at least the next 20 years. Would you as an investor invest in only one company? I doubt it. Well, that is what a woman does (if she is heterosexual of course:) when she chooses the father of her children. Even if she would use a sperm bank to get pregnant, if heterosexual she would still be forced to rely on support in some way. So, she must be good at testing men as mistakes can cost her and the child a lot in matters of safety. For this reason when a woman likes you she must test you. Passing her little tests is a precondition to seduce her and here in this chapter I help you learn how.

* A List Of The Most Common Female Tests And What They ACTUALLY Mean

To pass female tests you need to become gold-rated in reading women “between the lines”. Here I share with you a list of all the common female tests and their meaning. Enjoy!

* REVEALED: The Most Powerful Aphrodisiac On The Planet

This is so powerful and secret that I will not reveal it to you! Just kidding. The most powerful way of arousing a woman sexually is: showing her that she cannot have you. In this chapter it is explained how that works and how you can make it happen.

* The Concept Of Context And How It Makes Your Game More Powerful

This is true in both seduction and business. In an interaction between two or more people there is always someone who defines the rules. Men, under the effect of their testosterone and poor knowledge of female psychology, very often let women define the rules of the game. This is highly unattractive and women then end up into bed with the men who never let them define the rules of the game. Here I teach you how to be the attractive man who always defines the rules of the game.

* The Concept of Reframing and How It Makes You Immune To “Rejection”

In part a continuation of the former. When you learn how to be the one who defines the rules of the game and understands the important concept of “frame of an interaction” as explained in the book, you also slowly become totally immune to rejection compared to other men.

* How To Defend Against The “Slut-Guilt” After Sleeping With You

Women have been made to feel guilty about sex through history and still are in many countries. In some countries they are still at worst killed and persecuted because of their sexuality. This makes women prone to guilt and shame in regards to sex. They may feel they are “whores” if they let themselves go with you. In this chapter I help you learn how to overcome this shame and guilt and have them relax with you.

* Never-Ending Female Tests

In a woman who is having sex or sex and a relationship with you there is always in the back of her head the thought of the possibility of a pregnancy and the thought of you becoming the father of her children. As pregnancy happens in her body and if you impregnate and leave she remains alone with the child. So, women are forced (if they are heterosexual and like men!) to check what kind of man you are. They do that by testing you subtly at the beginning and also along the relationship periodically. The average men is not able to understand when and how he is tested and if he does not pass those tests the woman´s sexual desire for him goes down. You need to learn how to detect and pass female tests if you want to have women die of lust for you. In this chapter I explained how.

* Manipulation, Disrespect And Guilt

You also need to learn to detect the personality of a women because different women with different personalities can run different kinds of tests on you. Some of them are very, very nasty, especially if she is very scared and has low self-esteem. Here I tell you a few words on how to deal with some of the nastiest tests of your masculinity a woman can run on you and how you can have her want sex with you by passing them.

* The Astonishing Power of Social Proof

Everything that your parents and teachers taught you about women and sexuality (assuming they taught you at least something in the first place) is pretty much nonsense. This chapter will shock you and show you how the knowledge that you can use to easily get women to like you will work in your favor and not against you. In the eyes of the woman you like – she will never admit it but it is true! – the more other women like you, the more you can easily get other women; the more she will feel passion, lust and desire for you! Here you can learn how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

* Fidelity And Seduction – A New Way Of Looking At Things

Marriage and exclusivity in relationships with females has become very, very bad business for the man in “politically correct countries” where modern men live and work. You need a new view about what exclusivity with a woman means and I am going to help you to see exclusivity with a woman in a totally new light. Exclusivity is a gift you give to a woman and it should not be for free!

* Cognitive Distortion

As a man your mind and body are hardwired to get attached in a strong and very passionate way to the woman you like. Your mind is hardwired to have you see this woman as “the only woman on the planet” and… this can create an especially painful condition called one-itis that can bring you at worst to a very nasty mental crisis. One-itis can impair your mental stability, work ability and quality of life! Here it is explained how Nature works in regards to one-itis and how you can get Nature to work for you… she also is a woman, after all!

