How To Date A Girl The Meta Frame NLP And Seduction 4

May 14, 2016

This is about how to get smart with women:) Getting smart = getting laid!

I see so many guys who are not aware of this getting tooled by girls in the dating scene and during relationships! 

So stay with me.

One of the first things men need to know on how to date a girl is: be aware of the Meta Frame!

Throughout history women have had to deal with and control that dangerous animal called the Alpha Male.

He was a hunter, a real killer. 

That Primitive Cave Man brought home food and provided protection for his woman and her children. He did not have the modern problem of knowing how to date a girl!

However, if he got pissed off he may have become dangerous and unpredictable at any given moment.

Besides this: there was also the competition. He might have gotten interested in a female other than her! 

Another real danger was: what if he would have run away and kept the fruit of the hunting all for himself? 

So what women did do to survive when faced with these dangers? 

They began to study psychology!

They had to figure out how to detect all the possible reactions of that dangerous animal. 

They had to figure out how to “smooth control” him so to have him motivated to protect them and their children.

Yes: “Me Tarzan, You Jane”

Tarzan the tough guy, the hunter and..

Jane the mother and female manipulator!

An invisible and nasty little thing that women learned to remote control your brain is called the Meta Frame.

If you have experience in seduction you already are familiar with the concept of “Frame.”

What is a “Frame” or “Frame of Mind?” 

Well it is like a “Frame” that you put around a picture to define the picture itself your own way. 

In the case of seduction a frame defines the interaction between you and her.

For example, if she asks you: “Can you buy me a drink?” and tries to frame the interaction so that you have to pay for her, then you respond with: 

“I do that only with good girls. Are you a good girl?” and you reframe the interaction. 

It means: “I decide what goes on here. Not you.”

When you do that you are having a “stronger frame.”

Having a “strong frame” is a well known way of having a woman attracted to you.

She feels: “Wow, what a man!  He does not let me control him.. I like this guy!”

Now a Meta Frame is something much bigger than that and women use it to control men.

The big problems for guys start in the beginning, when they fail to detect her Meta Frame. 

If you fail to detect her Meta Frame she will impose her will on you.

She will do that more or less consciously or unconsciously for whatever goal she has in mind.

This can be marrying you, getting money out of you, or forcing you into exclusiveness.

I compare the Meta Frame to a swimming pool. She has built a swimming pool and then she has you “swim” in it at her will.

It is for you like getting into an invisible mental prison.

This becomes a big problem in matters of sexual and emotional attraction from her.

When you fail to detect her Meta Frame she will lose any interest in you.

You will become a “nice guy” and.. she will only want to be your friend.

Or, she will get out of you what she wants while losing her respect for you.

This is because The Cave Woman in her has conflicting feelings about controlling you. 

She has the need of controlling you and the feminine part in her likes a man she cannot actually control.

She “wants” yet “does not want” to control you.

Modern women have this conflict at a large extent: they want and do not want to control you.

Remember: every woman has this conflict. A woman “wants” and “does not want” to control you.

A nasty feature of the Meta Frame is that it affects the relationship since the beginning in a subtle way.

Meta Frames have much to do with identity and are used a lot in marketing. 

For example a company like Apple can define your identity. It puts on the front door of a store something like: “Mac People.”

Then, you think of yourself as a “Mac Person” and the company defines your identity.

The best example of Meta Frame I know is President George Bush’s “Iraq has forbidden weapons.”

Everyone believed that and after the US won the war it did not mean as much that it was true or not…

The Meta Frame is a strong frame that she sets on you since the beginning.

It is “Meta” because it is on the mind level, at the level of a process of thinking, without you noticing that defines the interaction between you and her.

For example.. she may tell you her family story and go like this..

Her: “By the way my Dad is a priest..”

Her: “He taught me since childhood to believe in God”

Her: “He taught me the importance of the soul”

Her: “I believe souls have a special connection with each other”

Because of your testosterone and other damn hormones you focus on her gorgeous legs.

You forget to follow what happens on the mind level and let her set your identity in the relationship.

Then each time you will interact with her you will face the topic of the “soul” and “purity” 

Then she will be the one to define how much the two of you are connecting.. or not.. and she will put a price to that!

With this Meta Frame of her “souls have a special connection with each other,” she begins to control you.

You “swim” in a swimming pool she has defined for you since the first moment. 

She will do whatever she wants with you.

She will force you to marry because “souls connect in marriage.” 

If you do not buy her the car that she likes she will feel that your souls are not connected enough.

At the end of the day, if you let her control you her primitive, feminine nature will come to the surface.

Then she will lose interest, respect, and attraction.  And you.. will lose her.

When she dumps you, maybe it will be because: “I understood that our souls are not connected enough.”

Nasty isn’t it?

This happens because she was smarter than you in setting her Meta Frame upfront.

She defined your identity.

So whatever your desire and testosterone may have you feeling between your legs, be aware and check a woman’s Meta Frame from the first moment you meet her!

Example of Meta Frames:

Her: “Do you have a car? I like adventurous men” This typically means that this prepares her to control your finances. 

Her: “I do not believe in materialism but a man without a position cannot handle me”

A married woman told me this once: her husband is 100% under her control and she lost all interest for him.

This is  a hell of a Double Bind, a Double Standard and a Meta Frame.

It means that you need to have a good position in life to be with her and you cannot complain about it. 

You cannot be materialistic and refuse of giving her material things.

Other examples:

Her: “I believe that sexual identity cannot be a strict concept.”

This can become: “During marriage I will have female lovers and you will not be jealous of that!”

Her: “I am honest and I always express my feelings in an open way”

I will give you the drama of a lifetime and you will take it and shut up! 

Her: “I am a sweet person but tough at times. I can be stubborn and independent”

This means: prepare yourself to deal with my rebellious nature each day of the week!

When confronted with Meta Frames many guys will get with her program.

They will “sense” that “something strange” is going on without knowing what.  

Then they will begin to become reactive to her Meta Frame.

Maybe they will become violent, jealous, or controlling; and still.. swim in the “swimming pool” of her Meta Frame! 

She will rule anyway!

Now why this is bad? 

Because over time when you let a woman establish a Meta Frame on you what happens is:

1. She will control you and the relationship (with all the possible negative aspects involved)

2. She will lose her sexual desire for you, either right away or over time!

Anyway, the good news is: you can establish a Meta Frame of your own to seduce a woman early on in the interaction!. 

Actually, as a seducer you must establish your Meta Frame upfront!

How to be the one to establish a Meta Frame upfront is information that I will tell you soon!

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Cheers, Franco

How To Make Any Girl Want You By Building Discomfort

December 26, 2015

And why it is as important as comfort!   

Women have (among their many other problems) two very, very important problems:

1. Safety: they want to know if they are safe around you. This is why you need comfort game. You need the skill of making them comfortable around you after you attract them, and…

2. Boredom: when girls begin to feel too comfortable around you, at a certain point they begin to get bored as hell – and this is why you need comfort game and.. you need DISCOMFORT GAME, too….

Discomfort game means making her worried a little bit, unsure, challenged; it means keeping her on the edge of uncertainty. This way keeping the woman aroused, attracted and interested becomes easier as a goal.

Creating comfort causes her to become receptive to sex with you, and discomfort has her constantly challenged so that she can feel that “special thrill”.

That way you become a constant source of excitement for her!

The difficult calibration here is when to apply comfort game, and when to apply discomfort game…

The more a woman is HSE (high self-esteem), the more she is built to check whether she is safe around you.

After you build attraction – and I repeat AFTER, otherwise you only end up being her nice guy friend – you should build comfort.

That is what gets you the girl: when she is attracted to you and then feels comfortable around you.

Then you should, along the relationship with her, watch her carefully and when you notice boredom – she begins to test you again – then THAT is the moment of creating discomfort.

How do you create discomfort? This way:

– Say the magic word more often to her – NO! There is nothing that keeps a hot woman more attracted to you than experiencing resistance with you.

– Become unpredictable: tell her less about your schedule, your hobbies and what you are going to do.

– Disappear from time to time without telling her what you do (be careful with this one: it usually scares women to death).

– Don’t give her too much sureness about when sex will happen next (I know, I know, this is a difficult one: when you are able to do this you reach mastery!).

Normally when you calibrate the discomfort game well she will…get out of boredom and… get horny for you.

Cheers, Franco.

Non-Judgmental Sex To Know How To Attract Girls

December 18, 2015

Women are always judged for their sexual desire.

They have been at worst killed and persecuted for it, and still are in many countries nowadays.

Therefore, they have developed a “sixth sense” in regards to judgmental men and do all they can to avoid them.

If you have in mind the question how to attract girls towards you, then one big thing you can do is to be non-judgmental in regards to their sexual desire and sexual behavior!

It is not enough to passively avoid judging.

Women are on the defensive regarding this topic.

You should give them non-judgmental vibes very actively and that will give you what you desire: the most attractive women!

You cannot approach this topic directly. Instead, you need to sub-communicate it.

Women, especially the most attractive women, are smart and they become suspicious if you say naive stuff like: “I believe in female freedom”.

So, how do you give off the non-judgmental vibe?

You tell them stories:

– A story of that “female friend of yours who was with that jealous boyfriend who checked the messages in her iPhone”.

– A story of your former “jealous and possessive girlfriend” who kept trying to stop you from meeting your friends (You: such an innocent creature!).

– A story about your lesbian friend who had those oppressive parents trying to change her mind.

– Stories about minorities like inmates, gays, lesbians and how they are oppressed by society.

This way you will subtly instill in her mind the belief that with you, she can open up freely.

Slowly it will instill in her that with you she can have a special emotional connection without being judged.

And for a woman the distance from a “special emotional contact” with a man to the bedroom is short… very short.

Have fun!

Cheers, Franco

Sexual Escalation Explained – How To Turn A Girl On

May 4, 2013

Sexual escalation is all about what you do to a woman on the physical level in order to make sex with her happen. This is the proper answer to the question how to turn a girl on.

Whatever you do that doesn’t include physical contact with her is not sexual escalation. Without sexual escalation a boy turns into girl. It makes her feel you are looking for girls for friendship!

What you do to her on the level of the emotional communication – before and during sexual escalation – is as important as sexual escalation itself.

Stimulating a woman’s emotionality by the means of communication is extremely important for having her sexually aroused.

Anyway, without proper sexual escalation, what you have done in the area of communication to seduce her will become totally useless.

By that you’ll almost certainly have her “hot and bothered.” In spite of that sex will be pretty much unlikely to happen if you do not take the role of the man and escalate physically!

This is likely to be your problem if you are a nice guy. Nice guys get rejected by women exactly for this point: failure to escalate. They do not know how to turn a girl on.

Another group of guys gets it wrong the other way.

They go on her as strong as the District Attorney, scare her and then have her withdraw out of fear and lack of comfort.

What really works is in the middle.

Proper sexual escalation takes two very important factors into consideration at the same time:

1. Her need for a man who is sexually active and self-confident enough to act on her body without shame. It makes clear to her that you are looking for the woman in her, not looking for girls for friendship!

2. At the same time understands her need for comfort, before she can be sexually receptive with a man.

If you only pay attention to the first part, you’ll scare her off. If you pay attention only to the second part – her need for comfort – then you are behaving like a nice guy. That will turn her off and keep you in the friend zone.

A normal woman will become receptive sexually when you are able to create attraction by being bold and self-confident and – at the same time – able to make her feel comfortable about being sexually taken.

So how do you properly escalate?

I am first going to share with you the psychological background of it and then a description of how to properly escalate to sex.

You’ve probably read from my Manual of Seduction that each time we are dealing with a woman we are actually dealing with two women:

1. The Social Woman (Let’s call her also the Socially Adjusted Woman)

2. The Primative Woman (Let’s call her the Cave Woman or the Instinctual Woman)

The term “Primative” means the part of her that is related to her wildest instinct.

You will be able to properly escalate sexually when you are able to “talk” to “both women” at the same time.

These “two women” can follow totally different paths in the same woman, and have totally different behaviors.

In some women, I have observed such an instinctual strength that it was like the Primative Woman would be talking another language compared to the Social Woman in them.

Really, it’s like a double personality.

Some women are pretty in-touch with their archaic part. Others are completely unaware of how this part of their personality affects their behavior. Especially these one will think that you are looking for girls for friendship if you do not escalate.

When interacting with you the Social Woman will tend to control herself and relate to you in the communication, will tend to “connect” with you and act so that the interaction with you is “socially acceptable”.

The Primative Woman will be the one who will test you hard for dominance and masculine ego strength. She will be the one who will get sexually excited when you show her that you are The Man. (or shall I say… The Cave Man :D)

This primative part of her will try to get power over you by all means available – legal and non-legal.

Expect her to be wild and totally immoral: you do not only hunt women, you are also “hunted” by them.

Only, the means used by women to “hunt” you will be totally different compared to the means used by you to “hunt” women.

Nice guys are usually unable to notice how actively attracted women will hunt them.

Your sexual escalation will be successful when you create enough comfort for her that she does not feel a conflict between her social part and her primative part.

By stimulating both parts of her at the same time your sexual escalation will be successful.

Important: the more feminine a woman is, the more she will wildly shift the responsibility of the process totally on your shoulders. That is why without proper escalation a boy turns into girl!

This is one challenge when you escalate.

For example the Social Woman in her may talk to you at your encounter about how she “truly believes in equal rights.”

At the same time the Primative Woman will possibly test you by telling you how her former boyfriend had a better job than you.

You need to be able to detect the “game” of both women in her while escalating.

Quite often the unconscious purpose of the woman when she does this stuff is a desire that you might be able to have her feel comfortable about her conflicts.

This is because a woman needs to be able to control her own desire in order to “hunt” you.

Whatever you do to help her into that plays against you.

In a situation like this if you take her at face value and begin to “really” talk with her about her insecurities she will promptly use that to control her own desire and resist your escalation.

Again, if you begin to argue with her she will use also that to control her own sexual desire.

When you are creative during your escalation and have her feel like she would not need to “solve” the evident contradictions in herself, you win… she surrenders to you.

The more a woman is sexually excited, the more this mismatch between the social and primative parts will come out in her.

Steps of proper sexual escalation

It is a process where you do two things mainly:

– Slowly make her emotional when around you – while making her comfortable about her insecurities.

– Slowly touch her each time a “little bit more” until she begins to feel it as ‘good’ and gets sexually aroused.

This way of escalating is called: fractionated sexual escalation.

Fractionated sexual escalation is when you touch her “little bit” while observing her nonverbal reactions.

When you notice that she gets aroused and at the same time feels comfortable, you touch her “little bit more” and your touching becomes more and more audacious until it’s overtly sexual.

For example, this may be lightly touching her finger, hugging her, sitting close to her, kissing her, touching her back and so on… all in an ”escalating” fractionated way.

Why it is necessary to make her emotional?

Because the main channel for female sexual horniness is not visual like for men.

Women get horny when they feel strong emotions when around a man.

At that point she rationalizes: “He is making me feel like this? I must like him a lot.”

Example of sexual escalation:

– You touch her finger

– She is compliant with that

– You take all her hand in your hand

– She is compliant with that

– You put your hand behind her back

– She is compliant with that

– You hug her

– She is compliant with it

– You kiss her

– She kisses you back

– You begin to undress her

– She does not resist

If she resists at any step… you withdraw. Then wait a little bit… build little bit more comfort by talking…then start again from the point you were before.

LRM – Last Minute Resistance.

My take on last minute resistance is this: normal women with a balanced personally usually do not do it.

Women who exhibit LMR are usually women with problems who are unsure about how to bind a man to themselves.

Thus, they begin to get nervous at the last minute and resist. There are many reasons for LMR. I am going to discuss this in-depth in another article.

LMR is a situation where she is compliant sexually to your escalation until the isolated venue (for example your flat or hotel room), for a while in the isolated venue, and then she begins to resist at the last very steps of your escalation.

Notice: this happens in the isolated venue because… there is no female competition there, so she feels comfortable enough playing that card.

If you encounter her LMR what you absolutely need to do is to freeze her out totally.

If that does not work you need to completely cut the communication with her and tell her, without telling her, you aren’t going to see each other anymore.
Don’t worry: you are not being a bad guy here. If she displays LMR you can be sure that she will not ask whether you’ll see each other again either. Women play this kind of stuff dirty and hard.

This is because LMR is an ultimate attempt of the Primative Woman to nail you into supplication so she can free herself to be impregnated by a man stronger than you who does not let her do that stuff.

So, if you still agree to communicate with her when she is displaying LMR you are only another notch in her belt, another nice guy who does not know ”the rules of engagement”.

You are done.

So, in the case you get LMR follow these steps:

1. First freeze her out. For example you dress, go to watch television, make yourself a sandwich, choose a program you like, and become totally immersed in your own fun.

You cut the communication with her.

For a woman a cut of communication is about the same dangerous situation like you sleeping with Pamela Anderson naked and close to you, yet not being able to touch her.

The most dreadful thing you can do to a woman is cut the communication with her.

At a certain point she will seek communication with you (believe me she will) and then, after a while, you will begin to escalate again.

Instead, making the mistake of continuing when she is displaying LMR will give her a chance to rationalize the situation and say stuff like: ”I am not sure if we are meant to be together” or ”I just do not feel like it is right” and so on.

2. If this does not work do not do the stupid thing of sleeping close to her overnight. If you do that you instantly become her eunuch male friend. If you cannot go home, at least go very far from her to sleep… at the worst tell her that you have a headache and need to go home, and then leave… and as you leave, wish her a good night’s sleep.

Don’t tell her when and how you are going to meet again. Give her a kiss on the check and wish her a good night. Then leave. Boy turns into girl when he is supplicates to her! Here you are being a real man!

This is not a defeat. When you react like this to LMR you actually increase your chances of having success with the same woman later on.

For example, in my personal history the women who resisted me the longest and were doing this stuff were two girls; one of them resisted me for 2 years, another one for 5 years… and both became my lovers after that time.

These are extreme cases of women with an extremely strong and wild primative part. The one who resisted me for two years turned out to be a real tiger in bed.

So believe in yourself!

This is the way to go when you want to properly escalate sexually with a woman you like and make her yours.



Helping men since 2004

What You Should Do When Dealing With Female Selfishness To Pass Her Tests

January 11, 2013

The social law of reciprocation implies that we should always reciprocate good behavior.

According to this law, we feel obliged to reciprocate when someone gives us something.

For the same reason, we feel socially obliged to maintain a balance between giving and receiving.

In the Manual of Seduction I have shown how you can detect a woman’s subliminal signals by observing the soft signs in her body language. I have also described all what you can do to have a woman attracted to you.

Refer to the Manual of Seduction for a detailed description of how to learn to “read” women properly and attract them!

In order to understand your strength as a male and in order to control you in a relationship,a woman can use female selfishness and break the principle of reciprocation, either right from the start, or some time into a relationship.

When a woman is emotionally and sexually attracted to you and she behaves selfishly, she does so in an attempt to test how strong you are as a male.

This can be either a sign that her personality is not good enough for a relationship, or it can be a test of your Ego strength and leadership qualities.

You should be able to quickly detect what female selfishness is and know how to react properly to her behavior in order to make her attracted to you and keep her that way.

This kind of female selfishness is absolutely not the same thing as “average selfish behavior” in a person, regardless of their gender.

Female selfishness is a peculiar, different kind of selfishness with a clear process behind it. If you focus too much on the content and not enough on the process, you will not be able to see what is really going on.

This is not meant to insult the female sex. These behaviors are usually unconscious and dictated by instinct. Instincts are wild and do not follow the laws of ethics.

Most men usually do not understand the true meaning of selfishness in the case of women. They do not realize that it is not only a character trait, but also, and above all, a test.

This is where the word “bitch” comes from: men who don’t understand the evolutionary origins of selfishness in a woman and how to properly deal with it.

It is also true that some women who do this type of test are narcissistic psychos, but that is not true in all the cases; sometimes good girls can also test you in this way, and it is good for you to be prepared.

The difference between a truly selfish narcissist woman and a good girl is that a good girl will slowly stop this kind of behavior when you react to it like a real man, while the spoiled freaky woman will keep repeating that behavior again and again in the future.

You can encounter this kind of behavior both during the dating game and during a long-term relationship with a woman.

For example, during a date she will begin to speak non-stop about her needs in an almost arrogant and pretentious way, without the slightest consideration for your needs.

At this point, if you are a nice guy or simply a man without enough experience in female psychology and seduction, you will totally fail to understand the real point behind her behavior, and you will begin to feel guilty and try to please her over and over again.

This will quickly establish a double standard in your relationship, and she will start seeing you as a doormat, making her sexual attraction and respect for you fall faster than a bird shot by an M16.

Also, if you lose control, begin to get angry, and argue with her, you also lose the game. By having you argue with her, she manages to control her own sexual instinct, because when you argue, you are investing your energy into her at her command while showing that you cannot control your emotions.

As we have seen elsewhere, a woman finds it crucial to be able to control her own sexual instinct to avoid being at your mercy. So, whatever you do that helps her controlling her sexual instinct plays against you.

Now, this is the proper way of dealing with a woman’s double standard in matters of her needs versus your own needs.

1. The main thing you need to do is:

Take the role of an educator and educate her!

Each time she acts like a spoiled Princess you stay calm, take the role of the Patriarch, and begin to educate her about how to act properly.

Now, this is important: don’t tell her why and do not argue! Simply establish the law!

You establish the law by reframing every attempt she makes to establish a double standard about her needs versus your needs.

If she tries to argue with you, use humor and tease her back without losing emotional control.

For example:

Her: ”I want to go to Spanish restaurants; I only like Spanish; all other restaurants are simply disgusting” (and you sense she says this with that spoiled Princess’s attitude that pisses you off so much!)

You: ”Ah.. nice, let’s go to Spanish restaurants; I also like Spanish food” (do not address at all her spoiled behavior at this stage)

The following week:

You: ”I made reservations for us at the Chinese restaurant; I adore Chinese food..”

Her: ”I hate Chinese..”

You. (Here you tease her about her spoiled behavior) ”Don’t worry I am sure they have some dead bull killed by a scary bullfighter they can use to make a steak for you. Let’s go!”

Here, you pass her test, and she thinks ”Wow, what a man!”

Now, be prepared: if her personality is the one of the sexually submissive good girl, she will slowly correct this behavior, and her attraction for you will skyrocket.

If she is a narcissistic, spoiled, freaky girl, she will get angry, and will repeat her selfish behavior again and again.

Stay calm: it is her responsibility to correct her behavior, not yours. This is where freeze-outs are gold: just freeze her out for as much as you need to.

The longest freeze-out I have put into action with an MLTR of mine was… one year and a half long. Right now: she is with me again, telling me what a wonderful man I am, and how much she loves me.

Sometimes she says: ”I am not sure if I can say this… this experience with you taught me humility.”

This woman I am talking about was used to having her entire social circle stand up promptly and satisfy every needs of hers!

Now, she says: ”You taught me humility”

When faced with double standards… be the Patriarch and educate her! It keeps her wanting you!

Anyway, to be able to put this into practice, it is important for you to understand the whole picture of a woman’s psychology.

Franco, helping men since 2004

Betaising The Alpha Male

January 8, 2011

Betaising the alpha male: learn to detect in time and prevent your own emasculation as a man in female relationships

Here I describe the process of betaising the alpha male and how to reframe it to make your woman and yourself happy in the relationship.

The purpose of this article is positive. When you learn how to deal with this process properly you will be able to keep your woman indefinitely in a state of constant horniness for you.

I am sure this will motivate you to read on.. In the Manual of Seduction you can find more knowledge about the basics of how the female sexual instinct presents itself and how you can stimulate it to achieve more horniness in the female.

The article is meant to help men build happier relationships with their women by enhancing the attraction their women feel for them.

All the psychological tests a woman runs on a man are meant to achieve only one purpose: to screen out weaker males and achieve power over the alpha dominant male.

This is because this man will be the best protector for her and her children and the carrier of the best genes.

When she achieves her purpose: to shoot down weaker males and get for herself the Alpha male a process starts.

I call it the process of betaising the alpha male.

This process is largely unconscious for most of the women but there are exceptions. For example gold diggers are women who consciously use this process to gain power over a man with lot of money.

If you listen to bar discussions between women you will find out that they speak all the time about this subject: how to catch a powerful man and control him.

There are things women never tell to their men, not even to their most beloved husbands. Female psychology is carefully kept hidden from men and the academic environment does the same.

Anyway we assume that – in most of the cases – the process of betaising the alpha male is unconscious to the woman herself.

It is an instinct, a very strong instinct.

Why a woman would try to make weaker exactly that Prince she wanted so much as companion?

Well there are several reasons:

She wants to own him exclusively: The simplest reason in the world. If he is too strong he can go away.

Female competition: in the deep of their hearts women know that the most alpha of all the males is the one who is never exclusive to one woman.

Already the fact that he is agreeing to be “only with her” is in a way “beta” in her eyes and that´s why most of the women get so horny about the fantasy that their men could have sex with other women.

It is the so-called social proof: it tells to them that they made a good choice and that their man is better than others in matter of procreations and survival.

If many women want their man that means they did a good choice.

A sure way to lose your own woman in a relationship is to make her sure that no other woman wants you! This is very much the contrary of what they taught you at school or at religion class.

This does not necessarily mean to cheat on her.

Women like to fantasize about the idea that their man could potentially get other women, while being faithful to them. In a way, in the deeper of their psyche, they “sense” that if a man agrees to be only with them he is in a way agreeing to be a little bit “betaised”.

For the record betaised is = emasculated, castrated mentally.

So women have a deep need of making the alpha male weaker which would keep him from spreading his genes to other women.

The basic conflict of a woman – especially a modern woman – is to want her man to be at the same time “weak” and “strong.”

This is because when she will be pregnant and for a longer period after the birth of the child she will need protection and support from him.

If she does not have any psychological influence on him there is the risk that he will start to mess around exactly when she has the biggest need for his protection.

For these reasons the process of betaising is a process starting soon after the woman has shoot down weaker males and her relationship with an alpha male (= a male she feels as alpha) begins.

This process lasts in the relationship forever because women have in their deeper instincts:

They need to test from times to times is their own man still alpha.

At the same time the need to change him into beta, to make sure he will be there only for them.

This process is extremely dangerous for the relationship and one of the most dangerous killers of female sexual attraction if the man does not know how to properly deal with it.


Because if the man, in a way, agrees to be betaised by her she will lose her attraction for him totally. So the paradox is: what a woman really wants in the process of betaising is exactly the contrary of what she is really doing to him.

