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The first email consultation is TOTALLY FREE. There are no limits to the amount of topics you can ask the consultation for. Please send me an email with all the possible particulars connected with the dating women, seduction or female relationship topics you would like to discuss with me. Length maximum 5 pages Words, Mac Pages or 5 Screens Email Client, max 4000 words. After the first free email consultation you can decide are you willing of continuing with email consultations or book a voice consultation over Skype/Phone (please see below). On the left column a list of the main topics I am consulted for.  

Further email consultations are for a fee of 49.99 USD each one. Again: length maximum 5 pages Words, Mac Pages or 5 Screens Email Client, max 4000 words. Writing too much works against your own interests and the consultation will be less effective. By experience I can tell that guys who write the topics “straight to the point” are the ones who get the best results.  

I will answer only to consultations that are sent through the same email you used for the payment through PayPal.

Contact info:

For consultations contact me at:

I will get back to you between 1 and 7 days depending on the amount of consultation requests I am receiving.

I answer the consultations in the order they arrive. Please check your spam folder. 

You can also contact me on Facebook and send me your email and consultation request. 


Every consultation lasts 50 min, for a fee of 217 USD, paid before the consultation to my PayPal. We will check your time zone and make an appointment that fits with your schedule and mine. Email consultations for those who are doing at least one Skype/voice consultation a month are free, maximum one email consultation in between the sessions.

Please let me know which on of these options works best for you.

Book A 50 min. Skype/Phone Consultation With Franco! 217 USD


Book a Skype/Voice consultation with Franco on dating women, seduction and female relationships!

More about Skype/Phone Consultations below!

Hello, my name is Franco, and I have spent considerable time and effort shedding light on what men have considered to be a mystery for centuries: the female psychology and behavior surrounding love and sexuality.

You can consult me, Franco, about dating, seduction, and female relationships in 3 ways. Some of them are totally free. 

Guys ask for consultations mainly on these topics:


  1. – How to approach women.
  2. – How to quickly detect the type of woman you are dealing with.
  3. – How to tailor your approach to her type of personality.
  4. – How to continue the conversation with her in a way that makes her interested in you.
  5. – How to seduce a woman into having sex with you.
  6. – Various techniques to date and seduce women in different venues and situations.
  7. – How to get a good girlfriend/wife.
  8. – How to seduce your ex-girlfriend to come back to you after your relationship with her ended. This is a tough one. It can be done only if you are motivated to get rid of your one-itis. It will be also necessary to improve your seduction skills and knowledge of female psychology.
  9. – How to get rid of one-itis. One-itis is a nasty addictive condition.  You will need a strong motivation to improve your seductive skills. You will need a strong motivation to get rid of your addiction. One-itis follows the same scheme like any other kind of addiction. If you are ready to fight it, then we can work miracles on that too.


  1. – How to build a good exclusive relationship with a woman.
  2. – How to build non-exclusive relationships with women and be polyamorous.
  3. – How to build MLTRs = Multiple Long-Term Relationships
  4. – How to choose the right woman for a certain type of relationship.
  5. – How to enhance lifestyle and personal development
  6. – How to manage difficult relationship problems in marriage or cohabitation with a woman.

There is absolutely nothing “hidden” or “mysterious” about female behavior in matters of dating, sexuality, and relationships with men. Female behavior follows precise laws, and can be predicted, as I love to say, with “mathematical precision.”

By joining Franco Seduction, you are putting yourself in an advantageous position when compared to 99% of men. I only ask that you keep an open mind about the advice I am willing to share with you.

My advice is very different from what parents, teachers, and the media have been giving you since you were young. It may shock you little in the beginning, but when you put it into practice in real life, it will shock you even more to see it in action.

NOTE: dating women will help you only when you have figured out the basics of how to act on female primeval instincts. Until then, women will play you like violins, and you will barely notice what’s going on. I am not feeding you marketing nonsense. I can only say: my method works. Just give it a try, and then come back to tell us how it changed your life.


This activity is for entertainment purposes only and has absolutely no connection with medical or legal activities of any kind. If you need medical or legal advice please seek the assistance of a professional in those fields. Use of psychology is meant to be in the frame of applied psychology. This means the application of psychological knowledge to dating women, seduction and female relationships, with the only purpose of having you achieve your goals and no other means or goals involved. 

Please see our Disclaimer and in regard to the above points.

By using Franco Seduction, the web site and all the services connected with it you state that you have read the Disclaimer and have accepted the Terms & Conditions for the use of this service.

Cheers, Franco


  1. Hi Franco,
    I am able to turn a girl on and she let me hold her hands or back or even let me touch her boobs but how to get to stage or what to say to her that she will look for place for having a good sex night etc?.

