How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

How to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend

I am asked quite often this question: “how to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend”

Here I am going to share with you techniques you can use to solve the problem how to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend.

This is powerful stuff and when you learn to practice it well it will get your girlfriend back for sure.

On the other hand as you sure you really want her back?

To be able to get her back first thing to do is to get rid of your romantic nice guy fantasies about females and begin to study seduction.

In the case you lost your girlfriend to another guy chances are that you have been betaised before that happened.

For a detailed description of the betaising process see my article here about that topic.

When you will learn how to act properly in dealing with a female betaising process your “problem” will soon become how to get rid of all the girls who want to be your girlfriend.

Anyway Bbetaised = emasculated psychologically = you did not pass her tests for being an alpha male and her attraction for your dropped as fast as a plane with both engines shut off. .

Another chance is that she never wanted an alpha male.

Nowadays one can be dumped also for being an alpha male. If that is the case you really have no reason for being sorry.

The women who nowadays drop a guy for being alpha are usually girls who have big problems in being with a masculine man in the first place and they do this choice of being with a beta male in purpose.

You could not have built a relationship with her anyway. That would have happened only at the price of you becoming her “girlfriend.”

The above is linked to what you did in the relationship

Then there are factors involved with what she is as a person

These factors may be:

She was an adventuress or a freak and you failed at the beginning to screen her as such

In the case she was an adventuress or a freak understand that the whole girlfriend thing was an illusion.

You never actually had a girlfriend. adventuresses and freaks are “every man´s girlfriends”

They are so addicted to attention and validation from males that it is virtually impossible to have them as girlfriends.

In the case she was a materialista or to say is less nicely a ho then almost probably she either was not attracted in the first place and was only trying to reach your bank account or along the way she decided that she will not get enough material benefits from being with you.

If this is the case you better leave her to the other guy.

Anyway assuming that after having read the above you still want answers to the question: how to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend I have her some powerful techniques to achieve that.

We have here a triangle situation: you, her and her new boyfriend. In a triangle situation the guy who is less available and who does not supplicate to the woman is always in the role of the prince or as a I call it the prince from afar. This is a widespread female need. A woman will always consider as of higher value the man who “comes from far on a white horse” When she was with you she almost probably began to feel you as a male of lower value because you did not react well to her betaising attempts and she began to feel that the other guy is the prince from afar.

This is more superficial than what men think: a very emotional feminine woman always feels that the “other guy from afar” is the prince.

So what you have to do to achieve the goal of getting her back is all what switches the roles in the triangle you, her and her new guy and makes of you the prince from afar.

Means to achieve that are:

1. Don´t fight against the fact that she has the new guy. If you begin to compete with him it will make your situation even worse. Princes are not worried of the competition with other men. Instead:

2. Switch the roles by acknowledging her new relationship with the new guy as something good and wonderful and give her positive feedback about it. This will hit her magic pussy syndrome. I am going soon to post here more about this topic. Anyway the magic pussy syndrome is the almost crazy and deep belief women have that men will supplicate to them anyway in order to get sex and their favors

3. When you acknowledge the relationship with the new guy as a good thing for her you begin to get the role of the prince back. She will reason: “why this guy is not desperate anymore about me being with another guy? Did he love me in the first place?”

4. Here you begin to have her doubt her skills of detecting your masculinity. In her mind begins the doubt: was this guy after all a prince and I failed to detect it?

5. Begin to push-pull her and be cocky and funny with her. There are extensive chapters about push-pull and cocky and funny ways of rising a woman attraction in the Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys those techniques are meant to rise a woman attraction and increase a woman´s sexual desire for a man.

6. Watch her reaction. When you see signs of attraction and sexual horniness withdraw. Begin to make yourself unavailable exactly the moment you see her laughing, feeling good, blushing, looking down with a submissive body language.

7. Tell to her about other women in an indirect way. This is very important. you have to do it in a totally indirect way. In the chapter about social proof in the Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys it is described the power of social proof and how it acts on a woman´s evolutionary detector by increasing her sexual attraction for a man.

8. When you are sure that she is again attracted to you and is wondering did she actually screen you will in the relationship, did she make a mistake in leaving you, when you see signs of attraction in her body language that is the moment for the next step which is:

9. Isolating her and having sex with her. The better the sex the better are the chances you will get her back. She will rationalize backward: if I am feeling so attracted for this guy and so horny it must be that I made a mistake when I left him.

10. Insert plenty of drama in the relationship with her: make her cry, laugh and give her the strong emotional highs and lows females love and which make them feel that they have a “relationship” with a man.

