The LD Low Sexual Drive Woman – Why You Must Know How To Seduce Her!

It’s Sunday early morning and I am having a cappuccino. I am thinking of a good topic for discussion with you, guys. Men receive a very tough education. They take responsibility on their own shoulders. When they try to get a girl and they cannot get what they want they blame themselves. They do not consider the effect of their own choices on the outcome. They do not consider the importance of screening girls. They should spend more time evaluating the girl for a while. A LD (low sexual drive) woman is a type of woman you need to be aware of. It is important to learn to recognize her. Today I am going to share with you some info about this type of woman. 
A LD (low sexual drive) woman is not a woman who has no sexual desire. She is in her own way a very sexual woman. There is a big difference when compared to her sister, the HD (high sexual drive) woman. The difference is that the LD woman experiences her desire a lot “inside her mind.”
Strong emotionality is what arouses the woman with a “low sexual drive.” 
Her desire is like the calm surface of a lake. You need some strong wind to have the surface move and become rough.
As soon as the wind ends the lake is back to quietness.
Her desire has a calm baseline.
When you induce in her emotions the desire increases. Then it reaches a certain level.
As soon as the stimulation ends her desire ends, gets back to baseline level. 
There is a reason for it: her evolutionary programming is being a mother.
In a word a woman like this needs men for the sake of adult sexuality very, very little. 
This kind of woman frustrates men a lot.
This is because when men fail to recognize this type. They do what they usually do with women. They get physical with her.
She reacts to that approach, like a “potato sack.” You can move it from a place to another. You get no reaction.
At that point many guys ask themselves: “Where did I fuck up” well.. there are no mistakes, only feedback.
The “fuck up” is that you are trying to seduce her like she would be HD (high sexual drive).
To seduce the LD woman you need to induce in her strong emotions.
In a word this is a woman who is hard-wired to change a man into “a woman” She is hard-wired to “change him into a girl.” To make him feminine.
Her way of feeling can demoralize a man with a strong sexual desire to the point that he will give up.
From the point of view of Nature this means that he will make of her a mother and.. soon give up any sexual contact with her.
Unless he is a psychopath. Only a few men are psychopaths.
Many of the women of this group end up being single mothers.
If they are HSE (high self-esteem) they will often end up being good wives and mothers and married to men.. who are all the time busy and do not have so much time for them.
The dogmas of the seduction community will have you think that you have not been “alpha enough.”
Alpha is not only about being tough and aggressive. Alpha is also about good leadership.
Good leaders can inspire their subordinate. They do that by giving words to directions.
What happened in reality with the LD woman was that:
1. You did not screen her enough. You tried to seduce her like you would with the HD woman (high sexual drive)
2. This was because you failed to recognize her type and went on her like the District Attorney “all alpha”
3. You that way tried to seduce her in a way that does not affect her at all.
To seduce an LD woman you must induce in her strong emotions by rich verbal expression. Then you should follow her non verbal reactions to that.
When you see that she shows signs of arousal you should escalate to sex. This kind of woman is also very sensitive to comfort. Without enough comfort you will not seduce her.
You need to accept the fact that after having had pleasure she will get back to “baseline quiet state”. It is her nature and there is a logic behind that.
Behind that there is strategy of Nature meant to “suck in” the male, for the time necessary to get pregnant.
Soon after that she gets back to low level of desire and is able to focus.. on the child.
The right way to seduce the LD woman into sex is this:
1. realize that in matters of sex there is no process. Even if you have been with her 20 years, you will have to seduce her each time again.
2. She is very sensitive to the dynamic of the Prince from Afar. I described that dynamics in my last book: “How To Easily Sleep With Any Woman You Want.”
3. To seduce her, make sure that she is never, never too sure she “has you completely” It is counterintuitive. She gets to baseline sexual desire when she senses that she “owns your sperms.” When she can never be so sure about that she is more motivated to… have desire.
4. You need to be able to stimulate her emotions while never giving her too much sureness of having you. If you do not stimulate the emotions she does not get horny. If you do not stay enough “afar” she will consider you “done” and the degree of her desire will drop.
If she does not react to that and to mirroring get to the next girl. It means that she is an “extreme” LD case.
There are also “extreme” and “desperate” LD cases. 70 years ago, they would have called her a “Spinster.”
If she is very LSE (low self-esteem) and also LD she can be such a bad choice that it will be better for you to let her go.
If she is HSE (high self-esteem) and you are LD yourself it can be a good choice for you.
If you are very HD yourself (high sexual drive) and she bores you to death.. well get yourself a HD (high sexual drive) woman.
Sometimes it is enough to touch with a finger an HD woman and.. she orgasms.
How to stimulate emotions in a woman by rich descriptions I described in the book: “How To Get A Girlfriend.” – Cheers, Franco
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  1. You mentioned that a LD woman will need lots of (excess) emotion to get aroused from baseline. What about a HD woman? Does she not need a lot of emotion? What is the correct route to arouse a HD woman?

    Thank you Maestro Franco.

  2. Please John Vincent,
    With the LD woman it does not mean an “excess” of emotion. It means ”deep emotional communication” Actually it is the HD woman who can need a ”lot of emotion” to get aroused (at the beginning!) With the LD woman it means that with emotional stimulation you can have her get to a “certain level” of desire. It also means that that desire will “drop back” to what it was before the stimulation very easily and very quickly. The LD woman focuses on how much she will connected with you ”in the mind” and as a result of that she will get aroused. The LD woman will have difficulties in “maintaining the desire up” By herself. The HD woman will not need this constant repetition of “stimulation” like the LD woman. She will get “started” by strong emotions and then remain at higher level for a longer time. Sometimes with HD women your problem will be how to have her calm down. The LD woman needs is a “certain kind of emotions” the feeling of “connecting with you on the emotional level” to get aroused, something some of you guys maybe would call “gay stuff.” The LD woman can get scared and respond very badly to stuff like “strong dominance” or “cocky and funny” or “busting her balls” and so on.

  3. Thanks thanks thanks !! This article really open my mind and i feel better 🙂 this is what i was wondering for a few months ! And yes it seems that you know this girl 🙂 fortunately i am working on another one because i feel very frustrated.honestly in the last week i was asking me why we nave sex just when i want to leave her ? For me is really weird !
    Grazie mille ancora per i tuoi consigli !!!
    P.s posso commentare i tuoi articoli in italiano ??

  4. Hello Jhon, yes this type is not so easy to recognize. You can write to my email in Italian if you wish. Here only English allowed.

  5. Hello Jhon, good to hear the article helped you. Here the language is English only. You can send me an email in Italian if you wish.

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