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Showing Vulnerability… Only Half Way – How Do I Get A Girl To Like Me


You believe you are alpha and a tough guy and that’s good.

Still sometimes you will need to get under the radar of a woman otherwise you sill end up seducing chaotic freaks and boring masculine girls.

A feminine woman is always at a certain extent concerned with safety.

When you come in too strong you are going to scare the best women.

The more personality and her self-esteem she has the more there will be a need for you to approach “delicately”.

So what you do?

Easy: you need to learn how to calibrate masculinity
and show more vulnerability.

Without showing any vulnerability you will – almost probably – get very boring masculine women and end up in bed with a frigid woman.

The flip side of this is showing too much vulnerability which will turn you into her male-girlfriend and she will never feel for you the spark of the attraction.

So what you do?

Show at times some vulnerability and… remain half way.

You can “mix” in your approach the toughness of a man with the sensitiveness of a sweet man and give her some mixed messages about how “safe” and “dangerous” you are.

And you can do it by remaining “half way” in matters of showing vulnerability.

I personally use “mixed frames” a lot.

Like the following:

“Ahhh that cat is so nice down there, look at his eyes, what wonderful romantic eyes… and the teeth: I bet no mouse would like to have his ass biten by those sharp, hungry teeth”

In the first part of the sentence there is the romantic part and…in the second part the aggressive part.

Or something like this:

“When I look at you I can feel the need of kissing your wonderful neck.. I really long for it… and if I would be Drakula, I would drink all your blood”

You can tell her about how worried you are about your next exams…

…like this:

Her: you look little bit worried, everything ok? (they always ask this question! )

You: Yeah.. exams coming.. not sure I’ll make it…

You: Well its not the end of the world…if I will not pass the exams I will sure do something stupid…

At this point when she is already sure that she is having her next guy into the “lets just be friends” frame you switch and..

You: actually last time I did not pass an exam… I made the professor an offer he could not refuse…

Her: really, what offer?

You: Its best I keep it a secret from you…


You can always show vulnerability to a woman. That reassures her and… do it only “Half way!”

There are more tips like these, even more potent ones packed tightly into the Manual of Seduction.

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