How To Make Any Girl Want You By Building Discomfort

And why it is as important as comfort!   

Women have (among their many other problems) two very, very important problems:

1. Safety: they want to know if they are safe around you. This is why you need comfort game. You need the skill of making them comfortable around you after you attract them, and…

2. Boredom: when girls begin to feel too comfortable around you, at a certain point they begin to get bored as hell – and this is why you need comfort game and.. you need discomfort game, too….

Discomfort game means making her worried a little bit, unsure, challenged; it means keeping her on the edge of uncertainty. This way keeping the woman aroused, attracted and interested becomes easier as a goal.

Creating comfort causes her to become receptive to sex with you, and discomfort has her constantly challenged so that she can feel that “special thrill”.

That way you become a constant source of excitement for her!

The difficult calibration here is when to apply comfort game, and when to apply discomfort game…

The more a woman is HSE (high self-esteem), the more she is built to check whether she is safe around you.

After you build attraction – and I repeat AFTER, otherwise you only end up being her nice guy friend – you should build comfort.

That is what gets you the girl: when she is attracted to you and then feels comfortable around you.

Then you should, along the relationship with her, watch her carefully and when you notice boredom – she begins to test you again – then THAT is the moment of creating discomfort.

How do you create discomfort? This way:

– Say the magic word more often to her – NO! There is nothing that keeps a hot woman more attracted to you than experiencing resistance with you.

– Become unpredictable: tell her less about your schedule, your hobbies and what you are going to do.

– Disappear from time to time without telling her what you do (be careful with this one: it usually scares women to death).

– Don’t give her too much sureness about when sex will happen next (I know, I know, this is a difficult one: when you are able to do this you reach mastery!).

Normally when you calibrate the discomfort game well she will…get out of boredom and… get horny for you.

Cheers, Franco.

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