From Comfort To Sex With Quality Women

In a recent post we saw how it is possible to move from female drama to sex. Anyway, if a woman’s only way of expressing sexual desire is drama she is not a quality woman.  If a woman does not care about her own safety too much she is not a quality woman. You can get much better satisfaction when you spend your time with high-quality women. 

To seduce such women, you need to understand well the meaning of comfort. I will tell you in this article, why and how. Many men are unable to see its meaning. This is because this concept does not have a good reputation in male culture. We men, due to our historical training believe that we are expendable. We go after the enemy without fear. We face enormous risks. We get killed and don’t give a damn. Education has us feel that real men “do not care” about such a “soft” thing like “comfort”.

Well, when seducing women a failure to understand comfort is a huge mistake. When you have some free time, watch the movie American Sniper, the scene of the bar. The movie is a real-life story. My comments are not about the real people, from real-life. I do not know anything about them. My comments are about a scene in the movie.

The scene is in a bar, at the beginning. Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) meets there his future wife, Taya Kyle (Sienna Miller). It’s a nice pickup scene. He passes all her tests in the bar with flying colors. Anyway, at the end of the scene she is drunk and vomiting, while being in his arms. Not a comfortable situation, I would say.

The scene is a good example of what I am talking about. In real life she would make a nightmare of woman for a relationship – or even for a MLTR. In real life the character of the hero’s wife would not make a quality woman. In the movie she becomes that hero’s exemplar wife. Not so in real life. His seduction would not bring him a quality woman.

She already showed on the dating scene how she does not care about herself and her body. His pickup goes straight from the attraction to a relationship with her. Understanding the importance of comfort will get you laid with quality women. Comfort is very much linked to female sexual desire. I will not get in this post on the deeper details of how to build comfort with a woman.

You need to see it happen in the dating scene, while seducing women. You can learn it through the coaching. In the coaching we use examples of seductions you are going through as material.  When you will “see it happen” you will get it well.

Here is why and how you should be good in building comfort. 

When you go on a girl with an aggressive approach you get laid at times. You may even get a lover. You may even get a girlfriend. You are also making a bad social choice. The chances that this way you will get a low-quality are very, very high.  Trust me: by skipping comfort you will never get a high-quality heterosexual girl. 


Because a woman who gets around by violence, by an aggressive approach cannot be a quality woman. She is for sure a psycho, drunk, under drugs, brainwashed by some male hating ideology and naïve about men. This is because she does not value herself and her body. 

Without comfort you are missing the best: a woman who values herself. You are also missing the women with the highest degree of femininity. The more you are a heterosexual male, the more you will love feminine receptiveness.

This is important for you to know.

The feminine heterosexual woman, who values herself and her body, is the woman who knows how to love men well. She is able to love and be sexual with a man and accept love and sex from him. She knows how to please a man while pleasing herself. A woman who does not value her safety and her body will never make a good lover.  Even less she will be relationship material. She is the LSE woman: low self-esteem woman.

Comfort gets you laid with the most feminine women!  And there is more.  Going through comfort is a wonderful screening tool.  When you get rejected because of building comfort, you save time and energy for the best women. Beware: as you know only clueless nice guys get first to comfort. I am here describing a situation where you first have a woman invest herself into you and then you get to comfort.

When a woman rejects you because you get to comfort, after attraction, she is not a quality woman. What nice guys do is different: they go straight to comfort.  That is lack of game.  It would turn all the women off. This is not your case: you know better.  

Why a woman gets aroused by comfort? Because every woman needs to check on a man two things: 

1. Is this man able to be “penetrative” – here is where the alpha part is important. Without that no children are born by heterosexual means. When you are self-confident, “cocky and funny” you give a woman the message that you are “penetrative” 
In the more primitive mind of the woman this means = pregnancy right now!
A quality woman also needs to check on the man:

2. Is this man able to create enough safety around her and the babies. Attention: this does not mean she should plan to get pregnant to be a good seduction target!   This means the “imaginary” babies, she has in the back of her head when she gets attracted to you!  The instinct of getting pregnant. The instinct affects her also when she is not planning of getting pregnant!

