How To Game Adventuresses – By JohnnyC69

JohnnyC69 is a good friend of mine and a very experienced playboy. He tells us how to recognize adventuresses and seduce them.

It’s no secret that there is a handful of personality types you’re going to encounter when seducing women.

For the sake of this discussion though, we’ll slot them into three main categories: the Ho, aka Materialista, the Good Girl and the Freak, aka Adventuress.

The way to know which one you’re dealing with is to understand her motives.

The Materialista is motivated by money and material possessions.

The Good Girl is motivated primarily by safety and security.

Some would argue that the Good Girl is similar to the Materialista, in that she seeks out a man to provide his resources for her long term (socially acceptable), whereas the Materialista seeks to gain the resources of a man (or men) short term (socially frowned upon, hence the negative connotation of the word, Ho).

The Freak or Adventuress is a special kind of creature though.

Her motives are driven by two main components: Validation and Stimulation.

What I want to talk about today is how to position yourself on the stimulation side, rather than the vast majority of men that chase (validate) this sexy beast and ultimately end up frustrated and sometimes deeply depressed as a result.

See, validation is a form of stimulation to just about everyone, but these women excel at getting it from 99.9% of all men that they interact with.

It would be a fair assessment to say that they are addicted to it, even though it doesn’t really do anything for them.

A Freak/Adventuress’s addiction to validation is very similar to a smoker’s addiction to nicotine. And as we all know, a smoker is only just slightly satisfied by one cigarette before they are absentmindedly lighting up another, and another, and another….

What you have to understand about the vast majority of guys is that they don’t see these women for the predators they can be.

Important to note that predator is not meant to be a derogatory term, rather it’s simply how these women are programmed.

The average guy thinks that all women are fragile and delicate beings, meant to be protected and nurtured, like children.

While there is a bit of biological logic behind this mentality (after all, when the shit finally goes down and it’s left to us men to kill bears in the wilderness, that biological urge to protect them will really do everyone a ton of good), in this day and age of sexual equality and urban sprawl, it behooves the intelligent man to adjust his attitude, even if just slightly.

Most men will chase these women. Think about your buddy that got a crush on that stripper that one time. Or maybe it was you that got a crush on her. What’s that? Ok, sure, it was your buddy. Don’t worry, I’m not here to judge. Matter of fact, I’ve been there myself. I’ve heard all the stories too:

Stripper flirts with you like crazy at the strip club. She sits next to you, laughs at your jokes, touches you, etc. You maybe even get a lap dance from her.

You start to think, ah man, this chick is really into me. So you ask her to meet you at Denny’s after her shift is over. She takes your number and tells you she’ll be there.

No points for guessing what happens next, so I’ll go ahead and tell that part too: You end up sitting at Denny’s at 4 in the morning, waiting on that hot minx that will never show up.

It’s a pretty sad story, I know.

But wait! If she was using her feminine wiles on you to get your money, doesn’t that make her a Materialista? I thought this discussion was about Freaks! If you’re thinking that right about now, I would tell you that BOTH are correct.

A stripper is a shining example of how a woman can exhibit more than one of the A/M/GG quantifications. It’s what we call a sliding scale. Confused yet? Allow me to clarify.

While a stripper indeed displays Materialista qualities by the sheer nature of her occupation, do not think for one second that she isn’t REVELLING in the constant stimulation all of the validation she gets from men provides her. The money is really just a nice perk at that point.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that a stripper is even more of an Adventuress/Freak than Materialista.

After all, there plenty of men in the world that will gladly provide their resources to a woman simply because she is a hot piece of ass and he likes having her on his arm.

That being said, why would these women choose to prance around a room full of men completely naked to make their living?

It’s because they love the validation. Sort of. More on this below.

Think about the last time you went out to a night club or even a popular bar. The kind of place that has women in droves, all wearing shiny tops that are open in the back and low cut in the front showing cleavage.

Tight black pants, mini skirts, high heels.

Tiny little shirts that show off neon colored belly button rings that glow under black lights and tribal tattoos on the small of lower backs…that pair of dimples just above a hot ass that look like perfect little holsters for your thumbs.

Maybe one particular night, you were feeling lucky, so you got on the dance floor. You made solid eye contact with one of these angel/devils. You pulled her in and started dancing with her. She liked it.

She eventually started grinding her pelvis on your leg.

Maybe she even got really low, put her face to your crotch, simulating a blowjob. You had your hands all over her. You put her in different positions. You dominated her on the dance floor. It was like you had her in bed already. But then something strange happened…

She abruptly leaves you, perhaps pulled away by friends.

You don’t see her for a little while. All of a sudden, she’s back on the dance floor with a drink. She’s dancing with another guy and she won’t even look at you. You dance alone for a few minutes. You try to re-engage her, but she isn’t having it. She’s done with you. So what happened?