I am happy to share with you the above techniques to answer the question: how to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend. I sincerely hope this will get back to you the girl you love.

Franco, helping men since 2004

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  1. Hi Franco
    Can you explain a bit about the giving her powerful emotions more. I suppose I’m like a lot of guys that don’t really want to hurt someone they did care about or still do. I admit to being more of a ba$tard or bad guy of late, for some reason it becoming easier to do, but I don’t want to become a complete jerk. Should you aim to cause very powerful emotions? The other thing is calibration if you are communicating via phone, text, email and she goes quiet is she testing you or have you blown it and lost her for good (or again), how can you tell? I’m talking her about situations with women before sex as well as when you’ve broken up with her.

    I think most guys worry that the social part of the woman is angry and therefore you think she’s lost to you, but the primal part maybe attracted?


  2. Helllo Marcus, the attraction in the female is always coming from the primeval part of her personality. Powerful “high” and “low” emotions are related in the woman to hormonal changes and are the main channel of her femininity. Female attraction´s main channel are those emotions. If a man is worried too much about acting on the primeval part of a female personality he is shutting off the main channel to have her attracted. So.. a man cannot be too much worried of will be the social part “angry”.. by the way: it´s always the primeval part to be “angry” The social part is the part which is in charge of the emotions so more of a logical structure.

    In a word: one cannot buld attraction (real attraction!) in a woman and be too much worried of what her social part will do. You need to address both of them and calibrate. That does not necessarily mean that you would be a jerk or a “bad guy”. Freak females are attracted to bad guys who abuse them and violate their boundaries. Feminine women are attracted to men who exert leadership over their primeval feminine part.

  3. Hello buddy, could you please further elaborate on step 10 please??….There is a girl I am with who loves drama!!

    10. Insert plenty of drama in the relationship with her: make her cry, laugh and give her the strong emotional highs and lows females love and which make them feel that they have a “relationship” with a man.

  4. Men do not like strong emotions so they need to remind themselves of doing what I suggest here.

    When women talk about emotions they usually withdraw or get angry.

    Withdrawing leaves her unsatisfied (believe me women DO enjoy strong emotions!)

    Getting angry only shows your woman the weakness of your Ego.

    What you need to do is this: while keeping yourself calm inside your head throw “more oil” on the fire of her emotions.

    If she is talking about how nervous she is about some shopping gone bad instead of trying to “fix” her validate her emotions and DON’T try to stop her feeling her dramatic feelings.

    Try to enhance her emotions, instead.

    This is what you should NOT do:

    – Her: “It is unbelievable, I have been in 20 shops already and I could not find the right shoes for our party!” ( angry, agitated, nervous, ready to throw a tantrum”
    – You: (supplicating) “Honey, don’t worry, I will drive you to another shopping center and we will get this done!”

    Then all what he can do to “fix” her emotional state.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!

    This IS what you SHOULD do:

    – Her: “It is unbelievable, I have been in 20 shops already and I could not find the right shoes for our party!” ( angry, agitated, nervous, ready to throw a tantrum and demonstrate it is YOUR fault)
    – You: “Yes, that’s terrible! I am sure that your legs will soon become as big as King Kong’s legs for the long walking.” When you see she is getting angry for this cocky and funny of yours hug her and keep your position “What`.. you look angry. Little bit like the female version of Bruce Lee. Am I safe right now?”

    When this is done well she will first get angry and when you keep your position over time without being nice and while still validating her feelings she will begin to either laugh or calm down and that.. is the moment for having her into the bed room.

    Some very primative women (with very strong sexual instincts) will not give up that easily when you first do this.

    Leave her alone for a while and wait. When she goes on with her drama enhance again her emotions till she gets to the breaking point.

    When she will see that she is not breaking your defenses the most probable reaction of her will be: sexual desire for you.

    When you notice that you can capitalize on it and have her have the love making of a life time.

    Of course you can always give her a ride to the shop… after the drama and the sex.

    I do not mean you should not support a woman. I just mean: don’t be a fool and take her seriously when she is being a girl.

