MLTRs PART II – How To Maintain Multiple Relationship With Girls

Hello guys! As I promised before here is the part II on the topic of MLTRs, Multiple Long-Term Relationships.

If you missed the first part, please find it here.

Marriage nowadays brings no benefits to men. Men are constantly slut-shamed for their natural sexual desire. They are put to pay in court in the case of divorce. They are accused of harassment and jailed when they express their natural sexual desire.

These factors give all the sexual power to women. They take all the sexual power away from men. This happens to most of the men without experience of women.

In my opinion also men with experience of women suffer because of this process.

MLTRs – multiple long-term relationships are an extremely powerful way for men to regain their sexual power.

They shift the balance of power in the area of sex and relationships back to men.

MLTRs are Machiavelli applied to the realm of sexual relationships between men and their women.

I described in the former post how to build multiple long-term relationships.

Here I am going to describe how to maintain them. I will also take some illusory beliefs away from you.

Those beliefs can get you into trouble. They can impair your chances of maintaining your MLTRs over time.

They can also impair your quality of life.

You cannot be lazy

If you, my friend, believe you could be lazy when building MLTRs you are in for disappointment.

A common mistake men do in relationships is based on the belief that when they have one they can… relax.

Not so.

You can enjoy, you can have a lot of fun, you can have wonderful experiences and… you cannot relax.

This is true for exclusive relationships. It is true for MLTRs as well!

Why cannot you relax?

It is because a woman has “game on” all the time. She will never stop gaming you.

With “game on” I mean: a woman will never quit her attempts of getting power on you.

If a woman quits with her attempts of getting power on you that means… she lost all her interest for you, she is not attracted to you anymore, the relationship is dead already.

This is true for MLTRs as well.

This is because the primary instinct behind a woman desire towards you is not you, it is the instinct of pregnancy, the procreative instinct, the child.

This is true for women with 10 children (LOL) and for women who never delivered as well.

The procreative instinct is in her brain and dictates her sexual behavior.

This is true for the very young woman, and it is true for the middle-aged woman as well.

Only difference, depending on her age, will be how she will relate to that instinct, depending on her personality and circumstances.

For this need reason you will need:

Constant Monitoring

Having MLTRs is like directing a company or being a project manager. You have a team. You lead the team.

The moment you quit leading the team crashes.

So, can you relax after all?

Well yes!

With yourself!

Much more than in an exclusive relationship!

This is because a big part of having MLTRs is:

Managing time

Don’t get me wrong: if you are not able to relax in the company of yourself then MLTRs will not help you for relaxing.

To have MLTRs you need to become good at managing time. Without that skill they will overwhelm you.

In an exclusive relationship you will have one woman trying to assert her power on you.

In MLTRs you will have several women attempting exactly the same thing!

This means you will need some good enough seduction skills for having MLTRs.

Applying and putting in practice the advice contained in the Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys can help you get those skills.

You will need the ability of monitoring and considering the following things:

Forget democracy

MLTRs are not a democratic institution. They are an authoritarian institution.

This is because an attracted woman will attempt constantly to exert power on you. This will make impossible for you to avoid exerting your power on her.

If you think you can manage MLTRs by the means of democracy you are in for disappointment.

This is because the only woman with whom you can be democratic is the woman who is not attracted to you, the one who has lost her desire for you.

In that case you might call her a friend as well.

A very dangerous belief men have I have described in this post about reciprocation with women.

An attracted woman will always try to exert her power on you.

Your job is not to establish a democratic and “fair” reciprocal relationship with her.

Your job is to enhance her desire and joy by being the leader of that!

From this we can define that:

Hierarchy must be established

MLTRs are a hierarchic, authoritarian realm where you are the one to decide the order of things.

Attention: hierarchic and authoritarian does not mean you should be an asshole.

That is weakness, not strong leadership.

For deciding the place of every single woman, you have in MLTRs, define how to deal with her and establish a hierarchy you will need again:

Screening, screening, screening

Not all the women are fit for MLTRs, they have different personalities, different backgrounds and different levels of passion.