The situation creates in the woman a schizophrenic conflict.

A double message.

As female emotionality is prone to feel that the responsibility for her emotions is “outside there” and more specifically in you my male friend a woman will feel that the responsibility for what happens in the betaising process is not hers it is yours.

This makes of the betaising process even more dangerous for a man who is not able to read through it and deal with it.

The job of the man in a relationship is: never let her succeed in betaising you !

This does not mean necessarily to be unfaithful to her but it means to be aware of her betaising attempts and give her the right answers, from times to times.

In a way it means to understand that what a woman says/does in a relationship is not always what she really wants. This is for many women largely unconscious as said, they are not really lying, they are only acting under the influence of very strong instincts, which contains the contradiction:

“I have to make weaker exactly the man I like so much so that I can be sure he will become a provider to me and will not spread his genes elsewhere”

Now there is a danger for the woman in this process: how could she find sexually attractive a man who agrees to be made weaker???

He would not be anymore a man to her!

For this reason the job of the man in the relationship is to understand that when his woman tries to make him weaker she must be dealt with by not giving her that possibility, not even once, otherwise she will loose sexual attraction and the relationship will deteriorate.

By doing this he must keep in his mind that her betaising attempts are largely unconscious from the woman. Actually this is also a measure of psychological health of the individual woman: the more her betaising attempts are unconscious the more she is psychologically healthy (with some exception: for example depressed women who are afraid of sex and intimacy may use the betaising process as a way of avoiding sex with him)

Of course gold diggers, man haters and psychologically disturbed women of any kind are exceptions to this. Many of them are largely aware of this process and use it deliberately for their either political or sick purposes.

The only rational solution with them is: never take these women seriously for a relationship !

A normal woman, who loves her husband, is generally totally not conscious of this process. In fact if you try to talk about this with a normal woman she will never admit that it is like this. Instead a gold digger – in a rare moment of honesty – will be an artist in describing how she can easily betaise an alpha male.

I will never forget the comment of a gold digger when at our second meeting she realized she cannot reach my soul and my bank account: “Franco, am I getting old?”

Now let´s analyze how the process of betaising develops itself:

Repeating Tests Cyclically

Experts of seduction know that every woman tests men at the beginning of the mating dance to screen for the alpha male.

A less knows phenomenon is that a woman repeats her tests periodically in the relationship with her alpha male. This is to make sure that her man is still Alpha.

At the same time this is also a way to control him. Being tested constantly is very tough and it drains energy.

When she does that along the relationship if the man:

1. Fails to pass her tests.

2. Lets her control him.

Her sexual attraction begins to go down and she starts to escalate the attempts so to make him weaker and weaker psychologically and materially.

At this stage the men who enter the betaising process make the huge cognitive mistake of believing that she will have to “support them” in their weakness.

What actually happens is the exact contrary: the process escalates so to have the woman make them weaker and weaker.

Which are the most common tests?


Manipulation has a very bad reputation in male world but it is in woman´s world a widespread form of communication, which is not felt by women as “bad”. When a woman manipulates she feel that she is more “communicating” than doing something wrong.

Anyway in the deeper of her instincts a woman knows that if her man is easily manipulated by her, he is surely not alpha or if he was alpha now he is not powerful anymore.

So she will repeat her manipulation attempts in the relationship periodically. You can recognize the manipulation from the structure of her approach and the use of the word WE:

“What you think Darling if we would do this?”

“WE should tell that person this and this.”

“I am sure WE will deal with this problem together”

Or in the most extreme cases..

“This guy I am chatting with in Internet is only a friend, is it okay if I go on sharing emotions with him?” – then you find out that they were making out together a few months before in the guy`s apartment, maybe with her girlfriend they were teasing him sexually, maybe you find out that the word “friendship” for her meant that they were at night in the apartment of the guy and he was trying hard to have sex with her!

The most shocking example of the effect of female manipulation I know was a nice guy, who was bringing by car his girlfriend and her lover to the airport.

Girlfriend and lover were leaving for a trip to the same hotel and same room and he was still wondering “do they have a relationship or are they just friends?”

Believe me: this really happened! This actually happens! Real world stories are better than novels sometimes.

If the woman is psychologically healthy and with a good self-esteem she will only try to feed her tests to his mind so to see how he reacts to a fake danger but she will not escalate to damaging his interests or his safety. If she is a woman with good self-esteem she will simply leave him if – along the relationship – he fails her tests and gets betaised.

A woman with good self-esteem who realizes that her guy is scared of other men will sooner or later leave him.

If the woman is psychologically sick and has a bad self-esteem she will almost probably escalate the testing to “acting out” and in the above example she may do things like going to the other guy`s apartment, have sex with him and let her boyfriend/husband know it. This will be often for the secret wish that he will act like a man. In these case the provocative behavior may lead to tragic consequences like him being violent to her or harming himself.

Now this process is largely unconscious and innocent from the woman: she is testing her man to see if he will take her bullshit. If he does take it he is already betaised.

From there she knows she will be able to control him.

But what happens to her attraction? Well it simply dies! Because if he agrees to be manipulated that means he is not Alpha anymore!

For this reason the job of the man to never let her manipulate him so that she goes on feeling attracted to him!

In the case she would succeed in manipulating him she would harm herself on the longer term. She will lose attraction for him and their emotional life will die. It is the responsibility of the man to keep her from manipulating, because a woman will do absolutely nothing to quit her manipulation attempts. She is driven into doing it by very deep instincts.

In the same way a violent man stops his violence only when put to face the consequences a woman using manipulation stops herself only when she understand that her own man will not let her manipulate him.

Inducing Feelings of Guilt.

A man who takes too easily the role of the “guilty one” is not alpha. Women know this instinctively. If he asks too easily for forgiveness for his existence he is not alpha: he is the most beta of the men!

Real alpha males believe in themselves and they are more prone to do decisions, lead and act, instead of being masochists and suffer the torture of the eternal guilt.

But an alpha male without guilt can easily leave for war, hunting and maybe other women.

So one of the most widespread mean women use to betaise their men is to slowly have him into the frame: “You are the guilty one by default!”

This betaising mean is so widespread in Western culture that it gets itself even into the room of professional helpers all the time and rare professional helpers really recognize it´s importance in the dynamics of the couple relationship.

A woman knows instinctively that a powerful alpha male is always also the alpha of the group. If he feels all the time guilty he will be weak enough to want to protect her and her group and not another group nor leave for a war or hunting.

He will spend his energy torturing himself about his guilt instead of leaving for the forest, war or other women.

This can be done by the woman in so many ways:

“He is not choosing the right food at the supermarket.”

“He does not use the slippers when he is at home.”

“He does not fully understand her feelings”

“He is not sharing emotions with her enough.”

The limits are only in the fantasy!

Again, this contains ambivalence from her because – while making him feel guilty – what she really wants is exactly the opposite !

An alpha male who is not asking for forgiveness for his behavior and his pride.

This goes against the interest of the woman on the sexual and emotional level! She will lose attraction for him if he agrees to be made guilty about everything.

The job of the man – with the good effect of keeping her attraction on – is never to take the role of the guilty one!

That is Alpha!

One interesting phenomenon to observe is how the attempts of a woman to make her man guilty will escalate and assume a mechanical, stereotypical behavioral pattern when he is resisting them.

She will tend to repeat again and again the same attempts.

It is amazing to observe !

Be Maternal To Him.

In the deep of her instincts a woman knows that if a man needs a mother too much he is not alpha.

Anyway many women will try all what they can to be maternal to their men at different degrees! Why? Because the more he needs them the more they will control him.

Women know instinctively that need = power !

A real alpha male reacts instinctively against this! He will never agree to get used to a too pleasant treatment, because he is used to survive in the forest or in war by eating – at need – even small, ugly animals!

This does not mean not to give her the possibility to be good to him. That would kill spiritually almost every woman. Maternal instinct is very important to women – but – if the situation at home becomes so that the guy is not able to use washing machine, make food, take care of his clothes there, where a year before he was a proud warrior, able to cope with the forest and the war, then the situation is that he has been betaised = emasculated for good!

Result: her attraction for him will die.

The job of the man is: never get used to her being maternal to you. Her job is to be a woman to you, not a mother!

A real alpha is not a boy he is a man. Her maternal care is meant for the children and not for you guys!

Lack Of Respect.

This is not very used by healthy women but many women – especially those with a very passionate and strong instinctual world and with a strong sexual desire – will test from times to times in the relationship how their alpha will react if she crosses the border and lacks of respect to him.

Can be anything: flirting with someone else in front of his eyes, telling him something disrespectful, giving him orders and so on.

In the deep of her instincts a woman knows that if a guy does not react to her lack of respect he is not alpha.

Result: if the guy does not react he is betaised and her attraction for him will die.

So women are damaging themselves in this way. Because if the guy does not react their emotional life will die!

This is in their deepest instincts so it is the job of the man to never let her lack of respect to him!

The dead end of the process of betaising: subservient behavior from the man.

If the woman succeeds in the process of betaising and the guy is not able to counteract in the proper way the unhappy end will be: he will become subservient to her.

When a man fails the tests of the process of betaising and is not able to be alpha in the relationship woman’s attraction dies and the relationship dies.

Who would like to be with a man who is constantly begging, feels guilty, is easily manipulated? It is so boring and unattractive !

Important warning.

An increasing number of women in industrialized countries began to act differently in regard to this process. They choose from the beginning of the relationship guys who are still unsure and not alpha deliberately with the purpose to have children. This will not work on the longer-term and you will pay for it later on if you agree to this kind of arrangement.

For a guy it is a much better business to learn to become alpha and learn seduction skills instead of even thinking to marry a woman, who controls him! These women must be detected at the first meeting and avoided at any cost if you want a relationship or form a family!

Put your energy into business, pick-up, seduction and never enter a relationship where you are being made weaker !

To be able to understand the betaising process and how to deal with it successfully is a very important skill.

Franco, helping men since 2004

Suprise Her Big Time When She Runs The Jealousy Game On You

January 8, 2011

Let me guys the pleasure of sharing with you a technique you can use to give a girlfriend or a wife – who is trying to make you jealous by putting you to compete with other guys – the surprise of a lifetime.

This is a very powerful technique to counter act any kind of game a woman may try to play on you while you plan to seduce her and in long-term relationships with her.

I have highly field tested this technique and it works every single time like a very well oiled machine. Of course you need to know the basics of the game as described in the Manual of Seduction for being able to apply this well.

When women talk to us they use rich descriptions. This I also call female hypnotic talk and it´s a way the female of our species uses to gain power over the male.

Women describe richly colors, situations, feelings, shape and all. On the contrary men tend to exchange data and prefer to say it shortly to increase effectiveness in action.

For example about the gym:

A man to a male friend: “I was at the gym. It was a hell of a a great session!”

A woman to a girlfriend: “I felt so good this evening. Suddenly I realized that I need to do something for my body. I felt inside myself the need to move, enjoy, and hike. I took by blue bag, the one I like so much. Outside the sun was shining and I felt hot inside. Before I even noticed it I was already moving with a wonderful joyful feeling inside me towards the gym. There I took all my clothes off in the changing room. I could feel how the guys were staring at me while entering the aerobic room. Such nice guys!”

Something guys do not know is that by using rich descriptions a woman – consciously or unconsciously, it doesn’t matter! – aims to control the mind of her male! We have examples of the same process in many animal species and the mean used by the female of our species is: rich and descriptive hypnotic talk.

The songs of the Sirens.

It is a general notion in NLP that by descriptions/stories you can capture another person’s mind into a hypnotic state. You can suck the person into your world.

By describing a pink elephant to someone you have the person “actually see” a pink elephant.

A woman’s rich description has a great hypnotic effect on the mind of the one listening. It captures the imagination of the man into the scene described.

Experienced seducers use the same rich descriptions to capture the imagination of the woman and by doing so they bring her where they want her to go: into bed with them.

Now, when a woman will want you to do something for her she will rarely tell you: “I want the thing X”.

In most of the cases she will describe to you what she wants in a rich way in order to capture your imagination into the scene described by her”.

If you go with your wife to the market and you are a provider to her you will notice for example that by richly describing the items she likes she will slowly have you into hypnotic state, which will probably have you to spend more money on the item than what you wanted.

Stronger men instinctively react defensive in those situation and their irritation may cause a fight.

Now let´s get to how a woman plays the jealousy game on a man.

If you observe carefully the chat between a jealous husband or boyfriend and his woman you will notice that a moment before he has the jealousy attack she will run on him rich descriptions where she inserts open ended statements,

She will richly describing to him open ended situations like: “I was at the gym. Suddenly a guy, Mark smiled to me. He seemed to be such a fun guy, tall, with deep and intelligent eyes. He said he could teach me some new aerobic exercises…”

What happens to average frustrated chumps at this point is that they are hypnotically “captured” into the woman´s rich description – just like she meant it to be – their brain begins to “see” the scene described by her and they become to be reactive to it and begin to compete with the imagined other guy on the mental level.

Then they react by showing jealousy or becoming controlling and begin to let her grab them firmly by the balls.

Notice: a woman will not always use a rich description to influence you. This way of talking is the way women usually talk and if you listen to discussion between women you will notice that this is the way the communicate to each other.

A woman may or may not – consciously or unconsciously – try to use this both in short-term encounters with you or in long-term relationships to capture your mind.

You need to calibrate and be able to discern when she is simply being a woman and when  she has a purpose behind her rich descriptions.

And here is how you surprise her big time when she runs the jealousy game on you:

These are the steps:

– First of all awareness. With women you cannot afford a lack of awareness. If you are not aware you will find yourself  (especially in a relationship) sucked into her frame before you even notice it.

– So coach yourself to be aware and always pay attention to your surroundings. You need to be able to listen and observe her non verbal reactions and her speech.

– Keep in mind that rich descriptive talk does not come natural to men! Men prefer short communication and enjoy exchanging data. If this kind of talk would come natural out of you I would think you are probably a quite feminine man. For this reason you can put this advice in practice only by practicing full awareness.

– When she is rich describing something ask from yourself: which is her purpose, is there a purpose in it. Women may describe richly all what´s around without a purpose in mind of they have a clear purpose behind their speech. If the answer is yes get to the technique.

– The delay: this is key, key, key!  You should be able to listen calmly to her rich description when she is trying to make you jealous without reacting in any way and control yourself for all the time she does that and after she has finished it. Your turn will come after and I guarantee you will enjoy it.

– Just listen to her jealousy plot line and act like you would not understand what she is behind. This already will make you score points as what she is expecting is you reacting to it. If you react in any way at this stage you will come out as reactive to her game and that´s game on for her!

– Then the delay: simply drop the conversation and let some time go. For example a few hours if you are in a seduction situation or maybe even a day or two if you are in a relationship.

– After the delay while in the middle of another totally unrelated conversation with her insert a rich description of yours. At best it goes well when you link it “innocently” to something she is talking about.

– For example she is talking about the importance of taking care of own health and then suddenly you go like this: ”Yes! Taking care of our own body is extremely important. The wonderful feeling you get when you are moving and enjoying yourself. Yesterday at work place Jane told me that she began to practice squash. She seemed to be in a perfect shape. Even before she began to practice sport she was really slim and good looking but now she is gorgeous. She told me that now guys on the streets stare at her in the most disturbing way. She wanted me to go with her to play squash but that evening I was very busy. Her idea sounded quite nice. Yes taking care of body is very important. By the way: how was your last time at the gym??”

Watch at this point her non verbal reactions carefully and enjoy: you have a girl who is jealous of you now. You can repeat the sequence at need. You will see her collapsing and beginning to chase you.

I have field tested this a lot both in encounters where the woman was trying to raise her own value artificially by trying to have me compete with other guys on the mental level and in relationships where she was trying to have me jealous in order to control me or betaise me.

Each single time it works perfectly: the same chick who tells you about that wonderful guy, Mark is soon asking from you questions like: ”Listen, are you going with Jane to practice squash next week? You know I think we could have a wonderful weekend in Barcelona.. I bought the flight tickets for us..”

By the way in my eBook Getting The Good Girls you surely learned that Good Girls rarely run the jealousy game on you and if they do it  they are only testing for safety so be nice to them.

Some Freaks may became pathologically jealous of you when you run this technique.. this is an unwanted “side effect” of this technique so watch the stalker!!!

Franco, helping men since 2004

Neediness Management

January 8, 2011

To be a free man with a good inner game you must learn to manage your neediness well

I am willing to share with you this free knowledge about neediness.

Neediness management is essential to be a successful seducer and even more essential to have good relationships with women.

The distinction between biological and psychological, body and mind does not exist in reality. All of these happen together, as a whole.

This is true for neediness, too.

If you try to understand neediness by considering it only a psychological . issue you will never understand it fully and you will never be able to manage it.

Neediness is first of all a biological, physical phenomenon and not only an abstract psychological problem.

The brain has a biological rewarding/punishing system, which – by the means of hormones and neurotransmitters like endorphins, dopamine, serotonin – rewards us by giving us pleasure any time we do something which is essential for the survival of the individual and the species.

Such things are for example moving, running (hunting, fighting,escaping), having sex (children), eating sugar ( essential for the brain )The same system punishes us with pain if we do something which is potentially not useful for the individual and the species.

Neediness exists for a positive evolutionary purpose and the brain maintains it. Without neediness no children would be born, we would be merciless and rational 100% Alpha creatures and we would end up killing each other until the survival of only one.

Empathy is one of the feature of neediness = “I know how you feel” versus “I get what I want”

The human child is needy as definition and remains such for long years after the birth.

Managing neediness is smart. Denying neediness and fighting against is foolish. You cannot fight a biological feature of the brain. You have to manage it.

Neediness management is the group of skills a seducer uses to be non needy and manage his neediness so that it serves what he wants instead of neediness controlling the seducer himself.

It is the difference between properly riding a horse and a wild horse out of the control of his rider.

So if you get into the negative mindset of “I must get rid of this neediness” you will hit the head in the wall of your bachelor pad, do stupid things like take drugs, alcohol, gamble, over eat and get attached to the “tits” of some long-term relationships of yours and at the end of the day you will be betaised.

You cannot fight against your own brain but the good news is that you can successfully manage your brain.

Neediness management means awareness of your needs so that you can manage them in the direction you want. The successful strategy is the same like in judo: winning the enemy by softly using it s strength.

And now some practical advice.

I will give here extensive advice on neediness management so that you will be able to never be betalsed,

Keep your health and happiness good and get always what you want.


The human brain is wired to socialize in order to increase the chances of survival. We are clearly social, group animals.

Fighting against this instinct results in increased neediness because being social is biologically wired in our brain. Some group psychoanalysts go so far to believe that there is no mind without the group.

There are studies made on prisoners of war which seem to confirm what these psychoanalysts believe.

It was asked from them for research purposes which is the worst kind of torture. It was asked from them for research purposes which is the worst kind of torture.

All of them seemed to agree that the worst one is totally isolating the prisoner.

One of them survived isolation by drawing on the wall of his prison an animal, giving the animal a name and by talking to it.

Betaised males coming out of divorces may be at worst in a very bad state of social isolation with extremely increased degree of neediness.

One of the core features of the process of betaising and one-itis is when the female of our species uses the usually bad awareness most of the males of our species have of their emotional needs – paradoxically often the strongest ones ! – to make their need for socializing completely satisfied by her, the children and asocial network of her own.

This usually begins with “why don t you open up to me?” or “I want you to be sweet to me” and “my girlfriend Mary noticed I was so sad because we did not buy that car”

This usually brings to him having a social network totally controlled by her.

To avoid an increase in neediness keep on constantly several social circles of yours so that your brain inducted need for socializing is never invested in one person only and one social circle only.

If you have ONSs (one night stands), FBs, (fuck buddies) MLTRs,(multiple long-term relationships) LTRs (exclusive long-term relationships) or are married never make of these the only source of satisfaction of your brain´s need for socializing.


Manage your needs and spread your investments!


In the case you ended up into social isolation you may enter a state of anxiety, feelings of being worthless, guilt, depression. Before you raise your hand to drink the first beer, call your one itis, ask your LTR why she is late or sniff your cocaine realize that your brain is signaling- by lowering your endorphin levels and other hormonal changes – the fact that by being alone you are in danger.

What you need here is not to call your one itis or get drunk. You need to give to your brain something telegraphing to it that you are again on the right track in matters of survival and the brain will raise the endorphins promptly again.

As a rule Socializing= High Endorphins = Good State


Isolation= Low Endorphins = Bad State.

Anyway there is an important side note: the nature and quality of the social interactions you have are very important.

As a rule:

Isolation = Low endorphins = Bad State.

Bad Social Interaction = Bad State= Even worse than isolation (Guys in relationships remember this!)

Good Social Interaction = Good State ! Better than Isolation !

To achieve good mental state shift you need to slowly condition your brain and give it evidence that you are in social interaction. This is similar to what happens when you do yoga breathing exercises and you calm down. You begin to influence your mind starting from the body

To achieve the mental state shift you need to acknowledge that in isolation your mental state changes compared to what it is to when you are socializing. Actually what happens in your body is so subtle and unconscious that I would say simply assume that your mental state is different when you are in isolation compared to what it is when you are socializing.

So to effect your mental state positively get the fuck out of the house!

Smile and say “hi” to the people around you, talk in an non weird way to the people about whatever comes to your mind. What you say is not important as long as it is positively framed, friendly and non threatening, While you talk to people you will slowly notice a sense of well being coming.

This is due to a positive shift in endorphins levels (other neurotransmitters involved are dopamine and serotonin ) and slowly brings your brain into the wanted state.

This can require – depending on what person you are and how long you have been isolated or worse isolated in a bad relationship – from a few minutes to some day.

So persist, don t give up!

How this effects positively neediness? How this effects positively neediness?

When you learn to:

Use socializing as a way to influence your own state. Use socializing as a way to influence your own state.

Quickly detect and next bad interaction with negative people.

You will be managing the need your brain biologically has of relating to the individuals of the same species but in a way controlled by you.

Without the management your need will increase, your mind will slowly go into a state of contact starvation and that will make of you an easy target for being betaised by women in relationships and for any kind of manipulative woman you meet on the path of your love relationships.

Uptime& Downtime

Your brain can shift between two states:

Uptime is when you are all the time in touch with the outer world by using your senses.

Downtime is when you think, when you withdraw into your inner world. For example while I am writing this I am in downtime.

While having for sure the important meaning of having you to focus on creativeness, scientific and philosophical thinking, task solving and so on staying too much in downtime is bad and it increases your neediness.

The reason is that the more you stay in downtime the more you tend to withdraw from social contacts. Withdrawing from social contacts slowly increases the brain s need to have rapport, contact with other people and makes you needy.

So to manage neediness you gotta give the brain it´s dose of good social contact in a managed way.

Women do this instinctively all the time. Go out to the town and look around. You will see women sitting in sets of two taking care that their brain gets the proper dose of social contact.

Usually they keep a pretty superficial relationship with the girlfriends and they take care that the “therapy session” with the girlfriends – while sometimes touching deep issues – never gets really serious.

They also make sure to spread their emotional investments as widely as possible into different persons. That seems to be needy from them but actually it is the opposite: an extremely smart strategy to manage their own neediness so that they do not really need anyone emotionally.


Is extremely important.

If you are in downtime and socially isolated you become needy and get into a downward spiral. If you try to get out of the social isolation but do not choose your social contacts wisely that will increase your neediness even more.

At worse you may end up in a situation where you feel anxious and needy when you are alone and anxious and needy when you are socializing due to the bad quality of the contacts you have.

Energy vampires are a reality! They do exist out there and are ready to suck your psychic blood.

Energy vampires are often masochists who enjoy suffering and having negative mind frames.

You can detect the energy vampires by detecting the number of negative mind frames with a masochistic content in their talks.

Examples of the sickness and the medicine for it.

Woman: “I have such a fat ass. I will never get a boyfriend.” Seducer: “Sorry.. suddenly I got a terrible headache. I think I need to go. Let s get back to this another time. You are cute!”


Which means you are never going to meet her again!

Male friend:”You know. I am so envious of you. I see how you can seduce women all the time. I would like to be so good as you are…”

Seducer: “Well you know. There are guys who have a lot of knowledge about seducing women, meet some of them, if you get there and work hard you will be slowly able to do the same…”

Male friend:”Seducing women? You gotta be kidding! Those guys are totally immoral! Manipulating women in such a way!”

Seducer:”Man, suddenly I feel a strange headache. I think I need some rest. Lets get back to it another time, ok?”


Which means you are going to change your wingman into someone more positive and less envious of you!

It is not that the seducer would like to be “bad” and “asocial.” He is aware of how negative frames effect his mind by increasing neediness and spoiling the state.

He is only protecting himself.

It is about survival.

Words effect the brain !

In situations like the above the healthier choice is simply to bring our own ass to a different venue!

So as a rule next energy vampires and fill your social network with interesting people, spread your emotional investments and that will help you into good neediness management.


Skin contact, kino (not necessarily sexual!) with other member of the species is good!


Skin contact, kino has a profound positive effect on your endorphins level and makes you feel good.

There are many animal species that are constantly close to each other when they move in groups and even at closer contact when sleeping.

This is a biological mechanism ruled by nature. There are studies where small doses of morphine ( it acts on endorphins ) reduce the separation anxiety in animals.

So the opiate system of the brain is largely used by nature as a reward system to have us do things which help survival.

Nature wants skin contact and socializing for survival purposes. It has biological basis. Have you ever been touched by other guys so much like when you were in the Army?

There is a reason for it.

Go to watch the movie “Save Private Ryan” by Steven Spielberg. At the end of the movie Private Ryan just gets to know that his brother died inaction.

A comrade is keeping him on his chest like he would be his mother.

So here there is ground for neediness management: you are all born by human mother and you cannot deny the need for physical contact.

Through physical contact you were fed when you were newborn.

The married man who has no social network and lives with a wife who denies sex and affection from him and has betaised him is at risk for great neediness!

Slowly he gives up all the physical contact (also non sexual!) in the fear of being rejected sexually and his neediness ( due to low endorphin levels!) skyrockets and he can be manipulated even more while the process brings him to a downward spiral.

How to manage your need for contact

When meeting girls touch them early on and touch them a lot. Make sure they touch you a lot. In you are not in an exclusive relationships keep MLTRs
(Multiple Long-Term Relationships) with sweet girls who touch you alot.

Get a lot of physical contact! Get a lot of physical contact!

