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Hello Guys! You can find plenty of knowledge on “why” psychopaths are good with women. You will not find what you need to do in practice to achieve the same success. The aim of this post is to help you learn what you need to do in practice to be good like a psychopath in seducing women.

A few word on “why” they are good with women.

I am sure you have noticed it. Those of you who had many women know this.

In the past of many hot girls there are dangerous guys! Once I had a 3some with a girl. During the 3some she told us that her husband was a pastor. She said she had “run away” from him. I was thinking: “One more nice guy on her curriculum!”

After almost one year we meet again. She told me more of her story. I learned from her that she had gotten in trouble. She had been after our encounter in a relationship with a dangerous guy. This guy was threatening her with a gun. She had to run for her life.

Another former girlfriend of mine, many years ago. I met her again after years. We had a fresh start. Guess what: she told me that her former husband was in prison for life. He sent a couple of guys to kill a woman, who testified against him in court.

I know her. I swear: she is a good wife, children, hard worker and… this guy is the one she had children with! She still thinks he was a great husband. She told me how she was working to maintain him financially. Not a great husband, after all.

There is a big advantage in being a playboy. Women will tell you stories they would never tell to other guys.

Guys with experience have heard this before. After she has been in a relationship with a psychopath she will tell you: “My former boyfriend beat me up.” He was an “asshole.” “I hate him.” “He destroyed my life.” She will complain to you: “He was using me” or “My therapist told me I should never contact him again.”

There is one thing she will never tell you.

She will not tell you that she had with him the ride of a lifetime. She went through an unimaginable passionate and lustful time. He blew her mind. I remember how a girl was telling me her story of all the sufferings with a psychopath. Then she added: “but in bed, in bed he was amazing.” At the end he stole from her a huge amount of money. 

She will blame that guy. She will tell you that he was a “narcissist.” She will put all the guilt on him.

Women are masters of projection.

The truth is: she was having a great time. That included mind blowing orgasms. She will not tell you about the mind blowing orgasms.

Why women feel attraction for psychopaths? 

Simple: psychopath have skills and traits that make of them good at attracting women. The unconscious mind of the woman thinks that they are better in the art of survival. 

Here a short list of the reasons. Then we get to how you can do the same.

_A psychopath has no empathy for her._

She can “sense” that. Why a girl would like a man like that? Because that shows he has no empathy for anyone else. That includes other men. Her silly brain tells her: “He is a winner.” It tells her: “He will destroy them all and get to the top.” Her instinct is not that wrong, after all. Many psychopaths are in top positions in the corporate world, politics, finance. 

_The psychopath focuses on survival._

He tends to maximize his survival value. He does that “right now.” Not “tomorrow” or “after a few years.” The psychopath is mindfulness. He is in the present and acts for the sake of survival. Her silly brain tells her: “If he can do that for himself he can do that for me.” We know how that ends but, does she? Her brain tells her: he will impregnate me against my will. Her instinct will tell her: this guy will make no excuses. He will take me right now. Her interpretation is right. That’s what he will do.

_The psychopath gets “into her head.”_

The dream of every woman. A guy who “understands her.” Her silly brain thinks: “He connects with me.” She thinks: “I can influence him for procreation.” She cannot see how he calculated that connection all the way long. Since the beginning. Soon we will see how you can do that yourself. We will see why this works at the best with modern women.


You can learn how to seduce like a psychopath. You cannot “become” a psychopath. The psychopath has a different brain structure. He is an experiment of evolution. That gives him several advantages in seducing women. His biology is different than yours. What you can do is to model a psychopath’s way of seduction.

Practical advice. How you can do it.

Here what you need to do to seduce like a psychopath.

_The “Cruelty Test.”_

Psychopaths pass what I called the: “Ultimate Test.” In writings of mine I used the term, the “Genghis Khan test.” Somewhere I called it the “Cruelty Test.”

The most experienced of you know this. Many women will try to do things that hit your Ego, with no apparent reason. The most primative of them will do that a lot (see my Manual of Seduction for the term “primative.”) Beside checking how strong you are they check are you able to be cruel. They can do that with no apparent reason. This is another place where nice guys finish last.

An example from yesterday. I was at the movie theater with a girl. She has been years ago in a relationship. She was with a guy she called the “aristocrat.” This guy was in practice a narcissist. At the end of their relationship he tried to rape her. All what she told me about him indicates that. She was cheating on her boyfriend with this guy. Then her boyfriend killed himself, out of desperation. 