My classification of women is very useful when you need to choose a woman for your MLTRs. You can also decide better which will be her place in the realm of your MLTRs

This classification is:

HSE HD (High Self-Esteem High Sexual Drive)

HSE LD (High Self-Esteem Low Sexual Drive)

LSE HD (Low Self-Esteem Low Sexual Drive)

LSE LD (Low Self-Esteem Low Sexual Drive)

By this classification you can get an “idea” of how a woman will function in your MLTRs. You can quickly decide what could be her place in your mind and your schedule.

Let’s get to these women one by one from the point of view of maintaining MLTRs.

HSE HD woman.

She is loyal and has high sexual drive. Maybe the most important features in her are:1. A good, sweet, constant attempt of reaching your heart. Her way of exerting power on you is like good marketing. She does not push you. She is not a spammer. She tries all the time to exert power on you by having you feel the sweetness and the comfort connected with that. She tries – like in good business and marketing – to make of your interaction with her a win – win situation for her and you. She has the same features of a good business: she understands that to sell you something she needs to create real value. She understands that to get real value she must deliver real value.
2. She is able of feeling grief when faced with a situation where a constant attempt of reaching you does not bring results. She will then mourn you and then… leave you for another man.

Would you one day you decide to become exclusive this is the woman you must choose.

Anyway, remember she is a rare specimen, particularly these days.

Honestly, with all the women I have been in my life, especially during the last 10-15 years, I have been able to find women like this only from more traditional countries and cultures.

Modern society seems to have a destructive effect on a woman’s self-esteem, probably due to the destruction of the traditional family unit.

HSE LD woman.

She is hard-wired to be a mother. She has biologically a low level of passion, combined with a good self-esteem.

While the HD (high sexual woman) is hardwired to deliver many children the LD (low sexual drive woman) is hardwired to deliver a few children and be very good at protecting them and their safety.

Remember: all the women are hard-wired to focus more on the child other than you, but this kind of woman is far more focused on the child other than you, when compared to all the others.

Don’t take it personally. It’s Nature at work. If you choose her as a member of your MLTRs this is the woman you can have as a good companion for activities, go shopping, relaxed conversation indoor and outdoor.

Forget very passionate, wild sex! She is the one who will at times enjoy “vanilla sex.”

She will not be able to feel the great passion and desire when compared to the HSE HD woman and the LSE HD woman we will describe soon.

Consider this: she will do everything she can to have you serve her interests of her motherhood while having her level of passion low enough for being able to think cold and run game on you!

Yes, the HSE LD woman has lower sexual drive for a reason: it makes for her easier to be colder and program her sexual choices!

Unless you forget of wearing a condom and checking the common law legislation in your country “maybe” this is the kind of woman you can relatively “relax” with.


Let’s admit it: the LSE HD woman (Low Self-Esteem High Sexual Drive) is exactly the kind of woman that all the alpha dominant guys in the seduction community – who think only with their testosterone – usually encounter and seduce in every venue!

Watch the movie American Sniper. Chris Kyle, the alpha hero of the movie meets his future wife in a bar.

She dumps a nice guy a minute before meeting Kyle.

He first busts the hell cocky and funny dominant style out of her. Then he helps her to vomit away her drunk state when they are out of the bar.

A future marriage begins with an extreme LSE (low self-esteem) frame.

Her self-destructive drunk state.

His choice is the wild, LSE woman.

What is attractive in this woman?

Simple: she has very little control on her own impulses.

Guys choose very often the LSE HD woman because their brain senses that she has absolutely no control on her impulses and behavior.

When they meet the HSE HD woman often they are not able to recognize her true dangerous nature, if their only screening tool is their testosterone.

So, men who think only with their testosterone will instantly get horny when they meet the LSE HD woman.

Nothing bad about it. You create your own Karma.

With good enough skills they will manage to have sex with the LSE HD woman and then…

They will forget the screening totally!

Why so many men who have a huge mass of liquid testosterone in the place of their brain forget the screening when dealing with this woman?

Because your guy brain is hard-wired for fatherhood as much as a girl brain. Only, the way you relate to the same thing is totally different compared to a girl’s way.

Your brain detects very quickly that the LSE HD woman has no control on her impulses. Then a green light lights up in your brain with: “Child, child, child” and quickly! Right now!

It is important for you to be aware of how your brain directs you.

