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This is about how to get smart with women:) Getting smart = getting laid!

I see so many guys who are not aware of this getting tooled by girls in the dating scene and during relationships! 

So stay with me.

One of the first things men need to know on how to date a girl is: be aware of the Meta Frame!

Throughout history women have had to deal with and control that dangerous animal called the Alpha Male.

He was a hunter, a real killer. 

That Primitive Cave Man brought home food and provided protection for his woman and her children. He did not have the modern problem of knowing how to date a girl!

However, if he got pissed off he may have become dangerous and unpredictable at any given moment.

Besides this: there was also the competition. He might have gotten interested in a female other than her! 

Another real danger was: what if he would have run away and kept the fruit of the hunting all for himself? 

So what women did do to survive when faced with these dangers? 

They began to study psychology!

They had to figure out how to detect all the possible reactions of that dangerous animal. 

They had to figure out how to “smooth control” him so to have him motivated to protect them and their children.

Yes: “Me Tarzan, You Jane”

Tarzan the tough guy, the hunter and..

Jane the mother and female manipulator!

An invisible and nasty little thing that women learned to remote control your brain is called the Meta Frame.

If you have experience in seduction you already are familiar with the concept of “Frame.”

What is a “Frame” or “Frame of Mind?” 

Well it is like a “Frame” that you put around a picture to define the picture itself your own way. 

In the case of seduction a frame defines the interaction between you and her.

For example, if she asks you: “Can you buy me a drink?” and tries to frame the interaction so that you have to pay for her, then you respond with: 

“I do that only with good girls. Are you a good girl?” and you reframe the interaction. 

It means: “I decide what goes on here. Not you.”

When you do that you are having a “stronger frame.”

Having a “strong frame” is a well known way of having a woman attracted to you.

She feels: “Wow, what a man!  He does not let me control him.. I like this guy!”

Now a Meta Frame is something much bigger than that and women use it to control men.

The big problems for guys start in the beginning, when they fail to detect her Meta Frame. 

If you fail to detect her Meta Frame she will impose her will on you.

She will do that more or less consciously or unconsciously for whatever goal she has in mind.

This can be marrying you, getting money out of you, or forcing you into exclusiveness.

I compare the Meta Frame to a swimming pool. She has built a swimming pool and then she has you “swim” in it at her will.

It is for you like getting into an invisible mental prison.

This becomes a big problem in matters of sexual and emotional attraction from her.

When you fail to detect her Meta Frame she will lose any interest in you.

You will become a “nice guy” and.. she will only want to be your friend.

Or, she will get out of you what she wants while losing her respect for you.

This is because The Cave Woman in her has conflicting feelings about controlling you. 

She has the need of controlling you and the feminine part in her likes a man she cannot actually control.

She “wants” yet “does not want” to control you.

Modern women have this conflict at a large extent: they want and do not want to control you.

Remember: every woman has this conflict. A woman “wants” and “does not want” to control you.

A nasty feature of the Meta Frame is that it affects the relationship since the beginning in a subtle way.

Meta Frames have much to do with identity and are used a lot in marketing. 

For example a company like Apple can define your identity. It puts on the front door of a store something like: “Mac People.”

Then, you think of yourself as a “Mac Person” and the company defines your identity.

The best example of Meta Frame I know is President George Bush’s “Iraq has forbidden weapons.”

Everyone believed that and after the US won the war it did not mean as much that it was true or not…

The Meta Frame is a strong frame that she sets on you since the beginning.

It is “Meta” because it is on the mind level, at the level of a process of thinking, without you noticing that defines the interaction between you and her.

For example.. she may tell you her family story and go like this..

Her: “By the way my Dad is a priest..”

Her: “He taught me since childhood to believe in God”

Her: “He taught me the importance of the soul”

Her: “I believe souls have a special connection with each other”

Because of your testosterone and other damn hormones you focus on her gorgeous legs.

You forget to follow what happens on the mind level and let her set your identity in the relationship.

Then each time you will interact with her you will face the topic of the “soul” and “purity” 

Then she will be the one to define how much the two of you are connecting.. or not.. and she will put a price to that!

With this Meta Frame of her “souls have a special connection with each other,” she begins to control you.

You “swim” in a swimming pool she has defined for you since the first moment. 

She will do whatever she wants with you.

She will force you to marry because “souls connect in marriage.” 

If you do not buy her the car that she likes she will feel that your souls are not connected enough.

At the end of the day, if you let her control you her primitive, feminine nature will come to the surface.

Then she will lose interest, respect, and attraction.  And you.. will lose her.

When she dumps you, maybe it will be because: “I understood that our souls are not connected enough.”

Nasty isn’t it?

This happens because she was smarter than you in setting her Meta Frame upfront.

She defined your identity.

So whatever your desire and testosterone may have you feeling between your legs, be aware and check a woman’s Meta Frame from the first moment you meet her!

Example of Meta Frames:

Her: “Do you have a car? I like adventurous men” This typically means that this prepares her to control your finances. 

Her: “I do not believe in materialism but a man without a position cannot handle me”

A married woman told me this once: her husband is 100% under her control and she lost all interest for him.

This is  a hell of a Double Bind, a Double Standard and a Meta Frame.

It means that you need to have a good position in life to be with her and you cannot complain about it. 

You cannot be materialistic and refuse of giving her material things.

Other examples:

Her: “I believe that sexual identity cannot be a strict concept.”

This can become: “During marriage I will have female lovers and you will not be jealous of that!”

Her: “I am honest and I always express my feelings in an open way”

I will give you the drama of a lifetime and you will take it and shut up! 

Her: “I am a sweet person but tough at times. I can be stubborn and independent”

This means: prepare yourself to deal with my rebellious nature each day of the week!

When confronted with Meta Frames many guys will get with her program.

They will “sense” that “something strange” is going on without knowing what.  

Then they will begin to become reactive to her Meta Frame.

Maybe they will become violent, jealous, or controlling; and still.. swim in the “swimming pool” of her Meta Frame! 

She will rule anyway!

Now why this is bad? 

Because over time when you let a woman establish a Meta Frame on you what happens is:

1. She will control you and the relationship (with all the possible negative aspects involved)

2. She will lose her sexual desire for you, either right away or over time!

Anyway, the good news is: you can establish a Meta Frame of your own to seduce a woman early on in the interaction!. 

Actually, as a seducer you must establish your Meta Frame upfront!

How to be the one to establish a Meta Frame upfront is information that I will tell you soon!

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Cheers, Franco

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