No matter does she have children already or is she not a mother, yet! It all happens in her instincts.

Here is where and why comfort gets you the best girls.

You have a quality woman attracted by attraction game and she… blocks you from getting forward without comfort. You wonder what happened. Why she blocked me? This is because the best girls screen men for both qualities. Are they being “penetrative” and are they able to build comfort. 

How do you translate this into powerful, seductive skills? How to build comfort gets you laid?

Like this:

When you are attracting a woman you first will have to “do something yourself” then next thing you will have to do if you are a skilled seducer will be…

To have her invest energy in you, more than what you invest in her! 

Your next and most important goal will be: she must begin to invest her energy into you more! When she begins to invest her energy in you then… She needs to rationalize it (because of her instincts) She feels: “I must like this guy as I am investing in him so much.” Guys with experience know that women realize this very well.

In fact, when you attract a woman often she will tend to do something to give herself a reason for not investing in you. She can try to piss you off, ask you questions, have you into arguing, have you discuss something based on logic. If you do that she feels: “Nice I can control myself again, now” She needs to do that because she knows that if she begins to invest in you more she will be at your mercy.

Now the non-quality woman at that point feels: I like this guy like hell let’s have sex with him. The only way she will have to defend herself will be either drama or manipulation, or both together. Low-quality women don’t care about comfort, about their own safety.

In this group you have also the masculine women.  A sign that she is a masculine is that she tries hard to control her emotions when you build comfort.  She responds to your attraction game “like a man” In fact: she tries to compete with men! Why would she let herself go and relax? That would be against her own self-image. She reacts in a negative way to whatever is “penetration.”

The quality woman feels: I like this guy, let’s check am I safe with him so I can have sex with him. Her mind and body will prepare for:

1. Being penetrated (attraction > pregnancy)

2. Checking is she safe (comfort > already pregnant) 

I don’t care about artificial insemination or is she bisexual, lesbian or whatever. These factors do not delete a woman’s primordial instincts!

A few simple examples of how to build comfort:

Active listening: the easiest way to build comfort is asking questions. After you are sure she is investing into you ask her questions and let her talk. The mistake most guys make is to think that when they talk it would be a job, something “serious.” Men focus on action and results so they think it would be “work.” That’s not the case! Women check are you communicating. They do not give a damn about results.

Ask her questions about the most superficial things. For example, how she chooses the color of the shoes, details about last vacation, what she eats and so on. If she is an intelligent, high-quality woman she will check at a certain point are you a smart guy. Don’t try to show her you are! Wait for her checking it and then DHV in an indirect way. 

Mirroring: there is a coach I know who likes to say: “The human beings want to be seen.” Well, hell this is so true! You can create comfort by asking questions and then mirroring a woman on what she is telling you.  Mirroring is a complex concept. I see many guys in coaching having difficulties in understanding how to use it.

“I am like you, you are like me.” Next step is to say and do something that makes her feel you are “the same.” This is not easy to do well without experience. You need to learn how to be indirect! A smart woman will understand what you are doing if you do this the wrong way, like nice guys often do. “Honey, I also love the same movies like you do!” Wrong, wrong, wrong! Be indirect. Talk about the same things in a nonchalant way. Change the structure of the phrase. Change adjectives and verbs you use. Use similar topics, not the same topics! She must feel the two of you feel good when they are together!

Watch her nonverbal expression while you are building comfort. You need to learn how to detect the nonverbal signs of her getting into comfort.  When you see the signs you are there! Time to get to sex! Exclude without mercy all the women who resist comfort. You would waste your own time. This is also a good screening tool.

She resists comfort? Trust me. Don’t ask yourself why. Get to the next girl! Unless you want a sex slave who will give you huge drama afterwards!

In my last book: “How To Easily Sleep With Any Woman You Want” I help you guys getting it when it comes to have a woman want to jump into bed with you!

Get your copy!
Cheers, Franco
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