Without proper screening your testosterone will have you enjoy the fun with this woman and then… the nightmare of a lifetime.

With her you will face the drama and the chaos of a lifetime!

The LSE HD woman is at the same time one of the most fun girls a very passionate man, who is very high sexual drive himself, can be with.

Invariably you will end up having this kind of girl in your MLTRs. This is because you like sex and that is one big reason you are doing MLTRs.

To keep up MLTRs with this kind of girls be realistic.

The situation is the same as her being a tiger and you being her tamer. You cannot let your guard down.

You will have to realize that you will need with her a total control on your emotions, a strong leadership and be totally lacking neediness.

With these qualities in your personality, you will be able to have MLTRs with women like this one.

You will have also to consider that this kind of girl can and will try to cause you damage when she will realize that you are not getting into exclusiveness with her.

See further on this topic: “MLTRs, women and exclusiveness.”

For having the LSD HD woman in your MLTRs you will need a strong, calm authoritarian frame.

You will have to be able to decide when and who you will see each other, how much and establish the rules of the interaction, with a very self-confident attitude.

LSE LD woman

Unless you have sadistic instincts and enjoy seeing someone suffering in general this woman is not a good choice for MLTRs. She has low self-esteem and like the HSE LD a very low sexual drive.

She very often hates herself and her own femininity.

If someone would ask me is the LSE HD women or the LSE LD woman more dangerous for you, I would probably say that at the LSE LD woman is probably the most dangerous woman on the Planet.

She sucks you into suffering like a black hole.

You need to learn how to recognize her only to be able to never get her into your MLTRs

The Masculine Woman

The masculine woman is a particular kind of LSE woman. A woman who wants to be something else than what she is cannot be HSE.

This woman has always existed, also before.

Before she was “hidden” in the family, in the male dominated culture.

She was often in the family the bitter and dominant wife or mother in love. She was often married to a totally submitted husband but… hidden in the male dominated culture.

Nowadays you can meet this type almost everywhere. She does not need to hide herself anymore.

She can also make of her habit of “copying” male behavior a “virtue” or a “political ideology.”

Again, if your only brain cell is based on testosterone and she is hot, you will not be able to recognize her.

Speaking in general this is not a good choice for a MLTRs. This is because the main reasons she is coaching herself to be like a man is very often the fact that she does not like herself as a woman.

Often, she is a male hater.

Why would you be in a MLTR with a woman who does not like herself as a woman?

That would be a very masochistic thing to do.

Unless you are the “sub” type and looking for your Lady Domina hitting your ass with her whip avoid this kind of woman as a choice for MLTRs.

This is because even if you like having your ass whipped, she will always lose interest in your after, because her true nature is female.

Being with her is too complicated, not fun and brings to you no good.

Don’t fall for her favorite trap: “I am looking for a man who makes me feel a woman.” No man will ever be able to do that to her.

MLTRs, women and exclusiveness

Guys of the seduction community have another dangerous problem: they mix 1. Female cheating with 2. Female proneness to exclusiveness.

They are not the same thing. Cheating is something she may do or not do. A behavior. Female proneness to see for exclusiveness is an inherent feature of female nature.

Not listen to me:

A woman who is not trying to exert her power on you and not trying to have you become exclusive to her does not exist.

All the women are hard-wired to game you for exclusiveness.

Many women can and will cheat, yes but… they will do all they can to have you into exclusiveness.

They will do the same with the guy they are cheating on you with.

They will do the same with you.

They will do the same with the guy after you.

To keep up MLTRs you need to be prepared for this.

If you use messed up Aristoteles logic you will probably think:

“She agreed to MLTRs this means she will not want exclusivity with me.”

“She agreed to MLTRs it means she is a libertine, so she will not push for exclusivity.”

“She knows I am having other girls so she will not want exclusivity”

And so on…

This kind of thinking is probably the most dangerous thinking you can have when having MLTRs.

To keep up MLTRs you need to live with the fact that every woman either since the beginning or maybe after years can and will try to have you into exclusiveness.

Different women will react to this in different ways.

They may agree to be in your MLTRs (because it makes them horny, and it feels so exciting) and then already the next day will begin to run game on you hard to win the competition with other women.

