Why Sex With Her Before The III Meeting

It is very important when seducing a woman to set sex with her
before the third meeting as a goal, with focus on the first
and second meetings.

This is crucial for you to succeed with women because it is
connected with congruence and with certain primitive responses of the female evolutionary system.

Congruence is one of the most important qualities of the alpha male.

I do not take into account those situations where you have decided from the beginning that you want that particular woman only as a friend.

That is just fine, provided you are being congruent with yourself.

I do take into account the situations where you approached the
woman with a clear sexual purpose in mind.

You approached her to pick her up and seduce her into having sex with you and maybe even a sexual relationship with you.

Reminder: wanting her as a girlfriend IS a sexual relationship and
not something else.

Women always test men for congruence: it is instinctual to them.

Sexuality and pregnancy are in the deepest levels of their instincts and are strictly connected with each other, regardless of the quality of birth control means we might have nowadays.

Instincts know nothing about condoms and other birth control means.

For this reason, from the first very moment, a female will test you for congruence.

She will quickly sense that if a man is not able to be congruent
with himself, he will not be strong enough to protect her and her

When you decide from the beginning whether you want to
be friends with a woman or seduce her into having sex, then stick to your plan with speed and consistency, you are being congruent with your initial frame.

This is always the way of the real man: congruence.

The whole idea of “waiting for sex” is totally fucked up, totally
incongruent and based on the Madonna-whore complex.

Another deleterious aspect of waiting for sex is that it puts you in the position of supplicating to the woman. For the high status
male, no woman is a special flower.

When you “wait for sex” you are simultaneously sub-communicating that you are not a high status male.

I often receive letters from guys asking me why she
lost sexual interest after a while.

The common factor in all of them? He waited too long to
escalate sexually!

This is a typical situation:


How are you?

I met this woman on the street a couple of months ago, opened her with a situational opener, got into deep rapport with her and Jesus she was hot!

I can´t get her off my mind!

We had a real good time together so we decided to meet again for coffee the following week.

In the bar we found that we have quite a lot in common.

We like the same movies, have the same hobbies and we seem to get along quite well.

I did not want to be pushy, so I decided to wait before making a
move on her.

She was so different from any other woman I met before.

We spent many days together and had a lot of fun. We were
going to clubs together. She introduced me to her friends. We
went on a short trip together. This fun went on for a while.

Then all of a sudden, she became cold. She simply stopped

When I touched her arm she would withdraw it.

She did not let me hold her hand while walking with her anymore.

Then one day she simply disappeared.

She did not return my calls or respond to my text messages.

Why did she change? What can I do to get her back?

Thanks, Marino”

This is a fairly common situation.

Marino feels that she “is different compared to other girls he met.”

Truth is that Marino cannot get her back because he never made a move to take her.

As a sexual man, he was being incongruent.

And that is the reason she became cold and distant and finally left.

Many guys here can feel your pain Marino!

That really, really sucks!

We understand you: many men have been conditioned by society to believe that women are “pure Madonnas.” Many women are victims of the same belief, too.

What makes Marino suffer even more was that she never told him WHY she withdrew: women are all about sub-communication.

She did not want to hurt him – or hurt herself even more ! – by
verbalizing the Matrix.

Another possibility is that, as a typical modern woman, she did not even realize herself WHY her own instincts compelled her to leave.

A modern woman will never verbalize this, but she has been
conditioned, on the conscious level, to believe in equality.

Taking a woman sexually, escalating sexually is exerting sexual
power on her and has nothing to do with equality.

At Austerlitz a general told Napoleon after the battle: “Sir, lets
now leave this place abandoned by God.”

Napoleon´s answer:”General, in matters such as this, God has no business.”

He was the epitome of the alpha male.

How can a modern woman ever consciously admit to herself that she is waiting for the animal part of her alpha male to take her? To make her scream with pleasure as quickly as possible by getting through all of her defenses?

She will never admit that to herself OR to him!

I have done a lot of traveling in countries that are not considered
to be “politically correct.” I was born in a traditional country

The women in traditional countries overtly despise a man who is not capable of sexually escalating quickly.

In politically correct countries women feel the same, however they simply cannot admit it to themselves, thus they give more complex double binds and mixed messages to men, ultimately confusing them and messing with their heads that much more.

This behavior confuses guys like Marino who want to be good and nice to them.

Wanting to be good and to protect the member of his own group is another strong instinct of the alpha male.

The issue is, a woman wants to know are you strong enough to do that before she can accept your protection.

This is the place where nice guys fail.

What really happened to Marino is that he failed several tests
which women unconsciously or consciously throw at men.

1. Congruence test:

Marino clearly approached her with a sexual purpose in mind.

If that was the case, then WHY he was not faithful to his own

A real man is always congruent with his own purpose. He does not concern himself with what other people may think about it.

True, he listens to other people and takes their feelings into
account like a good leader.

But is he unsure about what he wants in regard to such a personal need like sex and his own sexuality?

Heck no!

2. Supplication test:

Marino fails this test because by waiting instead of quickly
escalating he sends the message that he is not able to take women as much as he would like to.

He gives the message that she is a special flower to him. Implicitly he is putting her on a pedestal.

Women sense at the deeper level of their instincts that only weak males will put them on a pedestal and that is why they so often fall for jerks.

They confuse the jerk with the high status male because the jerk is able to be impudent.

Impudence is another important quality of the alpha male.

3. Social proof test

Another important quality of the alpha male is: he is able to take many women.

This is important for women: they want to know how easily you can take other women. If you are desired by many women, that means you are a man of value.

Women are natural born marketers!

If you are wanted by women they will all want you! Remember that all women wait for the Prince.

The Prince does not need to wait for sex!

If you supplicate by waiting too long for sex, that means you are not a man who is desired by other women.

The female’s primitive evolutionary system interprets this to mean that you are not a high status male.

This is why it is so crucial to escalate for sex before the third meeting. Even better is to focus on it on the first or second meeting and you can’t go wrong.

Waiting “so long,” like the second or third meeting, means to respect her need for comfort.

Waiting TOO LONG sends her the message that you are not a high quality man!

The female evolutionary detector reads: he is a weak male of low status.

She becomes cold, distant and withdraws from the interaction. A lot of times, she doesn’t even know why herself.

I have described the female evolutionary system and how it works in
the Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys.

one important thing: while you escalate to sex you have to screen her for her personality. Otherwise you can end up with a Freak or a Masculine Dominant Woman.

You can recognize a Freak by the fact that she is driven by
validation and is very often self-destructive.

You can recognize a Masculine Dominant Woman by the way that she feels bad when her feminine instincts come out and begins to fight against them and you.

In “Getting the Good Girls,” I share with you how to discern if she is a Freak or a Good Girl.

Franco, helping men since 2004

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