Club Game – Why She Makes Out With You And Then Drops You

Club game is a totally different perspective.

All what is true in other types of games becomes wilder and pretty much different in club game.

Guys project their horniness into the girls and believe that the girls will behave like guys; try to get laid as their main goal.

Well that is true: women like sex as much as guys and want to get laid as much as the guys do.

Anyway, there are some very important differences between guys and girls in matters of priorities in the sexual area.

If you have been making out with a girl in the club and then wondering why she suddenly left without having sex with you well the reason is exactly in those differences between girls and boys in matters of priorities.

Guys are very much puzzled and irritated when she makes out with them and then leaves.

They do not understand the meaning of this apparently “illogical” behavior.

Well there is a very important logic in this kind of female behavior: a female´s main sexual goal is not to get laid.

A female´s main sexual goal is to get social power by building as many social links as possible and then controlling them at need.

This is the main sexual end goal of the woman.

Only after she has done that she can get to her second priority: getting laid.

Having sex is her second end goal after she is sure that she has succeeded in building as many social links as possible.

A female labeled as a “slut” by other women is a rare woman who does not follow this law: first the screening, then the sex.

A big part of this behavior is to have as many males as possible get into the sub-servient attitude towards her so that she can gain social power over them.

When you wonder why she makes out with you and then leaves you are missing to detect an important law of evolution at work: she is screening men in the same way she does in other venues it´s only that she does it with much faster and much tougher means.

This touching you, making out with you has a totally different meaning in the club compared to the meaning it would have if it would happen on the streets or – maybe – while you watch a movie with her in a movie theater.

In those cases touching you, making out with you would be a strong indicator of her wanting sex with you especially if there are no other girls around and you are not in a social group.

In those situations she would have no competition as there are no other girls around. You would have no competition around as well: there would be no other guys around.

In the club the situation is totally different she knows very well that there is strong female competition. She also knows that the guys are dying of the desire of having sex with the girls as soon as possible.

So she needs to hook guys who try to seduce her very fast in order to win female competition and have as many males as possible investing their energy into her before she can start screening them.

50 years ago the hook would have been uncovering little bit her leg or holding eye contact little bit longer with some guy.

Nowadays such nice hooks would not work anymore as the clubs and the cities are otherwise full of girls who are having free minded sex with the guys left and right.

No guy pays anymore so much attention to a naked ass or a girl holding eye contact longer with him.

Also, there are so many nice guys around that many guys really do not have the courage to approach on the streets and go to clubs with the hope of getting laid.

In the club environment her main goal is to firstly gain social power by multiplying her social links and the number of guys who supplicate to her.

She does that to have the time to continue her screening and win her female competition.

Without the hook she would have nothing to screen for. There is always the “slut” next to her who has the guys get laid “for free.”

Actually one single “slut” is a really dangerous competition for the average girls. She is little bit like a guy: she can give sexual satisfaction and get laid with many, many guys during a week.

It really puts in danger other women by keeping them from getting out of the guys more than the sex.

So what she does?

She uses a stronger hook: heavy make out with you just to drop you when you escalate to have her into sex.

By making out with you she gains a huge advantage on the other girls: she has you hooked so that you forget the other girls and invest your energy mainly into her.

You focus your attention on her and get betaised while she makes out with you and at the same time controls her own horniness by drinking alcohol and by chatting with the other girls in the bathroom.

Yes, alcohol is very often used by girls in order to control horniness: alcohol rises endorphins and dopamine the hormones of the pleasure and can help a girl getting out of club while being terribly horny without having sex with a single guy!

For this reason I never sarge a girl who is heavily drunk. It becomes to easy for her to control her own horniness.

Same goes about talking a lot. A female Californian psychiatrist has demonstrated that females get from talking the same pleasure they get from orgasms.

Girls use chatting with other girls as a way to control their own emotions. The girlfriend who is her “cock block” has the same meaning: she is helping the target to control her own emotions when she is close to get horny.

The bathroom is in clubs for females the “female horniness control room.”