Now this “lady” tries at times to give me harsh orders. Every time she regrets it. I know that her husband cannot even breathe without her permission.

Yesterday, while we were exiting the movie theater, she did it again. I was talking in a light hearted mode about the movie with her. In a rude way she cut me off. “Move, let’s go out!” Her tone was the one of a sergeant at a boot camp. My reaction was harsh. In front of everyone I turned around. I got close to her ears and shouted loud: “Hey take it easy!” Then I walked to the door and left her there. I was not angry. When I noticed that a woman checks can I be cruel I do that like an actor. It became a routine. I know that after she will get invariably horny. 

She pretended to be angry at me. I let her do. After she asked with sweetness: “Are we going to meet before the summer ends.” She was not that angry at me, after all.

This is not a low level woman. She is a very educated professional, intelligent, with an academic degree. She treats everyone in a polite way. Why she keeps doing that with me? 

Answer: it’s the sexual tension. 

Reason: she wants to know if I am able to be cruel to her. To “penetrate” her without her permission. Having done my psychopathic due diligence I knew that “the aristocrat” was cruel to her. As I wrote: he even tried to rape her. For that reason I, like a psychopath would do, “became him” for her. For her I became the “Aristocrat 2.0” And God does she gets wet at my cruelty!

Many great sex evenings with her I have had. After… I have been cruel to her. She does that regularly. Tries to make me angry to check can I be cruel to her. Her instincts “need to know”, from times to times.

What psychopaths do in seduction? They give a woman what her unconscious is asking for. They pass what I have called in other posts of mine “the ultimate test”. They are able to show the girl that they do not care about her at all.

A famous researcher of psychopathy, Meloy, did an experiment. The experiment was on the fear induced by psychopaths.

He studied the physical reactions of the staff, when interviewing psychopaths.

Those were several physical sensations connected with fear. Uneasy stomach sensations, muscle trembling, sense of weakness, breathing problems, faster heart beating.

He interpreted that as an innate reaction to dealing with a predator. The staff could “feel” the predator, on a physical level.

A woman’s silly brain feels fear. She interprets: “He is a winner. He eliminates anyone.” She does not get into account that it means: including her, if needed.

_Practical application._

Show a woman that you can get through her defenses. Make her feel pure, true, primeval fear. You need to learn the skill of showing aggression without being aggressive inside your head. You need to learn how to be a good actor. Why to show aggression while being cold inside your head? Because being “hot” inside your head would mean for her insecurity. She would be right on that one. “Hot” anger is a sign of insecurity. Cold anger is predatory. Women can discern the difference, unconsciously.

Your display of merciless behavior must be “cold” not “hot.” Otherwise it will not work on her. If she senses you are “emotional” it will work against you.

A modern woman will tell you many stories about her need for “emotional communication.” Then she will have mind blowing sex with emotionless guys, who are cruel to her.

The best moment to be cruel are those situations when you feel: “I am being good to her why she is behaving like this?” That is the time for you to pass the “ultimate test.”

You must show her you can and will be cruel.

A side note about modern “liberated” women. This works on them even more when compared to a more traditional woman. Many of them dwell with a huge problem: how to prolong as much as possible the age they would get pregnant.

I know modern women in their 40s dwelling with that dilemma. The dilemma is:

“When I will be older I will get pregnant.” Yeah… when she will be in pension.

They know the child would spoil the fun of their libertine life. They try to shift maternity “forward” in time. Some even turn lesbians for the same reason.

A woman like this will react with strong attraction when you pass the “cruelty test.” That will make her primitive brain feel that you are going to make her pregnant… “against her will.”

She will get wet for you because… you are freeing her of any responsibility related to her desire of getting pregnant. This is one of the main reasons many women have rape sexual fantasies. 

Many modern spoiled sisters of ours hate responsibility above all.

One thing: nature knows nothing about contraceptive measures or abort. From the point of view of her wild, primitive nature her brain is working with the only purpose of getting pregnant. Her instincts are in her brain…

_Your Needs Above Hers._

This is another place where nice guys finish last. Here the psychopath wins.

Show her at times that you can and will put your own needs always above hers. Don’t worry: she will think you are a winner when you do that. It will have her want you.

This will attract her. You are good in gathering resources! You are a winner. Her silly brain will not notice one thing: you do that for yourself! As a female she will want your resources. That will make her blind…

I can have you see why this works by a simple question: how many times you were attracted to a woman who was “a bitch?” How many times you felt she is a “bitch” and liked her?

