Focus On Attraction And Forget The “Second Meeting”

The traditional dating frame in our modern society turns easily into something which goes against the best interest of men

That frame was based on the assumption that a woman is a “fragile” person who needs to be “protected” and “supported” and that to have her as your woman you will have to demonstrate that you will do something to assume that role with her.

This was perfectly okay in the patriarchal society where the man was the leader of the family and it turns against you in our modern society.

Women do not need any more such “protection” because they are already very well protected by society in every aspect.

For this reason it´s important for you as a man to learn how you can turn the tables and meet women in a totally new way, which respects more your needs as a man.

I am willing to share with you powerful ways of how you can achieve this.

You can turn the tables by focusing mainly on 3 important areas of which – basing on my long experience with women – the 1 and the 3 are nowadays the most important ( with some reserve about the 2)

Attraction building: without building attraction in her from the fist very moment you will get nowhere and it is better to lose the woman and date another woman if this precondition is not fulfilled from the first very moment.

Equal rights from the beginning if she agrees to equal rights with you. Remember: IF she agrees to equal rights with you.
Setting yourself as the prize from the beginning in the case she does not agree to equal rights with you.

“Equal rights” means this: you, as a man, in the eyes of God, the State and humans you have exactly the same value as hers.

If she is in anyway putting her value above yours as a human being in the first 20 min of your encounter assume that she will do with her then you get quickly to the plan 2: you begin to frame yourself as the prize from the beginning.

If there must be a non equal treatment in the interaction then better you be the winner of that.


This is because we feel erotic attraction usually towards people who have value in our eyes.

If she considers you of lower value compared to her there is no way she will be able to feel any kind of attraction towards you on the erotic level.

I have seduced women who don´t do that: they belong to the rare group of very, very HSE (high self-esteem) women: with them you can have the “fair democratic game.”

Keep in mind that they are very rare.

The majority of the cases women on a dating will refuse – not openly, in a sub-communicated way – to agree to equal rights with you in matters of value.

This is something you need to keep an eye on from the beginning.

When you see her trying to set her own value above yours consider this an opportunity to run on her such an attraction game she never saw before in her life and be prepared to dump mercilessly the women who do not go with your plan.

Now the idea of the traditional dating is that if you please her in some way you will “maybe” get a chance to see her again and “maybe” she will agree to have sex with you if you agree to a relationship.

The end goal of the man is sex. The end goal of a woman is building a relationship with you.

What you have to do to turn the tables of the traditional dating is basically two things:

Focus on building attraction in her

Focus on deleting from your mind the idea of the “second meeting” with her.

The traditional dating frame is: “No kiss on the first date”

When you turn the tables it becomes “What makes you think that there will be a second date if you are not going to please me as a woman on the first meeting?”

Pleasing you is not necessarily having sex with you. It means that she behaves from the first very meeting in such a way that she agrees to be a feminine receptive woman with you.

A woman will rarely truly agree to equal rights with you if she is out dating with the purpose of finding a provider for herself. Also, many women will try to set themselves as the prize also when they are looking for a lover because that gives them power over the lover.

This kind of arrangement turns against the sexuality of the woman herself – not only against you because it will destroy her sexual attraction on the longer term.

How can she feel sexual attraction towards you if she cannot respect you and feel you as valuable?

So remember:

Focus on attraction building and forget the “second meeting”

Make clear by sub-communication that if you feel there is no attraction there will be no second meeting.

No need to verbalize it: focus on creating sexual attraction in her towards you and she will ask for a new meeting.

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