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Screen women while you meet them

Well let´s assume that you are at the stage of being able to approach women everywhere and are enjoying the wonderful feeling of abundance which comes with good skills in meeting women.

Already at this stage it is very important for you to learn the art of screening women.

Why is that?

Because now that you are operating from a frame of abundance you will not have the time for every girl.

Another good reason is that when you screen women that has you come out automatically as the prize in the relationship with them and it increases your appeal a lot when women “sense” – and believe me they will ! – that you do not have time for everyone.Another good reason is that when you screen women that has you come out automatically as the prize in the relationship with them and it increases your appeal a lot when women “sense” – and believe me they will ! – that you do not have time for everyone.

Another important reason for screening women is: you do not get into trouble as you will learn to look more and more for better women not only basing your screening on nice rears and tits but especially on their personality features and especially on how they treat you.

So here are a few tips about something you can do from the beginning in order to improve your screening skills.

Your worst enemy in matters of screening women is: your own testosterone.

Your tremendous masculine sexual desire also impairs your judgment in matters of screening women and for that reason it is important to learn to control it while meeting women.

Of course the best way of controlling your masculine sexual desire is to be all the time sexually satisfied and that is why being an expert in seduction gives you so many advantages in matters of female relationships.

Male testosterone gives to a man an extreme urge to discharge sexually with a good looking woman.

This happens very often at the expenses of screening the woman. This is because male sexuality is visual: the vision of a beautiful rear or nice tits, beautiful mouth, teeth can trigger such a sexual drive in you that you forget other important issues.

In a word male evolutionary screening is not made to screen for the quality of her personality.

It is made to screen for physical qualities related with the skill of bear children. A man is in fact potentially in the condition of fathering many, many children with different women.

This is something you need to remember before you approach women.

There are some microseconds before the approach starts you can use for this.

Guys who still have problem approaching definitely cannot do this.

When you have reached the stage when approaching a woman will feel about the same like eating an ice cream before you approach her give yourself a short break, user your peripheral vision if needed and observe her with attention.

There are more and more studies about the role of intuition in the brain. They all say that if your intuition tells you something in most of the cases it is right.

Anyway to give you a guideline I list here a few things you need to observe.

Male pre-approach pre-screening = PP is something you do both with your intelligence and your guts just before you approach her. It will spare you lots of problems and have you invest your energy into the right women (right for you).

This list is subjective and reflects by own screening criteria. I am using it as an example.

If you like women who smoke 30 cigarettes in a day, spit on the ground and are so drunk that can barely walk just go for it. The idea is that you can screen a woman rapidly to decide will you approach her or the next woman depending on your gut feelings and a quick observation of her.

Remember: your gut feelings cannot fool you.

This list of course is based on my preferences but you can do your own list.

So some guidelines are:

– Does she dress well: this can be many things for example does her way of dressing express niceness, femininity or on the contrary a masculine attitude, does her way of dressing express a poor care of herself or does her way of dressing express conservativeness or a fight against the authority, is she dressed to express her political opinions and if so which are they and so on.

– The expression of her face is extremely important: is the expression of her face serious, meditative or does express anger, depression? If there is depression on her face avoid her like the plague, it means trouble! Does she smile and laugh a lot, is she relaxed and so on. For example I never approach women with a depressed facial expression, I just go for the next smiling girl!

– How she carries herself: position of her body, body movements: women are very expressive and they give messages about themselves by the way they carry themselves. For example a stiff and tough way of walking or sitting may express either a masculine attitude or depression or stress.

– Shoes: they tell a lot of a woman. If she chooses feminine shoes she may be of the passive, receptive, feminine type, if she has commando boots maybe she is aggressive, masculine. Some women choose shoes to express having an intellectual nature, some other choose them to express their free minded attitude, others choose them to express conservativeness, others do not choose them at all thus expressing their chaotic nature or at worst total naiveness and low level attitude.

– Signs of self-destructiveness on her body: like for example cutting herself, cigarette burns and any other symbol like this – is a sure indicator of a woman with a personality disorder. If you like tigers and a life without sleep just go for it. Experience in the field has taught me that signs of self-destructiveness in her outlook indicate a self-destructive personality in 95% of the cases.

When you walk on the streets and you are meeting women let your subconscious guide you.

For example “depressed face” hmm.. next girll! “happy smile” hmm.. approach! “happy smile + cuts on her wrist” next girl!

This is a kind of semiconscious fast pre-screening you can apply to your pick-ups as a tool to improve the quality of the women you have around.

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