It’s the exact same thing that happened to the guy in the stripper example, albeit in a shorter time frame.

You never put her to work for what you were giving her.

I know because not only have these same things happened to me many times in the 14 years I’ve been going into places like this, they actually still happen from time to time.

And that’s ok as these instances remind me to be vigilant and rely on the skill set I’ve acquired over the years.

So what exactly does one do to flip the switch in a woman that makes her believe she is the one chasing you? How to make her feel like she’s working for it?

Great question and I’m glad you asked.

See, there is always more than one tool that will turn the same nut, but the one I’m fond of using for this particular ‘job’ is push pull, aka 101.

I know it sounds like some technical geekery or mental kung fu, but in a nutshell, it is simply a matter of turning her on and shutting her down.

It’s a simple matter of where you have your attention directed at any given time.

Let’s take the stripper example to start off with. In that particular instance, the guy sat there with her, engaged her in conversation. They developed what seemed to be a deep rapport with one another.

While she genuinely may have felt that connection on some level, on another level, she also knew that she held the power over him.

She didn’t have to work to keep him there, so she gladly took his money and sent him on his way, just like she does every night of the week.

Now, not saying this will work every single time, but if he were to have stood a snowball’s chance in hell in having him meet her, it would have looked more like this:

Engage her for a few minutes, make her laugh at a few jokes, then all of a sudden get distracted by something else, i.e: turn to talk to his friend at a high point in the conversation.

This would in turn leave her wanting his attention back (remember that strippers want validation more than they want money) and she would quickly start trying to re-engage him.

He would let her ‘work’ to get his attention back for a few moments, then by ‘letting’ him re-engage him, he is rewarding her for her EFFORT.

This is what women are talking about when they say they want a guy that is a challenge.

So do you see what happened? He turned her on (1 or Pull), then he shut her down (0 or Push), then he turned her on again (1 or Pull), only on the second time around, she was starting to feel like she was the one doing the chasing.

In my Navy days, I was lucky enough to visit Africa. I was in a division with a good group of guys.

When we were finally allowed to leave the ship and go out to party on Friday night, we all ended up in a lounge that was pretty swanky by East African standards.

The eight of us posted up on a couple of plush couches. Before long, the “buy-me-drinkie” girls, as the older sailors liked to call them, started coming around.

Nice looking African women that would sit down next to you, look at you with love in their eyes.

They would touch you on the shoulder, on the thigh, run their fingers through your hair.

None of them spoke very much English. The didn’t have to. After a few minutes of touching most men like they did, they could very easily say, “You like buy me drinkie now?”

And of course, these drinks are upwards of fifteen dollars.

A lot of the guys were not only buying these overpriced drinks, but also tipping the girls on top of that. The guys that choose not to pay are usually left alone by the girl while she goes off to find a guy that WILL pay for her company and her touch. I was one such guy…but for some reason, the girl didn’t leave.

So how did I do it? Easy. I turned her game around on her and she loved it.

When she looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said in her seductive tone of voice, “you like buy me drinkie now?” I looked right back at her and said,

“I don’t buy drinks for girls. But you can buy one for me if you like.”

As I said before, her English wasn’t all that great and she didn’t understand what I was saying right at first.

We ended up repeating the same things to each other a few times until it finally dawned her what I was saying. When she did, she got a very indignant look on her face. She immediately pulled her hands and body away from mine and said,

“Noooo! I no buy you drink!”

I couldn’t help but smile a little bit. I looked over at my companions on the other couch. They each had an African girl on their arm, steadily touching them and giving them attention.

Each and every one of my companions was also steadily dropping money on the table in front of them. Drink after drink, tip after tip.

They hadn’t even thought of questioning the system before them.

I looked back to the girl next to me. I put my hand on her shoulder and leaned in to speak directly into her ear. I gestured over to my buddies on the other couch.

“You see those guys over there? I’m sure that any one of them will buy you drinks all night”

She looked over at them. She looked back at me. It’s funny because now that I think about it, she didn’t seem to have a problem understanding what I was telling her, broken English or not.

After a moment or two of mentally debating with herself, she visually relaxed and started touching me again.

She was like a purring little kitten all of a sudden.

Not only did she end up sitting with me all night, touching me and keeping me company without me having to drop a single dime for a drink, but the next night when we all went out again, she ran up to me as soon as she saw me.

She had all the excitement of a giddy little school girl. We sat together all night, like we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

And of course, all around us, my buddies continued to pay.

Now, sleeping with women in East Africa is a dangerous and risky game to play. The HIV rate is so high in that part of the world, you would have to have a death wish to take one of those girls to bed. So I didn’t.

I’d say that was beside the point though, considering the amount of money I spent to have a ‘girlfriend’ for two nights, compared to what my buddies spent.