They will do very quickly everything they can to have you become exclusive.

Others will do that with a delay.

The longest delay I remember was a very sexy and feminine woman I was with. She began to run game on me after as long as six years…

So, my friends you will be able to keep up a MLTR with several girls but… with each one will never be … forever so we get to another important thing you need to remember which is:

Nothing is forever

When you do MLTRs you are doing something that reverts what women think – and feel in their instinct – should be the natural course of things.

I will never forget that girl who once told me: “Franco you are doing something against Nature.”

The “Order of Nature” is in her mind: she tests you; you pass her tests, she gets into the “open up for me” stage, she gets through that total power over your mind, you get her pregnant, she has children, you become the father of her children, she gets total power over you!

For more about this process see my post on the betaising process.

By having girls into MLTRs you are totally reverting what in her mind and instincts is – for her – the “natural process.”

Either straight away or after a longer time every woman will react to that.

The HSE woman will react with grief and then leave, when she will notice that despite her efforts, she will not be able to get you exclusive.

The LSE woman will react with drama and manipulation and put you in the situation you must dump her, or she will do something very damaging to you (so stay aware!)

Ultimately no woman will be able to be in a MLTR for any length of time!

For this reason, you need to be prepared and learn to recognize the signs of when is the time to let her go.

With LSE women for your safety, it is better to recognize the signs in advance so that you can let her go before she does some seriously damaging stuff.

With HSE women it will be enough when you notice the signs of her grief and simply discuss with her as a good friend the impossibility of continuing the relationship (maybe you can even find her a boyfriend)

She can become a good friend to you.

The territory

This is another important aspect guys totally forget to consider. A woman’s instinct of procreation is strictly connected to her territorial instinct. 

When attracted to you she will want to over time get a hold over your territory. In the realm of her instinct of procreation this will mean getting a strong hold on your territory. 

This means the place where you live. This can mean trying to have you move in with her. This can mean her own place.

Your must follow how this instinct affects her behavior. The more she is attracted to you the more she will try to “own” the place where you meet her.

With practice you will notice that the women attracted to you will begin to “forget” things in your flat. This is marking her territory.

If she is more HSE she may try to get a hold on your territory by doing things for you, for example taking care of your interiors.

This is a very healthy reaction in her. Anyway, do not make the mistake of becoming dependent on that. If you have decided that she is MLTR then you should thank her and tell her how you like things to be and stick to it. This is not a problem if you have decided to spend time solely on her territory ( her flat )

If she is more LSE she will very quickly be “invasive” in matters of territory. She may try to get ownership on it in a harsh way ( for example criticizing how you keep your flat) by drama or manipulation.

At the first signs of this quit meeting her at your place instantly. You can do that at her place, or maybe hotel. 

The territory is a serious thing. Do not overlook it. There is plenty of legislation about cohabitating in many countries that can come to harm you as a man. That’s called “common law” legislation. 

Remember with MLTRs you are totally reverting what she expects to be the “natural course of things.” This will cause a reaction in every woman, sooner or later!

Keeping the tension up

This is one of the most important aspect connected with keeping up MLTRs. “Tension” is all in Nature. There is Yin and Yang, there are positrons and neutrons, there is strong wind and a calm breeze, there is day and night. All is cyclical.

With MLTrs you will enhance the sexual desire of a woman to an extreme. This is because 1. The desire of owning you and not getting there 2. The feeling that she is put to compete with other women will put her hormones to work at the maximum extent. There are plenty of studies about this in both men and women. The knowledge that a man or a woman may have sex with someone else increases the sexual desire in the person who is observing that and put to compete for that. It is a strategy of Nature to increase the chances of reproduction in both men and women and one of the basis for jealousy.

Now “too little tension” and “too much tension” are both bad, bad, bad.

Too much tension is intolerable over time. In the famous novel “Dangerous Relationships” (Les Liaisons Dangereuses” by Choderlos de Laclos the libertine Countess Merteuil gives libertine Vicomte de Valmont very good advice: “You should allow yourself excesses only with the ones you want to abandon.” So much right.

Even Nature cannot afford continuous tension over time: there is not storm all the time, nor there is quietness all the time.