    Cheers, Franco

  5. Hi franco

    My girlfriend left me about 2 weeks ago. She said that our relationship was not the same anymore, that we had changed and that we were two very different individuals and even that her feelings were not the same for a few days. But she keeps telling me that i am still important to her and that she doesn’t want to forget our relationship and keep it in mind while moving on because she never loved someone that much… Now she told me that she began to have small feelings for her bestfriend because after our break-up he helped her getting back on her feet and they were closer and they snuggle up a bit while watching a movie to change her mind. She told me that she leaned her head on his shoulde rbecause she needed some comfort because even if she was the one who ended our relationship, she was very sad and she cried a lot… She said that he was the friend she really needed for now and that the small feelings she began to feel came after our break-up. I’m not sure how to understand that but I think that she still loves me even if she says that she wants us only to be friend and that she doesn’t love me anymore… i’m not sure of what to do but i think that i can get her back with the good moves and the good words to say… I’m going to try the no-contact method and try to make her miss me… but i’m not sure of what i should really do and if it is a good idea to do that… any advices on what i should really do ? I really love her i think she’s my soulmate and i really want her back… Could you help me ?

  6. hi franco,
    my girlfriend left me 6 months ago.i hurted her very badly.that was the reason of our break up. i used to be with other girls when she wanted me when she is gone i realized that she is the love of my she is with somebody else.what should i do to make her love me again???please help.

  7. Dear Sagnick,

    Thank you for your comment. Sorry to hear about your situation. I sent you a private email. I’ll try to do all what I can for you.

  8. Please Franco, help me! I broke up with my fiance about 7 weeks ago because I felt like she was sabotaging our relationship. She was hot and cold constantly and I couldn’t take it any more after 3 years of it! We have a 2 year old son and ever since I broke up with her I have been devastated!!! She has already moved on with a guy she met at a concert during one of our many break ups! He’s basically been waiting in the wings for months for us to be done. What can I do to either get past this or am I stupid for wanting to get her back??? I hurt and can’t stop thinking about her! Ugh!!! Please, help me!!!!

  9. Hello Anthony,

    Thank you for your comment. Could you please describe a situation where that might happen. See calibrating is important: single situations can be very much different from each other.

  10. While usin no contact should i reply when she initiates? Her new relationship is fresh and shes definitely not going to hang out with me for the time being.

  11. Hi franco I have beem dating this girl for 5 months but she told me she had feelings for me before. 1 month ago it was her(19) birthday and I had done something for on that day I had a wallpaper of my ex and she accidental saw it then she broke it off I tried aplogising and did all the crazy stuff but it didn’t help she mentioned this guy from her new school who’s studying some phsycology with her in some college. I heard by her friend that she’s now dating that guy(24) and I’m 21. And yesterday she told me I know over and that I shouldn’t push. Please please please help me franco!!!

  12. Dear Steven,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. You are right in many points: women are hard-wired to be faithful and loyal to the man they are attracted to, that is true. Yes many motivators that drive men and women to act are similar.

    What is different between men and women is the way they use to express their needs.. knowing the differences and being able to act properly on them is what makes a skilled man.

    Amazing how she was getting back to you when you withdrew from her..

  13. Hi,

    My girl friends resides very other state and we have conversation only on Phone since 3 year we met only 7 time in three years and now she is she is avoiding me and she got her friends brother very closer to her who resides near by her home. I need to get her back to me please advise…

  14. Hello kream, great question. In my opinion it is more important what you say and how you relate to her when you reply in response to her when she initiates.. if you make her emotional about you when she initiates then it will “shake” something inside her and that will play in your favor.

    Cheers, Franco

  15. Hi Franco, I broke up with my girlfriend 4 months ago. I have hurt her feeling by being too direct and at the same time due to our work commitment we could not afford time together which is the reason why I initiated the break up.

    When we were together, another guy was waiting the in the wing as well but she choose to commit to me. After we broke up, she attempted to initiate conversation but I replied her coolly and after some time she is tired of trying and move onto the other guy. I really regretted the decision not to show how much I wanted her and now she is 1 month into the new relationship and is there any chance and way of making her falling in love with me?? Please Help! Thanks!

  16. Dear William, thank you for sharing your situation with us. Sorry to hear about what is going on.

    Could you please tell us more about this: how did you “hurt” her.

    Please give more info about that.