  2. Hello Terry! Thanks for your comment. She is willing to be with you anyway leading is the job of the man. You should frame again your approach inside your mind. Please watch at your frame in this sentence of yours, you say: “What to say to her that SHE will look for a place” .. in this frame of yours SHE is the one leading. This is not good: you should always be leading, including the end game. Leading a woman has her interest in you increase and also sexual desire. Masculine women are a minority, the majority of feminine receptive women will like you when you lead. Isolation is a process that YOU should lead.. you should find a place for an intimate meeting and then lead her into wanting to go there with you. That can be your apartment, her apartment, hotel room, friend’s apartmen does not matter, the important thing is that you should be the one to lead her going there from the beginning of the seduction till the end. If she is shy you can do that kindly by suggesting to watch a movie together, or maybe telling her you want to introduce her to your dog, or if she has cats you can tell you love animals.. if she is not shy and is very self-confident then just say: “Let’s go to my place, I need to change the clothes”, be creative. Leading is the job of the man and it is highly arousing for a feminine woman seeing her man lead her.

  3. Hi Franco!

    I read your book “getting the good girls – Encyclopedia of seduction III” and, in many parts of it, you mention a book yours called “How to get Adventuresses”.

    My question: have you released this book or not? And, if yes, how can I get it?

    Congratulations for the work!


  4. Hello Binho thanks for your interest. The book “How to get Adventuresses” is not ready and it is the V book of the Encyclopedia I will write. The IV book is almost ready, will be online end of January, it is “How To Have Any Woman Want To Sleep With You” and it is about all what makes a woman want sex with a man.

  5. ciao fracnco forse non ti ricordi ti ho scrritto un paio di anni fa dal centro america panama e mi hai dato dei consigli tu che mestiere fai fai il piscologo. sai ho saputo che sei di taormina non ha caso anche io sono di catania andavo sempre a taormina . sei sposato . hai fatto bene ha lasciare la sicilia io sono tornato in sicilia dopo 15 anni e la mentalita e la stessa se vieni a taormina mi piacerebbe parlarti inprivato se ne hai voglia . cosi ti posso dire cosa ne penso di tuutto quello che scrivi e dato que abbiamato avuto una vtita simile o perolomeno penso .posso apportarti la mia esperienza diretta e pratica un abbraccio

  6. Caro Giuseppe,

    Si mi ricordo di te. Grazie del tuo commento. Mi fa molto piacere sentire di un compaesano. Quando vengo in Italia ti mando una messaggio. Fammi sapere.

    Un abbraccio Franco

  7. I recently purchased a book 1/17/15 and have not received it. but you certainly charged my card .Where is the book??

    Receipt No: 1286-3818-0408-4074

    Still waiting!!!!!

  8. Hello Clark, I sent you another download link with the copy of the book you purchased. The book comes normally straight away after the purchase with an email containing the download link. Please check your SPAM folder in the case you do not find the book and let me know was the download this time successful, Have a nice read Franco

  9. Dear Franco,

    I will tell you my story,

    I had a relationship with a good woman for 4 years. We did not fight so much, she was always comprehensive with me. Never tried to make me guilty. And she loved me so much.

    At the end of 4 good years, I realized, by chance, that she is chatting on internet with a guy who says that he is fallen love with her. When I find out that I was firstly shocked, end then we separated our apartments. Their conversation on internet written and verbally took 1 mount. As she told me, he complimented her, requested to see her etc. She did not respond positively but also did not stop to talk to him.

    So, it’s been 2 months after this event. We are leaving separately. She is still crying, begging me her to excuse, she says that she did not have any emotional feelings with those conversations and even she doesn’t know why she did this while she loves me to death.

    After this experience, I found your site end downloaded all your books. Before that, I did not have any clue about bateisation and women manipulation instincts. Am I already betaized and she is looking for a alfa man Instinctively while she thinks that she loves me ? or it’s a manipulation ? I am trying to understand the situation I am in. I am sure she loves me and she is a good women.

    What do you think about it, your opinion is important for me.


  10. Hello and thank you for sharing with us. Welcome! Sorry to hear about what happened. In my opinion you are far more betaised when you are giving a woman the message that you are worried about the “competition” with other men. She was enjoying his attention, validation over the internet. You increase the changes of being cheated on by a woman if you let her think that you are worried about other guys. If you give more particulars about her background (story of her former relationships for example) maybe I will be able to help you more. It all depends on her personality and how much she is dependent on attention, validation from outside.

  11. Hi, franco i am in the game for 5 years and i love direct game. I usually open with a non verbal opener(hand of god) or by directly saying to the girl that i like her or at least i let her know with a direct qoustion like “who are you”. Are there any recomendations for direct game like that or its just the same? How can i still be the price after a solid direct hook and put the girls to chase me? What’s the most effective structure for someone who has great nonverbal game but sometimes runs out of things to say? At last i would like the girls to be more into me not only fuck me but invest in me a bit more.