Never do the AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) thing of staying in aLTR ( Exclusive Long-Term Relationship) with a woman who is not able to accept your humanity and link physical contact with sex.

Never spend your time with women who are emotionally cold and distant.


The need for something or someone recognizing the existence of the mind itself is a feature of the mind.

What good service a dog coming to the door does to you in the periods of life you live alone? It tells to you:. I recognize that you exist!

The mind cannot work well without reflection. It gets into a spiral of unbearable tension. That s what women do when they sit in sets of 2 or 3 at the town. They discharge the emotional tension.

There is a need of the mind for reflection.

I make a large use of animals and fetishes to manage my own neediness.I have had in the last years two Doberman s: Terminator and Conan. They are both gone, sadly.

At the moment I have a couple of cats: Casanova and Safire.

Casanova comes to the door to acknowledge me when I get in.

I also have fetishes: a dog made of wool I have, I call him Transit. It comes playfully from psychoanalysis. It comes from the term: Transitional object.

The transitional object is an object a 1-2 years old child keeps as a substitute of the mother. Well guys you will be surprised but when Franco was not married yet and was traveling around the world on his long hunting expeditions the first thing he saw in the morning on his bed was Transit.

I am now on travel, going home. When I will walk through the door there will be on my bed Transit, staring at me. The need of the mind of being recognized will be satisfied.

This is neediness management. By becoming good in it you can practically manage 100% your neediness in all your relationships with women so that it can be zero level towards any woman, no matter how hot.


Falling in love is an organic (biological) psychosis the purpose of which is to keep two individuals long enough together to guarantee pregnancy to happen and the care of the child long enough for the child to survive.

I wish I would have known this when I was 17 years old!

Falling in love may make you badly needy. And this is bad, bad, bad!

Anyway falling in love is a very pleasant experience but I would say you will need all your seducer skills to go through it without gettingbetaised.

The most beautiful metaphor about falling in love and being betaised comes from Homer`s wonderful poem The Odyssey in the scene of Odysseus and the Siren.

Odysseus orders his sailors to tie him to the ship so he can hear the singing of the Sirens and see them. His men have their eyes covered and their ears filled with cotton.

The price for not resisting the singing of the Sirens is the irresistible wish to jump into the sea to be with them and be eaten by these seductive creatures half women and half fishes.

Falling in love resembles for the high status Alpha male and seducer the same thing like in the Odyssey.

Average frustrated chumps of any kind sit at home in the armchairs. High status males need hunting and wars of conquest.

Falling in love is for them a danger.

To be able to be an Alpha male and a seducer one has to be able to enjoy the pleasures of falling in love but at the same time be tied so firmly to the ship of his own skills and well being so that he has to be able to ride the neediness connected with it.

Neediness is like a tiger your ride in order to avoid her riding you.

It is a wonderful experience. I have been there several times.

If I would say I was never hurt I would be a lier. But I came out of it and I won.

Let s say that being good in neediness management and having good seducer skills and mental state control is the ship which saves you from being betaised by the falling in love while enjoying it s fruits fully.


Anger makes you needy when:

You are not able to be in touch with it in yourself. In a word: you still are a nice guy.

When you feel it but do not express it fully. In a word “half anger” makes you needy.

Full blown anger frees you from neediness.

And with this I do not mean you bad guys should smash everything around and break people and objects!

To avoid neediness you must:

Either avoid conflict situations as much as you can or

If you have to get pissed off then be a man, make a decision, get the fucking pissed off and let people feel that under their skin !

A chronic and continuous situation of “half anger” makes you needy like hell and damages your health.


One of the most betaising things women do is to push the buttons of a guy`s angerwhile having him into a situation where he cannot fully express it. while having him into a situation where he cannot fully express it.

For example on the work place:

Girl:I really like your eyes ( showing naked legs)
Guy: (touches her)
Girl: .We are on the work place. I will report this!.

Now to avoid neediness you gotta have the skills and decide either to not touch her and if she touches you tell her “hands off the merchandise!” or if you touch her then tell her that “Please report me. You can blow job me in a court of law later on” and touch her ass and don`t give a shit about the consequences!

Being a man frees you from neediness. No matter which are the consequences! Being a man frees you from neediness. No matter which are the consequences!

Avoid”half anger” It makes you needy. Get pissed off and face the consequences or learn to control yourself and manager you anger internally!

Ideally when you learn inner state control you are able to avoid conflict situation in advance because you are able to next negative people out of your life!


Get always a lot of sex. Being without sex makes you needy! Don t ask for sex.

Just take it!

Sex stimulates your endorphin system positively and raises your testosterone. Your brain is built so to punish you by lowering endorphins if you do not get sex enough and reward you if you get lot of sex. reward you if you get lot of sex.

You want to know how big is your sex drive?

Take your actual sex drive and multiply it x 5 and you will get a figure closer to reality. reality.

If a woman does not like sex next her!

She is a danger for your health!


Even if you are in an exclusive LTR keep always up your seduction skills!.

Pick-up is a social interaction and gives you a good state of mind and frees you from neediness.

Pickup is the art of bringing the woman from the pickup venue to the isolated venue (in our culture in most of the cases this is = having sex with the woman).Seduction is the art of having her emotionally and physically attracted to you.

Keep those skills always up!

If you are in an exclusive relationship and want to be faithful that is perfectly ok and you can practice the art of bringing women “close” to wanting to jump into the bed with you without having sex with them.

You are having lot of sex with your woman after all! Women with all their make-up, short skirts and seductive body language keep their own seductive skills on all the time.

So why would you not do the same?

There are many women being seductive all the time and still faithful to their husbands/boyfriends.

If you are in an exclusive relationship simply pick-up women and bring them to “the edge” and then introduce them to your wingmen for the final sexual act.

It is important to keep up your hunting skills. That frees you from neediness in regard to any single female.

By being totally non needy and internally managing your own neediness you attract women everywhere, make your woman in the main relationship happy and stay Alpha!

Put your energy into business, pick-up, seduction and never enter a relationship where you are being made weaker !

Franco, helping men since 2004


10 Tips On How To Get A Woman Want You Simply By Paying Attention

September 20, 2015

When you try to figure out how to get a woman want you, consider the huge importance
of paying attention to the subtle clues she gives to you while communicating.

So how to get a woman want you?

Read on.

When people interact with others, they’re mostly paying attention to the dialog
inside their own heads.

The majority of women relate to their own emotions in a very, very serious way; in
fact, I would say deadly serious.

They are different compared to men: they follow their own emotional reactions and
think of those emotional reactions as “extremely serious business”

In a dating situation women will basically give you “clues” of how they feel
emotionally all the time.

Sometime they will do that verbally and much more often non-verbally.

Do not expect a woman to tell you what she thinks or wants directly: she loses too
much of her sexual power if she does that.

Her sexual power is in forcing you into having to “guess” what she feels so that you
must invest your energy into her.

While you talk pay attention to the expression of her face, the movements of her
eyes, her lips, her breathing, her posture, legs, feet and whether she has open or
closed body language.

The winning seductive strategy is to carefully monitor her reactions while you talk
to her.

That will be like having her on the truth machine, telling you everything you need
to do and say to seduce her.

Watching her reactions carefully will be like having a GPS telling you where to
direct your car.

When you become good at doing this, with time you will begin to notice that she’ll
tell you, both consciously and unconsciously, how to make her feel attraction for

Women will subtly let you know what you must do to seduce them.

If you notice this and pick up on it, you can affect the communication with her and
create attraction, and even recover from mistakes in calibration.

All women – even those who are HSE (high self-esteem) – are to a certain extent
addicted to attention.

If you miss their subtle messages they will come to the conclusion that you are not
really interested in what they feel and this will work against you.

Practical Advice

1. Date only when you are fresh and free from other duties. We men are all about
business (that’s why we earn more!) and if you are thinking about your next business
model you will not be able to pay attention to a woman.

2. Only relate to her if she is making eye contact and not focusing on something
else. For example, if there are two girls in a bar and one of them is typing on her
mobile intensely, the one typing will not be able to listen to you. That is not
rejection my man; you simply are not having her focus.

3. When you talk to her look into her eyes in a non-threatening way and smile. Even
if you are only asking for directions, by doing this you may make her wet between
her legs.

4. Pay attention to submissive versus aggressive non-verbal reactions. If she
blushes when you talk and looks downward, you are making her horny for you. Quit
your approach immediately if you notice aggressive reactions in her non-verbal
reactions, especially if you did nothing aggressive or intrusive yourself.

5. When you talk learn to detect the “highs” in her reactions. In the Manual of
Seduction I call these “Soft Signs”. For example, if you are talking about making
food together in the kitchen and her eyes widen, she laughs and begins to move her
lower body on the chair frenetically, you can bet that she wants to make food with
her “Daddy”.

6. Use any opportunity she gives you to lead her. Leading is attractive and puts her
into a submissive state, which is what you want. For example, her lipstick drops
from her purse and you say “I bet you’re missing something,” then let her pick it

7. Mirror her voice speed, pitch, body language and feed back to her what she says
or does. If she uses short sentences, you do the same. If she speaks with a low,
seductive voice (Jesus, these ones drive me crazy!), then you do the same.

8. Pay attention to the way she dresses: Army boots, when not associated with other
feminine details, mean an aggressive, masculine nature. Small graceful tattoos,
nicely put into the context of her appearance may indicate romanticism linked with a
free-minded nature, but tattoos that have inside aggressive symbols like a knife or
a gun indicate invariably hard-core freaks, and these are probably women to avoid.

9. Present laid-back body language and let her lean in. Always speak less and do
less except in the initial interaction when you talk more to warm her up. After you
warm her up and she’s talking a lot, by doing less and saying less you again suck
her into sexual submission to you. As a rule: say and do at least 25% less than what
she does AFTER she is warmed up into taking a lot. Women LOVE to talk a lot. If she
expresses herself with monosyllabic statements and you cannot warm her up into
having her talk a lot, she is either too shy, masculine or depressed, and these are
all women you want to avoid.

10. Observing her non-verbal cues also works as a quick screening tool. For example:
if in a bar you see two girls, one with open body language and enjoying herself and
another who looks like she’s at war with the entire world, then talking to the
latter, even if she has nice legs, can ruin your day. While dating I usually talk
only to women who are relaxed, smiling and looking happy.

Cheers Franco

10 Things You Can Do To Seduce A Woman Without Chasing Her – How To Have A Girlfriend That Chases You.

January 1, 2015
Never chase a woman!
Have her chase you, instead!
As I promised here 10 things you can do to achieve that:
1. Always, always focus on building attraction first. No other thing you can do is as important as eliciting attraction in her. This is the most important rule from the start. This is the most important rule from the start, the answer to the question: how to have a girlfriend that chases you and not the other way around.
2. Another important rule on how to have a girlfriend that chases you is: always build your approach from the start in a way that does not put you to ask for anything from her!
Asking for things is highly unattractive and puts you to chase her.
Starting a relationship by chasing your future girlfriend establishes a very bad precedent for the whole relationship to come, assuming you manage to attract her at all!
3.  Always use time constraints when seducing. A proactive time constraint is when you build the approach right from the start to give the message that you are a busy man!
For example: “I am leaving for a trip and have a few hours before the flight”.
4. Asking for telephone numbers, emails, Facebook adds and so forth is something all guys do. Just make sure that happens in the following order.
– You always first elicit attraction beyond any possible doubt.
– Next, when you are sure of that then you can ask for her contact information.
– Ideally you proceed with the seduction the same day: then you do not need any contact information at all and are not asking for anything at all!
– When done well she will ask for your contact information first!
If you did not elicit any attraction and ask for her contact information you are basically wasting your own time.
5. Always frame the interaction so that she comes to you, the frame “welcome into my world” is a powerful one and makes her rationalize it like this:
Her: “Oh… this guy makes me come to him, so there must be something in this”
For example:
You: “Do you have some time next week for a coffee” is wrong.
You: “I have a few hours next week and I’m just coming out of the gym on Wednesday. So,you can tell me something about yourself” is right.
6. This is important: after you elicited attraction and she agreed to meet you again reduce a little bit of your activity and use what we might call the “push away” approach.
When she begins to chase you, you display body language that you are “busy”. If she suggests a day to meet and you suggest a few days later, it demonstrates that you are busy in your life.
In this manner, she begins to get addicted to you.
You can use this formula: After she begins to chase you, your goal is to make her “work a little bit” for you in order to have her say to herself:
Her: “Wow this guy is not in a hurry of getting into my pants. He must have plenty of women in his life!”
If she gets offended or complains do not react to that.
Women actually like men who have plenty of other females in their lives and not the other way around.
Men who have no women in their lives are the ones that actually put off women.
7. Do not tell much about what you do, especially about your business and history. Let her ask about you and when she does, tease her a little. You want to be a bit evasive, but nothing too serious such as the following example;
Her: “What kind of car you drive”
You: “I just landed with a space ship in the Himalayas from the IV Galaxy”
Her: “What kind of house you have? Which part of the town?”
You: “I live in a transgender community out of the town”
Your vibe should be that you are teasing her and should have inside the implicit message that she has no right of asking these kinds of things before she has delivered any goods to your door.
8. Always sub-communicate abundance in matters of relationships with females. You sub-communicate (not directly, but by indirect random talk) that you are comfortable around women and that women like you.
9. This is also important: do everything you can to sub-communicate that you are a free minded man.
Basically, she can talk with you virtually about everything including “hot topics” like sexual differences, free minded attitudes in regard to couple relationships and so on.
Many women nowadays are looking for men who can share with them free minded emotions and when they find one they will share with you all the kind of “little secrets” they would never share with a guy who makes them “feel judged”.
Remember: women are totally arbitrary in regard to this.
It will be enough for her to “sense” that you are someone who could judge her in matters of sexuality and she will lock up and quit chasing you.
10. Be light hearted, fun, humorous and give the the feeling that she can connect with you emotionally. That can be such an apparently “little thing” like having her talk about a piece of furniture she likes or a book she adores or maybe a beautiful landscape so that she gets the feeling that “I am connecting so well with this guy!”
Remember: women crave “deeper connection” more than a drug addict craves his fix!
All of this slowly will “suck her in” like a magnet and have her think: “I must like this guy, I am doing so much for him”
Cheers, Franco

How To Court A Girl – Why You Should Never Chase A Woman.

November 23, 2014

Let me share with you how to court a girl and why you should never chase her to have success in the field of female relationships.

The main reason is this:

A woman´s way of dealing with men and sex is “INWARD.”

“Inward” means that her “female logic” works in a way you, as a man, would not imagine possible in reality.

In matters of sexual desire it works by shifting the responsibility of what she feels on you and her environment.

So while your male logic works like this: “I like this woman, she is so hot, let´s make a plan to get her!” her female logic works like this:

“This guy and this situation make me feel certain strong emotions and a strong desire, let´s check to see if this real or not”

The statement “it makes me feel” is KEY to understand why you should never chase a woman.

When you experience the following sequence:

  1. You detected her interest.
  2. Or – if you have experience – you elicited her attraction.
  3. Soon after you begin to chase her, in a way or another.
  4. Soon after she loses her interest and attraction towards you.

That happens because you – by chasing her – introduced an element of OUTER REALITY into her emotionality.

This “makes her feel” that you are “spoiling” her inward emotion.

In a word: what was mysterious, exciting, interesting at the beginning becomes very, very fast boring, trivial and ultimately… turns her off.

Instead, your goal is to get her to chase you so that it validates her original feeling.

This is the feeling that you “must be” the right guy for her.

When you elicit attraction in her and do not chase her, that means she has to “work for it” so it must be true!

In her female logic she feels: “As I am doing this for him I MUST be attracted to him a lot!” A woman feels that the responsibility for her desire is “outside her”

When the world outside her validates her feeling she does not need to work for it anymore and the everyday grey reality comes back to her!

When you break the rule of: “You should never chase a woman” and begin to chase her you are selling yourself short, so short that you basically delete her strong “inward” emotions by introducing an element of “mere reality” into her dream.

To avoid this when you are relatively sure that you had her interested in you, you should begin to “push her away” a little bit and keep doing that long enough till you see signs of her chasing you.

Next article will be about practical advice on how to attract a girl without giving her the vibe that you are chasing.

To understand better the dynamics of how to seduce a woman and maintain her attracted please refer to my Manual of Seduction.

Cheers, Franco

Female Erotic Hypnosis – How Does Hypnosis Work In Dating Situations And How By Resisting It You Make Her Horny!

July 2, 2014

Let´s talk about how female erotic hypnosis affects you and how by resisting causes a woman to feel incredible lust for you!

This will have you see how does hypnosis work when you are dealing with a woman in a dating situation or are in a relationship with her.

Knowing the dynamics behind female erotic hypnosis can considerably improve your skills in dating situations and in relationships with women.

Just to say it straight: this knowledge will get you laid – a lot!

It has been said for centuries that women talk more than men.

Yet it is not very well known “why” they talk so much.

Men have been wondering this for ages.

Well, there is a strict connection between female talking and female sexual desire.

We might also call it “female sexual hypnotic talk.”

So how does hypnosis work when you are around women? It works by having you intensely focused on her and under certain conditions feel emotions and act under their influence.

For example, when I am talking to you about a wonderful sunset in this way:

“The sun was slowly and calmly getting close to the horizon. Red, yellow and blue colors were irradiating the atmosphere while a deep, calm silence began to cover all the living creatures.”

By the means of this verbally-rich language I have your brain “see and feel” the sunset itself.

Female sexual hypnotic talk is basically covert hypnosis: a kind of hypnosis created by rich descriptive language.

The main purpose of female erotic hypnosis is to have the man intensely focused on the woman for procreative purposes (getting pregnant) and for getting the man’s mind into the frame of the provider (protecting her, giving her stuff).

There is a strict link between a woman´s sexual desire and her impulse of binding a male’s mind to herself!

I am a man and I get bored easily if I talk this way. It is not my nature.

Yet a woman can describe stuff in that way for hours upon hours.

It is hardwired in her brain, and while she does that she “captures your focus” which is covert hypnosis.

Now the link between female sexual desire and erotic hypnosis is this: a female unconsciously uses this kind of language to influence you hypnotically when she feels sexual desire for you.

As a man you will have almost certainly heard this complaint a lot: “You never talk to me, you should open up to me more.”

It’s a complaint you probably heard at the end of a long, exhausting speech from her – while thinking inside your head:

“What the hell does she want from me?”

The reason for that is that as a man you are hardwired to unconsciously resist hypnotic language.

Survival for a man is strictly linked to focusing intensely on one single task: like eliminating an enemy, shooting an animal in the forest or building a bridge fast, before flooding kills everyone.

You probably felt guilty, too.

You probably felt that you couldn’t “give her” something that she was badly wanting.

You also resisted it because you felt that was not action, but rather just a waste of your precious focusing skills!

It’s one of your most important survival tools!

Well, my aim is to free you from guilt while I help you get laid too!

A win-win gift from Franco 🙂

See, what really happens is that when she was blaming you for a “lack of communication” that was solely because she liked you a lot sexually and her erotic hypnotic skills went into “red alert” straight away.

What a female is really doing when she is using her sexual hypnotic talk on you is exactly what you feel and see: she wants to capture your mind and have you focus intensely on her!

Some females know about this consciously; some others do not know at all, and for others it is semi-conscious.

Here it is in a sentence: when a female is sexually attracted her speech is actually hormonally-driven, and a female does that in the relationship with you when she is especially horny.

Even if the woman you are dealing with happens to be an “independent woman”, the type that thinks “my way or the highway”, you can be certain that this deep, hormonally-driven mechanism works in her just as effectively as it does in every other woman.

What changes is the way she reacts to it: a feminine independent masculine woman will probably try to suppress by logic this hormonal mechanism; instead a feminine receptive woman will go with it.

So if you are looking for a solution to “what women want” in that situation, well, the solution is not “more communication”…

The “solution” is mind-blowing sex and actually “not giving” her fully what she wants!

You must be strong and resist female sexual talk!


Because in reality a woman “wants and does not want” to capture your focus!

She has conflicting feelings about it. Indeed, modern women in particular have extremely conflicting feelings in regards to this skill of theirs.

You may have heard this one from women many times before: “I want a man who knows what he wants and who is able to make decisions.”

What the female is actually saying amongst other things is: “I want a man who is so strong that he can resist my erotic hypnosis so that I will fail in influencing him!”

The word ‘ambivalence’ means when a person is not able to “decide” what they really want between one, two or more options.

Females are ambivalent in regards to this: while she is by erotic hypnosis actively trying to bind your mind to herself, what she really wants is a man who resists it!

Now why would a woman want to fail in her own attempts of getting power over you?

Simple: because that process would sooner or later have her frustrated in her position with you as a lover.

It would affect her sexual desire and her pleasure in an extremely negative way!

She would feel that her erotic hypnosis gives her “too much power” over you, and that would bring her interest in you down very fast!

That is because women are themselves scared of the huge mental power they have due to their hormonally-driven erotic hypnotic skills.

They realize they will very quickly lose respect and desire towards a man who is so easily influenced by their hypnotic talk!

This is one of the reasons they so often fall for selfish assholes and aggressive men!

The more a woman is HSE (high self-esteem) the less she is scared by the mechanism I have described here, but even the best woman in the world is not “immune” from this!

The man the woman wants at the deepest level of her sexual desire is the one who will be able to resist the hypnotic power of her language!

So remember this: if you want a woman to be more and more horny for you, the last thing you should give her when she exhibits erotic hypnosis is “more communication”.

That will slowly have her feel that you were transformed into a “girl” and are completely under her spell!

Practical advice:

1. When a woman is attracted to you and horny she will cyclically exhibit sexual hypnotic talk.

2. Don’t believe that getting along and losing your focus will satisfy her in any way! (Hypnosis can be pleasant, especially when “erotic”!)

3. On the contrary, what really satisfies her and makes her feel “wow, what a man!” is seeing that you are not losing your focus in spite of her hypnotic talk.

4. The “law of opposites” works here, so what she will say she wants is exactly the opposite of what she really wants!

5. Don’t expect a woman to stop this and “listen to reason”. This is an animal instinct and it will present itself again and again and again – in spite of what you might do or say.

6. You can assume with a relatively big probability of being right that when she is in that state she is horny.

7. And the cure for that is… mind-blowing sex!

8. A woman who does not exhibit erotic hypnosis when dealing with you is almost certainly not attracted to you.

9. So consider erotic hypnosis attempts from a female a clear sign that she wants to have sex with you.

10. There’s absolutely no need to feel guilty – there is nothing you can do that will ever satisfy her completely when she is in this state because of the conflicting feelings.

To have her in a state of continuous attraction you need to be able to resist female hypnotic talk!

That is one of the main traits of the alpha male: he is not easily influenced by hypnotic talk.

He is a hunter, a warrior: focused, all the time!

I have described in my last book “How To Easily Sleep With Any Woman You Like” in-depth how to seduce women by enhancing their desire when around you!

More about the book:   “How To Easily Sleep With Any Woman You Want”

Read a Free Chapter!

Cheers, Franco

How To Compliment A Woman In A Masculine Way

December 22, 2012

I am going to share with you the powerful seduction technique of the “masculine compliment.”

Today, I noticed that I am often asked:

“Franco, can I compliment a woman? Is complimenting a woman only something ‘beta males’ do? Am I being too much of a nice guy if I give her compliments and treat her too well?”

Well, that’s not the case.

You can be good to a woman. The important thing is ”how” you are being good to her.

There is a widespread belief that complimenting a woman could be seen as a sign of weakness, a sign that the guy is “beta.”

Well, that’s not the case!

Don’t be a prisoner of your beliefs when you seduce women!

Weakness is when you do that in order to get something from her and are being subservient.

Weakness is when you don’t lead her and you are not “penetrating” her…(LOL)

It is all about symbols: being masculine with a woman is not only an act, it is also a symbol.

When you make sure that your actions get the right symbols across, you are safe: you can compliment her, bring her to restaurant, buy her flowers, and tell her that she is beautiful.

All the nice things that cross your mind are okay

One of the aspects of my teachings is that I help guys learn how to be nice without actually being a ”nice guy.”

You do not need to be abrasive: when you like a woman, you want to be nice to her.

Just make sure you are nice to her like a man and not like a wimp!

When you lead her, when you “penetrate” her with your personality and your self-confident attitude, you can compliment her as much as you want!

It is not about compliments, it is about the “symbols” conveyed in your complimenting.

“Penetrating her” is not only an act, it is a symbol, a masculine symbol.

When you insert masculine symbols into your compliments she will never think of you as a turn off and a “nice guy.”

Let’s start with the easy: when you ”cannot” compliment her.

If you are only complimenting her to get something from her, then don’t!

It is sub-servient, and it will turn her off.

Just tell her what you want!

No compliments at all.

If your are only complimenting her to avoid pauses of silence in the conversation, then don’t!

She will sense this.

Learn how to keep a conversation alive instead.

If you are only complimenting to have her stay in the conversation with you, then don’t!

That is a huge mistake.

She has to feel that you can stop talking with her any time. There is no bigger turn off for a woman than when she senses that you need her too much!

You should not appear needy, remember!

If you are only complimenting her to make her like you more, then that is the biggest  possible mistake!

Rule number one when complimenting a woman is this: 


You are not trying to please her!

You are stating what you feel without shame!

There is a big, big difference between the two: stating what you feel without shame and trying to kiss up to her!

Women can detect the difference between the two in seconds!

When you appear shameless and self-confident, when you lead the woman, you can compliment her at will – absolutely, no problem!

And… for the sake of that, there is something very powerful you can do when complimenting.

It is what you could call a masculine “penetrative” compliment 🙂

You can tell her something nice you truly feel about her – remember: it must be sincere!

At the same time, you can infuse your compliment with a symbol telling her that you are really not ashamed of “penetrating” her as a woman.

A ”penetrative” compliment is made of two parts:

1. A true and sincere comment about some good feeling you have about her.

2. Another sincere comment telling her that you like her, want to take her, and are normally ”penetrative” with a woman.

This works if you are absolutely direct, sincere, and totally shameless about your feelings.

When you are still in the initial phase of attracting her, you should be little bit more indirect, more subtle.

This is because women are vastly different in terms of personal comfort levels and receptiveness, and we men have been truly scary and dangerous throughout history, and we still are at times.

It is normal for a woman to want to feel comfortable and safe before she can relax with you.

So, don’t exaggerate what I am suggesting here in the early stages of a seduction, otherwise you will scare away the better women and only manage to seduce all the hard-core freaks!

You need to strike the right balance for each woman.