    Cheers, Franco

  17. Hi Franco, hope you can give me some advice here..
    I broke up with my girlfriend about 2 months ago, I dated her for about 1 and half year. 2 weeks after we broke up, she started dating with her colleague who she has worked together for 8 months. the reasons we broke up are because I could not give her enough tenderness,i was immature, I didnt have any personal growth and goals, and she did not feel that I committed to our future..
    Ok, so she had pointed out these issues quite a few times and told me seriously if I don’t do something about it, she will leave me..and of course I did not realize how important these things are for her, until she really broke up with me.
    I regret so much that why I never listened to her…
    then first of all i needed to accept the breakup, then i had to accept she is dating another guy..
    I love her a lot..and i want to be with her..
    for the past 2 weeks..i still keep in touch with her, meet her constantly. I really don’t understand what she wants. but she said she is only seeing me as a super close friend. she told me she is really happy with the new boyfriend and she loves him a lot..
    I am kind of hoping that she is just having a rebound relationship with that guy..that’s why I chose to stay close with her..but at the same time, she said i remind her about our past relationship too much..that really makes her angry and suffering..she knows that I still love her a lot.
    I really don’t know what I should do now..should I just stop contacting her so that she may miss me..? or i should just stay close to her and pretend im ok with everything that happened..

  18. Hi I was with my girlfriend for 4 and half years in that time we were a very string couple had a lot of romance in our relationship, I am 33 and she is 25 we never really argued much either, in April she suddenly said she was unhappy and that we had grown apart, she was bored of the same things, we managed to patch things up or so it seemed, but then less than 3 weeks later I find she has been chatting on text with a guy she met on the 5th May, she then 10 days later told me that was it she would be moving out and straight to his place, I was devastated, she now is with him and says she is really happy posting pics on Facebook of her new so called perfect life with him, I feel like I wasn’t cool enough for her, I’d love her back in my life but no idea how to get her to see me like she did again.

  19. Hello Simon,

    Sorry to hear this and thanks for sharing your story with us. This can help many other guys. See there can be factors connected with the type of her personality (is she attention driven, needy for validation?) and factors connected with you and what happened in the relationship (did anything happen in the relationship that lowered her attraction and worship towards you?)

    I sent you an email in the case you are willing to share privately more info.

    If you feel so please comment here and tell us what you think about the points above.

  20. Hi Franco,

    About a month ago my girlfriend and I broke up after being together for 2 and half years. The truth is that she started to feel attraction for a friend we had in common. Some days before we break up they were together and kissed. She told me everything and the break up was unavoidable in that moment. I continued to talk to her to see where things would go but she wanted us to be friends and would tell me to not go away from her life. I realised I was doing everything wrong because I kept close to her and she would not miss me as I wanted her to miss. We have a lot of common friends so sometimes is hard not to see her when we meet our friends. However, I asked her to meet and we went to a restaurant some weeks later and talked. I said everyting (good and bad stuff) and she went really emotional and cried and confessed she was thinking about me and missed me. We ended up kissing twice and I thought I was changing the game but maybe I was wrong. She texted me in the next morning saying she needed a hug and that she was feeling sad. Despite all this she continues to see the other guy and now I haven’t talked to her for a week and I don’t know what I should do to get her to feel the attraction again. Should I keep the no contact for a few weeks?

    Thanks, Franco

  21. Dear Matthew, thank you for posting this, it will help many other guys! One question: do you feel that in the relationship between the two of you – before all of this happened – you became over time far more sweet and accondiscent when dealing with her compared to what you were at the beginning? Is it possible that over time she could not feel anymore so much the exciting feeling of your masculine strength because your sweetness increased too much? I notice that you offer yourself a lot for the role of sharing dramatic, emotional feelings with her. I am not sure is that necessarily a good thing: some guys are too sweet to girls and some others do the opposite and are too tough. It is a difficult thing to calibrate. I would need more info about the past in order to help you. Please share with us more what happened in the relationship BEFORE she felt in love for the other guy.

  22. Hi Franco,

    It has been a month since my breakup with my ex girlfriend. We had been together for 6 years (2 years living together and 3 months engaged). She dumped me for her reason that she’s not happy anymore. I thought she just wanted space to find what she really wants in life then i found out 1 week after our breakup that she jumped to a new relationship with a new guy which is her officemate. I panicked and begged to get her back but she just slammed to my face that she has no feelings for me and doesnt love me anymore. I did everything to get her back but just turned out to annoyed her and blocked me in her life. Im her first serious boyfriend and she was a nice and innocent girl so i thought this girl was special. I just realized before our breakup that she showed signs of being bored in our relationship. I failed to handle properly our breakup so the power now is in her hands because i became needy and clingy. Do i still have the chance to get her back in this kind of situation? It was all my fault because i have failed to excite her anymore and the attention and sex became less few months before the breakup.

