How To Build Multiple Relationships With Girls

Multiple Long Term Relationships With Hot Girls.

I have been living for all my life this lifestyle. 

Believe me guys: it`s fun. Having between 3 to 7 girlfriends you see at the same time! 

In this article I describe how you can build contemporary relationships with hot girls. 

In my next article I will describe how to maintain multiple relationships over time. 

If you are active in business life 7 girls is the largest amount you can afford.

Get more than that and you will not have anymore time for the business and yourself.

You can have so many girlfriends in an honest way. Each one of them will know that you have other girlfriends.

There is no need to lie of hide yourself in anyway. 

If you think I went crazy well sorry: that’s not the case. 

This is possible! Especially in our modern “politically correct” countries.    The sexual power of a woman is in the fact that she can decide who is the man who will procreate with her. 

The sexual power of the man is in the fact that he can decide will he spend time with a particular woman or not.

In an exclusive relationship a woman retains all the power. She can decide will she allow a man to be sexual with her or not.

She can decide will she open up to him and give affection to him or not.

By being exclusive to her you as a man gave up your sexual power to her. 

She rules. 

Building Multiple Long Term Relationships will give you back your sexual power.  You rule.

There are big advantages connected with building Multiple Long Term Relationships.

– Huge female sexual arousal: the women who are with you will be far more attracted to you. They will be willing to please you in any way, including being sexual with you all the time. 

The knowledge that you are having other women will put their own primeval instincts at work. They will chase you more and more.

This is in their instincts. When a woman feels that she cannot completely have you she feels she must work to have you more and more.

Her instincts interpret your unavailability as a sign of higher value.

Then she must ”hunt” you more and more.

This will mean plenty of sex for you, sometimes more sex than you can handle. 

If you are a passionate guy and like sex a lot you will not have to hit your head in the wall anymore. No need to deal with one unwilling or manipulative woman. 

– Variety: you will be able to enjoy spending your time with different types of women. Women with different personalities and different kinds of beauty. A man is hard-wired to seek for sexual variety. You will love the variety. 

To say it with Charles Bukowski. “The beauty of having sex with different women is that every woman has sex in a different way.” 

– FInancial: believe it or not one wife is expensive. Much more than having between 3 and 7 girlfriend in rotation. Ask me how I know. 

A wife can be a financial mess, especially in countries where the culture expects men to pay for all, like in the US. 

In those cultures a wife can drain your mental and material resources. In the case of a conflict she will be able to leave with half of your property or more away. 

She can sue you in court, she can make your life miserable with drama or manipulation. Authorities often will believe her drama and manipulation and go with it. 

With MLTRs the Government, the Law and a Wife will have no business interfering with any aspect of your life. 

You will not be accountable to anyone for anything connected with your private life. 

– Psychological well being: you will not need anymore one woman for sex and closeness. The human being is a needy and social animal. No matter how strong you are you will never be able to live forever without sex, affection and closeness. 

In MLTRs women will not be able to “blackmail” you with withdrawal of sex and closeness. 

In MLTRs you will be the one to have the power of withdrawing sex, attention and closeness. 

I trust on you being fair in such situations and not abusing your power.

If you are a man who likes to give and protect women you will be able to do that in MLTRs.  

It will happen so that no one except you will be the one to decide how much, when and how.

I will not fool you and tell you that this would be for beginners as it is not. 

To build MLTRs you will need at least the basics of meeting women and seducing them under your belt. 

Let’s say this is for you when you are able to make a new girlfriend at least one or twice a month. 

You will also need the basics of female psychology and some idea of how to manage a relationship with a woman. 

Being able to seduce girls into one night stands will not be enough. 

Managing female relationships is a different set of skills.

Here a description of all what you need to build Multiple Long Term Relationships: 

– Leadership qualities: building and keeping them up requires leadership and management skills. 

It’s little bit like managing a team on the business place. Many of you have this skill and I am sure many of you apply it to their businesses and…do not apply it to women!

When I coach guys around the world in the art of seduction I notice this it all the time. 

Guys do not apply to female relationships the same skills they have on the business! 

Treat your female relationships like a business! 

Would you in business quit following the business process? Would you in business give all the benefit to your business partners? 

Meta Frame: to build MLTRs. you will need to build A Meta Frame since the beginning with every girl.

In my recent article on Meta Frames I described for you how a woman sets her meta frame on you. 

You can find the article here: 

Maybe one of the most important steps in building a MLTR is what you do at the beginning when you seduce a new woman.

We might call this also: relationship expectations management. 

This is something that the majority of the men does not do at all under the influence of their testosterone. 

This is when you set a frame to every new woman you seduce since the beginning.  

The frame is about what she can expect from a relationship with you.

The majority of men sells themselves short since the beginning. 

It is enough for them to feel their testosterone telling them:”Wow what a nice ass!” and they are already coming on their white horse to save the girl from the evil world.