On the other hand, some women who are very straightforward and self-confident will not be so uncomfortable, actually they will love it.

Some others will be more shy and need more comfort to open up to you.

You should combine your compliments with symbols of:

– Absolute lack of shame in regard to your sexual desire as a man.
– Absolute will to lead her as a man.
– Implying that you can get easily women if you wish to.
– You are totally open minded with regard to your masculine sexual desire and women in general.

A healthy, sexually receptive woman will find the above qualities huge turn ons!

Remember: no comments about her beauty! She has heard that before.

You can compliment her about her other qualities like her personality, her job, the town she is living in, how she speaks, the intelligent things she says- whatever indicates a true interest in her as a person and is not directed towards her beauty.

And then…  in the second part of your compliment, you can insert your shameless “penetrative” act.

The penetrative comment should not be rude, and it can also be a pretty indirect verbal description of something that will turn her on.

You can be sure that women will be very, very good at reading between the lines of your subtle communication. Women are masters of reading you between the lines.

The difficult part is balancing: this you can learn only by doing your field work and by seducing many women.

What can be felt by a man as ”shy and subtle” can be already ”direct enough” for a woman.

So, you do not need to overdo this.

Use rich verbal descriptions: they are powerful.

Strike the right balance!

With more shy and reserved girl: be less cocky and more subtle; not every girl is comfortable straight away with being “penetrated.”

With open minded and more “wild” girls, be as direct as she can get!

With girls who are playing the part of the “guy” and trying to seduce you, you can be even more direct – to the point of shocking them.

That also helps you detect are they for real or trying to fool you!

Examples of mixed penetrative compliments:

You: “Ahh.. so you are a great cook, that’s great; you cook all kinds of stuff… I am impressed. It must be wonderful to keep in your hands in all that WET AND WARM STUFF while cooking.”

And let her figure out what you mean with the “wet and warm stuff in her hands.”

You: “I heard that you are a great lawyer; my compliments, I really appreciate true professionals… (first part) I like lawyers a lot, they are so good with the TONGUE (pause) and verbal expression otherwise.” – with a smile:) (The penetrative masculine sexual part)

You: ”Wow, you are a wonderful teacher, my compliments… I heard that you are a great professional at the school. (the compliment) If I would be a pupil of yours I would surely want you out of the class for some more ”private” lessons…” > with smile (the masculine ”penetrative” part)

See, here you are compliment her and being quite straightforward about your desire of taking her as a woman.

When you still are in the phase of attracting her you cannot be too direct… otherwise you will come across as a jerk, and the cocky part will overpower the funny part.

For example, the subtle rich description of the girl who is a cook keeping her hands in the ”wet and warm stuff” is much better for a situation where you are not that intimate with her, yet.

When you have established a relationship with her and she is sexually receptive to you, you can be as direct as you want… that turns on a receptive woman like no tomorrow in a relationship.

Think about it: a man is turned on by a feminine, sexually receptive woman and a woman is turned on by a sexually active, straightforward man who makes no mystery of his desire and willingness to satisfy it…

That’s one of the main reasons so many women fall for bad guys, by the way: they make no mystery of their desire as men.

See, you can compliment a woman and be “penetrative” at the same time… like a man should.

When you compliment a woman too much without inserting masculine, penetrative symbols, after a while she begins to feel that you are a helpless nice guy and… that turns her off!

She soon sees you as a ”male girlfriend”:)

That is because the more beautiful she is, the more she is overloaded by people trying to be nice to her.

As you are being subtle, you won’t get slapped, don’t worry!

By striking the right balance, you can detect how far you can push it by observing her non-verbal reactions carefully.

In a relationship – after you have attracted her and made of her yours – you can be far more direct compared to dating a new girl.

Then, alternate periods of niceness with periods of “full penetration” when you compliment her.

This alternation of pure kindness and penetrative comments turns the majority of women on sexually.

Women get easily bored and are sexually turned off if you repeat the same stuff all the time.

On the other hand, it is important that, when you please her, you give her the message that you are pleasing yourself first.. and her in the process.

So this works best when you enjoy it yourself.

When she is already sexually receptive in the relationship with you, THE LAST THING SHE WANTS – believe me – is a nice guy who is always “asking forgiveness” for his his sexual desire.

In a relationship, you CAN also compliment her about her beauty when you insert into it the penetrative element from time to time.

She is your woman: she KNOWS that you also like her for her beauty!

So, these ones are ok in relationships:

You: (getting home) “Ahh…you have such beautiful eyes… ” and at the same time you go down and kiss and bite her rear a little bit… instead of the eyes.

You: “What nice hair you have…” > while caressing her legs in between.

You: “Jesus you are so FUCKING sexy! I like the way you move.”


No one can stand continuous tension without hitting their head against the wall.

You need to strike a good balance in relationships, too.

At times you can be sweeter and little bit nicer, focus on creating a good rapport with her and then.. out of the blue..

The warrior!

You come from the shower room, put a hand on her leg and say:

You: “Ahh… you have the most wonderful legs in the world… let me bite them… ” grab her leg and bite her all over.

Here you are inserting a primitive, aggressive symbol into your compliment, that turns many women on.

See.. you CAN compliment a woman without being a nice guy.

IMPORTANT: if a woman reacts with an exaggerated ashamed and uneasy reaction or with full anger to a mixed penetrative compliment that is conveyed by you, quit your interaction with that woman instantly!

And if you are in a relationship with her, you’d better consider quitting it!

She probably has problems in being receptive to men… or maybe not even heterosexual and WHY THE HELL would you, heterosexual man, be with a woman like that?

Think about it.

About keeping balance: to be able to keep a good balance for each woman, you will need to understand the WHOLE PICTURE ABOUT SEDUCTION AND FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY!

Without fully understanding the whole picture of how the female mind works in matters of sexuality, you will not be able to properly put my advice into practice. 

The whole picture is in my Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys! The best book on dating women and managing female relationships for men!

Cheers, Franco

­­First Date Questions. Why She Asks “Why” On A Date

October 19, 2012

When you are dating a woman and erotic tension begins to build up between the two of you, it may happen that she asks first date questions like:

“Why do you want to meet me?”

“Why are we here together?”

“Why did you take me to this place?”

You need to be good at understanding what her first date questions really mean, otherwise you will be harming your goal of seducing her.

Often the reason she asks these ‘first date questions’ is to check you for your willingness of having a relationship with her.

Even more important is what really happens deeper down in the world of her instincts.

She asks those questions to get you to make mistakes that will make it easier for her to control her own sexual desire!

A woman must be good at controlling her own sexual desire otherwise she will not be able to screen you well as a potential mate.

For this reason you should never answer these questions directly! If you do you are working against your own goal.

You should find a way to go around them with the goal of making her more emotional exactly when she is trying to control herself!

If you answer:

“Because I like you and want to get to know you better.”

“Because I figured you might like Spanish food”

You are actually helping her to resist you!

Why is that?

Because by asking those questions she is trying to get you into an “interview mode” frame of mind.

That is a deadly boring place to be in for a seduction! Yes, a woman actively tries to get you to make mistakes on a date in order to control herself.

This is the opposite of what the average man would do and it is connected with gender differences.

The average man wants to have sex as soon as there is a chance for it.

For a woman the problem is how to control her desire and be calm enough to catch the man she wants.

If you make these mistakes of answering “properly” to these “why” questions, that will engage the logical part of her mind and will help her control her own desire towards you.

This is absolutely not what you want!

The best way to react is to answer by telling her a story filled with rich verbal descriptions of various situations.

That makes it more difficult for her to control her desire towards you.

Her: “Why did you bring me to this restaurant?”

You: “You know… I have been living in this part of the town for many years now. I remember that when I was a kid and I was walking with my parents I always admired the shiny lights at the top of this entrance. They excited me like wonderful toys, like bright, shiny arabesques. I was dreaming that one day I would come here and enjoy my time just like all those adults there I was envious of…”

This will completely block her attempts of controlling herself by having you “talk logic” and will increase her desire instead.

When you react like this in many cases she will keep repeating her “Why” questions again and again because the real purpose behind those questions is actually not receiving real answers…

The real purpose is to make you do something boring that will cool her down.

If she keeps repeating the “Why” questions, respond by repeating the above advice again and again until she collapses and begins to become receptive.

It will make her vulnerable to your seduction attempts.

By the way, we have launched a very affordable way of improving your skills in the area of dating women and female relationships:

You can Consult Franco by email for free and get powerful and professional 1:1 coaching in all the areas of dating and female relationships.

Cheers, Franco

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How To Meet Women – Don’t Move, Just Attract!

September 3, 2012

Today I was thinking why so many guys ask questions about “how to meet women.”

Women are everywhere. Right now I am going by train to another town. A gorgeous blonde is sitting right in front of me.  On my right, another sweet girl is watching at the landscape out of the window. A few seats forward, a nice girl with a strange hat on her head is browsing her mobile.

First thing I do in those situations is to observe a girl’s body language before I approach.

It was enough to raise my head from my iPad while writing this article, and I already detected 3 sweet girls right next to me.

There must be something seriously wrong in many guys’ dating lives if they have to ask the question “how to meet women” so often.

Once I was reading an interesting article about men. A point of view was that men like to move objects in a space from a point “A” to point “B”, and maybe for that reason they get so easily caught in the trap of traditional dating.

Now let’s imagine that I am trapped in the typical traditional dating mentality. I would probably think that in order to have her, I should move her from point “A” to a point “B” and maybe arrange a “date” in some nice place.

When you get into this frame of mind, two very bad things happen to you as a man:

1. You try to answer the question “how to meet women” without doing anything to attract her to you right there, where you are!

2. Naturally, you begin to feel that the world must be a desert without women in it. While so many women are right there, close to you, you begin to feel that you should move a girl from point “A” to point “B”.

This is because you have been educated to be subservient to women since you  were a child. Your upbringing has you feeling that you should work and sweat to get a woman even before you actually know her!

I think this is the process behind what makes you feel that it is so difficult to meet women; the traditional dating propaganda makes you feel you should do everything except the most important thing:

Attract her where you are right now!

While I am writing this for you, the blond in front of me is doing her make up and caressing the mirror with her long nails painted in dark green. Soon I will raise my head, look into her eyes, smile deeply and, ask her if she is a pianist.

There are no “wars” you need to fight or “big enterprises” to build for you to know how to meet women! Save that for business.

The change you need has to happen inside your head. Parents and society taught you that you should invest your energy and bring her from one place to another, “do something!”, be a man!

No one taught you the really important skill you need; how to attract the women you like right there, where you are!

Here are 10 essential points directed to improve your inner game in the matter of how to meet women:

1. Women are all around you; you do not need to move.

2. Focus on attracting the woman close to you, forget traditional dating.

3. Trying to move a non-attracted woman from point “A” to point “B” is a waste of time and energy, and will frustrate you and her.

4. We live in totally new times for matters of male-female relationships; you do not need to sweat to get a woman. This mindset will only frustrate you and make you focus on the wrong things.

5. An attracted woman will follow you straight to your flat when you are good at eliciting the fire of attraction in her. If you adore bars and restaurants, like I do, consider them only a place to celebrate what has already happened; she wants you badly!

6. Turn around the whole traditional dating mentality: for you to invest your energy into her, she needs to show signs of attraction. You are the Prize.

7. If she says “No kisses on first date”, you ask politely, “Sorry, did we agree to meet again?”

8. Before she becomes something like a girlfriend or a wife, she needs to show that she worships you as a sexual male and keep feeling that over time. In the absence of that, you will only be emasculated by being with her.

9. Attraction is an emotion in her head and not something you can achieve by moving your ass all the time.

10. Don’t move! The best place to meet women is where you are right now!

Cheers, Franco

How To Get A Girlfriend – 10 Ways To Reverse Common One-itis Symptoms

June 7, 2012

One-itis is a very painful and damaging condition, if you’re unlucky, you’ll get infected with this illness especially if you’re young and lack experience with women.

If you don’t know what one-itis is, here’s a definition:

“Obsessively thinking about ONE woman to the extent where you feel so attached to her, if anything happened to end the relationship you feel like killing yourself.”

Think about it…

Has this ever happened to you, you wait for the girl to text you for hours, you think about doing everything with her and you see her as your only option in life when mating is concerned.

When you have one-itis you are totally crazy about the girl and she takes up 80% to 90% of your mental energy as you dream all possible scenarios with her including all sorts of crazy sexual fantasies over and over again.

Replaying emotions and thoughts on an endless loop, just you and her.

Since one-itis is an illness (which I’ll tell you more about in a minute) you can face a long list of very negative outcomes:

● You will be emasculated (become a lower male) and reduced to the role of “male girlfriend.”

● You will lose – almost definitely lose – your cherished girlfriend: she will flat out dump you or utter the dreaded words: “I love you but I feel that we cannot be together, I feel only friendship for you.”

● You will be drained of mental energy to the point where it becomes increasingly impossible to focus on your business, hobbies and other social relationships.

● You may fall into a financial hole, unable to make significant life decisions like forming a family, having children or buying a house.

It is crucial that you learn how to get a girlfriend WITHOUT one-itis. Its a way better way to live your life… because when you have one-itis you start doing strange things like:

● Call her all the time

● Send her messages all the time

● Try to please her too much

● Put her on a pedestal

● Begin to treat her like a “pure, sexless Madonna”

● Act jealous and possessive around her

● Get into a very painful state of self-hypnosis (= being obsessively focused on something)

IMPORTANT NOTE – one-itis kills attraction faster than flipping a switch.

YOU GET DUMPED quickly when she sees you displaying one-itis.

Women are strictly TURNED OFF by men with one-itis because it communicates lots of unattractive characteristics.


The good news is you can prevent her dumping you and prevent future girlfriends from dumping you too with one thing: experience!

Being relaxed, comfortable and confident around women comes from experience and before you start giving up because there’s so much work, its actually easy.

I’m going to give you a few short-cuts to quicken your learning curve.

Listen, you’ve heard this from women before right:

“I want a man who knows how to treat a woman.”

Do you know THIS is what they actually mean?

“I want a man who has been with so many women that he will not put on a pedestal, will be able to lead me and my emotions and not treat me like a sexless madonna.”

As women have been oppressed for centuries when it comes to sexuality they cannot say this openly (though there’s some improvement, many women still hide their voracious sexual appetite).

There are huge advantages in kicking out one-itis from your system, like:

● She starts seeing you as “The Prized Catch” and will never lose sexual attraction for you.

● If she is the good girl type, she will never cheat on you.

● If she is the adventuress type she will consider you Mr. Number One in matters of having fun. All the other men with one-itis will be felt as “boys” compared to you.

● If she is materialistic you will be able to have an unfogged, clear mind with which to spot her manipulative ways of taking advantage of your financial capacity.

With that lets jump straight into the 10 signs you should look out for…

1. Self-hypnosis: you begin to think obsessively about her from the morning to night. This isn’t normal feelings of love… If you get a normal feeling of loving a person you feel a sweet feeling of happiness and that does not keep you from focus in other areas of life.

Solution: when you get into this state learn to recognize it in time and shift the focus on your business, activities and your social circle. Think: “Yes, I like her and.. it cannot be such a big thing for me quitting having a normal life”

2. You begin to see less and less of your social circle, forget to call friends, begin to be less able to focus on work and business. When you give up your social circle turn her off big time.. Women like men who are successful and a leader among men. How could you be successful and a leader of men if you give up your friends?

Solution: Increase contacts and outings with your social circle instead of reducing it.

3. You begin to feel that she is “pure” and “unique” and that “no other woman on the Planet could ever be so good and pure”. You may begin to deny the fact that she is a sexual human being and as such likes huge mind blowing sex like every other woman on the planet.

Solution: when you begin to have such thoughts like “ohh.. she is such a good and special girl, she is so pure and would never be wild and out of control” realize that you are getting into one-itis.

4. Learn to recognize a female “purity card”. Women when attracted to men are almost invariably prone to put this card on the table to get you into an exclusive relationship. Take it as a compliment: if she does that it means she likes you.

Its one of the most powerful cards women use on men to obtain exclusivity. It means that she will actively and subtly begin to present herself to you as a “good and kind girl” who would never be sexual.

Solution: realize she is human being and as such surely great in some areas and very much imperfect in others. The purity card is one of the tools at her disposal to hook you. Many women have learned that men are scared of female sexuality and run the purity card on them when they want to catch the man.

5. Wrong mindset about female exclusivity. This is a huge factor which can have you get a very bad one-itis when you get a girlfriend. Women do not want or like man who wants them exclusively!

Women like and want man who get other women easily!

A woman is hard-wired to desire a man who can easily get other women! When you get into one-itis it may happen to you that you begin to promise exclusivity to her without her having done anything to deserve it!

Solution: if you catch yourself promising exclusivity to a new girlfriend without her having done anything to meet your needs and your desires and without her having demonstrate to you how fit she is for a good relationship with you this brings you directly to one-itis. Realize that in this case you are promising exclusivity not because you really want it but because you want to please her for your fear of losing her.

She reads: this guy cannot easily get other women and her attraction goes down while you get deep with your neck into one-itis

6. You begin to get angry and nervous if your friends make comments about her natural desire as a sexual human being. Again a bad sign that you are getting into one-itis.

Solution: take it easy man! She IS a sexual human being as a woman. Your friends are very much right about that. Consider this: would you like her and desire her if she was a zero on the sexual scale?

7. You become jealous and possessive, begin to control what she does, follow her, go through her mobile while she is not seeing you, read her email, ask her where she has been and so on. Realize this: by doing this stuff you basically give her the message that you are not able to get other women at will! That is a huge turn off for every woman (They will never admit it but this is the way it is!)

Solution: you need more experience with women! Without that you will always be in a state of alert and nervousness at the idea that she might having sex somewhere else and with someone else.

8. Failing to escalate to sex at the beginning and “waiting to make her comfortable with it” is another sure sign that you are getting into one-itis. You are being hit by the Madonna/whore complex and virtually castrating yourself as a man in order to avoid losing her. One of the most sure signs you are getting into one-itis.

Solution: when you like a woman you can escalate to sex as soon as you have elicited attraction in her. If you are not able to detect when a woman is attracted to you and not able to do enough to attract her that means it is not the time to think about how to get a girlfriend for real…You first need more experience of women in order to get in better touch with female sexuality.

9. Madonna/whore complex. When you follow your thoughts about women you tend to divide them into “good women who are pure and not that wild about sex” and “bad women, who are whores, bad girls and too open to sex”

Solution: realize that such a thing does not exist in reality. ALL women are sexual human beings. The main difference between a good girl, an adventuress or a materialista is not “how much she wants sex or does she wants sex in the first place”.

The main difference is about the end value they are after: a good girl wants to conquer your heart and establish a loving relationship with you, an adventuress wants to have sexual pleasure and fun with you, a materialista wants to control her own attraction and sexual pleasure with you enough to be able to reach your credit card.

ALL these women want sex. Including the good girl: actually good girls can be very often the ones to be extremely passionate and sexual!

10. Forgetting your own needs when you like a woman. One of the most important skills you need in order to avoid one-itis is a good touch with your own needs and safety.

If when you begin to like a woman you notice that you are beginning to forget your own needs: being calm, relaxed, eating well, resting well, dedicating yourself to your hobbies, enjoying your social relationships and so on that is one of the most sure signs you are getting into one-itis and a huge turn off for your girlfriend to come!

Solution: it is always a good practice when you get a girlfriend to deliberately check are you still satisfying your needs like you did before. Realize that healthy self-love is one of the major features in you which make a woman like you!

Learn to recognize the difference between falling in love, loving and having one-itis!

Falling in love, loving: for the adult mature man it is a calm, relaxed thing which adds value to his life. The fundamental pillars of his life are not “shaken” by the falling in love and the loving. He is the same man and is enriched by the experience.

One-itis: it is an obsessive painful condition where you begin to feel anxious, depressed, think obsessively about her and make all the mistakes in the book in matters of being around women. Your world is “shaken” by her.

If you have one-itis you need more experience about women and seduction, much more than a girlfriend!

When you want to become experienced in all the areas of dating women and female relationships all what you need is the Manual of Seduction by Franco

Franco, helping men since 2004

Unusual Trick Helps You Easily Pickup Women On Facebook…

January 20, 2012

During the long winter evenings – when you’re stuck at home – it´s nice to pickup girls on Facebook.

The main purpose with Facebook is simple… Get her to meet you face to face.

Of course when you will meet her you will need to have good game! So..

With this unusual tip getting a meet up is too easy.

Most guys mess it up with Facebook because they do what every other guy does and fail miserably.


What am I talking about?

They ask the girl to be “friends”!!

This rarely works.

Because in the mind of the woman you’re guy #334 doing the same thing.

Think about it…

If you do the exact same thing as every other guy how are you supposed to stand out and get her to notice how different you are?

Do this instead…

To pickup and seduce girls you need to be challenging and you need to surprise them.

In order for you to surprise them you need to act totally different compared to any other guy she encountered before…

This is what the average guy without game does when he is on Facebook;

– He makes a profile

– He contacts girls and ask them as friends

– He begins to chase them and put those silly comments under the womans’ pictures like “Ohh.. you are so beautiful” or “What a beauty!” and so on.

Instead you do this:

Use cold read…

Send her a message with some guess about her.

I use guesses about her nationality because they usually elicit a woman´s need for admiration.

If she is blond I say “Hey, do you have French relatives? You really look French”

If she is brunette I say: “Hey do you have Spanish relatives? You really look Spanish”

Most of the time I get something like: “Ohh… sorry no. I am from Shangai ( I do this cold read even on black or asian girls because.. hit makes them feel so good to hear that they can look French or Spanish.

[Sidenote: This works during street pickups too, I may do this cold read even on Japanese girls “Are you Spanish?”

At this point watch carefully their reactions: the masculine girls, who are used to controllingthemselves with logic will try to shoot you down with comments like…

“What makes you think so?” or.. “What do you want?”

Drop them instantly!

It will not get any better.. instead pursue girls who have an emotional response to the cold read like..

“Ohh.. thanks for the compliment, sorry I am from Vegas”

Those are the feminine receptive ones.

Then switch to emotional talk and don´t ask them to become your friends before they begin to show interest in you and chase you.

When the woman chases you, ask for a bigger investment in ACTION like meeting her somewhere.

Do things right and she’ll comply as easily as asking for a “hi-5”…

Franco, helping men since 2004

Showing Vulnerability… Only Half Way – How Do I Get A Girl To Like Me

January 3, 2012


You believe you are alpha and a tough guy and that’s good.

Still sometimes you will need to get under the radar of a woman otherwise you sill end up seducing chaotic freaks and boring masculine girls.

A feminine woman is always at a certain extent concerned with safety.

When you come in too strong you are going to scare the best women.

The more personality and her self-esteem she has the more there will be a need for you to approach “delicately”.

So what you do?

Easy: you need to learn how to calibrate masculinity
and show more vulnerability.

Without showing any vulnerability you will – almost probably – get very boring masculine women and end up in bed with a frigid woman.

The flip side of this is showing too much vulnerability which will turn you into her male-girlfriend and she will never feel for you the spark of the attraction.

So what you do?

Show at times some vulnerability and… remain half way.

You can “mix” in your approach the toughness of a man with the sensitiveness of a sweet man and give her some mixed messages about how “safe” and “dangerous” you are.

And you can do it by remaining “half way” in matters of showing vulnerability.

I personally use “mixed frames” a lot.

Like the following:

“Ahhh that cat is so nice down there, look at his eyes, what wonderful romantic eyes… and the teeth: I bet no mouse would like to have his ass biten by those sharp, hungry teeth”

In the first part of the sentence there is the romantic part and…in the second part the aggressive part.

Or something like this:

“When I look at you I can feel the need of kissing your wonderful neck.. I really long for it… and if I would be Drakula, I would drink all your blood”

You can tell her about how worried you are about your next exams…

…like this:

Her: you look little bit worried, everything ok? (they always ask this question! )

You: Yeah.. exams coming.. not sure I’ll make it…

You: Well its not the end of the world…if I will not pass the exams I will sure do something stupid…

At this point when she is already sure that she is having her next guy into the “lets just be friends” frame you switch and..

You: actually last time I did not pass an exam… I made the professor an offer he could not refuse…

Her: really, what offer?

You: Its best I keep it a secret from you…


You can always show vulnerability to a woman. That reassures her and… do it only “Half way!”

There are more tips like these, even more potent ones packed tightly into the Manual of Seduction.

Franco, helping men since 2004

Get Her Horny For You By Avoiding Meta-Communication

December 1, 2011

This is for you if you are asking yourself all the time the question how do I get a girl to like me.

If you want to kill a woman’s sexual excitement for you…practice meta-communication.

What is meta-communication?

It is a “discussion about the communication itself”

Let me show you an example:

Version 1:

“We should talk more about how arranging trips and vacations will bring us closer together.”

Version 2:

“Hey Honey, we’re going for a vacation on the shore of Panama next week. We’ll have a blast at the great hotel there.”

In the first version you’re being a clueless AFC ( average frustrated chump ) a total sexual turn-off.

In the second version you are being… a real MAN.

Why is that?

Because at a primitive level there’s a constant “tug-of-war” for power between people and…

The person who practices meta-communication in a relationship is basically telling the other person that he/she is less important.

In version 1 you are showing her that you are interested in “working for the relationship”…

Now this sends a message to the woman that you are a man of lower value who cannot get other women at will!

So you have to work to “improve” the relationship.  In version 2 you’re doing nothing to “save” the relationship and you are simply communicating with her.

You’re saying: “Welcome to my world”

In a word: the person who meta-communicates is showing to the other that he/she is the one of lesser value.

How could a woman be attracted to you if you constantly demonstrate lesser value?

There is no way she’ll get hot for you.

There are hundreds of things you can do to have a woman sexually excited for you and one of them is to AVOID meta-communication.

Women use it as a test when they want to determine how self-confident you are, constant attempts to force you into meta-communication.

Then they lose attraction for you if you fail this test.

Such tests may be:

– “I would like to know what are we”

– “There is something in our relationship we need to talk about”

– “At this point we need a talk about us”

If at this point you make the mistake of getting into meta-communication you are showing her that you are far too much worried about “saving” the relationship.

Would a Prince be worried about saving a relationship?

Hell no! A Prince would communicate with her.

He would not try to “save” anything..

Be the Prince. Avoid meta-communication: because it only increases her horniness for you.

To discover more such genuine proven information which helps you get the girl please refer to the Manual of Seduction by Franco

Franco, helping men since 2004

How To Screen For Female Receptiveness And Why

November 30, 2011

When you are looking for a relationship with a woman, you should  screen for female receptiveness.