The same thing happens also in committed relationship and marriages. It brings often to fights and disappointment because the majority of the men and women do not understand that keeping a tension in “on” state is impossible. 

On the other hand: too little tension creates boredom over time. You need to keep up a “certain amount of tension” all the time and know when it becomes too much and withdraw for a while.

This is much easier in MLTRs if compared to an exclusive relationship because you can manage time and decide how much time you spend with one girl and how much time with another girl. 

Also do not forget that continuous tension is impossible for you, too! You must keep a part of the time for yourself. 

If you are not able to be alone and be happy with yourself, you cannot do MLTRs! 


Be careful: some girls in  MLTRs who get some kind of narrow crazy reaction on you can become stalkers.

Some of them can be very dangerous. I have been stalked 3 times and once attacked physically.

For this reasons some safety practices are:


In my opinion – except rare cases – a guy who gets accused of harassment is a guy who made something that had the woman entitled to raise the case of harassment.

If you run your seduction so that you hold the frame since the beginning and are good in screening the chances you will be accused of harassment are very slim.

Anyway, keep in mind that in MLTRs you are reverting the balance of power in sexual relationships totally in your favor.

Some girls “may” get into their minds the harassment card, in the case nothing else helps.

You need to be able to recognize the type of girl who might do this in advance. For this reason it is important to spend some time listening to her life history.

I protect myself by screening out since the beginning girls who mention even once “female rights” or “equal rights” or “feminism”, especially if they have a story of male hate in their past.

Not because I would be against equal rights.

Because these are the girls who can do some dangerous stuff when they notice that they cannot have you become exclusive.

Drunk Women

If you get into your MLTRs girls who have the habit of getting drunk too much, which I do not suggest, never meet them when they are drunk.

Even if she begs your on her knees do not meet her when she is too much drunk.

When she is drunk that is her “free day” from your MLTRs😊

Hard-Core LSE Girls

You need to be good in screening out from your MLTRs extreme cases of Hard-Core LSE girls. These have two features:

  • Absolute lack of self-control
  • Aggressive of self-damaging behavior in their history

For your safety: do not consider these women prospects for your MLTRs.

Recording/Her Age

Check the law of your country or state about recording. There are scary cases where a woman accuses a man or rape. This is a risk in MLTRs when she realizes that she cannot get you where she wants.

Record her or gather any other proof you can so that you can demonstrate afterward that sex with her was consensual. This is also another reason for never, never being in touch with women who drink too much or otherwise get drugs and definitely not when they are under the effect of those.

You will find many judges who will be very happy of accusing you of rape if you had sex with her while drunk or under drugs or sleeping.

Business/work place

I have had MLTRs since I was a young boy. Before at least where I was leaving no one gave a damn if I had a MLTR who was in the same office or doing business with me.

Times have changed!

It is at least 10 maybe 15 years that doing MTLRs with women are in the same work place or are doing business with you became a very dangerous thing to to.

The precise moment she realizes she cannot have you into exclusiveness or is otherwise disappointed she can seriously damage you if you are on the same work place or you are sharing business with her.

Simply do not get into your MLTRs ladies who are in the same work place or share business with you!

Times have changed: it became dangerous doing so.

Sharing same house. 

More about the territory and logistics. To put it simple: it became in many politically “correct” countries simply too dangerous to share the same house with a woman if you do not agree to be exclusive and please her otherwise.

This is especially true in MLTRs because when the moment will come – may be now or after years – that she will feel she is failing in fulfilling her instinct of owning you all the kind of serious damaging stuff can happen and…

You need to sleep sometimes.

The best practice if you can afford that is having another place which is not the place where you officially live.

This was in France one day a “garçonniere”, a place for pleasure.

If you cannot afford it then meet her at her place and find any way you can to not meet her at your place.

Ideally, she does not leave her stuff at your place and you do not leave your stuff at her place.

There was a happy time once when I was living in 3 different houses every week…. beside mine.

It’s fun!

I wish you fulfillment and a joyful time in your MLTRs!

For my coaching more here:

Franco’s Dating, Seduction And Relationship Coaching For Men

Your copy of Franco’s Manual of Seduction you can find it on Kindle and also available as paperback book.

Cheers, Franco

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