10 Things You Can Do To Seduce A Woman Without Chasing Her – How To Have A Girlfriend That Chases You

Never chase a woman!
Have her chase you, instead!
As I promised here 10 things you can do to achieve that:
1. Always, always focus on building attraction first. No other thing you can do is as important as eliciting attraction in her. This is the most important rule from the start. This is the most important rule from the start, the answer to the question: how to have a girlfriend that chases you and not the other way around.
2. Another important rule on how to have a girlfriend that chases you is: always build your approach from the start in a way that does not put you to ask for anything from her!
Asking for things is highly unattractive and puts you to chase her.
Starting a relationship by chasing your future girlfriend establishes a very bad precedent for the whole relationship to come, assuming you manage to attract her at all!
3.  Always use time constraints when seducing. A proactive time constraint is when you build the approach right from the start to give the message that you are a busy man!
For example: “I am leaving for a trip and have a few hours before the flight”.
4. Asking for telephone numbers, emails, Facebook adds and so forth is something all guys do. Just make sure that happens in the following order.
– You always first elicit attraction beyond any possible doubt.
– Next, when you are sure of that then you can ask for her contact information.
– Ideally you proceed with the seduction the same day: then you do not need any contact information at all and are not asking for anything at all!
– When done well she will ask for your contact information first!
If you did not elicit any attraction and ask for her contact information you are basically wasting your own time.
5. Always frame the interaction so that she comes to you, the frame “welcome into my world” is a powerful one and makes her rationalize it like this:
Her: “Oh… this guy makes me come to him, so there must be something in this”
For example:
You: “Do you have some time next week for a coffee” is wrong.
You: “I have a few hours next week and I’m just coming out of the gym on Wednesday. So,you can tell me something about yourself” is right.
6. This is important: after you elicited attraction and she agreed to meet you again reduce a little bit of your activity and use what we might call the “push away” approach.
When she begins to chase you, you display body language that you are “busy”. If she suggests a day to meet and you suggest a few days later, it demonstrates that you are busy in your life.
In this manner, she begins to get addicted to you.
You can use this formula: After she begins to chase you, your goal is to make her “work a little bit” for you in order to have her say to herself:
Her: “Wow this guy is not in a hurry of getting into my pants. He must have plenty of women in his life!”
If she gets offended or complains do not react to that.
Women actually like men who have plenty of other females in their lives and not the other way around.
Men who have no women in their lives are the ones that actually put off women.
7. Do not tell much about what you do, especially about your business and history. Let her ask about you and when she does, tease her a little. You want to be a bit evasive, but nothing too serious such as the following example;
Her: “What kind of car you drive”
You: “I just landed with a space ship in the Himalayas from the IV Galaxy”
Her: “What kind of house you have? Which part of the town?”
You: “I live in a transgender community out of the town”
Your vibe should be that you are teasing her and should have inside the implicit message that she has no right of asking these kinds of things before she has delivered any goods to your door.
8. Always sub-communicate abundance in matters of relationships with females. You sub-communicate (not directly, but by indirect random talk) that you are comfortable around women and that women like you.
9. This is also important: do everything you can to sub-communicate that you are a free minded man.
Basically, she can talk with you virtually about everything including “hot topics” like sexual differences, free minded attitudes in regard to couple relationships and so on.
Many women nowadays are looking for men who can share with them free minded emotions and when they find one they will share with you all the kind of “little secrets” they would never share with a guy who makes them “feel judged”.
Remember: women are totally arbitrary in regard to this.
It will be enough for her to “sense” that you are someone who could judge her in matters of sexuality and she will lock up and quit chasing you.
10. Be light hearted, fun, humorous and give the the feeling that she can connect with you emotionally. That can be such an apparently “little thing” like having her talk about a piece of furniture she likes or a book she adores or maybe a beautiful landscape so that she gets the feeling that “I am connecting so well with this guy!”
Remember: women crave “deeper connection” more than a drug addict craves his fix!
All of this slowly will “suck her in” like a magnet and have her think: “I must like this guy, I am doing so much for him”
Cheers, Franco

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  1. Great advice Franco. What do you suggest to do if a woman plays the same game on you as you play on her? For example she puts you to chase her? It becomes a tug of war then. Alex

  2. Hello Alexander, thank you for your comment and great question. You need to create “spikes of attraction” and keep your position when that happens. The one who “acts more” is condemned to chase.

  3. Hello Franco I am perceiving your advice as life changing, what if you already played the wrong cards with a girl you really like and find yourself chasing her? Is it too late? You need to change the strategy or change the girl? It would be a shame since I really like her.

  4. Hello Roberto,

    Thanks for your comment. It is not impossible to change the situation anyway it is more like a battle uphill. The mechanism behind evolution are at that point already working to have her seduced by another man. It is much, much easier to keep the frame of the prize since the beginning!

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