* Multiple Long-Term Relationships – How To Make It Happen If You Want It

In our society and especially in politically correct countries there is a massive interference of the Government into the lives of men meant to “regulate” how they should behave in the area of their relationships with women. This added to the idolatry of the female body takes away from men all their sexual power. Paradoxically one wife you are exclusive to can take your energies and damage your finances in a very nasty way. Instead… having several lovers and not letting the Government (or anyone else) interfere with your affection and sexual relationships can be something that could put you in control as a man! If you are willing to learn how to build a whole harem of dedicated female lovers in the middle of the big cities of the modern world where you live, well… this chapter tells you how and why it may be worth doing so.

The Seduction Manual

* Techniques For Building A Strong Stable Of MLTRs

Continuation of the former. Here are more specific techniques for building Multiple Long-Term Relationships with women. Your sexual power as a man resides in having the guts to walk away from people and situations that do not treat you well! Use it!

* The Bad Boy

Why do women like Bad Boys? Well, let´s imagine that you had to eat chocolate every day for one week. At the end of the week you could probably kill someone who offered you chocolate. Nice guys and guys with no clue are offering their services to beautiful women every day of the week! There are so many of these guys that women are bored to death of that continuous valueless chasing given for free. So, they look for the excitement of some discomfort. Bad Boys give women the excitement and discomfort they need. Discomfort makes women feel “alive”. Here you will learn why to have women like you, you should also be able to give them discomfort, not only comfort.

* Psychologically Disturbed Women

When you get away from the protection and unconditional acceptance given to you by your Mom, you will probably get very excited about all those beautiful women out there. Well, soon you find out that a female’s beauty and body should never be your only criteria for the choice of the women around you. There are some women out there with very, very problematic personalities. They can cause you more trouble than you could imagine (ask me how I know!) The Art of Screening Women is something that will absolutely be an important skill you need to learn! When you screen women, they like you more, because you come across as a guy who has high standards. Screening women also guarantees your own safety. This chapter contains info on how to choose the best women and politely excuse yourself when you meet the problematic ones.

* Attraction

Here is a more in-depth look at how you can have a woman to feel all those wonderful fuzzy feelings and emotions that make her want to jump into bed with you and remain attached to you in a loving relationship.

* The Important Meaning Of Qualification

Learn the important meaning of qualification. Explained here is why you should not be a fool and let a woman qualify you. When you let her do that, your value in her eyes drops instantly.

* Fast Rate “PNP-Technique”

Learn the powerful secret meaning of the PNP-technique. This is something women largely use to get men attached to them and if they do… then why would you not learn to do the same to the girls you like and have them attached to you, mad about you, and wanting you badly? Think about it. Learning this gives you all the power in relationships with females.

* Busting Her Balls

You do not need to quit being the patriarch. As a man your rule is to lead. Showing leadership skills, being able to create discomfort if needed, and standing firmly on the ground of your values are things that make you extremely attractive to women. This is something that many modern women will never admit, but they feel sexual desire for a man who is able to say the magic word: “No!” When you put this into practice and see it working in real life you will be amazed at how much this is true and makes you attractive in the eyes of women.

* Soft Signs

As I like to say: “Women can be predicted with mathematical precision”. Well, females give “soft” signs of their attraction. Those are small, subtle nonverbal clues that you can learn to read. Men have been concerned throughout the long years of human history so much about the “big picture” that they never had time for this stuff. With the advent of good quality of life in many countries, men now have the chance of beginning in loving relationships to read the “small details” that bring them to reach happiness in their love and sexual life. Here the “small details” are explained along with how you can use them to your advantage in your relationship with females.

* Being A Single Man Living Alone

This book will give you choices, plenty of choices. When you get rid of the prison created by the cognitive distortion of “one option only” you will achieve the freedom of being the master of your choices. One of them can be enjoying life as a single man and having plenty of satisfying female relationships, MLTRs.

* A New Context

In a word: this books creates a new context. You no longer need to be the self-sacrificing guy who works his ass off in the field of business and spends the rest of his time pleasing a girlfriend or a wife who then tells you: “You know… recently I do not feel so much for you anymore… maybe it’s best we remain friends.” Recent changes in society’s structure require a new strategy, tactics and logistics for your love life. This book gives you what you need as a Modern Man.

* Being A Playboy

You can be a Playboy and have fun as a single man… and…

* Being A Husband And A Father

You can decide to be a Husband and a Father while still holding the power over your female relationships and sexual life!

Put into practice the knowledge I share with you in this book and enjoy your life!

Get your copy now!

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