How To Meet Feminine Women And Why

This is important for your screening skills. You do not have time for everything. When you screen well women you know where you are going. Not everything that shines is gold. Not every hot girl is worth your attention.

Beside this, when you have a picky attitude, women will sense it. That will play in your favor. Screening is also important when your desire is a relationship with a particular girl. In times of feminism and gender equality this is becoming a real problem.

Many women are practicing how to think and behave like a man. Heterosexual men do not feel comfortable with it. How heterosexual men can meet sexy heterosexual, receptive women? Women who bring your best masculine qualities to the surface.

A woman who loves men and wants to please them. This is important even if you want only adventures. It is even more important if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

How can you know if she will spoil your life by behaving like a guy? A woman who enjoys the company of a masculine man is much more fun to be with. Here is some advice on how to get such a woman.

You should always keep screening, since the first moment you meet women. There is no point in climbing glass walls with all that variety out there in the world.

Important: a feminine woman is not passive. She is receptive.

There is a big difference between the two.

Receptiveness is an active quality. Not a passive one.

It “sucks you in” with sweetness.

It gives you a sense of acceptance as a man.

With a receptive, feminine woman you can sense how she feels the joy of “receiving you inside herself.”

If you did the right steps to seduce a woman then you should ask yourself next:

Is she able to be receptive to me on the sexual and emotional level?

If you face resistance it does not always mean that your approach was a poor one.

It can mean that she has her own feminine receptiveness blocked.

That means trouble for you, especially if you want a long-term relationship with her.

Watch for these signs:

The receptive female has a relaxed body language with a note of sweetness in her when around men.

She moves in a delicate and graceful way.

You get the vibe that she is comfortable with her body and her sensuality.

There are no signs of an aggressive attitude in her body language.

This is important!

Many modern women have a vibe of aggression in their body language.

This trait may seem simple to notice, but it is not.

If you lack of understanding in female psychology, you may miss this important sign.

Under the influence of your own sexual attraction you may miss this important detail.

Check for signs of aggression in her body language. Check for aggressive, masculine symbols in her way of dressing.

They are signs that she is not a receptive female.

Stuff like soldier’s boots, thick, sharp ornamental items have inside and aggressive message.

Notice whatever in her body language telegraphs “penetration” and “toughness.”.

Symbols speak for themselves and they tell us the truth.

Another thing is that when girls try to “copy male behavior” they will be very, very naive.

A naive “tough guy” attitude in her – like a bad copy of a tough man – is a bad sign.

Serial killer Teddy Bundy detected who was a new potential victim by the way she carried herself.

You can recognize the feminine woman by the way she carries herself.

Of course without any bad intentions in mind.

Your goal is different: you want to love her.

The strategy can be the same.

If you are not sure there are other things you can check after you approach her.

Feminine women are very, very sensitive to good and deep emotional communication.

Masculine women, women who try to “copy men” try to repress that.

The true feminine woman, when you talk to her, will check are you able to speak in an emotional way.

You can test her on that by saying something emotional and then watching how she reacts to that.

Another sign is in which ways she resists you.

If she resists when you build attraction she will do it in a nice way.

You will sense that she is happy about what you are doing.

She will be receptive even when rejecting your approach.

A woman who is not feminine and not receptive will, instead, react with anger or embarrassment.

This of course is true only if you approached her in a masculine non threatening way.

When you will touch her, if she is not into it, she will block you without any signs of embarrassment or anger.

There are many other signs. This is a complex topic. I will be glad to tell you more in the coaching.

By learning this skill and putting it into practice you are also doing a favor to other men.

Then you influence the actual sexual culture in favor of masculine men!

In my last book: “How To Easily Sleep With Any Woman You Want” I described in depth what makes a woman feel desire for you.

Check it out!

How To Easily Sleep With Any Woman You Want

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  1. Hi Franco, thanks for this amazing essay. I have studied your books,and essays and they have answerd many important questions. Thank you. I have a question. When I compare yout methode with mystery methode, it looks like you almost do not use tiime in comfor and rappor phase and go from attraction to seduction (sexual escalation). Is it because it is not nesseserary? And would you please explain the difference between rapport and comfort acording to your understandin?
    and one more question, what is validiation and approval seeking acording to your understaning, is it the same?
    if it is to much to answer the qirstions here I will be thnakfull if you could write an essay about it.

    I have now 4 of your books, do you have more books and when is the next books coming?

  2. Hello Brad, thank you for your comment. I do use time in comfort but only with girls I consider HSE (high self-esteem) If I evaluate quickly that she is LSE (low self-esteem) then I do not use comfort. Rapport building is a different thing. Of course this requires the skill of quickly detecting the type of girl. Rapport is when you establish a connection by being with the girl on the “same wave”, matching her reality. That is not necessarily the same thing like comfort. You can also establish rapport while processing with her something not necessarily “comfortable” or “nice”. If we compare to business you can establish rapport with another business man on something that does not necessarily feel “good” and “comfortable” and still be on the same wave. Comfort is more the establishment of a sense of safety, comfort and connection with the girl. So not exactly the same thing.

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