Change Female Drama Into Sex

Let me share a few words with you about female drama. Many guys fail to understand it’s meaning.

Female drama and female sexual desire are connected to each other.

Behind female drama there are female hormonal changes.

The purpose of those changes is: to have the woman lose sexual control.

Many men fail to understand this.

For this reason, they also fail to get the pleasure they would deserve.

Men usually try to repress drama in a woman.

This way they inhibit in the woman the main pathway to mind blowing sex.

This is because they fear it.

That way they fail a test: if you fear drama it means you can’t control yourself!

The deepest desire of every woman when she is being dramatic is this:

You, man should not lose control over your own emotions.

You, man should mirror her chaotic emotions, while staying calm.

While mirroring her emotions you should direct their energy into sex! 

You can change a woman’s drama into sex by helping her cope with her emotions.

You can direct her emotional energy into sex!

Men fail to have satisfying female relationships because of this.

They try to repress exactly what could bring them pleasure.

One of the skills I can help you reach with my coaching is the skill of mirroring a woman’s emotions.

The skill of directing her emotions into sex.

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Cheers, Franco
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