How To Meet Women – Don’t Move, Just Attract!

Today I was thinking why so many guys ask questions about “how to meet women.”

Women are everywhere. Right now I am going by train to another town. A gorgeous blonde is sitting right in front of me.  On my right, another sweet girl is watching at the landscape out of the window. A few seats forward, a nice girl with a strange hat on her head is browsing her mobile.

First thing I do in those situations is to observe a girl’s body language before I approach.

It was enough to raise my head from my iPad while writing this article, and I already detected 3 sweet girls right next to me.

There must be something seriously wrong in many guys’ dating lives if they have to ask the question “how to meet women” so often.

Once I was reading an interesting article about men. A point of view was that men like to move objects in a space from a point “A” to point “B”, and maybe for that reason they get so easily caught in the trap of traditional dating.

Now let’s imagine that I am trapped in the typical traditional dating mentality. I would probably think that in order to have her, I should move her from point “A” to a point “B” and maybe arrange a “date” in some nice place.

When you get into this frame of mind, two very bad things happen to you as a man:

1. You try to answer the question “how to meet women” without doing anything to attract her to you right there, where you are!

2. Naturally, you begin to feel that the world must be a desert without women in it. While so many women are right there, close to you, you begin to feel that you should move a girl from point “A” to point “B”.

This is because you have been educated to be subservient to women since you  were a child. Your upbringing has you feeling that you should work and sweat to get a woman even before you actually know her!

I think this is the process behind what makes you feel that it is so difficult to meet women; the traditional dating propaganda makes you feel you should do everything except the most important thing:

Attract her where you are right now!

While I am writing this for you, the blond in front of me is doing her make up and caressing the mirror with her long nails painted in dark green. Soon I will raise my head, look into her eyes, smile deeply and, ask her if she is a pianist.

There are no “wars” you need to fight or “big enterprises” to build for you to know how to meet women! Save that for business.

The change you need has to happen inside your head. Parents and society taught you that you should invest your energy and bring her from one place to another, “do something!”, be a man!

No one taught you the really important skill you need; how to attract the women you like right there, where you are!

Here are 10 essential points directed to improve your inner game in the matter of how to meet women:

1. Women are all around you; you do not need to move.

2. Focus on attracting the woman close to you, forget traditional dating.

3. Trying to move a non-attracted woman from point “A” to point “B” is a waste of time and energy, and will frustrate you and her.

4. We live in totally new times for matters of male-female relationships; you do not need to sweat to get a woman. This mindset will only frustrate you and make you focus on the wrong things.

5. An attracted woman will follow you straight to your flat when you are good at eliciting the fire of attraction in her. If you adore bars and restaurants, like I do, consider them only a place to celebrate what has already happened; she wants you badly!

6. Turn around the whole traditional dating mentality: for you to invest your energy into her, she needs to show signs of attraction. You are the Prize.

7. If she says “No kisses on first date”, you ask politely, “Sorry, did we agree to meet again?”

8. Before she becomes something like a girlfriend or a wife, she needs to show that she worships you as a sexual male and keep feeling that over time. In the absence of that, you will only be emasculated by being with her.

9. Attraction is an emotion in her head and not something you can achieve by moving your ass all the time.

10. Don’t move! The best place to meet women is where you are right now!

Cheers, Franco

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  1. While I get the gist of what the article is trying to say….what if there’s hardly ever any women around in my life ?

    It’s kind of like the saying “let women come to you” but what am I supposed to do if no woman ever actually comes to me?…because that’s been the case with my life, not 1 women has ever come to me, but I know that going out chasing after women is not the answer either

  2. Hello J, thank you for being here with us. I understand how you feel. See it is not about chasing women. Here you can find other articles about chasing. Chasing is never a good thing. It is about interacting with women so that you have them feel strong emotions that are linked to you. When you are able to have a woman become highly emotional when she is around you then she will come to you and enjoy being around you. The main motor of a woman’s sexual desire towards you is emotional communication connected to you.

  3. I guess what I’m wondering is: when I hear the phrase “let women chase you” the image I see is making the women come up and approach and talk first, but I’ve never actually seen that happen in real life…so there must be some part of the story or information that articles like this aren’t telling

  4. Yes, you are right, that is not what it means. What it means is: first have a woman attracted to you, then let her chase you. Nice guys, guys without experience do the opposite: they chase in the hope that women will get attracted. Doesn’t go that way. Without attraction and interest she won’t chase. It’s her emotional brain that drives her to do something, not the logic.

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