Non-Judgmental Sex To Know How To Attract Girls

Women are always judged for their sexual desire.

They have been at worst killed and persecuted for it, and still are in many countries nowadays.

Therefore, they have developed a “sixth sense” in regards to judgmental men and do all they can to avoid them.

If you have in mind the question how to attract girls towards you, then one big thing you can do is to be non-judgmental in regards to their sexual desire and sexual behavior!

It is not enough to passively avoid judging.

Women are on the defensive regarding this topic.

You should give them non-judgmental vibes very actively and that will give you what you desire: the most attractive women!

You cannot approach this topic directly. Instead, you need to sub-communicate it.

Women, especially the most attractive women, are smart and they become suspicious if you say naive stuff like: “I believe in female freedom”.

So, how do you give off the non-judgmental vibe?

You tell them stories:

– A story of that “female friend of yours who was with that jealous boyfriend who checked the messages in her iPhone”.

– A story of your former “jealous and possessive girlfriend” who kept trying to stop you from meeting your friends (You: such an innocent creature!).

– A story about your lesbian friend who had those oppressive parents trying to change her mind.

– Stories about minorities like inmates, gays, lesbians and how they are oppressed by society.

This way you will subtly instill in her mind the belief that with you, she can open up freely.

Slowly it will instill in her that with you she can have a special emotional connection without being judged.

And for a woman the distance from a “special emotional contact” with a man to the bedroom is short… very short.

Have fun!

Cheers, Franco

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