Having the ability to pass the tests of virtually any woman, and have sex with her, is a good skill to have.

However, it can cause you to make wrong choices, even short-term wrong choices…not just the long-term ones.

There are female tests that are better to not pass, so you have more time to dedicate yourself to other, better women.

Female receptiveness is defined as the skill a feminine woman has of acting as a soft, receptive container to your masculine activity.

It is a psychological skill that has a physical component to it.

It is the power of the Yin.

The power of the Yin is not a passive act. Female receptiveness is an active act.

The female vagina is not only a physical entity, it is also a symbol.

The symbol is the skill of psychologically and physically “sucking in” the masculine. A real female has the skill of acting as a “black hole”, which lovingly takes the masculine inside.

Thus receptiveness has to be distinguished from passivity. A woman who is passive is not actually participating in the interaction; she is castrating the male, not favoring his actions.

Passivity from a woman can be one of the many ways a man can be emasculated in a relationship with an unreceptive woman.

Without feminine receptiveness, a weaker man will be very quickly emasculated  by the woman, especially if he is not in touch with what is going on.

Stronger men will not be emasculated because of the protection offered by their instinct; they will sense what is happening, and they will become aggressive, bitter, and angry.

They will face constant pain and frustration in a relationship with a woman like this.

The rare men who are in touch with the meaning of feminine receptiveness will sense and understand what is going on, and simply will not enter into a relationship with a woman if she is not receptive.

Rarely will men have this skill, as feminine receptiveness does not have a place in heterosexual masculine culture. After all, if you were to be in touch with this skill, you would probably not be a man.

Understanding female receptiveness is a strength, not a weakness! It is only a different strength from the masculine ones you are used to.

The majority of the men will be blind to this huge power the Yin has over them.

Having sex with a woman who is not sexually receptive will be always a negative, bitter experience for a psychologically normal man.

Only a man who is a psychopath will be able to have sex with a woman who is not sexually and emotionally receptive and still enjoy it.

All the other men will face pain and frustration when faced with a woman who is not receptive and will very soon become unable to function.

With a female who is not sexually and emotionally receptive, the average man will either be forced into a spiral of repressed anger – which will in turn damage his health –  or he will increasingly lose interest in sex with her.

Practical Advice For The Modern Man

That was the theory. Here is the practice.

When you are out dating women – regardless of what your goal might be: short-term, long-term, getting married, or maybe just adventure – always, always screen for female receptiveness.

You need to screen for female receptiveness from the very beginning, while at the same time running your dating game.

Passing the tests of a woman will in many cases surely get you a new sexual experience.

That is a good thing, but if you simply have sex as the only screening criteria, you had better be prepared to face some unpleasant surprises.

The pleasure you will get from that experience will be very limited, and it will soon turn into pain if the woman you met is unable to be sexually and emotionally receptive to you.

This is  very important for the modern man to know: the social circles, the streets, and the workplaces of the industrialized world are full of women who are not able to be sexually receptive.

They either are not able, or do not want, to be that soft container a masculine man needs to be sexually active with a woman.

How do you detect quickly enough if is she a sexually receptive female?

I will be happy to share with you here the numerous signs you can learn to detect her receptive qualities.

General steps to follow

Passing her tests: timing and various strategies.

The seduction of a woman will always include on her behalf testing your strength as a man.  In the Manual Of Seduction I have described how to recognize a female tests and pass them.

All women do this.

If a woman does not do this, it usually means that she is not attracted to you.

You can begin to screen her for female receptiveness even before you begin to pass her tests by detecting the deepest motives of how and why she tests you.

Begin by observing the nature of her tests. Not all the female tests are similar.

The way she tests you will tell you a lot about her degree of feminine receptiveness.

Generally speaking, one female test is her creation of a “fake danger.” This is to quickly detect how strong you are as a man.

For her, the meaning is the same as an investor or a marketer: testing the investment or the market quickly in order to immediately know what to do.

One of the fastest ways of knowing in advance if she is receptive as a female is to quickly detect the nature of her tests before you even decide if you want to pass them or not.


If her tests have the theme of a fight for a “one-upmanship”, you can be dead sure that she is not able to be receptive to you.

The proper approach with this kind of woman is the opposite of what the modern man seduction community predicates: it is better for you to not pass this kind of tests, and move on to the next woman.

If you want to practice, or you are a sadistic man and enjoy putting people down, just go ahead and then come back to tell me how you found out that this woman was in reality sexually frigid and unable to be loyal to you.

Alternatively, if her tests are meant to detect if you are able to lead her by the means of communication,  then you probably have a feminine woman in your hands who is able to  make you happy by being receptive to your masculine sexual desire.

The true feminine woman will not be passive. This is the most difficult thing to discern. The truly feminine woman will actively withdraw by being a container for your masculine activity.

Aggression and destructiveness in her tests

Are her tests meant to induce an aggressive, destructive reaction in you, or are her tests meant to detect the strength of your Ego and your ability to be a leader and protect other people?

If she tries to detect if you are a real man by inducing an aggressive reaction in you – which could possibly be destructive for her or your peers – you can be dead sure that she will be unable to be a receptive woman in a relationship with you.

So, if she tests you by putting you up to compete with her boyfriend, the possible outcome could be destructive in one sense or another.

Even if you get what you want, you will ultimately get a non-receptive woman for yourself, and that will make your relationship with her a nightmare afterward.

This would be a Pyrrhic victory for you.

The right approach is to not pass this kind of test. The right approach is to move quickly to the next woman.

Even if she is a champion of Kung Fu and you still managed to have her on the tatami with your strength, without female receptiveness the pleasure you will get will be about the same as dominating a gay male in a situation where you are stronger than him, though deeply heterosexual.

It is a little bit like eating ice cream that tastes like a stone. You will only get a very poor quality of pleasure and plenty of dangerous implications.

What some guys in the modern man seduction community teach is that “The more she tests you, the more dominant you need to be”. This is a double-edged sword that can turn against you in a longer interaction with her – or even in a short-term interaction.

If her tests are directed to detect your positive leadership qualities, your skill of withstanding long-term pressure, and her testing is directed to get power over your heart without any destructive implications for her… then you can go for it.

If you sense that “sweet and active withdrawing” when you pass her feminine tests for leadership, and her goal is power over your heart, then you have a receptive woman in your hands.

Two types of sexually frigid women: the masculine type and the passive type.

We might define the non receptive woman as “sexually frigid”, and we might be right.

However, that is too simple a way of seeing it: there are no frigid women, only scared women or women who are out for power and have a reason for controlling their sexual desire.

Desire for power or fear is the main reason for a woman’s lack of female receptiveness towards a man.

So if you meet a woman who is not able to be receptive as a female, there can be two main reasons: she is controlling it because she has an agenda, or she is unable to express it because  of fear.

Don´t think even for a second of becoming a “rescuer” to this woman; many men get into trouble for this reason!

You would need a lifetime to change her, and it would still not be enough.

In regard to an inability to express female receptiveness, there are mainly two types of women:

The ones who control female receptiveness by means of a battle for one-upmanship. These are much easier to recognize than the ones who control female receptiveness by shutting off it by means of total passivity.

The ones who hide the inability of being sexually receptive by means of extreme passivity.

You can recognize the females of the second group by the simple fact that they behave like a dance partner who needs to be “carried” during the dance like a stone.

The truly feminine woman who is receptive will test your leadership qualities and then dance with you by withdrawing just enough to be a container to your masculinity. Not more. Not less.

The second type of woman is even more dangerous as you can easily mix her up with a truly feminine woman.

The woman who hides her inability to be sexually receptive to a man by means of the “one- upmanship” confrontation is usually the woman I have described in other writings of mine as LSE HD (Low self-esteem high sexual drive), and the passive type is instead very often the one I have described as LSE LD (Low self-esteem low sexual drive)

Important to notice that the LSE HD can be very, very sexual but still be unable to be that feminine receptive container a truly masculine man needs to be happy.

With this type, you will surely get laid but… will lose the “political battle” for your role as a man in the relationship, because by getting you into her game of the “one-upmanship” she will manage to demonstrate that you effectively rape her, instead of truly getting her.

Cultural and non verbal signs.

We live in a society with many subcultures all together in the same place. Officially, all of them are right as our society is pluralistic.

Many years ago I was superficial, and I believed that “fashion is only fashion”. Now I know better.

The way a person dresses is an extremely good predictor of what a person is.

If in her way of dressing and behaving there are “tough signs” telling of aggression, confrontation, and destructiveness, you can be dead sure that she will not be able to be receptive as a female.

If in her way of dressing and behaving there are signs of poor love for herself, lack of style, poor care of herself, or signs of “childish” attitudes, you can be dead sure that this woman is the non-feminine woman of the passive type, and not able to be receptive to you.

Why it is important to choose a woman who is able to be receptive to a man

You as a man can truly express your sexual desire when you have a woman involved on this mental level in the sex and the relationship.

If she resists that in one way or another, she will demonstrate afterwards that you are a man who rapes women and ultimately will castrate you psychologically by either getting you into a destructive, aggressive mindset or by having you slowly lose your sexual interest in her.

Focus on passing her tests, and focus on detecting if she is receptive as a female from the beginning of your dating!

You will never regret it!


helping men since 2004

P.S. The basics of seduction, female psychology and screening women are all in the Manual Of Seduction For Husbands, Single Men And Playboys By Franco

How To Attract A Girl

June 7, 2011

Do You Want The Most Beautiful Girls Attracted To You Here Is How!

I was thinking I might write a list of items you need to keep in mind when asking yourself the question of how to attract a girl, and I came up with some basic thoughts just for you. Here are some things you can do to figure out how to attract the girls.

How to attract the girls is a quite an easy question to answer, when you keep in mind that the most important attitude you need to have when you ask yourself the question how to attract a girl, is this: you do not need her, and she needs you.

There is always a balance of values between men and women. When you ask yourself the question how to attract a girl, keep in mind that to be attracted to you she will need to find something in you that she really values.

When you begin to interact with her in a way which shows that you need her too much, you do exactly the opposite of what you should do to in order to achieve your goal, which is how to attract the girls.

Here is a list of important mindsets you need to have to become adept at knowing how to attract a girl.

How to attract the girls: Always be laid back.

Go about your business with the mindset of someone who really does not need anything. Be relaxed. Talk slowly. Talk less than others. Smile. The paradox is, that to be able to get girls you need to focus on your own enjoyment instead of focusing on how to attract a girl.

You should go out a mindset that says, “I am enjoying myself, and I share happiness with people and enjoy talking to them.”
When you go out with a mindset that says, “I am going to pick up a girl,” your non-verbal expression becomes unnatural, and she will pick it up. “How to attract the girls” will soon change into “how to make girls run away from me.”

When you go out with a mindset that says, “I want to have fun ,and I am enjoying myself. I enjoy talking to people,” your non-verbal expression will telegraph that, and you will attract girls.

It´s little bit like “Zen and shooting the arrow.” Good archers don´t think, “I am shooting the arrow”

They are what they do: archers.

Be the guy who naturally knows how to attract a girl, instead of being the one who is trying to achieve that.

It´s a paradox and it works.

How to attract the girls: Be busy.

Another paradox is that when you are too focused on women, you yourself are less attractive.

One important feature of women to note is that they are the most attracted to men with a mission. When you are spending too much time chasing girls – or at least sending that message – you are sending the message that you do not have anything better to do.

When you are in that state of mind, you will be always ready to meet girls, please them, be ready to help them, and always be available.

This is highly unattractive.

When you keep yourself busy with business, sports, hobbies, and your natural reaction is “Sorry.. I have very little time today,” it will increase your level of attraction in a woman´s eyes.

Women are programmed to chase men who do not need them.

What you can do is this: spike her attraction for a moment, and then withdraw. Make yourself unavailable.

Which brings us to the next effective thing you can do when you try to figure out how to attract a girl.

How to attract the girls: Reverse the female game by making it “a little bit difficult” for her to reach you, after you spike her attraction.

To create a total reversal of the female game, when you have said or done something, and her verbal and non-verbal signs indicate that she is little bit attracted to you, begin to block her little bit.

You can do this early in your interaction with her, once you are sure you have “ attracted her a little bit,” by putting time constraints on our interactions, by making the time you have to meet her pushed a little more into the future, by saying less than her, and by talking about yourself more than talking about her.

There are plenty of ways; you get the idea.

One good way to achieve this goal it to ask yourself this question after you spike her attraction a bit: “What would the average guy, the average frustrated chump, do at this point?”
Then do the exact opposite of this to get to the next crucial steps:

The fundamental of how to attract the girls, is to have her to chase you.

Only proceed with seducing women who by these means begin to chase you, and put all the others on your waiting list.

This is a very powerful method, and when used correctly can make you extremely, extremely attractive to women.

Franco, helping men since 2004

Places To Pickup Women

May 4, 2011

When you hear guys talking about how to pickup a woman, one topic that always comes up is where the best places to pickup women are.

Well.. good places to pickup women are everywhere!

That´s usually my answer.

I have reason for answering like that: the topic “places to pickup women” is very often a justification for not approaching.

The aim of my answer is to send this message: when you want to pickup a woman, always be impudent! Always approach!

Never let rational thinking impair your impudence.

Impudence is the most important feature of the alpha male. It is even more important than intelligence or skills.

When you pickup a woman and you are being impudent, she will notice it and that will always, always play out in your favor!

Just today I was thinking about this topic again.

An easy way to pickup a woman is surely the skill of placing yourself tactically in the right way, at the right moment, and in the right place!

When you pickup a woman, effectiveness does not necessarily mean that you should be sweating and running all the time from one place to another!

After all, when you pickup a woman an important factor influencing her reaction is how worried she is about the effect of the social pressure on her when other people see you talking with her.

For this reason, here is a list of places where you can pickup a woman with as little pressure put on her as possible.

Some of the places on the list may seem strange to you, but.. honestly.. they can get you the girl if you apply this advice properly.

The lift

I have picked up girls in the lift quite often, when it was only the two of us inside. The situation is safe for her socially, yet at the same time exciting enough for her to feel you as a sexual threat.

She is alone in the lift with you, and you could be a dangerous man who wants to take advantage of her. On the other hand, there are no other people around to judge her, or staring at her while she talks to you.

She will feel that you are not trying to pickup a woman as an agenda, but only have a nice conversation with her.

Here you can start the pickup with a simple “Hi” and a smile. Then, begin a conversation with some small talk about the weather.

What counts is that you manage to break the ice in the elevator, and at the moment the two of you are at ground level, go on walking with her in the same direction she does!

Then you can work on building attraction, and when you notice enough signs of attraction then you can work on building enough comfort for instant dating. There is not even the need to ask for her number. Simply go from the lift to an instant date!

A relationship of about one year with one of my girls began exactly this way, in the lift…

Bus or tram stop

It´s really a good place when it´s only the two of you there. Keep yourself to her side, and don´t face her directly.

When you pickup a woman in the daytime and you are a total stranger, it´s important to make sure she feels secure in your company. Being to her side is felt to be more secure by her, compared to you facing her.

While you are at her side, be totally relaxed while showing total disinterest in her. Perhaps you will look a little bit nervous, as if wondering will the bus arrive in time.

Then you slowly turn your neck and say, “They must be late..” or “bloody cold here.. I hope they will come soon” or.. “terribly hot here, I hope they will come soon!”

Then you get in the same bus or tram with her. When you get in the tram or bus, don´t sit really close to her. Sit to her side, with one seat between you and her. That will increase her feeling of your active disinterest in her.

Then continue the conversation, while focusing first on building attraction, then on building comfort. She doesn´t know where you are going, so you can go all the way along with her for a far as you like.

Again go for an instant date. You don´t need to ask for her number at all.

When getting out of a common venue

When I pickup a woman I like using non-verbal messages quite a lot. They are usually quite effective.

There is research that has shown that if you look for a while into the eyes of a member of the opposite sex, and then withdraw your eye contact, it makes the other person slowly fall in love with you.

I think that I had been doing this instinctively before. I was very glad when I found out about this research:

If you have ever wondered how to get a woman in the mood, this one is surely for you!

I have been doing this instinctively since I was a young man.
You can do it when you are leaving virtually every venue: shops, your work place (this one not in the US), the gym, or wherever you like. When you are going out, first approach the door, then turn your neck and look for a few seconds directly into the eyes of the person you want to have fall in love.

While you are looking, smile, and then get the door.

The effect of this is amazing: if you prolong the eye contact little bit more than is necessary, the other person will begin to feel something.

This is the answer to the question: how to get a woman in the mood.

This should be done in places where you can meet the same person again and again.

After a few times of doing this, when you see a positive response and the person beginning to wonder what´s going on between the two of you, you either approach and begin the attraction building or – even better – you can find out when the girl will get out of the venue and simply approach her and try for an instant date.

Try this and you will be amazed at how it works! You now really know how to get a woman in the mood!

Franco, helping men since 2004

Focus On Attraction And Forget The “Second Meeting.”

April 5, 2011

The traditional dating frame in our modern society turns easily into something which goes against the best interest of men

That frame was based on the assumption that a woman is a “fragile” person who needs to be “protected” and “supported” and that to have her as your woman you will have to demonstrate that you will do something to assume that role with her.

This was perfectly okay in the patriarchal society where the man was the leader of the family and it turns against you in our modern society.

Women do not need any more such “protection” because they are already very well protected by society in every aspect.

For this reason it´s important for you as a man to learn how you can turn the tables and meet women in a totally new way, which respects more your needs as a man.

I am willing to share with you powerful ways of how you can achieve this.

You can turn the tables by focusing mainly on 3 important areas of which – basing on my long experience with women – the 1 and the 3 are nowadays the most important ( with some reserve about the 2)

Attraction building: without building attraction in her from the fist very moment you will get nowhere and it is better to lose the woman and date another woman if this precondition is not fulfilled from the first very moment.

Equal rights from the beginning if she agrees to equal rights with you. Remember: IF she agrees to equal rights with you.
Setting yourself as the prize from the beginning in the case she does not agree to equal rights with you.

“Equal rights” means this: you, as a man, in the eyes of God, the State and humans you have exactly the same value as hers.

If she is in anyway putting her value above yours as a human being in the first 20 min of your encounter assume that she will do with her then you get quickly to the plan 2: you begin to frame yourself as the prize from the beginning.

If there must be a non equal treatment in the interaction then better you be the winner of that.


This is because we feel erotic attraction usually towards people who have value in our eyes.

If she considers you of lower value compared to her there is no way she will be able to feel any kind of attraction towards you on the erotic level.

I have seduced women who don´t do that: they belong to the rare group of very, very HSE (high self-esteem) women: with them you can have the “fair democratic game.”

Keep in mind that they are very rare.

The majority of the cases women on a dating will refuse – not openly, in a sub-communicated way – to agree to equal rights with you in matters of value.

This is something you need to keep an eye on from the beginning.

When you see her trying to set her own value above yours consider this an opportunity to run on her such an attraction game she never saw before in her life and be prepared to dump mercilessly the women who do not go with your plan.

Now the idea of the traditional dating is that if you please her in some way you will “maybe” get a chance to see her again and “maybe” she will agree to have sex with you if you agree to a relationship.

The end goal of the man is sex. The end goal of a woman is building a relationship with you.

What you have to do to turn the tables of the traditional dating is basically two things:

Focus on building attraction in her

Focus on deleting from your mind the idea of the “second meeting” with her.

The traditional dating frame is: “No kiss on the first date”

When you turn the tables it becomes “What makes you think that there will be a second date if you are not going to please me as a woman on the first meeting?”

Pleasing you is not necessarily having sex with you. It means that she behaves from the first very meeting in such a way that she agrees to be a feminine receptive woman with you.

A woman will rarely truly agree to equal rights with you if she is out dating with the purpose of finding a provider for herself. Also, many women will try to set themselves as the prize also when they are looking for a lover because that gives them power over the lover.

This kind of arrangement turns against the sexuality of the woman herself – not only against you because it will destroy her sexual attraction on the longer term.

How can she feel sexual attraction towards you if she cannot respect you and feel you as valuable?

So remember:

Focus on attraction building and forget the “second meeting”

Make clear by sub-communication that if you feel there is no attraction there will be no second meeting.

No need to verbalize it: focus on creating sexual attraction in her towards you and she will ask for a new meeting.

Franco, helping men since 2004


NLP Basics 2 – Eye Contact, Rapport, And Calibration

March 20, 2011

The NLP approach to communication utilizes a different style with each different person, rather than a one-size-fits-all type of approach.

In NLP, rapport is built by maximizing the similarities between two people, and by downplaying the differences. 

Many guys do understand the meaning behind female reactions to dominant eye contact. If she looks to the side, then she is not interested, but if she looks down, blushes, or is otherwise submissive, then she is interested.

The problem with this example is that it does not take calibration into account.

Perhaps she blushes out of shyness, in which case, if you continue with the dominant approach you will scare her off.

Maybe she blushes because she is sexually aroused by your approached and dominant eye contact. In this case, if you were to downgrade your approach instead of escalating towards more dominance, you would turn her off.

How can you gauge her response in advance? The answer is: you can´t. You have to calibrate.

Calibration is running “small tests” on her and watching her reactions, so you know which direction to go with your language and non-verbal communication to seduce her.

For example, if she blushes you can momentarily downgrade your approach, lower your voice, look shy yourself, and stay to her side and avoid face to face contact.

If she responds positively by establishing rapport with you, that means she was blushing out of shyness.

If this change breaks rapport and she withdraws, it means you were wrong and you can switch back to dominant eye contact and act more cocky and funny.

Calibrate, calibrate, calibrate while carefully watching her non-verbal reactions! These non-verbal reactions are like a “truth machine!”

People are constantly, unconsciously signaling how they want us to behave towards them. This is done non-verbally through their body language.

If you can observe the parts of a person’s body language that they have the least conscious awareness of, you are well on your way to establishing excellent rapport.

There is a belief in the seduction community that if you are dominant and break rapport you will get the woman, and if you have rapport without attraction that you will lose the woman.

This is absolutely not true! It is simply not that black and white. Rapport is about leadership, and by calibrating rapport you achieve emotional leadership over her. If that is not seductive, then what is?

Franco, helping men since 2004

The Meaning of Social Proof and How To Use it To Seduce

March 5, 2011

Here is a description of how to use social proof to seduce women.

Sexual selection is based on value, and it follows the same exact principles we see in marketing.

Would someone buy a car no one else wants? Likewise, would a woman be with a man that no other woman wants?

In their attempts to please and seduce women, men often make a fatal mistake: they begin to deny the fact that they are liked and desired by other women.

A man that lacks experience with women will try to make her attracted by saying something like; “You are the only one in the world for me, Honey.”

There is nothing wrong with this if she is already attracted to you, but you must remember not to sell yourself short!

There is a great deal wrong with this approach if you have not attracted her to you yet!

Social proof creates sexual attraction in a woman when you sub-communicate that many women like you and are attracted to you.

This is the exact opposite of what parents and teachers have probably taught you. Telling a woman that she is the only one and that no other woman wants you can be the ultimate turn-off.

So how can you use social proof to seduce her? Here are some guidelines:

Always assume in a non-direct way that women like you.

Mentioning something like, “I wanted to marry her” when talking to a woman is bad!

However, saying, “she wanted to marry me” when talking to a woman is good! It implies that you were being chased by her, and not the other way around.

Never deny the fact that women might want you sexually.

Telling a woman that she is “the only woman on the planet” who can satisfy you in bed is bad, bad, bad!

In contrast, saying, “I have finally met a woman who is a tiger in bed!” is good, good, good. It communicates that many women have liked you, and slept with you previously.

Try to avoid mentioning things like, “My ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to talk to me anymore!”

A better alternative would be to say, “My ex-girlfriend was hot! Sometimes she calls me, and we both notice how we still just aren’t a good fit for each other.” This implies that your former girlfriend is chasing you.

In any conversation you have with the woman you want to seduce, always assume that other women like you.

Don´t allow her to beta-ise, or emasculate you! Every new woman you meet will tell you she wants you to be loyal to her and will be aroused at the idea that you can easily get other women!

This is the power of social proof, and how you can use it to seduce.

Franco, helping men since 2004

Basic NLP and Seduction 1

February 24, 2011

This is the first of several articles, in which I highlight how basic NLP applies to seduction.

We will review NLP concepts and see how they apply to meeting women, seduction, and female relationships.

Know your outcome and what you want to achieve.

The more clearly you can visualize what you want, the more powerful you become as a seducer.

Always have a clear outcome in mind. If you are looking for a good girl, and for a committed relationship, then be specific about your desired outcome.

Describe specifics in your mind using words, colors, sensations, and detailed thoughts about this outcome.

It is essential to describe it thoroughly and be meticulous about it.

Your mind will become effective in producing an outcome when you have a clear and meticulous vision about that outcome.

When trying to attain a desired outcome, sit down and describe to yourself in specifics your inner vision of what a good girl is, or a freak if you are looking for some fun.

The clearer the vision, the easier it will be for you to reach your goal.

Have sufficient sensory acuity to know if you are moving towards or away from your outcome.

An essential skill you need to be a good seducer is cultivating awareness.

I repeat: awareness, awareness, awareness.

Sensory acuity means having a clear understanding, and the capacity to clearly observe your surroundings and actually see what is around you.

If you have your head in the clouds you will not be able to observe your surroundings, and as a result you will not notice if you are moving toward your desired outcome, or away from it.

It doesn’t make sense to ask why you didn’t find a good girl if you went looking for her at a Hell’s Angels meeting, or from a dating situation where you were manipulated into buying her lots of expensive things.

These kinds of scenarios happen when you lack a clearly-stated outcome in your mind, and even more, when you lack clear sensory acuity and understanding about whether or not you are moving toward or away from your outcome.

Always follow process more than content.

To apply this principle to the dating world, you should always follow what she does and the how she does it, rather than what she says.

Content is what is being done and said between the two of you: you and her.

Process is what is really happening between you and her.

If she says she loves you and is looking for a safe and honest relationship, this is the content.

If she tells her story, and you find out that she has been with boyfriends who mistreated her and were in all aspects “bad guys,” then this is the process that has been really happening with her: she is a woman who likes bad guys.

The chance that she will try to make you be a bad guy, and dump you if you are not, is around 95%.

So keep an eye on the process, and always pay attention to the content as second.

If she says she is a conservative woman and looking for a committed relationship, this is the content.