Men fail to establish upfront a frame to a relationship with a woman.

This is exactly what women never fail to do to men.

Here is how to set a Meta Frame to get women into MLTRs. 

If you just do some research and go around reading on dating sites what women write you will find stuff like this:

“I want a honest man who is caring, has a good heart and wants to give me his love and dedication to me”

This is a Meta Frame. It defines the frame of the interaction since the beginning. It sets a frame of exclusivity. 

Or even if you read: “I am looking for new friends for long term dating”  then you will read: “or maybe more” 

There is an assumption of exclusivity upfront. When the guy gets in touch with her she will keep up her Meta Frame and get him into exclusivity.

An exclusive relationship is a Meta Frame: it is a certain way of looking at things.  

The exclusive frame of mind gets around the relationship itself like an octopus.

It gets around you with it’s tentacles and it does not drop till it has sucked all your blood.

From her it can come as a question. For example: “What are we”. 

Or it can come like a statement: “I believe in deep connections between two souls” 

When you seduce a new girl you can be sure that she will try to establish an exclusive Meta Frame on you.

There are few exceptions to this reality and they are slim. The majority of the women will want an exclusive relationship. 

This is because the majority of the women will want exclusive power over you. 

To establish multiple relationships you will have to establish a stronger Meta Frame. This is the only way to build multiple relationships with women without having to lie. 

You need to do this at the beginning and be faster than her. 

Let’s examine how you can build a strong Meta Frame. 

Swinger activities is the strongest and fastest way of establishing the MLTR Meta Frame.

If you like the idea of having two girls in you bed then this is the fastest way.

It does not matter does she agree to a 3some or not.

Only the fact that you have her discuss with you about 3somes will establish your MLTR Meta Frame.

The point here is not the 3some or the swinger activities themselves.

The point is to have her accept on the mind level the idea that you will girls other than her.

When you are having sex with her is the best moment to use 3somes as a tool for establishing MLTRs

When she is at the peak of her pleasure you may use some fantasies and then say: “How would you feel if a girl would.. “

When you have her accept at least on the fantasy level something like this she is already yours!

In an even more subtle way you can first stimulate her fantasy on the idea of having another guy in her bed with you.

Then you can use that to move to having another girl in the bed.

Women will say all the kind of stuff at that point.

Some of them will get so shocked that they will drop out of the relationship. 

This is rare in my experience.

Some will fast try to establish an exclusive frame with you. Funny is that even the girls who were playing hard to get at this point will begin to chase for exclusivity! 

Some of the girls will be enthusiastic about the idea.

Listen to her, show empathy for her position and smile. When you have her engaged longer into a discussion on this she is already in your Meta Frame.

This is in particular powerful with women who are HD (high sexual drive)

All the women like a lot to be the center of attention. Many women feel boredom. Many of them will enjoy the excitement of being with such a brave guy like you. A guy who dares to break the rules.

Attention and validation is much more of a currency for a woman compared to sex itself.

It has always a higher priority compared to sex. 

A woman with a strong need for attention and high sexual drive is a good candidate for MLTRs 

While you are having sex with her you can begin to explore her fantasies with her.

Then you bring her to the fantasy of her sharing you with another woman. Have her aroused and then addicted to the idea.

You can also use the fantasy of her being with you and another man at the same time. 

Both of them establish a “non exclusive” frame.

Beware: even if you have her into a 3some with Pamela Anderson she will always push for exclusivity! It is hard wired in the woman.

Some of them will push since the beginning. Other will begin to push with a delay of months of even years.

It does not matter: when you have into the Meta Frame she will have to be all the time reactive. 

You lead the show: she reacts to it.

Another way to establish the Meta Frame is using  “Free mindedness” as a tool.

 This is a powerful one: especially in our modern society.

In our “politically correct” countries there is a “non written code.”

Everyone uses power on others but “officially” such a thing like using power “does not exist.”

In modern countries there are millions of women who conflicts about freedom.

It is a silent revolution against male power and it has been lasting for long.  

Just go to a restaurant, a bar or a club and interview the women there.

Every other woman will have a hidden fight against some kind of male authority.

Someone will feel that men earn more than women. 

Someone else will feel that men do not share a fair amount of home work.

Someone else will feel that her hubby at home is boring, jealous and possessive.

Someone else will feel that her boyfriend is too much into business. He is not giving enough attention to her.

Just to quote Fred Mercury you will find tons of women singing in their: “I want to be free. I want to set free.”

You will build your Meta Frame since the beginning by mirroring this need for freedom.

You will present the MLTRs as an alternative to male oppression. 

“I am the guy with whom you can be free” will be your Meta Frame  

After all this way you free her from centuries of male oppression! LOL. 

When you have her there you will begin to talk with her about “other women.”

Just be random and subtle. 