    Thank you

  23. Dear Friend,

    Thank you for sharing this with us and sorry to hear about your situation. See strangely men who are very active and successful in other areas of life have the belief that a relationship with a woman would be something that gives them the chance of “relaxing” Men are hunters and when they get something they think: “Ok hunting is done, I got what I wanted now I can sit down and enjoy” Not the case with women. Their active emasculating attempts dictated by Nature mean for a guy a constant need for LEADING the relationship. If you want to talk more about what happened and how you can avoid in future situations like this please mail me.

  24. Dear Matt,

    Thank you for contacting me and welcome to Franco Seduction.

    I am willing to help you as I can.

    Please see the info about consultations here:

    Please send me an email with a description of the topics you would like to discuss and we get started.

    Cheers, Franco

  25. Dear Franco,

    thanks for your site. You seem to be someone who knows his stuff. Any advice you may have would be most welcome. I am in my late 30s and my ex is in the early ones. After one year of friendship, two years together, and one and a half year on and off, with me doing my stuff and her waiting for whoever or whatever (i.e. not being with anybody), my ex finally broke up with me in January and started to see someone else in March. We recently met again and we spent time together (4 days), during those, I refused to push for sex but it may have happened very well. I still don’t know the real reasons we broke up, she always claimed that the spark was not there any more, but she kept seeing me and talking to me. In the one and a half year apart, we met few times, and the spark was very much there, as it was last month. Now, I proposed her to get back together, mentioning that I changed (which, to a certain extent is true) and that I want to try things in the proper way this time. In the past there was much fighting and a general arguing, but during the past four days, it was like heaven. She says, things cannot go back, lets leave it as it was, with a lot of drama, hugs, cries, and kisses involved. I am sincerely and utterly puzzled by her mumbling and mumbling and refuse to give it a try, also because she admitted how well things were during the four days. I really don’t think the new guy is the issue (nor do my female friends). Also, during all these years, we spoke (often remotely) almost every day, while, since January I limited the contact. I am, and she always considered me a PUA, and I mentioned that I have been seeing other women since January myself, not stirring any particular reaction.

    Any advice?

  26. Dear James, thanks for your comment and sharing this witb us. Sorry to hear about your situation. See men and women look for different things in a relationship. Women are first looking for attention and validation and then sex. Men are looking for sex and when they get that they feel loved afterwards. Now your girl has managed somehow in the relationship to get plenty of validation and closeness from you and her sexual attraction for some reason went down. It means that actually she is reaching her female end goal in the relationship quite well. I suspect that this happened because you over time agreed to have too many talks about “the relationship” See you should avoid with a woman having talks about “the relationship” that is a huge turn off for the girl because she interprets that as supplication. You should keep girls always little bit “on their toes” in regard to how much attention and validation you may give and always put a price to yourself. Women love it when they have to work for the relationship. If you make getting attention and validation for them too easy they lose interest. Let us know how we can help you more. Franco

  27. i have an girlfriend in long term relationship 4 years if our relation we are very closed but few 6 to 7 months i dont know about the matter suddenly i knew about the back relation she was flirt and seduced by another guy she says me that iam gone out from her mindand heart she didnt give me a breakup but she sometimes still call me and shows carying and last mistakes 6 days ago i hve done i had sex wirh her she says that u have done wrong with me i says that i love u iys ur fault u get to someone else kindly five me a suggestion how to get her back because she is from my caste and a new guy is so scdeuled caste he inot not smart or lokking smart i am must better than him but also she is going to left me because i am in long term and that guy have done so suprise and taken the advantages of that

  28. tha guy is in his college and done alot of thing like surprise and many other things

  29. Akhil look at your frame: “She didn’t give me a breakup”.. you are letting her lead you and this is probably one of the reasons for your problems with her. You should begin to lead her.

  30. Hey Franco this is a good question and I think will help your readers too, what if she was a good girl first and you screened her properly and then she broke up with you trying to get you to supplicate in order to keep her because you were too Alpha. And then becomes an adventurous going out with her friends sleeping around for validation and attention. Is she no longer a good girl? If she wants me to be jealous and to “fight for her” , should I let her go to be herself? And is she lost now because she will become addicted to the validation? I suppose my question is is a good girl always a good girl and an adventurous always an adventurous? Or can you lose a good girl to her adventurous tendencies

  31. Hello John,

    Very good question. In my opinion a woman who is HSE (high self-esteem) and good girl can be seduced and maybe – as you say – “changed” only if she is going through a bad life crisis. If she is happy then it will not be easy to “change” her. Besides this: using jealousy as a seductive tool is something adventuresses do.. not good girls so much. A good girl is more prone to dump the guy if she is unhappy with him more than playing games.

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