­­First Date Questions. Why She Asks “Why” On A Date

When you are dating a woman and erotic tension begins to build up between the two of you, it may happen that she asks first date questions like:

“Why do you want to meet me?”

“Why are we here together?”

“Why did you take me to this place?”

You need to be good at understanding what her first date questions really mean, otherwise you will be harming your goal of seducing her.

Often the reason she asks these ‘first date questions’ is to check you for your willingness of having a relationship with her.

Even more important is what really happens deeper down in the world of her instincts.

She asks those questions to get you to make mistakes that will make it easier for her to control her own sexual desire!

A woman must be good at controlling her own sexual desire otherwise she will not be able to screen you well as a potential mate.

For this reason you should never answer these questions directly! If you do you are working against your own goal.

You should find a way to go around them with the goal of making her more emotional exactly when she is trying to control herself!

If you answer:

“Because I like you and want to get to know you better.”

“Because I figured you might like Spanish food”

You are actually helping her to resist you!

Why is that?

Because by asking those questions she is trying to get you into an “interview mode” frame of mind.

That is a deadly boring place to be in for a seduction! Yes, a woman actively tries to get you to make mistakes on a date in order to control herself.

This is the opposite of what the average man would do and it is connected with gender differences.

The average man wants to have sex as soon as there is a chance for it.

For a woman the problem is how to control her desire and be calm enough to catch the man she wants.

If you make these mistakes of answering “properly” to these “why” questions, that will engage the logical part of her mind and will help her control her own desire towards you.

This is absolutely not what you want!

The best way to react is to answer by telling her a story filled with rich verbal descriptions of various situations.

That makes it more difficult for her to control her desire towards you.

Her: “Why did you bring me to this restaurant?”

You: “You know… I have been living in this part of the town for many years now. I remember that when I was a kid and I was walking with my parents I always admired the shiny lights at the top of this entrance. They excited me like wonderful toys, like bright, shiny arabesques. I was dreaming that one day I would come here and enjoy my time just like all those adults there I was envious of…”

This will completely block her attempts of controlling herself by having you “talk logic” and will increase her desire instead.

When you react like this in many cases she will keep repeating her “Why” questions again and again because the real purpose behind those questions is actually not receiving real answers…

The real purpose is to make you do something boring that will cool her down.

If she keeps repeating the “Why” questions, respond by repeating the above advice again and again until she collapses and begins to become receptive.

It will make her vulnerable to your seduction attempts.

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