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How To Attract A Girl

Do You Want The Most Beautiful Girls Attracted To You Here Is How!

I was thinking I might write a list of items you need to keep in mind when asking yourself the question of how to attract a girl, and I came up with some basic thoughts just for you. Here are some things you can do to figure out how to attract the girls.

How to attract the girls is a quite an easy question to answer, when you keep in mind that the most important attitude you need to have when you ask yourself the question how to attract a girl, is this: you do not need her, and she needs you.

There is always a balance of values between men and women. When you ask yourself the question how to attract a girl, keep in mind that to be attracted to you she will need to find something in you that she really values.

When you begin to interact with her in a way which shows that you need her too much, you do exactly the opposite of what you should do to in order to achieve your goal, which is how to attract the girls.

Here is a list of important mindsets you need to have to become adept at knowing how to attract a girl.

How to attract the girls: Always be laid back.

Go about your business with the mindset of someone who really does not need anything. Be relaxed. Talk slowly. Talk less than others. Smile. The paradox is, that to be able to get girls you need to focus on your own enjoyment instead of focusing on how to attract a girl.

You should go out a mindset that says, “I am enjoying myself, and I share happiness with people and enjoy talking to them.”
When you go out with a mindset that says, “I am going to pick up a girl,” your non-verbal expression becomes unnatural, and she will pick it up. “How to attract the girls” will soon change into “how to make girls run away from me.”

When you go out with a mindset that says, “I want to have fun ,and I am enjoying myself. I enjoy talking to people,” your non-verbal expression will telegraph that, and you will attract girls.

It´s little bit like “Zen and shooting the arrow.” Good archers don´t think, “I am shooting the arrow”

They are what they do: archers.

Be the guy who naturally knows how to attract a girl, instead of being the one who is trying to achieve that.

It´s a paradox and it works.

How to attract the girls: Be busy.

Another paradox is that when you are too focused on women, you yourself are less attractive.

One important feature of women to note is that they are the most attracted to men with a mission. When you are spending too much time chasing girls – or at least sending that message – you are sending the message that you do not have anything better to do.

When you are in that state of mind, you will be always ready to meet girls, please them, be ready to help them, and always be available.

This is highly unattractive.

When you keep yourself busy with business, sports, hobbies, and your natural reaction is “Sorry.. I have very little time today,” it will increase your level of attraction in a woman´s eyes.

Women are programmed to chase men who do not need them.

What you can do is this: spike her attraction for a moment, and then withdraw. Make yourself unavailable.

Which brings us to the next effective thing you can do when you try to figure out how to attract a girl.

How to attract the girls: Reverse the female game by making it “a little bit difficult” for her to reach you, after you spike her attraction.

To create a total reversal of the female game, when you have said or done something, and her verbal and non-verbal signs indicate that she is little bit attracted to you, begin to block her little bit.

You can do this early in your interaction with her, once you are sure you have “ attracted her a little bit,” by putting time constraints on our interactions, by making the time you have to meet her pushed a little more into the future, by saying less than her, and by talking about yourself more than talking about her.

There are plenty of ways; you get the idea.

One good way to achieve this goal it to ask yourself this question after you spike her attraction a bit: “What would the average guy, the average frustrated chump, do at this point?”
Then do the exact opposite of this to get to the next crucial steps:

The fundamental of how to attract the girls, is to have her to chase you.

Only proceed with seducing women who by these means begin to chase you, and put all the others on your waiting list.

This is a very powerful method, and when used correctly can make you extremely, extremely attractive to women.

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  1. Franco,

    Interesting post! Very detailed 🙂

    I must confess that I am a busy men magnet, and they just keep breaking my heart 🙁 I tend to be attracted to very intelligent/busy business men, they fall for me and I fall for them, they find comfort in my support and emotional stability – but when they stretch my patience I get hurt and feel let down because they can’t find the time for a quick chat. So guys, don’t take it to the extreme!


  2. Hello Maritza,

    Great comment..power is erotic.. and exaggerating power demoralizes people.

    Great calibration advice for the guy


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