If the same woman stays awake at night, you rarely meet her when she is sober, and she cannot pay for her own apartment, then this is the process: the process indicates that she is really not a conservative woman.

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Franco, helping men since 2004



Have Her Horny For You By Using Her Orbiters

January 8, 2011

An “orbiter” is a guy who is all the time “around” a hot woman mostly without getting laid with her.

It is usually so that the orbiter is in the subservient position. He does nothing to her attraction. He is with her in the so called “male girlfriend” role.

These guys are for her like the girlfriends she chats with when she is around in bars and restaurants. The term is quite often misused in the PUA community. Men with confidence with women realize that she “might” be having sex with the orbiter as well if she has nothing better around.

They understand that the crucial factor in regard to the position of “orbiter” is not the sex: it is his subservient position towards her. In the Manual of Seduction is described the important meaning of the subservient frame in dealing with women.

Anyway the most frequent situation is that the orbiter is not getting laid with her. He is subservient to her and he uses him for company and/or emotional validation.

Sometimes her orbiters are ex boyfriends or ex husbands. If she is of the Adventuress (Freak) type she might have fun with orbiters because they “entertain” her like clowns do. She might want to keep him as orbiter in the case he is financially important to her if she is of the Materialista (Ho) type.

If she is of the Good Girl type as I have described in the Manual of Street Pickup Getting the Good Girls she will relate to this in a totally different way.

An orbiter is any “other guy” whom she keeps at “arms length” for the purposes of her emotional validation and social power.

This is quite often connected with the betaising (emasculating) process which I have described elsewhere.

At the beginning of your relationship with her she is in the stage of running her tests for alpha on you. Till you have passed her test and while her attraction for you grows the two of you are in what I call the stage I of the betaising process: “The stage of the tests for alpha.”

When I use this term: betaising process, I do not mean that every guy is necessarily going to be betaised by every woman. You should see this like a process happening in the interaction between you and her.

“Betaising process” is a term I use to describe this phenomenology of the female I have discovered trying to achieve complete power over her alpha by making him weaker psychologically with the purpose of having him attached to her and only to her.

I have been with women of the Adventuress type who can try to betaise you with very rough means for example by heavy drama, by demanding exclusiveness while keeping for them the right of being sexually promiscuous or even by the means of violence.

After the stage I of the betaising process the two of you get into the stage II.

The stage II of the betaising process I call with the name: “Open up to me, Honey!” stage.

Take this stage as a “compliment.” If you get there it means she is incredibly horny for you and considers you as a real man.

At this stage virtually every woman will start to say in an increasing fashion things like:

“I would like you to open up to me more.”

“Feelings are important, I want you to understand how I feel.”

“You should not be so tough. You should be sweet to me.”

There are many, many variations of the above.

There are very big risks for a man connected with the stage II: she can completely castrate you psychologically when you do not understand well the dynamics of it.

In my opinion masculine men will react to her “Open up to me more” negatively. They will feel something “strange” in their guts and will begin to withdraw from her “Open up to me, Honey!”

Men who are AFC and with a high degree of femininity in their personality will be betaised i.e. changed into a girl.

They will start to chat with her like a girl would do.

Very masculine men with a strong leadership will “make a logical space” for her complaints about “communication”, agree to “communicate” at a certain extent and will not take her seriously.

In my experience the hotter she is and the stronger is her sexual drive the more she will behave like I describe above in the relationship.

This is the way the female of our species gets mental power over the alpha male after she is sure she got one for herself.

At this stage she will start a “battle” to have you open your heart to her. This battle will be extremely wild.

At that point you will be put to choose between your mental peace and being betaised.

You will lose your peace because she will increasingly ask you to “communicate” in a way which is not natural to a man and you will be betaised if you agree to it.

It is a Double Bind from her and meant to achieve total power over your mind. If you agree to “open up” she will double bind you by saying: “That is not enough. I feel we do not communicate enough” if you do not agree to “open up” to her she will say you are a male who does not understand communication and “cannot express feelings.”

When a male agrees to “open up to her” more, more and more that will have slowly her sexual desire for him go down.

Instead the sexual desire of female goes up and is all the time up for you if you do not take seriously her “please open up to me” and have the communication with her happen on your terms.

HSE (high self-esteem) women and LSE (low self-esteem) women will do this in different ways. I will describe elsewhere how HSE and LSE women to through the betaising process soon.

When the two of you will be in the stage II when she will notice that you are resisting it the more you are alpha the more she will counter act your resistance to the “opening up” by trying to make you jealous.

At that point one possible scenario is that she will use the orbiters to do that.

Another mean will be to use her girlfriends´ opinion about you.

A wonderful technique you can use to enhance her sexual desire for you and keep it up all the time is to “push her away” a little bit when she reaches the stage II, the stage of “open up to me.”

I am soon going to publish a book about all the stages with the new identified stage of betaising process III.

So keep yourself tuned.

What you can do when you detect that she is in the stage of the “open up to me” which is the stage II of the Betaising process is to take charge and begin to calibrate communication in order to bring her where you want: more and more sexual attraction for you, more and more horniness feelings directed towards you.

At this point of the process you can begin – between the other means – to direct her where you want by pushing her away and guess what.. to do that you can use her orbiters.

Yes, the same men who make so jealous the average AFC (average frustrated chump) can become extremely useful to you for increasing your woman´s sexual attraction and have her coming back for more all the time.

I am not saying you “should” do this, I am saying you CAN do this – depending on your goals.

The reasons you could have to do this are so many and it is difficult to list them all. You will need to go through training for example by consultations or plenty of field coaching to be able to recognize them all.

This comes through experience.

When she is in the stage II of the Betaising process as attracted woman she will begin to give you rich verbal descriptions about other guys, usually the orbiters or even guys who really has some value for her, “orbiting” around her.

Especially if she feels that you are not “opening up to her enough” she will give you rich descriptions about “That friend of mine, Joe, who is such a great guy and so sweet.. and is so good in talking about the feelings”.. or if she is a Materialista maybe.. “I know this guy, Michael, who has that big house or huge sport car there and there.. “

Good Girls usually do this only if they do not feel safe in the relationship in which case you should ask from yourself why they do not feel safe with you and calibrate it before you do anything else.

If you detect that the woman is an Adventuress or a Materialista then go for what I say here without a second thought!

She has deserved it.

With the Good Girl – instead – try to understand why she is doing that and where is that she does not feel safe.

In my opinion almost all the hot chicks will do this at a certain stage because there is no man on the planet who can open up to a woman “that much” without becoming a … girl

The Good Girls will not put you to compete with other guys on the mental level if they feel safe with you.

So the more masculine you are the more you will get these rich descriptions about other guys.

The hotter she is and the bigger is her MPS syndrome (Magic Pussy Syndrome = her psychotic belief that she is entitled to receive special favors because she is a woman) the more she will give these rich descriptions about other guys.

When she is at this point just observe her, take time and one day, when she is keeping the speech “You do not open up to me enough” you start to push her away by saying..

“I think you should have a chat with Joe, remember, that guy who is so sweet..basing on your descriptions he is a great guy.. bla, bla bla..”

“Hey, I think that at this point it would be good for you to talk about this with Michael, I think he has a lot of experience about said he is a man of success.. I am sure he will have great ideas about it..”

After you say that tell her that you are busy with something, your business, whatever.. and freeze her out.

I am not saying here that you should not communicate with your woman. The central point is: you should communicate with your woman like a man – not like a girl.

If you “open up” in the way she intends the “opening up” you will become.. a girl and her attraction for you will die.

This pushing her away back to her orbiters puts you very, very fast in the position of the Prize.

You become even more in her eyes the Prince, the alpha of the group, who is not scared of other men.

This hits her Magic Pussy Syndrome badly and freezes her circuits. She will feel: “Jesus who is this guy? He is even pushing me to be more with the others?Am I not attractive to him???”

You need to do this in a totally random, laid back and indifferent way, like you would be talking about football or the next hamburger you are going to eat that evening..

In my experience that makes women chase you badly, makes them very, very horny on the sexual level.. and wanting to come back for more.

Be careful: this can transform her into a stalker if not calibrated well.

This is dangerous if put in hands of men without experience of women, if you do not calibrate it well you can put her so down that you can lose the girl.

The same thing in the hands of an AFC is like a suicide: doing what I write here requires quite a high level of field experience with women.

When done well it keeps her horny all the time and coming back for more. You can literally have her becoming obsessed with you. One question I am been asked quite often during consultations is how to calibrate this stuff.

By calibrating well this stuff you can be the master of your female relationships.

Franco, helping men since 2004


The PNP Mechanism And How To Use It To Seduce Women

January 8, 2011

There are many ways to seduce women and one of them is to model the means women use to seduce men and then use them on women!

That has tremendous seductive effect on them for several reasons.

One of them is that the majority of the men falls so easily for their seduction means and that bores women to death.

Being predictable is the worst enemy of seducing a woman and so many men are predictable to women!

For this predictability when they meet a guy who can surprise them for good they feel:

“Wow, this guy is a challenge for me. Let´s find out more about him!”

You can use the PNP mechanism (positive – negative – positive ) I have described in the Manual of Seduction to seduce women and it is extremely effective in the field.

First of all let me approach the role of self-control.

I call it more: awareness.

Awareness is crucial for being good with women.

It is your best friend in the field of pickup and seduction.

What makes of men lose awareness with women?

Answer: the knowledge that they cannot get other women at will!


When a man feels deep inside that he cannot get other women easily he becomes very, very prone to lose his awareness when in contact with a particular woman.

In order to be able to use the PNP mechanism it is very important that you practice a lot pickup and seduction in the field.

The inner belief that you CAN get women easily is what puts you into the right mental condition necessary to use the PNP on women.

Let´s now see how it is done.

When a woman is using the PNP on a man she is basically doing Judo.

She is using his natural need for sex, his Alpha masculine aggression as a way to tool him in wanting her more and more.

The goal of the majority of the women is to have him invest his energy exclusively into her so to win female competition.

When the man is actively pursuing her in order to have sex with her she uses the PNP mechanism on him to have him addicted to herself and investing his energy into her more and more.

Now when a PUA – a pickup artist – uses the PNP mechanism on women he does that slightly in a different way compared to what women do.

Women are so used to men falling for their PNP mechanism that they do it on auto pilot.

In a word: the majority of the women has an almost crazy sureness that the PNP mechanism will work on men.

We also call this “crazy sureness” the Magic Pussy Syndrome: the almost psychotic belief women have that the men will get caught into her PNP.

And men do get caught into it !

Now when a pickup artist uses the PNP mechanism on a woman what he is doing is reverting her game.

The pickup artist uses her crazy belief that men will invest the energy into her to surprise her.

The reversal of the PNP mechanism happens then like this:

When the pickup artist approaches a woman and runs his attraction game he can detect the moment the woman will use the negative of her PNP.

The moment she withdraws in order to have the man invest his energy into her more.

What he does at that moment is to use her Magic Pussy Syndrome as a tool to seduce her.

When the woman withdraws the majority of the man begins chasing her.

This is a source of major boredom for the woman: it´s far too easy for her to get him and she loses fast attraction for him.

What the pickup artist does is to detect the moment she uses her negative and “push her away a little bit” exactly then.

He creates a vacuum into which she is sucked.

You can use this reversal of the PNP mechanism by asking simply yourself the question: “when and how she will use the negative of her PNP” and then give her “little bit more negative” exactly when she expects the positive.

For example telling her that you are busy when she expects you to chase her.

Making for her things more difficult when she expects you to make things for her easier: for example telling her you have a business meeting when you “sense” that she is beginning to use her negative on you.

Finding some imperfection in her exactly the moment she expects that you are going to put her on a pedestal like other men do.

The reversal of her PNP mechanism happens when she becomes in a way addicted to you like an AFC (average frustrated chumps) becomes addicted to her when she uses her PNP on him.

The strategy is to “push her away” little bit and just enough to make her feel that her negative does not work on you.

This will have her increase her positive in a way which will total revert her game in your favor.

Beware: this works only on attracted women.

When you learn to calibrate well this reversal you can remote control her like you would remote control a computer.

Another important thing: this does not work on masculine women or women with self-esteem problem for various reasons.

It´s important that you learn to screen women with an agenda and women with problems in regard to men.

The reversal of the PNP mechanism works only on feminine women.

In my last book Getting the good girls I share with guys a method to detect fast the feminine women – who respond to seduction well –
and eject the others in the case they are not interested in them.

It is important to use the reversal of the PNP mechanism only on feminine women.

All the others will not respond to it.

Franco, helping men since 2004

DHV Seduction With Different Types Of Women – Know What You Sell To Girls!

January 8, 2011

DHV is in the art of seducing women = Demonstrating Higher Value.

When it is done properly it is done in an indirect way.

If you show to a woman directly that you have value and you get caught boasting about yourself that becomes a huge DLV = Demonstrating Lower Value.

Men of value ARE their own value. They do not boast about it.

Nowadays life is hectic: there is no time for everything.

So you need to know how to use DHV to seduce women fast. It spares you time.

The wrong way to use DHV is this:

Her: “What´s your job?”

You: “Oh.. I think that only losers work a lot. Much better to live on passive income!”

The right way to DHV is this:

Her: “What´s your job?”

You: “Oh.. lately I have been not working much. We are doing this family business and see my Dad is a fanatic of automatism in business. He teases me all the time when I work too much. Nice Dad isn´t it? He is all the time worried about my health and well being. I just love my Dad “

The first one is not good: you are boasting to her.

The second one is good: “someone else” is there and responsible for your success. Especially if you say it as you would be “bored” she will not understand that you are showing your value in order to seduce her.

When you put it like something your Dad said and did about you she gets the message that not working much and having a lot of money is “natural” to you.

Anyway: seduction is little bit like marketing and you really need to know what your targets –  “your customers” – are willing to buy.

An even better game is to structure your DHV so to “sell her” what you know she is likely to buy.

As we know from the eBook Getting The Good Girls we have 3 kind of women: the Good Girl, the Adventuress and the Materialista.

The Good Girl is interested in reaching the heart of a man and tests men to detect is she safe with them. Good girls test for safety and deeper emotional communication with men.

The Adventuress is interested in getting validation, attention, excitement and sex.

The Materialista is interested in getting mental and sexual power over you in order to gain material advantages, money and social status.

So before you structure your DHV try to evaluate quickly her type and sell her what she is willing to buy: in that way you will seduce her faster.

The above example  for example “might” be a good one for a Good Girl in the case she is screening for safety. On the other hand she could be also a Materialista and be interested in your Dad´s commercial activity and how it might be transferred to you one day.

If she is an Adventuress and you detect she is you might go on with your DHV like this..

You: “Oh.. on the other hand my Dad is sooo boring.. see it´s wonderful in life to have fun. Fun and excitement. You know there are people who really don´t know how to break the rules.. actually my Dad believes I do not know it. I actually know that when he was young he really was doing some wild stuff..”

Se a DHV is a powerful “marketing tool” for your seduction when you are able to detect in advance her type… and: sell her what she wants.

She will begin to chase you, then.

Franco, helping men since 2004

Get Plenty Of Women By Opening A Conversation On Approach Invitation

January 8, 2011

This is probably the easiest way of doing pickup.

Opening a conversation with a woman on her approach invitation.

An approach invitation (AI) is something spontaneous and very often unconscious women do.

It implies the message: ”Please notice me, please talk to me.”

It is easy because all what you need to do is to slow down your pace, observe the environment and then open the conversation.

Approach invitations are:

– She looks at you and turns her head in the other direction rapidly.
– She smiles lightly to you, makes eye contact with you and then rapidly turns her head in the other direction.
– She walks close to you and if you change your place she is ”as for a case” again close to you.
– Playing nervously with her hand bag or other stuff she has in her hands
– Searching the content of her hand bag while close to you.
– Dropping stuff on the floor, while close to you.
– While walking she looks at you rapidly and then looks back.
– You walk by and she laughs louder while chatting with her girlfriends.
– She looks at her nails or checks the make up in her small mirror while you get close to her.
– Playing with her mobile when close to you, clearly without any intention of calling anyone.

What is crucial when you open in this way is the time between her approach invitation and the moment you open the conversation.

You have only a few seconds to open. If you wait too long you lost your chance.

Women are chased all the time by guys.

Realize that by doing this she is already making a big exception to what would be her average behavior in everyday life.

After a few seconds she will get rapidly into her ”I-am-not-a-slut” mode and you will lose your chance.

If you lose your chance because you are too slow to respond remember that it is always easier to open another woman who gives you an AI than persisting with the former.

Why women have their Ais last such a short time?

There are a few reasons:

– Other women can read their Ais much better than the average guy without experience with females. They would label her as a slut and ostracize her if she would do that ”too much.”

– Giving too overt Ais on the streets and other public venues would put women into danger: there are aggressive, dangerous men out there!

So she gives you her AI for a few seconds and then withdraws it.

That is your window of opportunity: it is a very fast, short message that she likes you and wants you to talk to her.

That is all what the average woman can do to break the social code.

Then it’s up to you.

Beware: some women nowadays began to approach men overtly in a very direct way. Those women are not the women of the best quality: they are the masculine dominant women who have learned to “match” male behavior.

In my book Getting the good girls it is described how to detect them fast and avoid them even faster.

You better approach the women who give you AIs. They are usually the best and most feminine ones! Better quality women.

When you see an AI quickly respond on it.

When she gives very subtle AIs better to approach her with some indirect opener.

Asking innocently a favor is something which works very well for me: it ”saves her face” after she gave the AI and makes her feel more comfortable.

For example:

Her: (looking at you and rapidly turning her head)
You: (slowing down and going to her side) ”Hey, I just came to town and looking for this restaurant, any idea where it could be?”

In the case her AI is more open, more direct you can get straight to the point:

Her: (smiling at you or laughing louder when you pass by)
You: Nice smile. You look just like my little sister. I bet you won the lottery today.

And then it is the time to engage her into a conversation.

One important thing: to notice Ais you need to slow down your pace. So walk slowly and be aware of the surroundings.

If you walk too fast you will not notice the Ais.

Awareness and speed are the crucial skills you need to start conversations

Another important thing is to be able to recognize the ”soft signs” of her horniness which I shared with you in the Manual of Seduction.

Franco, helping men since 2004

Screen Women Everywhere

January 8, 2011

Screen women while you meet them

Well let´s assume that you are at the stage of being able to approach women everywhere and are enjoying the wonderful feeling of abundance which comes with good skills in meeting women.

Already at this stage it is very important for you to learn the art of screening women.

Why is that?

Because now that you are operating from a frame of abundance you will not have the time for every girl.

Another good reason is that when you screen women that has you come out automatically as the prize in the relationship with them and it increases your appeal a lot when women “sense” – and believe me they will ! – that you do not have time for everyone.Another good reason is that when you screen women that has you come out automatically as the prize in the relationship with them and it increases your appeal a lot when women “sense” – and believe me they will ! – that you do not have time for everyone.

Another important reason for screening women is: you do not get into trouble as you will learn to look more and more for better women not only basing your screening on nice rears and tits but especially on their personality features and especially on how they treat you.

So here are a few tips about something you can do from the beginning in order to improve your screening skills.

Your worst enemy in matters of screening women is: your own testosterone.

Your tremendous masculine sexual desire also impairs your judgment in matters of screening women and for that reason it is important to learn to control it while meeting women.

Of course the best way of controlling your masculine sexual desire is to be all the time sexually satisfied and that is why being an expert in seduction gives you so many advantages in matters of female relationships.

Male testosterone gives to a man an extreme urge to discharge sexually with a good looking woman.

This happens very often at the expenses of screening the woman. This is because male sexuality is visual: the vision of a beautiful rear or nice tits, beautiful mouth, teeth can trigger such a sexual drive in you that you forget other important issues.

In a word male evolutionary screening is not made to screen for the quality of her personality.

It is made to screen for physical qualities related with the skill of bear children. A man is in fact potentially in the condition of fathering many, many children with different women.

This is something you need to remember before you approach women.

There are some microseconds before the approach starts you can use for this.

Guys who still have problem approaching definitely cannot do this.

When you have reached the stage when approaching a woman will feel about the same like eating an ice cream before you approach her give yourself a short break, user your peripheral vision if needed and observe her with attention.

There are more and more studies about the role of intuition in the brain. They all say that if your intuition tells you something in most of the cases it is right.

Anyway to give you a guideline I list here a few things you need to observe.

Male pre-approach pre-screening = PP is something you do both with your intelligence and your guts just before you approach her. It will spare you lots of problems and have you invest your energy into the right women (right for you).

This list is subjective and reflects by own screening criteria. I am using it as an example.

If you like women who smoke 30 cigarettes in a day, spit on the ground and are so drunk that can barely walk just go for it. The idea is that you can screen a woman rapidly to decide will you approach her or the next woman depending on your gut feelings and a quick observation of her.

Remember: your gut feelings cannot fool you.

This list of course is based on my preferences but you can do your own list.

So some guidelines are:

– Does she dress well: this can be many things for example does her way of dressing express niceness, femininity or on the contrary a masculine attitude, does her way of dressing express a poor care of herself or does her way of dressing express conservativeness or a fight against the authority, is she dressed to express her political opinions and if so which are they and so on.

– The expression of her face is extremely important: is the expression of her face serious, meditative or does express anger, depression? If there is depression on her face avoid her like the plague, it means trouble! Does she smile and laugh a lot, is she relaxed and so on. For example I never approach women with a depressed facial expression, I just go for the next smiling girl!

– How she carries herself: position of her body, body movements: women are very expressive and they give messages about themselves by the way they carry themselves. For example a stiff and tough way of walking or sitting may express either a masculine attitude or depression or stress.

– Shoes: they tell a lot of a woman. If she chooses feminine shoes she may be of the passive, receptive, feminine type, if she has commando boots maybe she is aggressive, masculine. Some women choose shoes to express having an intellectual nature, some other choose them to express their free minded attitude, others choose them to express conservativeness, others do not choose them at all thus expressing their chaotic nature or at worst total naiveness and low level attitude.

– Signs of self-destructiveness on her body: like for example cutting herself, cigarette burns and any other symbol like this – is a sure indicator of a woman with a personality disorder. If you like tigers and a life without sleep just go for it. Experience in the field has taught me that signs of self-destructiveness in her outlook indicate a self-destructive personality in 95% of the cases.

When you walk on the streets and you are meeting women let your subconscious guide you.

For example “depressed face” hmm.. next girll! “happy smile” hmm.. approach! “happy smile + cuts on her wrist” next girl!

This is a kind of semiconscious fast pre-screening you can apply to your pick-ups as a tool to improve the quality of the women you have around.

Franco, helping men since 2004


How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

January 8, 2011

How to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend

I am asked quite often this question: “how to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend”

Here I am going to share with you techniques you can use to solve the problem how to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend.

This is powerful stuff and when you learn to practice it well it will get your girlfriend back for sure.

On the other hand as you sure you really want her back?

To be able to get her back first thing to do is to get rid of your romantic nice guy fantasies about females and begin to study seduction.

In the case you lost your girlfriend to another guy chances are that you have been betaised before that happened.

For a detailed description of the betaising process see my article here about that topic.

When you will learn how to act properly in dealing with a female betaising process your “problem” will soon become how to get rid of all the girls who want to be your girlfriend.

Anyway Bbetaised = emasculated psychologically = you did not pass her tests for being an alpha male and her attraction for your dropped as fast as a plane with both engines shut off. .

Another chance is that she never wanted an alpha male.

Nowadays one can be dumped also for being an alpha male. If that is the case you really have no reason for being sorry.

The women who nowadays drop a guy for being alpha are usually girls who have big problems in being with a masculine man in the first place and they do this choice of being with a beta male in purpose.

You could not have built a relationship with her anyway. That would have happened only at the price of you becoming her “girlfriend.”

The above is linked to what you did in the relationship

Then there are factors involved with what she is as a person

These factors may be:

She was an adventuress or a freak and you failed at the beginning to screen her as such

In the case she was an adventuress or a freak understand that the whole girlfriend thing was an illusion.

You never actually had a girlfriend. adventuresses and freaks are “every man´s girlfriends”

They are so addicted to attention and validation from males that it is virtually impossible to have them as girlfriends.

In the case she was a materialista or to say is less nicely a ho then almost probably she either was not attracted in the first place and was only trying to reach your bank account or along the way she decided that she will not get enough material benefits from being with you.

If this is the case you better leave her to the other guy.

Anyway assuming that after having read the above you still want answers to the question: how to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend I have her some powerful techniques to achieve that.

We have here a triangle situation: you, her and her new boyfriend. In a triangle situation the guy who is less available and who does not supplicate to the woman is always in the role of the prince or as a I call it the prince from afar. This is a widespread female need. A woman will always consider as of higher value the man who “comes from far on a white horse” When she was with you she almost probably began to feel you as a male of lower value because you did not react well to her betaising attempts and she began to feel that the other guy is the prince from afar.

This is more superficial than what men think: a very emotional feminine woman always feels that the “other guy from afar” is the prince.

So what you have to do to achieve the goal of getting her back is all what switches the roles in the triangle you, her and her new guy and makes of you the prince from afar.

Means to achieve that are:

1. Don´t fight against the fact that she has the new guy. If you begin to compete with him it will make your situation even worse. Princes are not worried of the competition with other men. Instead:

2. Switch the roles by acknowledging her new relationship with the new guy as something good and wonderful and give her positive feedback about it. This will hit her magic pussy syndrome. I am going soon to post here more about this topic. Anyway the magic pussy syndrome is the almost crazy and deep belief women have that men will supplicate to them anyway in order to get sex and their favors

3. When you acknowledge the relationship with the new guy as a good thing for her you begin to get the role of the prince back. She will reason: “why this guy is not desperate anymore about me being with another guy? Did he love me in the first place?”

4. Here you begin to have her doubt her skills of detecting your masculinity. In her mind begins the doubt: was this guy after all a prince and I failed to detect it?

5. Begin to push-pull her and be cocky and funny with her. There are extensive chapters about push-pull and cocky and funny ways of rising a woman attraction in the Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys those techniques are meant to rise a woman attraction and increase a woman´s sexual desire for a man.

6. Watch her reaction. When you see signs of attraction and sexual horniness withdraw. Begin to make yourself unavailable exactly the moment you see her laughing, feeling good, blushing, looking down with a submissive body language.

7. Tell to her about other women in an indirect way. This is very important. you have to do it in a totally indirect way. In the chapter about social proof in the Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys it is described the power of social proof and how it acts on a woman´s evolutionary detector by increasing her sexual attraction for a man.

