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When you hear guys talking about how to pickup a woman, one topic that always comes up is where the best places to pickup women are.

Well.. good places to pickup women are everywhere!

That´s usually my answer.

I have reason for answering like that: the topic “places to pickup women” is very often a justification for not approaching.

The aim of my answer is to send this message: when you want to pickup a woman, always be impudent! Always approach!

Never let rational thinking impair your impudence.

Impudence is the most important feature of the alpha male. It is even more important than intelligence or skills.

When you pickup a woman and you are being impudent, she will notice it and that will always, always play out in your favor!

Just today I was thinking about this topic again.

An easy way to pickup a woman is surely the skill of placing yourself tactically in the right way, at the right moment, and in the right place!

When you pickup a woman, effectiveness does not necessarily mean that you should be sweating and running all the time from one place to another!

After all, when you pickup a woman an important factor influencing her reaction is how worried she is about the effect of the social pressure on her when other people see you talking with her.

For this reason, here is a list of places where you can pickup a woman with as little pressure put on her as possible.

Some of the places on the list may seem strange to you, but.. honestly.. they can get you the girl if you apply this advice properly.

The lift

I have picked up girls in the lift quite often, when it was only the two of us inside. The situation is safe for her socially, yet at the same time exciting enough for her to feel you as a sexual threat.

She is alone in the lift with you, and you could be a dangerous man who wants to take advantage of her. On the other hand, there are no other people around to judge her, or staring at her while she talks to you.

She will feel that you are not trying to pickup a woman as an agenda, but only have a nice conversation with her.

Here you can start the pickup with a simple “Hi” and a smile. Then, begin a conversation with some small talk about the weather.

What counts is that you manage to break the ice in the elevator, and at the moment the two of you are at ground level, go on walking with her in the same direction she does!

Then you can work on building attraction, and when you notice enough signs of attraction then you can work on building enough comfort for instant dating. There is not even the need to ask for her number. Simply go from the lift to an instant date!

A relationship of about one year with one of my girls began exactly this way, in the lift…

Bus or tram stop

It´s really a good place when it´s only the two of you there. Keep yourself to her side, and don´t face her directly.

When you pickup a woman in the daytime and you are a total stranger, it´s important to make sure she feels secure in your company. Being to her side is felt to be more secure by her, compared to you facing her.

While you are at her side, be totally relaxed while showing total disinterest in her. Perhaps you will look a little bit nervous, as if wondering will the bus arrive in time.

Then you slowly turn your neck and say, “They must be late..” or “bloody cold here.. I hope they will come soon” or.. “terribly hot here, I hope they will come soon!”

Then you get in the same bus or tram with her. When you get in the tram or bus, don´t sit really close to her. Sit to her side, with one seat between you and her. That will increase her feeling of your active disinterest in her.

Then continue the conversation, while focusing first on building attraction, then on building comfort. She doesn´t know where you are going, so you can go all the way along with her for a far as you like.

Again go for an instant date. You don´t need to ask for her number at all.

When getting out of a common venue

When I pickup a woman I like using non-verbal messages quite a lot. They are usually quite effective.

There is research that has shown that if you look for a while into the eyes of a member of the opposite sex, and then withdraw your eye contact, it makes the other person slowly fall in love with you.

I think that I had been doing this instinctively before. I was very glad when I found out about this research:

If you have ever wondered how to get a woman in the mood, this one is surely for you!

I have been doing this instinctively since I was a young man.
You can do it when you are leaving virtually every venue: shops, your work place (this one not in the US), the gym, or wherever you like. When you are going out, first approach the door, then turn your neck and look for a few seconds directly into the eyes of the person you want to have fall in love.

While you are looking, smile, and then get the door.

The effect of this is amazing: if you prolong the eye contact little bit more than is necessary, the other person will begin to feel something.

This is the answer to the question: how to get a woman in the mood.

This should be done in places where you can meet the same person again and again.

After a few times of doing this, when you see a positive response and the person beginning to wonder what´s going on between the two of you, you either approach and begin the attraction building or – even better – you can find out when the girl will get out of the venue and simply approach her and try for an instant date.

Try this and you will be amazed at how it works! You now really know how to get a woman in the mood!

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