This happened because by being a “bitch” she was putting a high price to herself. She was coming out as “higher value.”

When you are cruel as a man you do that same to her. She will feel tremendous attraction four because you are being an …. asshole. The male equivalent of a “bitch.”

_Be “In Her Head”_

The psychopath is “in her head.” This is important. You will need to practice this.

Before scientists believed that psychopaths do not have empathy. That is not true. They do not have “hot” empathy. They lack of “emotional” empathy. What you feel seeing that little puppy dog beaten by the owner. When you see that old lady struggling with a heavy luggage. You feel certain feelings, you want to help. You are having “warm” empathy. 

Psychopaths have empathy but it is not “hot” empathy it is “cold empathy.” Cold empathy is like a computer. The psychopath sees and understands what is going on inside her head. That happens without emotions. That way he will be able to detect what is her true nature. He will be then able to exploit it.

When she will tell you about her “violent ex boyfriend” you may feel oh… what a pain for her…poor girl! let me help this girl out. You may want to become for her the “good boyfriend.” That is warm empathy. 

No, the psychopath would logically use that to achieve his seductive goals. To help you understand how “cold empathy” would works in the mind of a psychopath I will ask you a question. Think if you would, for a month, do what is logically good for you and nothing else. Think if you would do that without no regard for how your wife, girlfriend, brother or anyone else would feel. Think about that. Then come to tell me what you thinkt would happen to your relationships. For the time of a month.

Why “cold empathy” makes of the psychopath a good seducer? Because he is able to “read” in an objective way without emotions all what is in her mind that gives him the chance of seducing her. Then he is able to exploit them.

These can be desires, lacks, attachments something else in her history he can affect. More about “lacks” and “attachments” further.

Practical advice: how to be “in her head.”

There is an enemy working against you when you seduce women. The enemy is that chatter box inside your head. That chatter box gets you “inside your hea”d when you should be “in her head.” It stops you from noticing what you have in front of your nose. That keeps you from “seeing” what is in front of you. Your emotions are having you do that: driven by emotions you rationalize, think, analyze and… do not see what is in “her head. You may think: “it’s possible she is married” and believe it is true. You may think: “she looks like a bitch” and inside your head that becomes true. That keeps you from seeing what is in her head.

Practice switching your mind off. Practice being emotionless, cold. Enter her world. Think like Aristotheles: “I know that I do not know.” The right attitude to seduce like a psychopath is: be a scientist. You know nothing. You are doing “research.”

Your Ego can be on your way. Shut off your Ego. The psychopath is “humble.” He does not think he is important. His struggle for survival is not a “big deal.” It’s routine. Nothing personal. Pure business. The psychopath thinks of his seduction as survival. No hard feelings involved. The psychopath thinks of it like a game. It’s gambling. You win. You lose. No big deal. The psychopathic approach fits perfectly with what a woman wants. The more she senses that you are “in her head” the more she will want to open herself to you. 

Collect information about her. Her work. Her social network. Likes and dislikes. Her Mom. Her Dad. Her relatives. Let her talk.

Attention! Indirectly: no interview mode! With interview mode you telegraph interest. Your job is to have her feel it was her idea to want you. Your job is to have her want you. 

Let her talk. She will be happy of opening herself to you. 

Here several strategies that the psychopath uses to seduce. All require being “in her head.” 


There are many ways a psychopath uses to seduce. 

Of them mirroring is one of the most powerful.

He first identifies something in her head.

Then he becomes that thing and mirrors it back to her.

That way she will feel one of these two things:

1. The psychopath becomes the solution to something she lacks. Something she wants and misses a lot.

2. The psychopath becomes someone who has been tremendously important to her. Someone she has been tremendously attached to. More about attachments further.

Example of mirroring: first step is to  identify something that it is important to her. Second step you being to mirror that back to her. You can use sentences that have inside the same thing with other words. Next step is to make her feel that – you – are the person with whom she can realize that thing. 

