How To Court A Girl – Why You Should Never Chase A Woman

Let me share with you how to court a girl and why you should never chase her to have success in the field of female relationships.

The main reason is this:

A woman´s way of dealing with men and sex is “INWARD.”

“Inward” means that her “female logic” works in a way you, as a man, would not imagine possible in reality.

In matters of sexual desire it works by shifting the responsibility of what she feels on you and her environment.

So while your male logic works like this: “I like this woman, she is so hot, let´s make a plan to get her!” her female logic works like this:

“This guy and this situation make me feel certain strong emotions and a strong desire, let´s check to see if this real or not”

The statement “it makes me feel” is KEY to understand why you should never chase a woman.

When you experience the following sequence:

  1. You detected her interest.
  2. Or – if you have experience – you elicited her attraction.
  3. Soon after you begin to chase her, in a way or another.
  4. Soon after she loses her interest and attraction towards you.

That happens because you – by chasing her – introduced an element of OUTER REALITY into her emotionality.

This “makes her feel” that you are “spoiling” her inward emotion.

In a word: what was mysterious, exciting, interesting at the beginning becomes very, very fast boring, trivial and ultimately… turns her off.

Instead, your goal is to get her to chase you so that it validates her original feeling.

This is the feeling that you “must be” the right guy for her.

When you elicit attraction in her and do not chase her, that means she has to “work for it” so it must be true!

In her female logic she feels: “As I am doing this for him I MUST be attracted to him a lot!” A woman feels that the responsibility for her desire is “outside her”

When the world outside her validates her feeling she does not need to work for it anymore and the everyday grey reality comes back to her!

When you break the rule of: “You should never chase a woman” and begin to chase her you are selling yourself short, so short that you basically delete her strong “inward” emotions by introducing an element of “mere reality” into her dream.

To avoid this when you are relatively sure that you had her interested in you, you should begin to “push her away” a little bit and keep doing that long enough till you see signs of her chasing you.

Next article will be about practical advice on how to attract a girl without giving her the vibe that you are chasing.

To understand better the dynamics of how to seduce a woman and maintain her attracted please refer to my Manual of Seduction.

Cheers, Franco

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