Dating Tips For Guys

Five very important dating tips for guys

This is a quick and effective checklist of dating tips for guys

1. The most important of the dating tips for guys is: never supplicate. Whatever you do when you meet a woman never, never kiss her up. By doing this you will distinguish yourself in her eyes very much compared to all the other guys she met before.

2. Another very important one of the dating tips for guys is: learn how to revert the frame of the prize in your favor. You will find on this site plenty of advice on how to achieve that. 

3. Whatever you do or say with the women you date remember then that one of the most important dating tips for guys is: never, never take a female seriously when she is being emotional. If you do that you fail one of the most common female tests for alpha. A real alpha male is not shaken by her emotionality.

4. Never talk about “the relationship.” This is another of the most important dating tips for guys. When you talk about the “relationship” with her you are engaging the logical part of her brain and that she will use to betaise you! This is because the female point of view about this is: if you are talking about the relationship with her that means she has your mental energy engaged into her and that means that she is free to go on with her hunting. You are basically done. She does not need to win you over anymore.

5. Never let a woman get control over you. She will try that always. The game of love between a man and woman – and this is one of the most important dating tips for guys – is: her game is to try to gain control over you and your game is to never let her achieve control over you. This will always keep her horny for you and satisfied no matter what she will say or do to deny it.

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