Example: once I randomly asked a girl I wanted to seduce how did she sleep during a vacation. Her reaction: “how do you know I cannot sleep?” When she said that I knew I will get her. That was magic thinking. She reacted to my question emotionally. She assumed I can “guess” deeper emotions in her. Like it would have been a “magic guess” from me. The “deep connection” between us. My reaction: “I could sense that since the beginning” Then I made jokes about me having a crystal ball to predict the future. After some times I told her what if someone would make her sleep by telling a bedtime story. She told me she had a nanny when she was a small child, who did that. I asked her more about her nanny. She told me she was a German language teacher. As I speak German I told her a short story in that language. Slowly I was becoming for her… her nanny. Not long after that she was in the bed with “her nanny.” That nanny was me. I was having her feel what she felt when she could not sleep. This worked because she began to project her attachment to the nanny on me. A woman will draw the conclusion that as the psychopath is making her “feel” a certain way the psychopath “is” what makes her feel that way. A psychopath does this in purpose because … he is all the time “in her head” He can see what he should mirror back to her to make her “feel” a certain way.  

_Her “Lacks”_

We humans all have “lacks.” Things we miss, things we desire. Guys, under the effect of their testosterone, will rush to “get the girl.” They are guided by what “they think” the girl might lack. They fail regularly. The psychopath as a different approach.

A “lack” is something that she wants and cannot have, something she desires,  a dream. It can be a material thing, an emotions, an experience she misses. So many things. In her head there could be endless stories, emotions, desires she might miss and want.

The psychopath seduces a woman by detecting a lack in her. Then he makes her feel he will be the one who can have her satisfy that lack. 

Years of experience with women convinced me that women have specific, narrow desires and perversions. Sometimes they can go beyond any imagination. Her perversion can be like that girl who could not sleep. The “little girl” in the company of her nanny. It can be a particular face expression. A sensation of the skin. She might want to become a model one day. She might want to have that particular adventurous trip in Africa. She might want a particular house in a particular place of the world. She could be interested in changing the world by affecting the environment. She might want to be that girl who will start a revolution against the government. There are no limits to the lacks a girl can have in her mind. 

When you practice being “in her head” you begin to have a “third eye” telling you what buttons you need to press to get her.  

_Her “Attachments”_

The psychopath identifies how she got attached to others important, meaningful people in her life. Then he becomes that persons for her. The psychopath gathers information about the important figures in her life. Then he “becomes” that person for her. Why he does that. Because we humans have deep feelings, blue-eyed, romantic feelings for all the people we have been and are attached to. The psychopath would call us: “empath” because of that. When we are dealing with memories, people, situations that elicits in us that attachment we feel again the same feelings. Think for example of your country’s national hymn, while your national flag is high above you. 

You can seduce like a psychopath by first detecting her “attachments” Then your job is to become that for her. 

Example: let’s say her Dad was an artist. A painter. Let’s say you get randomly information about her Dad. You manage to have her show you her Dad’s paintings. You ask her what is her Dad’s painting she likes the most. She shows you a painting with a shore and a fisherman. The sea, fishing, marine landscapes are in her mind linked to her Dad. The psychopath would use that to seduce her. He would indirectly become for her all what is connected with her Dad, the sea, the fishing. He would install himself in her mind like the “fisherman Dad” she loved. This includes both positive and negative features. If he finds out that her Dad was shouting at her while fishing he would repeat that to her. If he finds out her father was using cocaine while around her, he would indirectly present himself as a drug abuser (no need to use cocaine:) The emotion you insert in her is important.

The psychopath would make her feel again that wonderful attachment she felt for her Dad. That way he would seduce her. 
_”I am like you, you are like me, you are safe with me. You can open your soul to me”_

The psychopathic way to seduction is to create what is called the “psychopathic bond.” Over time he creates similarity between himself and the target of his seduction. Over time he makes the target feel that he is the only source of safety in the world. Many gurus have been psychopaths. They have created “sects” with people who formed a deep bond with the guru. The psychopathic seduction does not target the body in the first place. It targets the soul. The body comes as an added value to that. 

 _”The choice of the target for seduction”_

Is different in psychopathic game compared to what many normal guys might do. The psychopath is focused on survival. His energy is precious to him. He first detects is the target of potential seduction “victim material.” Then he goes for the target. If you evaluate the target on the basis of your Ego you are wasting precious energy. You are acting against your own survival. Famous psychopath Teddy Bund said he could understand is a potential target “victim material” by evaluating the way that person walked.     

The average guy will spend his energy in doing things that feeds his Ego. The psychopath will not do that. His energy his precious to him. Have you ever seen a tiger or even a cat staring at the prey. Every drop of his energy is meant to get the prey.

The average guy will choose the target of his seduction to boost his ego. The psychopath first detects how vulnerable is the prey. Then he goes for the prey. No hard feelings involved.

