Basic NLP and Seduction 1

This is the first of several articles, in which I highlight how basic NLP applies to seduction.

We will review NLP concepts and see how they apply to meeting women, seduction, and female relationships.

Know your outcome and what you want to achieve.

The more clearly you can visualize what you want, the more powerful you become as a seducer.

Always have a clear outcome in mind. If you are looking for a good girl, and for a committed relationship, then be specific about your desired outcome.

Describe specifics in your mind using words, colors, sensations, and detailed thoughts about this outcome.

It is essential to describe it thoroughly and be meticulous about it.

Your mind will become effective in producing an outcome when you have a clear and meticulous vision about that outcome.

When trying to attain a desired outcome, sit down and describe to yourself in specifics your inner vision of what a good girl is, or a freak if you are looking for some fun.

The clearer the vision, the easier it will be for you to reach your goal.

Have sufficient sensory acuity to know if you are moving towards or away from your outcome.

An essential skill you need to be a good seducer is cultivating awareness.

I repeat: awareness, awareness, awareness.

Sensory acuity means having a clear understanding, and the capacity to clearly observe your surroundings and actually see what is around you.

If you have your head in the clouds you will not be able to observe your surroundings, and as a result you will not notice if you are moving toward your desired outcome, or away from it.

It doesn’t make sense to ask why you didn’t find a good girl if you went looking for her at a Hell’s Angels meeting, or from a dating situation where you were manipulated into buying her lots of expensive things.

These kinds of scenarios happen when you lack a clearly-stated outcome in your mind, and even more, when you lack clear sensory acuity and understanding about whether or not you are moving toward or away from your outcome.

Always follow process more than content.

To apply this principle to the dating world, you should always follow what she does and the how she does it, rather than what she says.

Content is what is being done and said between the two of you: you and her.

Process is what is really happening between you and her.

If she says she loves you and is looking for a safe and honest relationship, this is the content.

If she tells her story, and you find out that she has been with boyfriends who mistreated her and were in all aspects “bad guys,” then this is the process that has been really happening with her: she is a woman who likes bad guys.

The chance that she will try to make you be a bad guy, and dump you if you are not, is around 95%.

So keep an eye on the process, and always pay attention to the content as second.

If she says she is a conservative woman and looking for a committed relationship, this is the content.

If the same woman stays awake at night, you rarely meet her when she is sober, and she cannot pay for her own apartment, then this is the process: the process indicates that she is really not a conservative woman.

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