The Power Of Asking And Female Relationships

The power of asking: you can have her like you by simply asking for good things

When you become an high status male and an expert seducer you will soon notice that asking good things from women will improve your relationship with them much more than giving.

Asking has a magic power: as psychologist Robert Cialdini has pointed out in his writings when a person gives you good things this person is usually prone to backward rationalize “why am I doing this? I must like this person a lot if I do this to him/her!”

Women were born with influence psychology in their blood as they did this for centuries to men long before Cialdini was born.

This is also one important psychological mechanism which makes of men slave to their women, especially when they are in the provider role.

Many guys ask from themselves: “Why I do this? Why do I give her all while she is being me such a bitch?”.

Well because she is using the power of asking. She simply asks you things and she is making in that way of herself the prize in your eyes.

You can do the same !

In the field of female relationships you will not be able to appreciate this before you get enough field experience to be able to get yourself enough females and in a relatively short time.

This is because until you are a slave of the “circle of luck” you will be inside your head willing to give, give and give to keep the woman you got just because you got lucky.

Instead experience in meeting women and seducing them gives you freedom. Even if you are in a loving exclusive relationship or marriage never forget to ask !

You can ask gently or be cocky and funny..

You can tell her: “Scratch my back!” is a funny, shortened version for amusing seductive situations, not meant to be too serious but it gives very well the idea of what I am talking about.

Be specific when you ask.

For example:

You: “I like very much when you look at me with that new make up, I feel you should sit in this position, when you sit in this position I feel even better, ( changes her position ) ah I would love you to shave your intimate parts and grow very long hair, I adore long hair!”

She complains? It is her problem, not ours. She knows you might ask the same things from another woman at need..

You:”I like to sit in good bars and restaurant, it is important for me that my woman likes the same. To feel a feeling of friendship and a real connection I need a woman who enjoys being out, meeting people, being social.”

When asking use sub modalities: be specific about color, shape, taste, dimensions, auditive features and so on.

Girl: “So what would you like for Christmas?”

You: “I have seen a jacket at the male fashion department, it is blue and it is of a soft tissue I adore, it makes me feel so good when I move around, it will fit so nicely with that new clock I bought, the cologne you bought me last time will make of it even more pleasurable to senses..”

When you are richly describing what you like and being specific in asking your woman will feel you are the prize and will be willing to give all to you ! Then you are getting the power !

The difference between this kind of asking and a needy asking is crucial. You need to be an experienced PUA to do this in the right way otherwise you will get into “needy asking”.

You should ask with the vibe that you deserve being given good things without needing them “particularly” from her.

You need to give the vibe that you are used to receive good things and quite demanding about it. This is mind blowing for the women in your life. In fact.. they do this to men all the time.

Women will get attached to you like mosquitoes on the honey when you will do it to them ! A woman will cherish you and love you to an extreme if you know how to ask things from her.

Put your energy into business, pick-up, seduction and never enter a relationship where you are being made weaker !

To be able to understand the power of asking and how to use it successfully is a very important skill.

Franco, helping men since 2004

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