Have you ever been in clubs in a situation where she makes out with you and then says: “I go to pee” and when she comes back she has changed and begins to find all the kind of excuses to drop you?

Well if you have been there you know what I am talking about. She is doing that to control her own horniness in order to have the time to evaluate you and plan the evaluation of the other guys in the club.

Evaluating guys, screening them is dictated by the deep instincts of evolution: they tell her to screen for the stronger male and at the same time for a male who can be manipulated into investing his energy into her.

She does that under her instinct of protecting herself and the offspring which would potentially derive from your sexual contact with her

I can hear you: you object that modern girls do not need men to take care of the offspring and that they can live on social security.

That is true and the need to hook you for sex and then drop you to repeat the cycle with other males only demonstrates how much they are under the influence of those instinct in spite of not needing them anymore.

Screening is vital for a female survival. Making out with you and then dropping you gives her the time to screen males and build social links.

It´s an instinct: it protects her and her potential offspring and it is compelling to her.

Now that I have shared with you this we can approach the topic of what you need to do in practice in the club to have success.

These are these main strategies

–       If your style is to go heavily sexual and escalate on any girl then what you have to do is to escalate fare more than what she does. This is an important calibration: you need to understand quickly how much is for her “too much” and push her over that border. For example if she touches your hand then you go more sexual than her and touch her ass. If she kisses you then you go more sexual than her and put your hand into her jeans. This will have her discover her cards very fast and if she was trying to hook you in order to build social links and have you supplicate then this will either force her to submit to you sexually or she will blow herself out so that you can go on chatting with other girls. In this particular situation if she says: “I go to the bathroom” or gives any kind of explanations simply go to chat to the next girl in front of her eyes and forget her instantly because she does that in order to control herself. Same thing if she stops you when you escalate more.

–       Another way of gaming girls in the club is blocking them in their need of building social links and having you supplicate. In this other way you only give “minor sexual clues” but push her away regularly any time she is close to making out with you. For example you might smile and wink at her but when she comes closer you move your body language away from her. Maybe you neg her. Maybe you tease and do some push-pull. In this other way of gaming girls in clubs you do two things 1. Push her away when she tries to hook you sexually 2. Tend to have her into isolation. Isolation in this case is not a dark side of the club. If you make out with her in a dark side of the club you are basically doing her game. Your goal is to have her get out of the club alone with you and then you start the escalation when the two of you are alone.

–       Gaming the group is another way. For example this is a wonderful way if you go clubbing with your best friends. You need to get the charge over the smaller groups which form themselves automatically in the realm of the chaotic situation in the club itself. People of 3-4 or more get together for example close to the bar and you game the group by being “cool” to all the members and totally ignore the girl you want. When she sees that you are the coolest in the group – the leader of the group – you are basically sexually pre-selected and when you push her away she will wonder “who is this guy who is not being an idiot like all the other guys and all the people like him? I want to find out.”

–       Using a Pivot. If you have  a good female friend who knows that you are a playboy and is complacent towards your adventures go clubbing with her. If you do MLTRs (Multiple Long-Term Relationships) then the girls you are in a relationship usually know about your playboy hobby: go clubbing with her but make sure that she can control her own jealousy. Doing the club game with a Pivot is one of the most powerful ways for having success. In a way you are pre-selected and game the girls while having the Pivot with you being your “girlfriend.” The instinct of the competition will force the target to invest attention in you as it is in women hard wired to want men who are wanted by other women.

–       Wingman: if you are with your wingman for all the time of your club gaming have fun with him. While you have fun with him never, never show that your attention is more invested into the girls compared to the attention you give to your wingman.  Use peripheral vision to spot your targets. You need to look like two quality guys who are having fun and totally detached from the surroundings. While you have fun with the wing do small approaches by turning your neck on one side but never, never face the girl. If you get compliance than you can face her. Anytime she is resisting you ditch her and pay more attention to your wing.

In order to apply properly the above methods you need to have a broad knowledge of how the mechanisms of evolution affect female sexual desire and that you can find in my Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys.

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