Cold Read

How to use cold read to pickup women

Before you even consider using dating sites like plenty fish dating read this one.

By the simple use of this technique you really will not need dating sites like plenty fish dating to meet women and seduce them.

You can meet women everywhere in real life by the simple use of a cold read.

The beauty of this technique is that it s an apparently innocent conversation starter.

When well applied it has her interested in chatting with you: it makes her feel that the contact with you begins in a natural and spontaneous way.

She will feel that the two you met each other casually.

It will give her the feeling that your meeting with her was in a way “decided by destiny” and this will have her feel herself even more attracted to you.

When you use cold read instead of plenty fish dating the street will be the place where you do your hunting : from the bus stop to the food store, from the bank cue to the bar close to your house.

The real thing in matters of plenty of fish dating!

This technique has been modeled by expert in seductions from illusionists and fortune tellers.

A practiced cold reader can obtain information about the subject by analyzing the person’s personality features.

Cold readers commonly guess something about the subject, quickly picking up on signals from their subjects as to whether their guesses are in the right direction or not.

Then they have the subjects link their emotions to themselves so that the subject feels like the guesser was right about them.

You don´t need to go this far to use cold read to meet women.

Plenty fish dating you can do in real life by simply guessing something about her which seems totally “innocent” and “casual”.

You should build your cold read so that is does not seem that you are “hitting on her” like every other guy did that day.

Perform these steps:

1. Choose a subject of the cold read

This can be whatever from guessing about her profession or guessing about her horoscope or is she a tourist or whatever related with her.

Basically you will have to use your fantasy. This plenty fish dating done on the streets requires some imagination.

Choose apparently innocent subjects for cold reads which are not related with her beauty.

If you choose a cold read too much related with her beauty she will feel that you are trying to hit on her like every other boring guy tried that day.

That will make you lose rapidly value in her eyes and this is not what you want: you should always come out of a frame of you being the prize.

Your non verbal attitude should be relaxed, laid back. Your non verbal attitude should be relaxed, laid back.

You should sub-communicate nonchalance and disinterest in her beauty.

If you telegraph too much interested with your non verbal communication this will have your cold read lose it´s effect totally.

2. Then cold read her

3. Watch carefully her response to your cold read, especially her non verbal reaction and adjust your response to that.

I like to use cold reads where I guess her nationality. This stimulates her vanity.

If she is blond

“Are you French?”

If she is brunette

“Are you Italian?”

When I watch her non verbal reaction while I do my plenty fish dating on the streets.

The best targets are the ones who go all emotional over the cold read.

In the majority of the cases I get a:

Girl: “Ohh.. that is nice. No one told me that before. It is nice to hear that I look French/Italian”

You can use cold reads about almost any topic like.

“You look like my English teacher. I am sure you are a teacher”

“I bet you getting out of hard office work. I am sure this day was really though for you”

“You look at me suspiciously. I feel you are a police officer” (with a smile)

“You look really serious. I bet you are a doctor”

And so on…

After the cold read you need to proceed to transitioning which is the second part of your plenty fish dating where you have her engaged in a conversation.

More on transitioning soon.

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