8. When you are sure that she is again attracted to you and is wondering did she actually screen you will in the relationship, did she make a mistake in leaving you, when you see signs of attraction in her body language that is the moment for the next step which is:

9. Isolating her and having sex with her. The better the sex the better are the chances you will get her back. She will rationalize backward: if I am feeling so attracted for this guy and so horny it must be that I made a mistake when I left him.

10. Insert plenty of drama in the relationship with her: make her cry, laugh and give her the strong emotional highs and lows females love and which make them feel that they have a “relationship” with a man.

I am happy to share with you the above techniques to answer the question: how to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend. I sincerely hope this will get back to you the girl you love.

Franco, helping men since 2004


How To Be Dominant As A Male

January 8, 2011

Being dominant as a male is the way for female sexual happiness

Seducing a woman means giving her what her femininity is looking for. As a man you are attracted by receptivity, femininity, sweetness, mystery.

As a woman she is attracted by self-confidence, directness, toughness, strong leadership.

It´s the Yin and the Yang attracting each other.

What is a dominant male in a relationship?

Simple: he is someone who makes decisions.

So if you want to know how to be a dominant as a male you need to make a priority list for yourself and put at the top of it this:

Being able to make decision is my top priority number one!



Understanding her

Being good to her

Being the nice guy she likes so much

“Talking” and “communicating”

Are all secondary priorities compared to your ability of:
How To Be Dominant As A Male
Making decisions

Why this is attractive to a woman?

Because for her being able to be a woman she needs to “let it go” and get into receptive state.

When she is with a man who has as top priority number one making decisions she knows she is with a man who understands how to be dominant as a male.

There is no pick up line or seduction technique which will bring you too far without the ability of making decisions.

You can use this as a seductive technique, too.

You tell her from times to times where to sit

You choose the restaurant, the way to go home, the topic of the conversation.

You do decisions quickly and shamelessly, without hesitation.

In the case you have doubts about something the solution is simple:

Make a decision!

How to be dominant as a male is taking the role of the one who directs the group towards a goal which benefits the group itself.

This is what is a dominant male in a relationship with a woman.

The simple fact that you know how to be dominant as a male gives you a superiority in matters of seducing women even if you have never heard about something like “seduction”

Franco, helping men since 2004

Calibrating Value And The Seduction Game

January 8, 2011

Calibrating value – the importance of this concept in the seduction game

I write this article where I expand more the concept of value and calibrating value in a relationship with a female.

The concept of value in a relationship is the same like the concept of value in the commercial world.

The big difference is that in the case of an emotional and sexual relationship with a woman the concept of value is connected with the deeper instincts of evolution and replicating.

For example in times of war the fact that you are a skilled warrior and have big muscles is for sure of very important replicating and evolutionary value for her (it helps her to survive).

Instead a very ugly, short and fat guy may have for her – and surely has – a very important evolutionary and replicating value if he has a lot of money and if she is planning to make a family and have children.

It is a very changeable concept: if you are in a modern environment your Ferrari surely has a very important value in her eyes for the choice of a mate,

The same Ferrari is totally worthless for her if you are in a desert without water and what she values in that situation is getting a chance to satisfy her thirst.

To understand the concept of value in a relationship you need to see it as a process.

What she values now may be totally different compared to what she values later.What she values now may be totally different compared to what she values later.

This is so evident when women remain at home from work in our modern”politically correct” society and begin to receive financial support from the social security and from their husband.

In this stage of their life they may very much value a fat,short guy without pick-up and seduction skills who makes decent money instead of the good looking “bad boy” who makes them tickle sexually and gives them the thrill of danger.

When they get back to work after having been 3-4 years at home taking care of the children while he was paying her bills they may -either consciously or unconsciously – try to feel that their hubby has no value anymore – in spite of all his money – and begin to feel attraction for the bad boy.

That is perfectly in line with what biology and evolution look for:spreading different genes in as many different directions as possible.

Being boyfriend/girlfriend or being married and exclusive are social constructs.


Really not what Nature’s target really is.

So to keep attraction on in a relationship you must learn to calibrate value.

This is very difficult because a female`s active tendency to betaise you is always connected with a direct attempt to lower your value. The purpose of herbetaising attempts is to lower your value in a relationship to access your resources and make sure you will be loyal to her along the pregnancy and the first years of the child bearing.

So to calibrate value in a relationship with a woman you need to counter act her active betaising attempts. At the same time you need to be careful to not put her “too much down” otherwise you will cause big problems to her self-esteem.

Examples of calibrating value in a relationship:

She lowers your value by flirting with another guy in front of your eyes.

You shout to her and maybe become violent: that is a mistake in calibration. Whatever the outcome is you will put her too much down and the relationship will get bad.

Also, you will surely incur into legal problems and maybe get jailed.

Instead a proper way of reacting to it is to wait a week and show her how you can flirt with another woman in front of her eyes.

You may want to use rich descriptions to simply describe verbally -without even really flirting – a situation where you are being liked a lot by other women.

This is fair and proper calibration.

You also have to promptly stop doing this as soon as she starts to show respect again.

Doing it too much would be another mistake in calibration.

As a man you are – especially if she is pregnant and having little children – in a position of power.

So you have to use that power but not “too much” otherwise you are putting her down and badly messing up you calibration of value.

She lowers your value by comparing your financial achievements to the economical achievements of other guys.

This is a bad one: there will always be someone else richer than you.

Telling her straight to her face that she is a bitch and a prostitute in her nature will only show weakness and put her too much down.

Women do these things out of instinct (well some of them in purpose but that is a smaller group thanks God).

Instead telling her: “I am sure that one day you will have a lot of money on your bank account” gives her an indirect message of how silly she is being with her manipulation attempt and puts her in her place without putting her too much down.

The use of positive frames is extremely powerful in calibrating value.

For example :

Woman: “I had a wonderful ride on this guy’s Ferrari, he is a very skilled driver.

You: “I am happy for you. I am sure one day you will have your own Ferrari and that wonderful villa in Miami you have been dreaming of.”

Then after a week :

You:” By the way: I had a lot of work today. I just hired a couple of new secretaries; one Maria is 18 and is at the beginning ofher career. She looks and acts gorgeous but it will be a hell of a job to coach her.. “

Woman: “Hmm..I hope you don’t find her too gorgeous and keep your hands off her..

You: “Are you kidding me baby? It is wonderful for the image of the Company to have new gorgeous secretaries.”

See guys? Some examples of calibrating value in a relationship with a woman.

Franco, helping men since 2004

Social Hijacking

January 8, 2011

Social hijacking: don´t let her do this to you in a long-term relationship

Social hijacking is defined as: slow manipulation into social isolation.

Without knowing it themselves men have to deal in female relationships with this more than they could imagine.

If you are in a long-term relationship/marriage and slowly went into social isolation a big chance is that you have been betaised by her by the means of social hijacking.

This is in most of the cases totally unconscious from the female but it may have deleterious consequences for your material interests and your mental health.

Remember that in most of the cases if a woman is doing this to you it means that she values you a lot and is attracted to you.
Social Hijacking
There are other minor cases where she does that consciously but you better let those women.. to me.

This process is encountered both when you meet her in the Lover role and when you are with her as a Provider.

There are slight differences between these two situations and the means used to put social hijacking into practice are very similar in both.

It is in the female instinct to use all the means at disposal to isolate your sperms so that she can avoid having to share them with her competition.

So the more she is attracted to you the more she will put social hijacking into practice.

Social hijacking is performed by creating a double standard in regard to how her social relationships and your social relationships are evaluated.

When this double standard is being created smoothly by her slowly her friends become:

– Marvelous
– Always right on everything
– Fantastic
– Know how to dress well
– Are intelligent and polite

Your friends slowly become:

– Jerk
– Non intelligent
– Socially inept
– Immoral
– Corrupted

And so on…

At this point the process follows the same lines like when she is gaining power on you by using her drama. The only difference is the subject of it: your social circle.

When you start to argue with her:

Guy:”My friend Mike is a great guy.. you cannot judge him only because he drinks little bit more.”

Which is a common male mistake: start to argue with a woman about something!

She:”Your friend Mike is disgusting. I feel very bad about him. How can you like him? You must be of the same low level like him. He is disgusting..”

She repeats this slowly with every friend of yours.

The meaning of it is the same like with any other manipulation attempt: after having classified you as alpha male she decides in her mind are you Lover material or Provider material.

In the case she decided that you are Lover material and she is sexually attracted to you she will use social hijacking to manipulate you into being her exclusive Lover.

This is not in conflict with the notion of social proof in fact she will evaluate are you able to make her girlfriends horny but these will be her girlfriends, not your friends.

If she has classified you as Provider material – regardless of did she do this consciously – (without attraction) – or was she attracted to you from the beginning she will use social hijacking in a very massive way on you.

The meaning of this is of course the same like with every female manipulation. If you will let her do the social hijacking her sexual attraction will drop faster than an asteroid falling from the sky.

If you are able to resist this and keep your own frame she will feel her horniness for you going up – to the point that it can drive her crazy and – at the same times – she will escalate her attempts to socially hijack you and will escalate her drama.

In women with very good self-esteem this can assume extremely intellectual and philosophical forms (fake logic) and it could become easily:

She: “Your friend Mike is a great guy but I noticed that he is little bit envious of you. I think this may be due to his disturbed mother relationship.”

This social hijacking is dangerous: it can at worst bring you to a divorce situation where you loose half of your assets and find yourself totally isolated from the world, except for long long hours on the business place.

With so many men around who think of how to curb loneliness and depression you might consider could this be one reason for your state.

When you slowly learn how to read female psychology the quality of your female relationships becomes better and better. You learn how to read women in the right way and deal with processes like social hijacking properly. Then you will not need to wonder how to curb loneliness and depression.

Never give up your social circle when you start a relationship with a woman! A huge and positive social circle will put you in the position of never having to wonder how to curb loneliness and depression.

Franco, helping men since 2004

The Power Of Asking And Female Relationships

January 8, 2011

The power of asking: you can have her like you by simply asking for good things


when you become an high status male and an expert seducer you will soon notice that asking good things from women will improve your relationship with them much more than giving.

Asking has a magic power: as psychologist Robert Cialdini has pointed out in his writings when a person gives you good things this person is usually prone to backward rationalize “why am I doing this? I must like this person a lot if I do this to him/her!”

Women were born with influence psychology in their blood as they did this for centuries to men long before Cialdini was born.

This is also one important psychological mechanism which makes of men slave to their women, especially when they are in the provider role.

Many guys ask from themselves: “Why I do this? Why do I give her all while she is being me such a bitch?”.

Well because she is using the power of asking. She simply asks you things and she is making in that way of herself the prize in your eyes.

You can do the same !

In the field of female relationships you will not be able to appreciate this before you get enough field experience to be able to get yourself enough females and in a relatively short time.

This is because until you are a slave of the “circle of luck” you will be inside your head willing to give, give and give to keep the woman you got just because you got lucky.

Instead experience in meeting women and seducing them gives you freedom. Even if you are in a loving exclusive relationship or marriage never forget to ask !

You can ask gently or be cocky and funny..

You can tell her: “Scratch my back!” is a funny, shortened version for amusing seductive situations, not meant to be too serious but it gives very well the idea of what I am talking about.

Be specific when you ask.

For example:

You: “I like very much when you look at me with that new make up, I feel you should sit in this position, when you sit in this position I feel even better, ( changes her position ) ah I would love you to shave your intimate parts and grow very long hair, I adore long hair!”

She complains? It is her problem, not ours. She knows you might ask the same things from another woman at need..

You:”I like to sit in good bars and restaurant, it is important for me that my woman likes the same. To feel a feeling of friendship and a real connection I need a woman who enjoys being out, meeting people, being social.”

When asking use sub modalities: be specific about color, shape, taste, dimensions, auditive features and so on.

Girl: “So what would you like for Christmas?”

You: “I have seen a jacket at the male fashion department, it is blue and it is of a soft tissue I adore, it makes me feel so good when I move around, it will fit so nicely with that new clock I bought, the cologne you bought me last time will make of it even more pleasurable to senses..”

When you are richly describing what you like and being specific in asking your woman will feel you are the prize and will be willing to give all to you ! Then you are getting the power !

The difference between this kind of asking and a needy asking is crucial. You need to be an experienced PUA to do this in the right way otherwise you will get into “needy asking”.

You should ask with the vibe that you deserve being given good things without needing them “particularly” from her.

You need to give the vibe that you are used to receive good things and quite demanding about it. This is mind blowing for the women in your life. In fact.. they do this to men all the time.

Women will get attached to you like mosquitoes on the honey when you will do it to them ! A woman will cherish you and love you to an extreme if you know how to ask things from her.

Put your energy into business, pick-up, seduction and never enter a relationship where you are being made weaker !

To be able to understand the power of asking and how to use it successfully is a very important skill.

Franco, helping men since 2004


How To Game Adventuresses – By JohnnyC69

January 8, 2011

JohnnyC69 is a good friend of mine and a very experienced playboy. He tells us how to recognize adventuresses and seduce them.

It’s no secret that there is a handful of personality types you’re going to encounter when seducing women.

For the sake of this discussion though, we’ll slot them into three main categories: the Ho, aka Materialista, the Good Girl and the Freak, aka Adventuress.

The way to know which one you’re dealing with is to understand her motives.

The Materialista is motivated by money and material possessions.

The Good Girl is motivated primarily by safety and security.

Some would argue that the Good Girl is similar to the Materialista, in that she seeks out a man to provide his resources for her long term (socially acceptable), whereas the Materialista seeks to gain the resources of a man (or men) short term (socially frowned upon, hence the negative connotation of the word, Ho).

The Freak or Adventuress is a special kind of creature though.
How To Game Adventuresses – By JohnnyC69
Her motives are driven by two main components: Validation and Stimulation.

What I want to talk about today is how to position yourself on the stimulation side, rather than the vast majority of men that chase (validate) this sexy beast and ultimately end up frustrated and sometimes deeply depressed as a result.

See, validation is a form of stimulation to just about everyone, but these women excel at getting it from 99.9% of all men that they interact with.

It would be a fair assessment to say that they are addicted to it, even though it doesn’t really do anything for them.

A Freak/Adventuress’s addiction to validation is very similar to a smoker’s addiction to nicotine. And as we all know, a smoker is only just slightly satisfied by one cigarette before they are absentmindedly lighting up another, and another, and another….

What you have to understand about the vast majority of guys is that they don’t see these women for the predators they can be.

Important to note that predator is not meant to be a derogatory term, rather it’s simply how these women are programmed.

The average guy thinks that all women are fragile and delicate beings, meant to be protected and nurtured, like children.

While there is a bit of biological logic behind this mentality (after all, when the shit finally goes down and it’s left to us men to kill bears in the wilderness, that biological urge to protect them will really do everyone a ton of good), in this day and age of sexual equality and urban sprawl, it behooves the intelligent man to adjust his attitude, even if just slightly.

Most men will chase these women. Think about your buddy that got a crush on that stripper that one time. Or maybe it was you that got a crush on her. What’s that? Ok, sure, it was your buddy. Don’t worry, I’m not here to judge. Matter of fact, I’ve been there myself. I’ve heard all the stories too:

Stripper flirts with you like crazy at the strip club. She sits next to you, laughs at your jokes, touches you, etc. You maybe even get a lap dance from her.

You start to think, ah man, this chick is really into me. So you ask her to meet you at Denny’s after her shift is over. She takes your number and tells you she’ll be there.

No points for guessing what happens next, so I’ll go ahead and tell that part too: You end up sitting at Denny’s at 4 in the morning, waiting on that hot minx that will never show up.

It’s a pretty sad story, I know.

But wait! If she was using her feminine wiles on you to get your money, doesn’t that make her a Materialista? I thought this discussion was about Freaks! If you’re thinking that right about now, I would tell you that BOTH are correct.

A stripper is a shining example of how a woman can exhibit more than one of the A/M/GG quantifications. It’s what we call a sliding scale. Confused yet? Allow me to clarify.

While a stripper indeed displays Materialista qualities by the sheer nature of her occupation, do not think for one second that she isn’t REVELLING in the constant stimulation all of the validation she gets from men provides her. The money is really just a nice perk at that point.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that a stripper is even more of an Adventuress/Freak than Materialista.

After all, there plenty of men in the world that will gladly provide their resources to a woman simply because she is a hot piece of ass and he likes having her on his arm.

That being said, why would these women choose to prance around a room full of men completely naked to make their living?

It’s because they love the validation. Sort of. More on this below.

Think about the last time you went out to a night club or even a popular bar. The kind of place that has women in droves, all wearing shiny tops that are open in the back and low cut in the front showing cleavage.

Tight black pants, mini skirts, high heels.

Tiny little shirts that show off neon colored belly button rings that glow under black lights and tribal tattoos on the small of lower backs…that pair of dimples just above a hot ass that look like perfect little holsters for your thumbs.

Maybe one particular night, you were feeling lucky, so you got on the dance floor. You made solid eye contact with one of these angel/devils. You pulled her in and started dancing with her. She liked it.

She eventually started grinding her pelvis on your leg.

Maybe she even got really low, put her face to your crotch, simulating a blowjob. You had your hands all over her. You put her in different positions. You dominated her on the dance floor. It was like you had her in bed already. But then something strange happened…

She abruptly leaves you, perhaps pulled away by friends.

You don’t see her for a little while. All of a sudden, she’s back on the dance floor with a drink. She’s dancing with another guy and she won’t even look at you. You dance alone for a few minutes. You try to re-engage her, but she isn’t having it. She’s done with you. So what happened?

It’s the exact same thing that happened to the guy in the stripper example, albeit in a shorter time frame.

You never put her to work for what you were giving her.

I know because not only have these same things happened to me many times in the 14 years I’ve been going into places like this, they actually still happen from time to time.

And that’s ok as these instances remind me to be vigilant and rely on the skill set I’ve acquired over the years.

So what exactly does one do to flip the switch in a woman that makes her believe she is the one chasing you? How to make her feel like she’s working for it?

Great question and I’m glad you asked.

See, there is always more than one tool that will turn the same nut, but the one I’m fond of using for this particular ‘job’ is push pull, aka 101.

I know it sounds like some technical geekery or mental kung fu, but in a nutshell, it is simply a matter of turning her on and shutting her down.

It’s a simple matter of where you have your attention directed at any given time.

Let’s take the stripper example to start off with. In that particular instance, the guy sat there with her, engaged her in conversation. They developed what seemed to be a deep rapport with one another.

While she genuinely may have felt that connection on some level, on another level, she also knew that she held the power over him.

She didn’t have to work to keep him there, so she gladly took his money and sent him on his way, just like she does every night of the week.

Now, not saying this will work every single time, but if he were to have stood a snowball’s chance in hell in having him meet her, it would have looked more like this:

Engage her for a few minutes, make her laugh at a few jokes, then all of a sudden get distracted by something else, i.e: turn to talk to his friend at a high point in the conversation.

This would in turn leave her wanting his attention back (remember that strippers want validation more than they want money) and she would quickly start trying to re-engage him.

He would let her ‘work’ to get his attention back for a few moments, then by ‘letting’ him re-engage him, he is rewarding her for her EFFORT.

This is what women are talking about when they say they want a guy that is a challenge.

So do you see what happened? He turned her on (1 or Pull), then he shut her down (0 or Push), then he turned her on again (1 or Pull), only on the second time around, she was starting to feel like she was the one doing the chasing.

In my Navy days, I was lucky enough to visit Africa. I was in a division with a good group of guys.

When we were finally allowed to leave the ship and go out to party on Friday night, we all ended up in a lounge that was pretty swanky by East African standards.

The eight of us posted up on a couple of plush couches. Before long, the “buy-me-drinkie” girls, as the older sailors liked to call them, started coming around.

Nice looking African women that would sit down next to you, look at you with love in their eyes.

They would touch you on the shoulder, on the thigh, run their fingers through your hair.

None of them spoke very much English. The didn’t have to. After a few minutes of touching most men like they did, they could very easily say, “You like buy me drinkie now?”

And of course, these drinks are upwards of fifteen dollars.

A lot of the guys were not only buying these overpriced drinks, but also tipping the girls on top of that. The guys that choose not to pay are usually left alone by the girl while she goes off to find a guy that WILL pay for her company and her touch. I was one such guy…but for some reason, the girl didn’t leave.

So how did I do it? Easy. I turned her game around on her and she loved it.

When she looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said in her seductive tone of voice, “you like buy me drinkie now?” I looked right back at her and said,

“I don’t buy drinks for girls. But you can buy one for me if you like.”

As I said before, her English wasn’t all that great and she didn’t understand what I was saying right at first.

We ended up repeating the same things to each other a few times until it finally dawned her what I was saying. When she did, she got a very indignant look on her face. She immediately pulled her hands and body away from mine and said,

“Noooo! I no buy you drink!”

I couldn’t help but smile a little bit. I looked over at my companions on the other couch. They each had an African girl on their arm, steadily touching them and giving them attention.

Each and every one of my companions was also steadily dropping money on the table in front of them. Drink after drink, tip after tip.

They hadn’t even thought of questioning the system before them.

I looked back to the girl next to me. I put my hand on her shoulder and leaned in to speak directly into her ear. I gestured over to my buddies on the other couch.

“You see those guys over there? I’m sure that any one of them will buy you drinks all night”

She looked over at them. She looked back at me. It’s funny because now that I think about it, she didn’t seem to have a problem understanding what I was telling her, broken English or not.

After a moment or two of mentally debating with herself, she visually relaxed and started touching me again.

She was like a purring little kitten all of a sudden.

Not only did she end up sitting with me all night, touching me and keeping me company without me having to drop a single dime for a drink, but the next night when we all went out again, she ran up to me as soon as she saw me.

She had all the excitement of a giddy little school girl. We sat together all night, like we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

And of course, all around us, my buddies continued to pay.

Now, sleeping with women in East Africa is a dangerous and risky game to play. The HIV rate is so high in that part of the world, you would have to have a death wish to take one of those girls to bed. So I didn’t.

I’d say that was beside the point though, considering the amount of money I spent to have a ‘girlfriend’ for two nights, compared to what my buddies spent.

So let’s look at what happened:

She engages me/we engage each other (1 or Pull), I tell her that if she wants money to talk to one of my buddies (0 or Push), she re-engages me, free of charge (1 or Pull).

Only on the second time around, she feels like she is the one chasing me. And that’s not some game tactic either, my friends…she really was chasing me at that point.

Now let’s look at the club girl example. There are a few things that could have happened when she left the guy on the dance floor. It could have been that her friends snapped her out of it. Women can be extremely judgmental and jealous of each other and it’s not uncommon for them to ‘keep each other in check’ when they all go out together.

“Girl, you look like a hooker out there! What are you doing?”

And this sets off all of her social conditioning or ASD (anti-slut defense). She starts thinking things like,

“Oh my God…what am I doing? I can’t fuck some guy I met in a club! That would make me a total slut!”

Never mind the fact that two minutes later, she’s doing the same thing with another guy.

That doesn’t matter as she will ultimately run away from him once he gets her horny enough too. Unless he does something to make her work…

So instead of constantly dominating her on the dance floor, constantly feeding her attention, at some point, he needs to turn away from her. It could be to dance with another girl (jealousy).

It could be to jump around and get hype with friends, even if they’re guys (take away). It could be to simply dance by himself and just feel the vibe of the music (willingness to walk away).

Again, not saying this will work every time, but more often than not, she will miss the validation you have been feeding her.

She will begin working to get it from you some more, at which point, you reward her effort by re-engaging her.

Do you see the pattern here? See, Freaks/Adventuresses may be addicted to the small amount of stimulation they get from validation, but they love the stimulation they get from having to put in the work to get it.

I was in a bar one night in Tennessee. I was sitting at the bar with a few friends. We were having a few beers. I was sitting on my stool with my back to the bar.

There was a hot bodied blond dancing in front of me. On the other side of her, there was a group of guys, sitting at a table. They watched her dance. It was like she was putting on a show for them.

Could have just been my perspective, but it seemed to me that every one of those guys wanted to dance with her, to touch her…but they didn’t do a thing.

At one point, she dances over to where I’m sitting. She bumps into me. She pretends like it happened on accident, but I know better.

I don’t pay her any attention, rather I stay put and keep chatting with my buddies. Then she does it again. I keep talking to my friends.

The third time it happens, I grab her around the waist. I grab her head at the base of the skull and gently (but dominantly) pull her ear to my mouth.

“If you’re going to keep bumping into me, why don’t you just cut the shit and dance right here?”

She smiles and happily complies. I sit at the bar stool while she dances between my legs. I let my hands roam all over her body as the guys at the table watch in envy.

She eventually dances away, back over to show off for the guys again.

Whenever she does, I simply turn back to my friends and keep talking as if nothing happened. I’m confident and secure in the knowledge that she will be back.

It went that way for the rest of the night. Engage, push away, re-engage, all the while, sitting there having a good time drinking beer and talking to my friends.

The fact that I never chased her when she danced away always made her want to come dance between my legs some more. When the night was coming to a close and the lights came on, I looked her right in the eyes and said completely dead pan, “Do you want to come home with me?”

She became visibly flustered. She blushed. She giggled. She said, “What? I can’t go home with you! You’re crazy!!”

But I could tell she wanted to. I didn’t say a word. I simply maintained eye contact with her and gave her a little bit of a half smirk as if to say, “I can see right through your tough girl act and I think it’s adorable.”

She pulled out her phone and said, “Do you have a cell phone number?”

“I do.”

I pulled out my phone and told her, “Give me yours. I’ll call you right now so you have mine.”

She did. We ended up meeting up for drinks a few nights later. Three guesses as to how the night ended.

These stories are just a couple of examples on how to make a woman feel like she’s the one chasing you.

It’s important to note that these tactics work equally well on all women, regardless of her quantification on the A/M/GG scale. Remember, it is a sliding scale after all.

Adventuresses can be a ton of fun, are usually spectacular in bed and with a little practice, you can be getting them with a fair amount of regularity, minus the frustration and work that a lot of guys are dealing with.

Always make them work for it. Drop all notions of expectation.

These women live for stimulation and they will follow the next shiny object in front of them.

And when they do, simply turn back to whatever it was you were doing before, as if you had never seen her.

If you can follow that simple advice, you’re in for one hell of a ride on the Freak train.



Why Sex With Her Before The III Meeting

January 8, 2011

It is very important when seducing a woman to set sex with her
before the third meeting as a goal, with focus on the first
and second meetings.