Detecting vulnerability in the target of your seduction, then seducing is the way to psychopathic seduction.

Get out of your head. Be in her head. Be meek. You are not important. Be meek. Be in her head.

When you will seduce like a psychopath you will first detect if the potential target has the features of a “victim.” 

You will analyze the potential target for insecurities and lack. 

You will do that before you even bother to even move a muscle.

Your purpose is to seduce her. Gaslight is what you do to influence her perception of reality in your favor. 

In the case of seduction you influence her reality by saying and doing what makes her feel that being with you is the best thing she can do. 

The psychopath seduces by influencing the way she see reality. 

This can be denying reality. For example you are “The unique person who can help her to solve her issues.” You know the whole truth in regard to what she is as a person. 

Example: “my intuition tells me that you are a passionate person. I am trying to help you get in touch with your genuine nature. I am trying to help you.”

It can be twisting facts. “You got this wrong. The truth is that…” 

Example: “The truth is that you are scared of freedom. That’s why you are telling me that having a 3some with your girlfriend is not a good thing. If you look at it that is because you had a conservative education.”

Blaming her. “You wanted me to do this.” “This is because you forgot to tell or do this and this.” 

Example: a wonderful example is in Bold and Beautiful serial. Ridge has sex with her father’s girlfriend and then says: “Things got out of hands” Another example: “After all it turns you on the idea that I might be with your best girlfriend.” 

Creating doubt. “Are you sure you remember this the right way.” “If you look at it from a different perspective you may see that.” 

Example: “nowadays society does not support anymore committed relationship. If you look at it you can see that us being in an open relationship is in tune with the times.”

Other examples:

Selective memory: “I never agreed to that. “
Re-framing conversations: “You always make a big deal out of nothing. I was trying to help.” 

False accusations: “You are used to lie in a way it’s amazing.”

Manipulating evidence: “No big deal. She sent me her naked picture because she is a psycho. Forget her. You are a better woman.” 

Twisting intentions: “I want you to be more of a free woman. That’s why I would like to help you finding your true, deep sexual nature.”

Creating false realities: “You understand that no other couple could ever feel what we feel right now.”

Creating confusion: “I believe in family values. I cannot let your girlfriend miss our warmth and that feeling of protection she misses. That’s not me. I love big families.”

Minimizing her behavior: “It’s not as bad as you are making it out to be. You are blowing this out of proportions.”

I will never forget this one. Once a girl in my MLTRs asked about another girl of mine: “Franco do you love her.” and me: “Let’s forget other women in a moment like this.”


You create for her an identity controlled by you. For example giving her a nickname since the first moment is a way. I remember a girl who was at least 20cm taller than me. I nicknamed her “My tall soul.” I was calling her then “Tall Soul” You can pickup a feature in her personality and make of it an identity. For example the former mentioned girl who run away from the relationship with the priest. I was calling her “My sexy Nun.” 

Other examples: 

Undermining her self-worth: I remember once how a woman who had been a model in Milano. She told me how she was hired. The guy who managed to hire her was telling her how bad her outlook his, how negative are her chances of ever getting a job, how she needed to improve herself as a person. I do not suggest you use this one if you plan a longer relationship: you will seduce problematic LSE women by this. 

Isolation and dependency: this is what women do when they try as they at times do to isolate you from your social connections. Remember that girl who did not want you to meet your male friend and go to the bar? You can do that same: all her girlfriends are not at her level, there is one one on the Planet who can ever help her more than you,  her parents fail to understand her value. 

Manipulating self-image: “You never understood how you miss freedom.” “We together can have you out of the chains that imprison you.” “I know deep down in you there is an artist.” 

_”The mission and the cult leader”_

You become for her, her guru. To do that you need to convince her that she can support you in the accomplishment of an important mission. This mission will result as her becoming “free” or “more aware of herself” or “getting towards a new happiness.” Through the mission she will get towards a better, happier reality. 

Charles Manson convinced his followers that a race war was soon going to happen. Then he made them feel that they had a role to play in that process. Manson told them that, after the chaos, the Manson Family would emerge as the new leaders in the post-apocalyptic world. I do not suggest you try to copy Manson in matters of crimes but this is a good example of psychopathic seduction. Read about gurus. They are good examples of mind control. 

You, the Guru, are the one who will open for her new horizons. You are the Guru. Having sex with you, being your lover is a privilege. 

You will need basic seduction skills to be able to get this advanced. The skills you can learn by purchasing my Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Players.

Cheers, Franco
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