So let’s look at what happened:

She engages me/we engage each other (1 or Pull), I tell her that if she wants money to talk to one of my buddies (0 or Push), she re-engages me, free of charge (1 or Pull).

Only on the second time around, she feels like she is the one chasing me. And that’s not some game tactic either, my friends…she really was chasing me at that point.

Now let’s look at the club girl example. There are a few things that could have happened when she left the guy on the dance floor. It could have been that her friends snapped her out of it. Women can be extremely judgmental and jealous of each other and it’s not uncommon for them to ‘keep each other in check’ when they all go out together.

“Girl, you look like a hooker out there! What are you doing?”

And this sets off all of her social conditioning or ASD (anti-slut defense). She starts thinking things like,

“Oh my God…what am I doing? I can’t fuck some guy I met in a club! That would make me a total slut!”

Never mind the fact that two minutes later, she’s doing the same thing with another guy.

That doesn’t matter as she will ultimately run away from him once he gets her horny enough too. Unless he does something to make her work…

So instead of constantly dominating her on the dance floor, constantly feeding her attention, at some point, he needs to turn away from her. It could be to dance with another girl (jealousy).

It could be to jump around and get hype with friends, even if they’re guys (take away). It could be to simply dance by himself and just feel the vibe of the music (willingness to walk away).

Again, not saying this will work every time, but more often than not, she will miss the validation you have been feeding her.

She will begin working to get it from you some more, at which point, you reward her effort by re-engaging her.

Do you see the pattern here? See, Freaks/Adventuresses may be addicted to the small amount of stimulation they get from validation, but they love the stimulation they get from having to put in the work to get it.

I was in a bar one night in Tennessee. I was sitting at the bar with a few friends. We were having a few beers. I was sitting on my stool with my back to the bar.

There was a hot bodied blond dancing in front of me. On the other side of her, there was a group of guys, sitting at a table. They watched her dance. It was like she was putting on a show for them.

Could have just been my perspective, but it seemed to me that every one of those guys wanted to dance with her, to touch her…but they didn’t do a thing.

At one point, she dances over to where I’m sitting. She bumps into me. She pretends like it happened on accident, but I know better.

I don’t pay her any attention, rather I stay put and keep chatting with my buddies. Then she does it again. I keep talking to my friends.

The third time it happens, I grab her around the waist. I grab her head at the base of the skull and gently (but dominantly) pull her ear to my mouth.

“If you’re going to keep bumping into me, why don’t you just cut the shit and dance right here?”

She smiles and happily complies. I sit at the bar stool while she dances between my legs. I let my hands roam all over her body as the guys at the table watch in envy.

She eventually dances away, back over to show off for the guys again.

Whenever she does, I simply turn back to my friends and keep talking as if nothing happened. I’m confident and secure in the knowledge that she will be back.

It went that way for the rest of the night. Engage, push away, re-engage, all the while, sitting there having a good time drinking beer and talking to my friends.

The fact that I never chased her when she danced away always made her want to come dance between my legs some more. When the night was coming to a close and the lights came on, I looked her right in the eyes and said completely dead pan, “Do you want to come home with me?”

She became visibly flustered. She blushed. She giggled. She said, “What? I can’t go home with you! You’re crazy!!”

But I could tell she wanted to. I didn’t say a word. I simply maintained eye contact with her and gave her a little bit of a half smirk as if to say, “I can see right through your tough girl act and I think it’s adorable.”

She pulled out her phone and said, “Do you have a cell phone number?”

“I do.”

I pulled out my phone and told her, “Give me yours. I’ll call you right now so you have mine.”

She did. We ended up meeting up for drinks a few nights later. Three guesses as to how the night ended.

These stories are just a couple of examples on how to make a woman feel like she’s the one chasing you.

It’s important to note that these tactics work equally well on all women, regardless of her quantification on the A/M/GG scale. Remember, it is a sliding scale after all.

Adventuresses can be a ton of fun, are usually spectacular in bed and with a little practice, you can be getting them with a fair amount of regularity, minus the frustration and work that a lot of guys are dealing with.

Always make them work for it. Drop all notions of expectation.

These women live for stimulation and they will follow the next shiny object in front of them.

And when they do, simply turn back to whatever it was you were doing before, as if you had never seen her.

If you can follow that simple advice, you’re in for one hell of a ride on the Freak train.



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  1. Franco, I saw the news today that Charlie Sheen came out as HIV positive. This is a question that many of us have. While we all love to have sex with different women, none of us want to contract STD, especially HIV. How did you manage to sleep with so many women without being affected? Please shed some light. You reply is greatly appreciated.

  2. Dear David,

    Thank you for your email. I managed with the help of two friends one is called Mr. Screening and the other Mr. Condom:)

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