  12. Hello Billy, thank you for your comment. Yes, you can remain the price by moving the interaction into the direction of eliciting in her strong emotions when she is around you.

  13. Hi Franco,

    I read your excellent book “Practical Female Psychology: For the Practical Man” and I am about to begin your “Manual of Seduction by Franco: How To Meet And Bed Hot Women”.

    I just wanted to know if your site is still running as there has not been any updates since last year it seems and also if you are still offering your email & phone consultations?

  14. Hello Frank, thank you for your interest and kind comment. I hope you will enjoy the Manual of Seduction. Yes, I am very much active and still offering email and Skype/phone consultations. Please mail me in the case you need one. I will soon publish new updates. You are welcome!

  15. Hi Franco,

    Good to hear that you are still active! Yes I am enjoying your Manual of seduction very much, very interesting and definitely you are a guy that knows what he is talking about.

    I actually came to be aware of you only recently from your book “Practical Female Psychology: For the Practical Man” and I must say that I am very well impressed with your knowledge and understanding of seduction.

    Having been studying seduction myself for almost 15 years I can easily notice when a self proclaimed guru is nothing but hot air and marketing and when somebody is the real deal.


    You are very well informed and very aware of how seduction works. And the best part is that you actually communicate it as it is to the guys out there in a very digestible manner at a VERY reasonable price. Bravo!

    Just a couple of questions to understand your offerings better:

    1. Could you please describe me in which order should I follow for reading your books? (I am currently reading the manual of seduction which seems to be the first of the series, but then which should I go with?)

    2. Regarding the email consultations, could you please elaborate a little bit more on the format of the email consultation? Like how many questions can I include per mail and so?

    3. Do you have your other books (How To Easily Sleep With Any Woman You Want & Getting The Good Girls) in kindle format? because I usually read books on my kindle and a PDF file is a pain to read there.

    Thanks Franco and I am looking forward to read all your books and get in touch with you.

    Thanks and hop

  16. Hello Frank,

    Thank you for your appreciation. I am glad to have you with us.

    I would suggest to first read the Manual of Seduction then when you are more interested in screening to get a good girlfriend and learning an easy way to meet girls daytime you should read Getting The Good Girls and then the others. When you are interested in relationships and building MLTRs or simply having fun the order better be first the Manual and then How To Easily Sleep With Any Woman You Want. The book about Female Psychology For The Modern Man is more intensive and good to read for both guys who want to have fun and mess around and guys who are into relationships of any kind. I am going this year to publish How To Easily Sleep With Any Woman You Want on Amazon, too.

    About consultations: I would suggest better to avoid information overload. It is easier to learn, then. A maximum of 5 question would be good. The best way to get the most out of the consultation especially if it is about relationships is to send info about the girl: how did you meet her, her parents, her personality, training and what is happening in the relationship. In the case you want to improve the seduction skills in general then mail me about the single areas you would like to develop and improve.

    Stay well! Franco

  17. Hi Franco!

    Still very well impressed with your work. Your books have been a big fountain of knowledge and understanding!

    I was thinking on having an email consultation with you,

    Just a quick questions…

    – Are you familiar and experienced with the use of routines and scripts in seduction and conversation??

    As in how to design seduction scripts & routines, how to use them, how to plan them, etc.

    – Also, with the concept, design and utilization of a “Routine stack”?

    This questions might sound perhaps a bit obvious and simple but there are quite some proponents of “Natural game” who disregard the use of scripts and routines in their totality and…

    #1 I do not agree with that view at all, being myself in marketing and sales I truly believe that scripts and routines have an important place in any persuasion/ seduction context.

    #2 I was looking for advice especifically in this area so I would like to know your position regarding this issue.

    Best wishes Franco!


  18. Hello Frank,

    Thank you for being with us. I am glad you feel helped! Yes routines do work. They work on women who are more feminine, intelligent and more emotion driven. I will send you an email regarding the consultations. You can also contact me at

    Cheers Franco

  19. You still in the game? Email list isn’t active and want to see about purchasing (hopefully a print version) How to Sleep with any Woman You Want.

  20. Hello Franco !
    Amazing books and articles
    I wish to know the book i can read to understand frames more in depth .

  21. Hello Ajay, thank you. I suggest you read first the Manual of Seduction. There is a chapter called “The Concept Of Frame Of An Interaction”

  22. Hello Franco,
    Thanks for all your content, just mind blowing. I was wondering if the e-mail consultation were still working as I have some questions to ask. Kind regards.

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