How To Compliment A Woman In A Masculine Way

I am going to share with you the powerful seduction technique of the “masculine compliment.”

Today, I noticed that I am often asked:

“Franco, can I compliment a woman? Is complimenting a woman only something ‘beta males’ do? Am I being too much of a nice guy if I give her compliments and treat her too well?”

Well, that’s not the case.

You can be good to a woman. The important thing is ”how” you are being good to her.

There is a widespread belief that complimenting a woman could be seen as a sign of weakness, a sign that the guy is “beta.”

Well, that’s not the case!

Don’t be a prisoner of your beliefs when you seduce women!

Weakness is when you do that in order to get something from her and are being subservient.

Weakness is when you don’t lead her and you are not “penetrating” her…(LOL)

It is all about symbols: being masculine with a woman is not only an act, it is also a symbol.

When you make sure that your actions get the right symbols across, you are safe: you can compliment her, bring her to restaurant, buy her flowers, and tell her that she is beautiful.

All the nice things that cross your mind are okay

One of the aspects of my teachings is that I help guys learn how to be nice without actually being a ”nice guy.”

You do not need to be abrasive: when you like a woman, you want to be nice to her.

Just make sure you are nice to her like a man and not like a wimp!

When you lead her, when you “penetrate” her with your personality and your self-confident attitude, you can compliment her as much as you want!

It is not about compliments, it is about the “symbols” conveyed in your complimenting.

“Penetrating her” is not only an act, it is a symbol, a masculine symbol.

When you insert masculine symbols into your compliments she will never think of you as a turn off and a “nice guy.”

Let’s start with the easy: when you ”cannot” compliment her.

If you are only complimenting her to get something from her, then don’t!

It is sub-servient, and it will turn her off.

Just tell her what you want!

No compliments at all.

If your are only complimenting her to avoid pauses of silence in the conversation, then don’t!

She will sense this.

Learn how to keep a conversation alive instead.

If you are only complimenting to have her stay in the conversation with you, then don’t!

That is a huge mistake.

She has to feel that you can stop talking with her any time. There is no bigger turn off for a woman than when she senses that you need her too much!

You should not appear needy, remember!

If you are only complimenting her to make her like you more, then that is the biggest  possible mistake!

Rule number one when complimenting a woman is this: 


You are not trying to please her!

You are stating what you feel without shame!

There is a big, big difference between the two: stating what you feel without shame and trying to kiss up to her!

Women can detect the difference between the two in seconds!

When you appear shameless and self-confident, when you lead the woman, you can compliment her at will – absolutely, no problem!

And… for the sake of that, there is something very powerful you can do when complimenting.

It is what you could call a masculine “penetrative” compliment 🙂

You can tell her something nice you truly feel about her – remember: it must be sincere!

At the same time, you can infuse your compliment with a symbol telling her that you are really not ashamed of “penetrating” her as a woman.

A ”penetrative” compliment is made of two parts:

1. A true and sincere comment about some good feeling you have about her.

2. Another sincere comment telling her that you like her, want to take her, and are normally ”penetrative” with a woman.

This works if you are absolutely direct, sincere, and totally shameless about your feelings.

When you are still in the initial phase of attracting her, you should be little bit more indirect, more subtle.

This is because women are vastly different in terms of personal comfort levels and receptiveness, and we men have been truly scary and dangerous throughout history, and we still are at times.

It is normal for a woman to want to feel comfortable and safe before she can relax with you.

So, don’t exaggerate what I am suggesting here in the early stages of a seduction, otherwise you will scare away the better women and only manage to seduce all the hard-core freaks!

You need to strike the right balance for each woman.

On the other hand, some women who are very straightforward and self-confident will not be so uncomfortable, actually they will love it.

Some others will be more shy and need more comfort to open up to you.

You should combine your compliments with symbols of:

– Absolute lack of shame in regard to your sexual desire as a man.
– Absolute will to lead her as a man.
– Implying that you can get easily women if you wish to.
– You are totally open minded with regard to your masculine sexual desire and women in general.

A healthy, sexually receptive woman will find the above qualities huge turn ons!

Remember: no comments about her beauty! She has heard that before.

You can compliment her about her other qualities like her personality, her job, the town she is living in, how she speaks, the intelligent things she says- whatever indicates a true interest in her as a person and is not directed towards her beauty.

And then…  in the second part of your compliment, you can insert your shameless “penetrative” act.

The penetrative comment should not be rude, and it can also be a pretty indirect verbal description of something that will turn her on.

You can be sure that women will be very, very good at reading between the lines of your subtle communication. Women are masters of reading you between the lines.

The difficult part is balancing: this you can learn only by doing your field work and by seducing many women.

What can be felt by a man as ”shy and subtle” can be already ”direct enough” for a woman.

So, you do not need to overdo this.

