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Seducing Women

From Comfort To Sex With Quality Women

In a recent post we saw how it is possible to move from female drama to sex. Anyway, if a woman’s only way of expressing sexual desire is drama she is not a quality woman.  If a woman does not care about her own safety too much she is not a quality woman. You can…

Seducing Women

The LD Low Sexual Drive Woman – Why You Must Know How To Seduce Her!

It’s Sunday early morning and I am having a cappuccino. I am thinking of a good topic for discussion with you, guys. Men receive a tough education. They take responsibility on their own shoulders. When they try to get a girl and they cannot get what they want they blame themselves. They do not consider the effect of their own choices on…

Seducing Women

Change Female Drama Into Sex

Let me share a few words with you about female drama. Many guys fail to understand it’s meaning. Female drama and female sexual desire are connected to each other. Behind female drama there are female hormonal changes. The purpose of those changes is: to have the woman lose sexual control. Many men fail to understand…

Female Relationships

Freeze Outs. Reward And Punishment.

Women are communication driven. Since ancient times having social contacts has been, for the woman, a matter of survival. A man can go into a wood. He can hunt, fish and build a small house. He can survive alone for a very long time. A woman gets pregnant. She cannot survive for long in difficult…

Female Relationships

How To Build Multiple Relationships With Girls

Multiple Long Term Relationships With Hot Girls. I have been living for all my life this lifestyle.  Believe me guys: it`s fun. Having between 3 to 7 girlfriends you see at the same time!  In this article I describe how you can build contemporary relationships with hot girls.  In my next article I will describe how to maintain multiple relationships over time.  If…

Female Relationships

How To Date A Girl The Meta Frame NLP And Seduction 4

This is about how to get smart with women:) Getting smart = getting laid! I see so many guys who are not aware of this getting tooled by girls in the dating scene and during relationships!  So stay with me. One of the first things men need to know on how to date a girl is: be…

Seducing Women

How To Make Any Girl Want You By Building Discomfort

And why it is as important as comfort!    Women have (among their many other problems) two very, very important problems: 1. Safety: they want to know if they are safe around you. This is why you need comfort game. You need the skill of making them comfortable around you after you attract them, and……