Get Plenty Of Women By Opening A Conversation On Approach Invitation

This is probably the easiest way of doing pickup.

Opening a conversation with a woman on her approach invitation.

An approach invitation (AI) is something spontaneous and very often unconscious women do.

It implies the message: ”Please notice me, please talk to me.”

It is easy because all what you need to do is to slow down your pace, observe the environment and then open the conversation.

Approach invitations are:

– She looks at you and turns her head in the other direction rapidly.
– She smiles lightly to you, makes eye contact with you and then rapidly turns her head in the other direction.
– She walks close to you and if you change your place she is ”as for a case” again close to you.
– Playing nervously with her hand bag or other stuff she has in her hands
– Searching the content of her hand bag while close to you.
– Dropping stuff on the floor, while close to you.
– While walking she looks at you rapidly and then looks back.
– You walk by and she laughs louder while chatting with her girlfriends.
– She looks at her nails or checks the make up in her small mirror while you get close to her.
– Playing with her mobile when close to you, clearly without any intention of calling anyone.

What is crucial when you open in this way is the time between her approach invitation and the moment you open the conversation.

You have only a few seconds to open. If you wait too long you lost your chance.

Women are chased all the time by guys.

Realize that by doing this she is already making a big exception to what would be her average behavior in everyday life.

After a few seconds she will get rapidly into her ”I-am-not-a-slut” mode and you will lose your chance.

If you lose your chance because you are too slow to respond remember that it is always easier to open another woman who gives you an AI than persisting with the former.

Why women have their Ais last such a short time?

There are a few reasons:

– Other women can read their Ais much better than the average guy without experience with females. They would label her as a slut and ostracize her if she would do that ”too much.”

– Giving too overt Ais on the streets and other public venues would put women into danger: there are aggressive, dangerous men out there!

So she gives you her AI for a few seconds and then withdraws it.

That is your window of opportunity: it is a very fast, short message that she likes you and wants you to talk to her.

That is all what the average woman can do to break the social code.

Then it’s up to you.

Beware: some women nowadays began to approach men overtly in a very direct way. Those women are not the women of the best quality: they are the masculine dominant women who have learned to “match” male behavior.

In my book Getting the good girls it is described how to detect them fast and avoid them even faster.

You better approach the women who give you AIs. They are usually the best and most feminine ones! Better quality women.

When you see an AI quickly respond on it.

When she gives very subtle AIs better to approach her with some indirect opener.

Asking innocently a favor is something which works very well for me: it ”saves her face” after she gave the AI and makes her feel more comfortable.

For example:

Her: (looking at you and rapidly turning her head)
You: (slowing down and going to her side) ”Hey, I just came to town and looking for this restaurant, any idea where it could be?”

In the case her AI is more open, more direct you can get straight to the point:

Her: (smiling at you or laughing louder when you pass by)
You: Nice smile. You look just like my little sister. I bet you won the lottery today.

And then it is the time to engage her into a conversation.

One important thing: to notice Ais you need to slow down your pace. So walk slowly and be aware of the surroundings.

If you walk too fast you will not notice the Ais.

Awareness and speed are the crucial skills you need to start conversations

Another important thing is to be able to recognize the ”soft signs” of her horniness which I shared with you in the Manual of Seduction.

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  1. I love this post Id be great to have further knowledge on escalating on Approach Invitation, most girls I noticed who arent that submissve respond very sexual aggresive in day time and outside bar enviroments. great to be able to capatilize on this Appraoch Invitation since many guys are stuck with one point of view of just doing cold appraoching and dont see you dont have to try that hard to “gain attraction””neg” etc etc on pulling out the “bag of tactics”. I see that its forward and yet would be great to read more about this since womens state changes so fast. Getting the Good Girls is great resource ! Excellent material! thanks

  2. Yes or as they say in an Oriental proverb: “A great walker does not raise dust” An effective action quite often requires very little energy..

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