This will be at the beginning something like mentioning “friends”

My ”friend” Maria, my “friend” Lola, my “friend” Janette… 

Under the effect of your Meta Frame: “We are a free minded couple.” or “Freedom is our shared value” she will be not able to fight back as it will go against her own values.

Another Meta Frame you can use is: “I have no power on you”

When you seduce a new woman she will always first try to put you in the position of having to use your power on her.

Even the most “liberated” woman will do that for sure.

She does not do it for the “romantic” reasons.  

She tries to have you affect her with your power  to put you in the position of having to invest your energy into her.

She she will try to have be the leader and “decide” about stuff to be able to affect your decisions in return.

The more you invest your energy into her the more she will be able to use that to control you. 

She will get a receptive position and then try to influence your decisions.

In fact: if you do not invest your energy into a woman then the woman will never be able to influence you in any way.

To build MLTRs at the beginning you will not behave like any other guy. 

You will not do anything that smells of power investment in her. No stuff like controlling her, being jealous and telling her what to do.

Only attract her. 

Believe me: the majority of the women at this point will sense what you are doing.

They will ask from themselves: “Wow who is this guy? He is acting so different compared to the other guys!” 

At that point she will get much more interested in you.

She will feel stronger arousal when  being with you. Then she will begin to hunt you even harder for exclusivity.

She will begin to get worried and say or do something that alludes to exclusivity.

This can be something like:

Her: “What are we”

Her: “I think our relationship should go to the next level”

Or like a girl once told me:

Her: “Are we a couple or are we only seeing each other”

A girl dealing with a regular guy without skills will not need to keep a talk like this at all.

It will be enough to put him to do stuff for her and the guy will go into exclusivity with almost no other effort from her.

When she will do her “talk” you can be sure that you already have distinguished yourself from the other guys.

She feels strong attraction for you, she is in love and hunts you for exclusivity.

When she begins to hunt you for exclusivity then you go with:

– Disqualifying yourself as a Provider: “You know I am so much in business. Time is so limited. I love my business.”

– You extend love to all the Planet: “I think society has put too many restrictions to love. I think there are many people on the Planet who are potential good partners.” 

If you have elicited her values as you should and you know something personal of hers use that.

If her boyfriend was stalking her,  intruding into her cell phone and email use that!

“It requires a mature personality to love someone without suffocating that person.”

If you know that her boss was paying her more because she had a relationship with him then use that.

“Think of a life without fear of having be accountable to anyone. Your boss was using you.” 

“Never oppressing anyone” will be your Meta Frame: no one should ever own anyone! 

In modern “politically correct” countries this works with more than 50% of women. In some free minded environments even more than that.

When you have established the “no use of power” frame then you begin to talk about your female “friends.” 

When she will begin to resist that you will be “shocked”. You will be in the position of accusing her of using her power to restrict your freedom!

Again: she is now reactive to your Meta Frame!

It is important to establish MLTRs to use story telling to talk with her about other women in an “innocent” way.

You can tell her subtle stories about the women of your past.

In the unconscious there is no concept of time. 

A story from the past will affect her just as much as it would be happening now.

You have biology on your side. Scientific studies confirm it. The knowledge that our partner has sex with someone else increases partner’s sexual desire.

Tell her stories about the women you have been with before. 

Beware: this you need to do in a random, subtle ways. If you come out as showing off that will ruin all. 

You can start by telling her about members of your family. Then you move to female friends. Then you tell her about your “former” girlfriends.

The idea is to have her get aroused from the idea that you have sex with other women.

Women run this on men all the time. How many times a girl has mentioned to you with “innocence” stuff about “some other guy”?

Think about it.

The more she talks with you about “other women” the more she gets accepts the idea that you will have other women.

An important thing: there will be a drop out! Some women when faced with this will begin to fight back in such a hard way that you will have to quit with some of them.

There will be a lot of drama and manipulation, strong attempts to break your Meta Frame. 

Don’t take it on you. This is hard wired in women’s instincts.

Tell the ones who fight back too much that you will love being their friend. Make of them your platonic friends.

They will be happy of being your Pivot when you go out meeting girls!:) 

Don’t push.

You can do to them the same thing girls do to guys when they feel they do not get what they want: “I think we should be friends.”

A good friend is a golden thing and a hot female good friend can.. introduce you to other hot girls!

If you do not establish a MLTR with some of the girls you have managed to establish yourself as a free minded guy.

With you she can talk about everything. She will not need to worry anymore about “male oppression.” LOL  She will introduce you to her other girlfriends with pleasure.

In my next article advice on how to maintain MLTRs. That is an art of it’s own!

To be able to build MLTRs you need seduction skills and the ability of getting at least 2 – 4 new girlfriends a month.

In my Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys you can learn how to do that!

Go ahead and get your copy to your mobile device from Amazon:

Manual of Seduction by Franco

Cheers, Franco


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