Calibrating Value And The Seduction Game

Calibrating value – the importance of this concept in the seduction game

I write this article where I expand more the concept of value and calibrating value in a relationship with a female.

The concept of value in a relationship is the same like the concept of value in the commercial world.

The big difference is that in the case of an emotional and sexual relationship with a woman the concept of value is connected with the deeper instincts of evolution and replicating.

For example in times of war the fact that you are a skilled warrior and have big muscles is for sure of very important replicating and evolutionary value for her (it helps her to survive).

Instead a very ugly, short and fat guy may have for her – and surely has – a very important evolutionary and replicating value if he has a lot of money and if she is planning to make a family and have children.

It is a very changeable concept: if you are in a modern environment your Ferrari surely has a very important value in her eyes for the choice of a mate,

The same Ferrari is totally worthless for her if you are in a desert without water and what she values in that situation is getting a chance to satisfy her thirst.

To understand the concept of value in a relationship you need to see it as a process.

What she values now may be totally different compared to what she values later.What she values now may be totally different compared to what she values later.

This is so evident when women remain at home from work in our modern”politically correct” society and begin to receive financial support from the social security and from their husband.

In this stage of their life they may very much value a fat,short guy without pick-up and seduction skills who makes decent money instead of the good looking “bad boy” who makes them tickle sexually and gives them the thrill of danger.

When they get back to work after having been 3-4 years at home taking care of the children while he was paying her bills they may -either consciously or unconsciously – try to feel that their hubby has no value anymore – in spite of all his money – and begin to feel attraction for the bad boy.

That is perfectly in line with what biology and evolution look for:spreading different genes in as many different directions as possible.

Being boyfriend/girlfriend or being married and exclusive are social constructs.


Really not what Nature’s target really is.

So to keep attraction on in a relationship you must learn to calibrate value.

This is very difficult because a female`s active tendency to betaise you is always connected with a direct attempt to lower your value. The purpose of herbetaising attempts is to lower your value in a relationship to access your resources and make sure you will be loyal to her along the pregnancy and the first years of the child bearing.

So to calibrate value in a relationship with a woman you need to counter act her active betaising attempts. At the same time you need to be careful to not put her “too much down” otherwise you will cause big problems to her self-esteem.

Examples of calibrating value in a relationship:

She lowers your value by flirting with another guy in front of your eyes.

You shout to her and maybe become violent: that is a mistake in calibration. Whatever the outcome is you will put her too much down and the relationship will get bad.

Also, you will surely incur into legal problems and maybe get jailed.

Instead a proper way of reacting to it is to wait a week and show her how you can flirt with another woman in front of her eyes.

You may want to use rich descriptions to simply describe verbally -without even really flirting – a situation where you are being liked a lot by other women.

This is fair and proper calibration.

You also have to promptly stop doing this as soon as she starts to show respect again.

Doing it too much would be another mistake in calibration.

As a man you are – especially if she is pregnant and having little children – in a position of power.

So you have to use that power but not “too much” otherwise you are putting her down and badly messing up you calibration of value.

She lowers your value by comparing your financial achievements to the economical achievements of other guys.

This is a bad one: there will always be someone else richer than you.

Telling her straight to her face that she is a bitch and a prostitute in her nature will only show weakness and put her too much down.

Women do these things out of instinct (well some of them in purpose but that is a smaller group thanks God).

Instead telling her: “I am sure that one day you will have a lot of money on your bank account” gives her an indirect message of how silly she is being with her manipulation attempt and puts her in her place without putting her too much down.

The use of positive frames is extremely powerful in calibrating value.

For example :

Woman: “I had a wonderful ride on this guy’s Ferrari, he is a very skilled driver.

You: “I am happy for you. I am sure one day you will have your own Ferrari and that wonderful villa in Miami you have been dreaming of.”

Then after a week :

You:” By the way: I had a lot of work today. I just hired a couple of new secretaries; one Maria is 18 and is at the beginning ofher career. She looks and acts gorgeous but it will be a hell of a job to coach her.. “

Woman: “Hmm..I hope you don’t find her too gorgeous and keep your hands off her..

You: “Are you kidding me baby? It is wonderful for the image of the Company to have new gorgeous secretaries.”

See guys? Some examples of calibrating value in a relationship with a woman.

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