Unusual Trick Helps You Easily Pickup Women On Facebook

During the long winter evenings – when you’re stuck at home – it´s nice to pickup girls on Facebook.

The main purpose with Facebook is simple… Get her to meet you face to face.

Of course when you will meet her you will need to have good game! So..

With this unusual tip getting a meet up is too easy.

Most guys mess it up with Facebook because they do what every other guy does and fail miserably.


What am I talking about?

They ask the girl to be “friends”!!

This rarely works.

Because in the mind of the woman you’re guy #334 doing the same thing.

Think about it…

If you do the exact same thing as every other guy how are you supposed to stand out and get her to notice how different you are?

Do this instead…

To pickup and seduce girls you need to be challenging and you need to surprise them.

In order for you to surprise them you need to act totally different compared to any other guy she encountered before…

This is what the average guy without game does when he is on Facebook;

– He makes a profile

– He contacts girls and ask them as friends

– He begins to chase them and put those silly comments under the womans’ pictures like “Ohh.. you are so beautiful” or “What a beauty!” and so on.

Instead you do this:

Use cold read…

Send her a message with some guess about her.

I use guesses about her nationality because they usually elicit a woman´s need for admiration.

If she is blond I say “Hey, do you have French relatives? You really look French”

If she is brunette I say: “Hey do you have Spanish relatives? You really look Spanish”

Most of the time I get something like: “Ohh… sorry no. I am from Shangai ( I do this cold read even on black or asian girls because.. hit makes them feel so good to hear that they can look French or Spanish.

[Sidenote: This works during street pickups too, I may do this cold read even on Japanese girls “Are you Spanish?”

At this point watch carefully their reactions: the masculine girls, who are used to controllingthemselves with logic will try to shoot you down with comments like…

“What makes you think so?” or.. “What do you want?”

Drop them instantly!

It will not get any better.. instead pursue girls who have an emotional response to the cold read like..

“Ohh.. thanks for the compliment, sorry I am from Vegas”

Those are the feminine receptive ones.

Then switch to emotional talk and don´t ask them to become your friends before they begin to show interest in you and chase you.

When the woman chases you, ask for a bigger investment in ACTION like meeting her somewhere.

Do things right and she’ll comply as easily as asking for a “hi-5”…

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  1. Well actually I don’t like it when people guess my nationality as something non-asian. I’m an asian girl and I would rather have people ask where Im from rather than just guessing 🙂

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