Use rich verbal descriptions: they are powerful.

Strike the right balance!

With more shy and reserved girl: be less cocky and more subtle; not every girl is comfortable straight away with being “penetrated.”

With open minded and more “wild” girls, be as direct as she can get!

With girls who are playing the part of the “guy” and trying to seduce you, you can be even more direct – to the point of shocking them.

That also helps you detect are they for real or trying to fool you!

Examples of mixed penetrative compliments:

You: “Ahh.. so you are a great cook, that’s great; you cook all kinds of stuff… I am impressed. It must be wonderful to keep in your hands in all that WET AND WARM STUFF while cooking.”

And let her figure out what you mean with the “wet and warm stuff in her hands.”

You: “I heard that you are a great lawyer; my compliments, I really appreciate true professionals… (first part) I like lawyers a lot, they are so good with the TONGUE (pause) and verbal expression otherwise.” – with a smile:) (The penetrative masculine sexual part)

You: ”Wow, you are a wonderful teacher, my compliments… I heard that you are a great professional at the school. (the compliment) If I would be a pupil of yours I would surely want you out of the class for some more ”private” lessons…” > with smile (the masculine ”penetrative” part)

See, here you are compliment her and being quite straightforward about your desire of taking her as a woman.

When you still are in the phase of attracting her you cannot be too direct… otherwise you will come across as a jerk, and the cocky part will overpower the funny part.

For example, the subtle rich description of the girl who is a cook keeping her hands in the ”wet and warm stuff” is much better for a situation where you are not that intimate with her, yet.

When you have established a relationship with her and she is sexually receptive to you, you can be as direct as you want… that turns on a receptive woman like no tomorrow in a relationship.

Think about it: a man is turned on by a feminine, sexually receptive woman and a woman is turned on by a sexually active, straightforward man who makes no mystery of his desire and willingness to satisfy it…

That’s one of the main reasons so many women fall for bad guys, by the way: they make no mystery of their desire as men.

See, you can compliment a woman and be “penetrative” at the same time… like a man should.

When you compliment a woman too much without inserting masculine, penetrative symbols, after a while she begins to feel that you are a helpless nice guy and… that turns her off!

She soon sees you as a ”male girlfriend”:)

That is because the more beautiful she is, the more she is overloaded by people trying to be nice to her.

As you are being subtle, you won’t get slapped, don’t worry!

By striking the right balance, you can detect how far you can push it by observing her non-verbal reactions carefully.

In a relationship – after you have attracted her and made of her yours – you can be far more direct compared to dating a new girl.

Then, alternate periods of niceness with periods of “full penetration” when you compliment her.

This alternation of pure kindness and penetrative comments turns the majority of women on sexually.

Women get easily bored and are sexually turned off if you repeat the same stuff all the time.

On the other hand, it is important that, when you please her, you give her the message that you are pleasing yourself first.. and her in the process.

So this works best when you enjoy it yourself.

When she is already sexually receptive in the relationship with you, THE LAST THING SHE WANTS – believe me – is a nice guy who is always “asking forgiveness” for his his sexual desire.

In a relationship, you CAN also compliment her about her beauty when you insert into it the penetrative element from time to time.

She is your woman: she KNOWS that you also like her for her beauty!

So, these ones are ok in relationships:

You: (getting home) “Ahh…you have such beautiful eyes… ” and at the same time you go down and kiss and bite her rear a little bit… instead of the eyes.

You: “What nice hair you have…” > while caressing her legs in between.

You: “Jesus you are so FUCKING sexy! I like the way you move.”


No one can stand continuous tension without hitting their head against the wall.

You need to strike a good balance in relationships, too.

At times you can be sweeter and little bit nicer, focus on creating a good rapport with her and then.. out of the blue..

The warrior!

You come from the shower room, put a hand on her leg and say:

You: “Ahh… you have the most wonderful legs in the world… let me bite them… ” grab her leg and bite her all over.

Here you are inserting a primitive, aggressive symbol into your compliment, that turns many women on.

See.. you CAN compliment a woman without being a nice guy.

IMPORTANT: if a woman reacts with an exaggerated ashamed and uneasy reaction or with full anger to a mixed penetrative compliment that is conveyed by you, quit your interaction with that woman instantly!

And if you are in a relationship with her, you’d better consider quitting it!

She probably has problems in being receptive to men… or maybe not even heterosexual and WHY THE HELL would you, heterosexual man, be with a woman like that?

Think about it.

About keeping balance: to be able to keep a good balance for each woman, you will need to understand the WHOLE PICTURE ABOUT SEDUCTION AND FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY!

Without fully understanding the whole picture of how the female mind works in matters of sexuality, you will not be able to properly put my advice into practice. 

The whole picture is in my Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys! The best book on dating women and managing female relationships for men!

Cheers, Franco

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