The PNP Mechanism And How To Use It To Seduce Women

There are many ways to seduce women and one of them is to model the means women use to seduce men and then use them on women!

That has tremendous seductive effect on them for several reasons.

One of them is that the majority of the men falls so easily for their seduction means and that bores women to death.

Being predictable is the worst enemy of seducing a woman and so many men are predictable to women!

For this predictability when they meet a guy who can surprise them for good they feel:

“Wow, this guy is a challenge for me. Let´s find out more about him!”

You can use the PNP mechanism (positive – negative – positive ) I have described in the Manual of Seduction to seduce women and it is extremely effective in the field.

First of all let me approach the role of self-control.

I call it more: awareness.

Awareness is crucial for being good with women.

It is your best friend in the field of pickup and seduction.

What makes of men lose awareness with women?

Answer: the knowledge that they cannot get other women at will!


When a man feels deep inside that he cannot get other women easily he becomes very, very prone to lose his awareness when in contact with a particular woman.

In order to be able to use the PNP mechanism it is very important that you practice a lot pickup and seduction in the field.

The inner belief that you CAN get women easily is what puts you into the right mental condition necessary to use the PNP on women.

Let´s now see how it is done.

When a woman is using the PNP on a man she is basically doing Judo.

She is using his natural need for sex, his Alpha masculine aggression as a way to tool him in wanting her more and more.

The goal of the majority of the women is to have him invest his energy exclusively into her so to win female competition.

When the man is actively pursuing her in order to have sex with her she uses the PNP mechanism on him to have him addicted to herself and investing his energy into her more and more.

Now when a PUA – a pickup artist – uses the PNP mechanism on women he does that slightly in a different way compared to what women do.

Women are so used to men falling for their PNP mechanism that they do it on auto pilot.

In a word: the majority of the women has an almost crazy sureness that the PNP mechanism will work on men.

We also call this “crazy sureness” the Magic Pussy Syndrome: the almost psychotic belief women have that the men will get caught into her PNP.

And men do get caught into it !

Now when a pickup artist uses the PNP mechanism on a woman what he is doing is reverting her game.

The pickup artist uses her crazy belief that men will invest the energy into her to surprise her.

The reversal of the PNP mechanism happens then like this:

When the pickup artist approaches a woman and runs his attraction game he can detect the moment the woman will use the negative of her PNP.

The moment she withdraws in order to have the man invest his energy into her more.

What he does at that moment is to use her Magic Pussy Syndrome as a tool to seduce her.

When the woman withdraws the majority of the man begins chasing her.

This is a source of major boredom for the woman: it´s far too easy for her to get him and she loses fast attraction for him.

What the pickup artist does is to detect the moment she uses her negative and “push her away a little bit” exactly then.

He creates a vacuum into which she is sucked.

You can use this reversal of the PNP mechanism by asking simply yourself the question: “when and how she will use the negative of her PNP” and then give her “little bit more negative” exactly when she expects the positive.

For example telling her that you are busy when she expects you to chase her.

Making for her things more difficult when she expects you to make things for her easier: for example telling her you have a business meeting when you “sense” that she is beginning to use her negative on you.

Finding some imperfection in her exactly the moment she expects that you are going to put her on a pedestal like other men do.

The reversal of her PNP mechanism happens when she becomes in a way addicted to you like an AFC (average frustrated chumps) becomes addicted to her when she uses her PNP on him.

The strategy is to “push her away” little bit and just enough to make her feel that her negative does not work on you.

This will have her increase her positive in a way which will total revert her game in your favor.

Beware: this works only on attracted women.

When you learn to calibrate well this reversal you can remote control her like you would remote control a computer.

Another important thing: this does not work on masculine women or women with self-esteem problem for various reasons.

It´s important that you learn to screen women with an agenda and women with problems in regard to men.

The reversal of the PNP mechanism works only on feminine women.

In my last book Getting the good girls I share with guys a method to detect fast the feminine women – who respond to seduction well –
and eject the others in the case they are not interested in them.

It is important to use the reversal of the PNP mechanism only on feminine women.

All the others will not respond to it.

Franco, helping men since 2004

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  1. Nice article bro.The 1st time in the community I seen this concept broken down so basically.

  2. Franco, what technique do you apply to masculine women?
    And what do you mean by “this works only on attracted women”?

  3. Hello Theodore,

    Thank you for your comment. One of the main reasons a masculine woman is masculine is the fear and sometimes hatred she has in regard to her own feminine nature. How much you will succeed depends on the intensity of that fear. One way to seduce her is to be more masculine than her. You should not let her since the first very moment any chance of leading you and you should always be leading her. This will work if her fear of her own femininity is not “too big”. If the fear is too big she will defend herself by starting a fight and these ones you better let go. They can cause you a lot of trouble.

    Another way is to stimulate her femininity by the means of emotional talk. This is done by changing in purpose the structure of your own male language to make it closer to female language. It means describing what you say in a “poetic” and “emotional” way. I have described how this is done in the book: “How To Get A Girlfriend.” Again this works if her fear (or hatred) of her own femininity is not “too big.” If you encounter resistance you will notice that she will react to emotional talk “by logic” and will feel uneasy when you talk to her that way.

    In regard to “this works only on attracted women” It means that using the reversal of the PNP on a woman will work only if she has a certain degree of emotional and sexual interest in you. That is the first thing you want to do when seducing a woman: building attraction. On the other hand if she is trying to “own you” by the means of her PNP mechanism that means she is already attracted.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!


  4. Very good question Marco. The PNP works everywhere: not only in seduction. It works also in business. Anyway as in the case of seduction the is reinforced by sexual desire itself. I think that the more she is heterosexually oriented the more it works. If she is bisexual and has as main relationships women more than men I think that the chances are more slim.

  5. But what kind of negative response can you give her when she the “N” part of her PNP mechanism is her negative response when you ask her out? It happens to me a lot of times (not every time but a lot enough to anger me) when I have been dating a girl, even lay her a couple of times, I can see that I have a lot of attraction but afterwards when will be talking with sms, although she will be chatty etc the moment I am gonna ask her out they will find an excuse. How can you give her a negative response then after that without looking too reactive? What I will do, is no response for 1-2 weeks and try again after that but that never works, I can feel that they do this on purpose but have no idea how to respond.

  6. Hello Eteocles, very good question. It is a totally different situation with a girl who already had sex with and is attracted to you and with a girl you did not have sex already and seems to be attracted to you. If she resists further meetings and you sense she is also having attraction then almost probably she decided that she cannot get out of you anything else other than fun. In that case you probably did not manage to give her some “hook” other than sex and the fun itself. Instead with a girl who is attracted to you who then does what you say and withdraws almost probably the reason is that you invested into her more upfront than what she was investing into you. In the second case you need to apply the PNP “upfront” already when you are eliciting attraction so to use the “N” proactively. If you use the “N” after you gave her too much “P” then the “N” will not work. This is important because if a woman gets attention and all those wonderful feelings about being attracted and you give too much “P” then she will enjoy all those feelings and probably withdraw. If a woman you already had sex withdraws the reason is very often she could not get something more than sex and fun out of you… so you need a “hook” that makes her feel at a certain point that she might get “more.” Instead with a girl you feel is attracted with whom you did not have sex yet the hook is when you make her feel upfront with some well calibrated “Ps” that your interest in her is slightly less than her interest in you.

  7. Thanks Franco, for the response. I really appreciate it, I will try implementing your suggestions and keep you guys updated with the results!

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