This is crucial for you to succeed with women because it is
connected with congruence and with certain primitive responses of the female evolutionary system.

Congruence is one of the most important qualities of the alpha male.

I do not take into account those situations where you have decided from the beginning that you want that particular woman only as a friend.

That is just fine, provided you are being congruent with yourself.

I do take into account the situations where you approached the
woman with a clear sexual purpose in mind.

You approached her to pick her up and seduce her into having sex with you and maybe even a sexual relationship with you.

Reminder: wanting her as a girlfriend IS a sexual relationship and
not something else.

Women always test men for congruence: it is instinctual to them.
Why Sex With Her Before The III Meeting

Sexuality and pregnancy are in the deepest levels of their instincts and are strictly connected with each other, regardless of the quality of birth control means we might have nowadays.

Instincts know nothing about condoms and other birth control means.

For this reason, from the first very moment, a female will test you for congruence.

She will quickly sense that if a man is not able to be congruent
with himself, he will not be strong enough to protect her and her

When you decide from the beginning whether you want to
be friends with a woman or seduce her into having sex, then stick to your plan with speed and consistency, you are being congruent with your initial frame.

This is always the way of the real man: congruence.

The whole idea of “waiting for sex” is totally fucked up, totally
incongruent and based on the Madonna-whore complex.

Another deleterious aspect of waiting for sex is that it puts you in the position of supplicating to the woman. For the high status
male, no woman is a special flower.

When you “wait for sex” you are simultaneously sub-communicating that you are not a high status male.

I often receive letters from guys asking me why she
lost sexual interest after a while.

The common factor in all of them? He waited too long to
escalate sexually!

This is a typical situation:


How are you?

I met this woman on the street a couple of months ago, opened her with a situational opener, got into deep rapport with her and Jesus she was hot!

I can´t get her off my mind!

We had a real good time together so we decided to meet again for coffee the following week.

In the bar we found that we have quite a lot in common.

We like the same movies, have the same hobbies and we seem to get along quite well.

I did not want to be pushy, so I decided to wait before making a
move on her.

She was so different from any other woman I met before.

We spent many days together and had a lot of fun. We were
going to clubs together. She introduced me to her friends. We
went on a short trip together. This fun went on for a while.

Then all of a sudden, she became cold. She simply stopped

When I touched her arm she would withdraw it.

She did not let me hold her hand while walking with her anymore.

Then one day she simply disappeared.

She did not return my calls or respond to my text messages.

Why did she change? What can I do to get her back?

Thanks, Marino”

This is a fairly common situation.

Marino feels that she “is different compared to other girls he met.”

Truth is that Marino cannot get her back because he never made a move to take her.

As a sexual man, he was being incongruent.

And that is the reason she became cold and distant and finally left.

Many guys here can feel your pain Marino!

That really, really sucks!

We understand you: many men have been conditioned by society to believe that women are “pure Madonnas.” Many women are victims of the same belief, too.

What makes Marino suffer even more was that she never told him WHY she withdrew: women are all about sub-communication.

She did not want to hurt him – or hurt herself even more ! – by
verbalizing the Matrix.

Another possibility is that, as a typical modern woman, she did not even realize herself WHY her own instincts compelled her to leave.

A modern woman will never verbalize this, but she has been
conditioned, on the conscious level, to believe in equality.

Taking a woman sexually, escalating sexually is exerting sexual
power on her and has nothing to do with equality.

At Austerlitz a general told Napoleon after the battle: “Sir, lets
now leave this place abandoned by God.”

Napoleon´s answer:”General, in matters such as this, God has no business.”

He was the epitome of the alpha male.

How can a modern woman ever consciously admit to herself that she is waiting for the animal part of her alpha male to take her? To make her scream with pleasure as quickly as possible by getting through all of her defenses?

She will never admit that to herself OR to him!

I have done a lot of traveling in countries that are not considered
to be “politically correct.” I was born in a traditional country

The women in traditional countries overtly despise a man who is not capable of sexually escalating quickly.

In politically correct countries women feel the same, however they simply cannot admit it to themselves, thus they give more complex double binds and mixed messages to men, ultimately confusing them and messing with their heads that much more.

This behavior confuses guys like Marino who want to be good and nice to them.

Wanting to be good and to protect the member of his own group is another strong instinct of the alpha male.

The issue is, a woman wants to know are you strong enough to do that before she can accept your protection.

This is the place where nice guys fail.

What really happened to Marino is that he failed several tests
which women unconsciously or consciously throw at men.

1. Congruence test:

Marino clearly approached her with a sexual purpose in mind.

If that was the case, then WHY he was not faithful to his own

A real man is always congruent with his own purpose. He does not concern himself with what other people may think about it.

True, he listens to other people and takes their feelings into
account like a good leader.

But is he unsure about what he wants in regard to such a personal need like sex and his own sexuality?

Heck no!

2. Supplication test:

Marino fails this test because by waiting instead of quickly
escalating he sends the message that he is not able to take women as much as he would like to.

He gives the message that she is a special flower to him. Implicitly he is putting her on a pedestal.

Women sense at the deeper level of their instincts that only weak males will put them on a pedestal and that is why they so often fall for jerks.

They confuse the jerk with the high status male because the jerk is able to be impudent.

Impudence is another important quality of the alpha male.

3. Social proof test

Another important quality of the alpha male is: he is able to take many women.

This is important for women: they want to know how easily you can take other women. If you are desired by many women, that means you are a man of value.

Women are natural born marketers!

If you are wanted by women they will all want you! Remember that all women wait for the Prince.

The Prince does not need to wait for sex!

If you supplicate by waiting too long for sex, that means you are not a man who is desired by other women.

The female’s primitive evolutionary system interprets this to mean that you are not a high status male.

This is why it is so crucial to escalate for sex before the third meeting. Even better is to focus on it on the first or second meeting and you can’t go wrong.

Waiting “so long,” like the second or third meeting, means to respect her need for comfort.

Waiting TOO LONG sends her the message that you are not a high quality man!

The female evolutionary detector reads: he is a weak male of low status.

She becomes cold, distant and withdraws from the interaction. A lot of times, she doesn’t even know why herself.

I have described the female evolutionary system and how it works in
Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys.

one important thing: while you escalate to sex you have to screen her for her personality. Otherwise you can end up with a Freak or a Masculine Dominant Woman.

You can recognize a Freak by the fact that she is driven by
validation and is very often self-destructive.

You can recognize a Masculine Dominant Woman by the way that she feels bad when her feminine instincts come out and begins to fight against them and you.

In “Getting the Good Girls,” I share with you how to discern if she is a Freak or a Good Girl.

Franco, helping men since 2004

Report From Street Pickup And Why To Be The Selector

January 8, 2011

This is a report from a street pickup of mine.

I described in the Manual of Seduction the importance of screening women very early in the interaction with them. Here is a practical example of why that is so important.

I am a very, very busy guy, so street pickup is my favorite.  I can do it while I go about my daily business and still sleep well at night.

The topic: why it is so important to be the selector of women and never, ever the selectee.

Well there are many, many reasons.

The most important reason is that the majority of men never get there.

Most of them are selected by women, in one way or another.

By being the selector you put yourself far above all the other men.

Let me tell you a story.

A few weeks ago, I was out with one of my friends, Peter.

He is one of my wingmen and after many years of fun, he is looking for a girlfriend.

We go out and do pickup together from time to time.

He is a great guy who has a good level of experience with women.

Anyway, on this particular occasion, he encountered something he was not expecting.

We were sitting in our favorite bar in my town. There weren’t so many nice girls out that evening.

We decided to have a walk around the railway station, which is quite close to the bar.

Suddenly I saw a very, very hot girl

She seemed to be from abroad, she looked like she could be Brazilian or Mexican.

Simply delicious.

I walked up to her and positioned myself to her left side.

This is important when opening a stranger out on the streets.

By coming from her side you don`t come off as threatening and she is more likely to open up to you.

Then I turned my head towards her, took out my camera and asked her if she would take a photo of my friend and me.

She politely agreed. While she had my beloved media mobile in her hands, I began to tease her…

“I am sure you have a really gentle hand. This is my baby, be careful.”,

“This is a very complex media telephone. I have the user manual with me if you need.”

“Ok, take it in your hands like this, don`t worry, it does not bite.” (while touching her arm)

“Can you see this small button here? Just push it slowly.. with a real gentle touch.”

Of course I was smiling and mirroring her giggling with my smiling.

This kind of stuff would seem stupid to anyone who has never done real life pickup in the field.

Well, as strange as it may seem, it works incredibly well for getting a girl who is a complete stranger to you aroused in a matter of

For whatever reason, women don?t like it when guys initiate an “intelligent” conversation. Even the intelligent women are allergic to this.

They must be really, really worried about running into boring nice guys!

By using cocky and funny in this fashion, you are essentially putting yourself in the position of an older parent. The effect is she feels like the “helpless little girl” in the company of her Daddy.

This is not a bad place to start.

Of course not every girl likes this approach and you will have to be prepared for all kinds of surprises when you do this.

On the other hand, field experience has also taught me that the girls who do like cocky and funny usually turn out to be the most feminine ones.

Which is exactly what I want.

You can test girls in this way within the first few minutes of the pick up. If she is feminine and has a sense of humor she will begin to giggle at that point.

In my humble opinion, giggling is a sign that the deeper feminine biological part of her responds well to masculine dominance and
that.. tells me that she is very feminine on the deeper level of her instincts.

If she is masculine dominant or otherwise a pain in the ass, she will give you that “murderous look” and let you know, indirectly or
otherwise, that she cannot stand dominant men.

This is actually a good thing.

When she does this, she does you the favor of quickly letting you know that she is a waste of your time, freeing you to move along to the next girl.

Think of it as an efficient way to save your precious time.

So this girl began to giggle uncontrollably at my camera busting.  This allowed my wing and I to create the emotional environment
necessary to have a nice conversation with her.

She told us that she was from Peru. After a while we began to feel like we should all go on chatting together.

We did a venue change and went back to the same bar we were at before we met her.

The evening at the bar was quite pleasant.

She was very interested in music. She was intelligent and educated.

I had gotten the impression at the railway station that she was very HSE (High self-esteem). I further tested her by keeping up with the cocky and funny.

It is important that you test girls during the process of pickup. Your testing will tell you how to proceed and which emotional places inside of her will respond to you.

Overdoing cocky and funny (just a little bit) is the way I detect if a woman is HSE.

If a woman has been a good sport and generally accepted my cocky and funny approach initially, yet becomes slightly irritated when I go a little too far, that is usually a good indicator that she has good self-esteem.

She wants to be valued as a person in the conversation and that was what she did: she became a little bit “uneasy” and began to seek rapport.

This is totally different compared to what a LSE woman (Low self-esteem) would do, especially if she is HD (High sexual drive).

A LSE/HD woman would become bored to death if you suddenly went from cocky and funny to generating rapport with her.

Seeking rapport after a load of cocky/funny and push/pull is the fastest way to lose a LSE (Low self-esteem) woman.

When I noticed that she was HSE and was getting little bit irritated, I stopped with the cocky and funny and began to chat with her a little more – but not too much – about music.

I like music myself so that was no problem.

When you get to this stage, especially regarding HSE women, there is another test to run.

You need to detect whether the girl is in provider-seeking mode or not.

All of my tests that evening told me that she was very much in boyfriend-seeking mode.

Being that I was not looking for that kind of relationship in my life at the time, but knowing that my wingman was, I asked him if he was interested in carrying on with her.

He liked the idea, so I eventually left him alone with her went to the desk of the bar to chat with other girls.

In the meantime, I had already used the situation to social proof myself with a girl at the desk who was following what I was doing
the Peruvian girl.

My wingman went on chatting with her.

I remained at the bar and they left.

After a week my wing sent me an email asking my opinion:


How are you?

Last weekend was really fun and I am sure you met many other girls that night.

I would like to ask your opinion about something that happened with that Peruvian girl.

As the night went on we got closer and closer with her.

We were talking about almost everything: her country, our country, her studies, her former relationships.

She is a very intelligent and fine lady.

At a certain point, at the end of the evening, she really surprised me: she began to touch me actively.

First she was touching my forearm. Then she began to touch my shoulder.

When we were walking out she was putting her arm behind my back.

I was quite puzzled: this was not a masculine dominant woman.

Not really.

She was giggling when you were busting her big time and seemed to be in all aspects a HSE feminine woman.

It really surprised me that she suddenly took the initiative.

Usually feminine women wait for the man to make a move.

For a second it crossed my mind that this must be some kind of test from her. Anyway I could not understand what it was and decided to escalate..

Do you remember Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman?

“When in doubt, fuck!”

Well the surprises continued when I escalated to touching her back.

She began to block me which puzzled me even more..

All the things she was doing did not fit with the picture we got at the beginning.

Well it did not end well. When I called her a week later, she told me that it?s better if we are just friends.

She told me that I am a great guy and that she is looking for something “different” at this time of her life.

That is not the behavior of a HSE feminine woman.

First, she touches me and goes all sexual on me, then she tells me we can only be friends and that she is looking for something else!

Anyway I remember you saying at the bar that in your opinion, she was looking for a serious relationship.

If she is looking for a serious relationship, then why does she give me sexual messages only to change her mind?

I know that women are changeable but this is too much!

Tell me what you think Franco.

See you next weekend,


My reply:

“Hello Peter,

How are you?

Sorry to hear that.

What made me think that she was looking for a serious relationship was the fact that she was doing all that she could to control her own horniness at the bar.

She was trying to control herself too much. She liked you a lot; I noticed it from the way she was looking at you.

She was too controlling of herself at the beginning. She was going  for rapport too fast. The reason she was doing that was to keep herself cool in order to better screen us.

What other reason than getting a boyfriend can a girl have when she does that?

Anyway, I am afraid that you have been tested in a way you did not expect.

Did you tell her your standards before you touched her back?

I bet you did not.

If what I suspect is true, what happened is that she decided that you are not good enough for her as future boyfriend or husband.

She was touching you to see how eager you were to have sex with her without telling her your standards.

You ran into the famous “player trap,” but this time she was setting the trap for you.

When we were at the bar I left because I quickly realized that no matter what we would have done, she would have gone for a provider anyway.

As I knew you are looking to get a girlfriend I left her to you.

She seemed to be a good choice for a girlfriend.

See, when she touched you, she was not being honest. She was actually touching you to detect if you were going to tell her your standards for a relationship or simply reciprocate her sexual gesture right away.

As you reciprocated the sexual gesture right away – without telling her what you expect and want from a woman – she felt that you have no standards.

In a word: you did not give her any justification for the attraction you felt for her other than wanting to have sex with her.

That?s ok if a girl is looking for an adventure, but it is not ok if she is looking for a boyfriend.

Peter, I am afraid that this girl had you discover your cards as a playboy..

This is sad because this time, you were really looking for a girlfriend!

You lost the frame of the selector Peter!

This girl is very HSE (High self-esteem) and wanted to know if you were going to tell her what you want from a woman before you get her into bed..

Next time a girl touches you, don?t forget to tell her what you expect  from a woman before you touch her back!

She might want to touch you to detect if you are the selector or the selectee..

So let’s look at what happened to Peter.

He was really looking for a girlfriend this time and she … did not believe him!

And this girl.. she really was a good girl, absolutely fit for a relationship!


As you see my dear friends, good girls are not necessarily “nice..”  As I wrote in my last book Getting the good girls they can be quite ruthless when they are out hunting for a husband!

So never lose the frame of the selector. Tell girls your personal standards, even when they touch you.

You should tell a girl what kind of woman you want before you send her the message that you want to have sex with her.

Your friend, Franco”

Franco, helping men since 2004

Club Game – Why She Makes Out With You And Then Drops You

January 5, 2011

Club game is a totally different perspective.

All what is true in other types of games becomes wilder and pretty much different in club game.

Guys project their horniness into the girls and believe that the girls will behave like guys; try to get laid as their main goal.

Well that is true: women like sex as much as guys and want to get laid as much as the guys do.

Anyway, there are some very important differences between guys and girls in matters of priorities in the sexual area.

If you have been making out with a girl in the club and then wondering why she suddenly left without having sex with you well the reason is exactly in those differences between girls and boys in matters of priorities.

Guys are very much puzzled and irritated when she makes out with them and then leaves.

They do not understand the meaning of this apparently “illogical” behavior.

Well there is a very important logic in this kind of female behavior: a female´s main sexual goal is not to get laid.

A female´s main sexual goal is to get social power by building as many social links as possible and then controlling them at need.

This is the main sexual end goal of the woman.

Only after she has done that she can get to her second priority: getting laid.

Having sex is her second end goal after she is sure that she has succeeded in building as many social links as possible.

A female labeled as a “slut” by other women is a rare woman who does not follow this law: first the screening, then the sex.

A big part of this behavior is to have as many males as possible get into the sub-servient attitude towards her so that she can gain social power over them.

When you wonder why she makes out with you and then leaves you are missing to detect an important law of evolution at work: she is screening men in the same way she does in other venues it´s only that she does it with much faster and much tougher means.

This touching you, making out with you has a totally different meaning in the club compared to the meaning it would have if it would happen on the streets or – maybe – while you watch a movie with her in a movie theater.

In those cases touching you, making out with you would be a strong indicator of her wanting sex with you especially if there are no other girls around and you are not in a social group.

In those situations she would have no competition as there are no other girls around. You would have no competition around as well: there would be no other guys around.

In the club the situation is totally different she knows very well that there is strong female competition. She also knows that the guys are dying of the desire of having sex with the girls as soon as possible.

So she needs to hook guys who try to seduce her very fast in order to win female competition and have as many males as possible investing their energy into her before she can start screening them.

50 years ago the hook would have been uncovering little bit her leg or holding eye contact little bit longer with some guy.

Nowadays such nice hooks would not work anymore as the clubs and the cities are otherwise full of girls who are having free minded sex with the guys left and right.

No guy pays anymore so much attention to a naked ass or a girl holding eye contact longer with him.

Also, there are so many nice guys around that many guys really do not have the courage to approach on the streets and go to clubs with the hope of getting laid.

In the club environment her main goal is to firstly gain social power by multiplying her social links and the number of guys who supplicate to her.

She does that to have the time to continue her screening and win her female competition.

Without the hook she would have nothing to screen for. There is always the “slut” next to her who has the guys get laid “for free.”

Actually one single “slut” is a really dangerous competition for the average girls. She is little bit like a guy: she can give sexual satisfaction and get laid with many, many guys during a week.

It really puts in danger other women by keeping them from getting out of the guys more than the sex.

So what she does?

She uses a stronger hook: heavy make out with you just to drop you when you escalate to have her into sex.

By making out with you she gains a huge advantage on the other girls: she has you hooked so that you forget the other girls and invest your energy mainly into her.

You focus your attention on her and get betaised while she makes out with you and at the same time controls her own horniness by drinking alcohol and by chatting with the other girls in the bathroom.

Yes, alcohol is very often used by girls in order to control horniness: alcohol rises endorphins and dopamine the hormones of the pleasure and can help a girl getting out of club while being terribly horny without having sex with a single guy!

For this reason I never sarge a girl who is heavily drunk. It becomes to easy for her to control her own horniness.

Same goes about talking a lot. A female Californian psychiatrist has demonstrated that females get from talking the same pleasure they get from orgasms.

Girls use chatting with other girls as a way to control their own emotions. The girlfriend who is her “cock block” has the same meaning: she is helping the target to control her own emotions when she is close to get horny.

The bathroom is in clubs for females the “female horniness control room.”

Have you ever been in clubs in a situation where she makes out with you and then says: “I go to pee” and when she comes back she has changed and begins to find all the kind of excuses to drop you?

Well if you have been there you know what I am talking about. She is doing that to control her own horniness in order to have the time to evaluate you and plan the evaluation of the other guys in the club.

Evaluating guys, screening them is dictated by the deep instincts of evolution: they tell her to screen for the stronger male and at the same time for a male who can be manipulated into investing his energy into her.

She does that under her instinct of protecting herself and the offspring which would potentially derive from your sexual contact with her

I can hear you: you object that modern girls do not need men to take care of the offspring and that they can live on social security.

That is true and the need to hook you for sex and then drop you to repeat the cycle with other males only demonstrates how much they are under the influence of those instinct in spite of not needing them anymore.

Screening is vital for a female survival. Making out with you and then dropping you gives her the time to screen males and build social links.

It´s an instinct: it protects her and her potential offspring and it is compelling to her.

Now that I have shared with you this we can approach the topic of what you need to do in practice in the club to have success.

These are these main strategies

–       If your style is to go heavily sexual and escalate on any girl then what you have to do is to escalate fare more than what she does. This is an important calibration: you need to understand quickly how much is for her “too much” and push her over that border. For example if she touches your hand then you go more sexual than her and touch her ass. If she kisses you then you go more sexual than her and put your hand into her jeans. This will have her discover her cards very fast and if she was trying to hook you in order to build social links and have you supplicate then this will either force her to submit to you sexually or she will blow herself out so that you can go on chatting with other girls. In this particular situation if she says: “I go to the bathroom” or gives any kind of explanations simply go to chat to the next girl in front of her eyes and forget her instantly because she does that in order to control herself. Same thing if she stops you when you escalate more.

–       Another way of gaming girls in the club is blocking them in their need of building social links and having you supplicate. In this other way you only give “minor sexual clues” but push her away regularly any time she is close to making out with you. For example you might smile and wink at her but when she comes closer you move your body language away from her. Maybe you neg her. Maybe you tease and do some push-pull. In this other way of gaming girls in clubs you do two things 1. Push her away when she tries to hook you sexually 2. Tend to have her into isolation. Isolation in this case is not a dark side of the club. If you make out with her in a dark side of the club you are basically doing her game. Your goal is to have her get out of the club alone with you and then you start the escalation when the two of you are alone.

–       Gaming the group is another way. For example this is a wonderful way if you go clubbing with your best friends. You need to get the charge over the smaller groups which form themselves automatically in the realm of the chaotic situation in the club itself. People of 3-4 or more get together for example close to the bar and you game the group by being “cool” to all the members and totally ignore the girl you want. When she sees that you are the coolest in the group – the leader of the group – you are basically sexually pre-selected and when you push her away she will wonder “who is this guy who is not being an idiot like all the other guys and all the people like him? I want to find out.”

–       Using a Pivot. If you have  a good female friend who knows that you are a playboy and is complacent towards your adventures go clubbing with her. If you do MLTRs (Multiple Long-Term Relationships) then the girls you are in a relationship usually know about your playboy hobby: go clubbing with her but make sure that she can control her own jealousy. Doing the club game with a Pivot is one of the most powerful ways for having success. In a way you are pre-selected and game the girls while having the Pivot with you being your “girlfriend.” The instinct of the competition will force the target to invest attention in you as it is in women hard wired to want men who are wanted by other women.

–       Wingman: if you are with your wingman for all the time of your club gaming have fun with him. While you have fun with him never, never show that your attention is more invested into the girls compared to the attention you give to your wingman.  Use peripheral vision to spot your targets. You need to look like two quality guys who are having fun and totally detached from the surroundings. While you have fun with the wing do small approaches by turning your neck on one side but never, never face the girl. If you get compliance than you can face her. Anytime she is resisting you ditch her and pay more attention to your wing.

In order to apply properly the above methods you need to have a broad knowledge of how the mechanisms of evolution affect female sexual desire and that you can find in my Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men and Playboys.

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Flight-fight Mode And Female Beauty

January 5, 2011

When you are dealing with beauty simply.. stay calm.

The flight – fight state is probably one of the best indicators of weakness in the human species.

It is a primitive reaction which is there to give you the tools necessary to survive when you are in danger.

There is a downside to it: when you get into flight-fight mode you are also giving the message that you have used all your best means and that you can from now only “fight” or “run.”

When you get into the flight – fight state you are basically giving the message to all the members of the group around you that you have reached the limit of your resources.

Basically you give the message that you are in trouble.

If you are in a position of leadership others will follow your state and begin to feel they are in trouble, too.

When you are the leader the members of your group match your inner state.

If you are calm the group will follow.

When you are in flight-fight mode the group doubts you and your leadership.
When you have this reaction you become “over emotional” and begin to do stuff like putting people down, shouting to them.

You may begin to talk too much. Maybe you over-analyze things.

The real leader of the pack is the one who is able to remain calm and act with decisiveness in spite of difficulties.

When you are seducing a beautiful woman the precise moment you begin to feel that her value is greater than yours you will probably get into flight-fight mode and she will sense that you are worried.

From that moment you cannot lead her anymore.

Women are extremely good in detecting when you are in flight-fight mode.

When they see you are there you level of attractiveness drops.

A woman´s tests are “fake dangers” she puts on your way to check how easily you get into flight-fight mode.

It is a beautiful way of checking how many resources you have.

For the same reason you can seduce very beautiful women without putting their value down.

Techniques like NEGs or “busting her till the bed room” have inside the risk of creating a spiral of negativity between you and the girl.

They also carry the risk of her getting the message that you do not believe you can get her as a woman.

Unless she is badly LSE (low self-esteem) being an asshole to a quality woman will invariably tell her the opposite of what you are trying to achieve: it will tell her that you do not believe in yourself and that your trust in your own resources is very, very low.

The most important thing you can do when you seduce a woman is: stay calm and deeply believe you deserve her.

Believe in yourself.

When you are in this state of mind she will get the message that you are a resourceful man who deeply believes he deserves her.

This is the best of all DHVs you can display: be the calm leader of the group. Show that you believe in yourself and your resources.

After all how a beautiful woman could be a real danger to your safety? If you get into flight-fight mode when dealing with a beautiful woman you are basically showing that you do not believe in yourself and your resources.

So think what happens to your seduction if you get into flight-fight mode when dealing with a beautiful woman!

helping men since 2004

What A Smart Guy Needs To Know About Female Drinking

January 5, 2011

Modern women drink nowadays more and more and for a reason: they actively coach themselves to use logic as a mean to control their emotions and their horniness.

As using logic does not come natural to them they feel very, very bad about it.

Every experienced seducer knows very well how every feminine woman hates logic when she is dealing with her sexual life.

The more she is sexually attracted the more she is emotional.

In order to control her own sexual desire a woman has to control her own emotions.

For many women being emotional in a relationship with a man is basically the same like being sexually receptive.

Drinking is one of the means a modern woman uses to have her emotionality “under control.”

Many modern women feel that their female emotionality is keeping them from screening men effectively. For this reason they try to repress it in themselves in several ways.

Heavy alcohol drinking is one of the means used by women to control their own emotionality and horniness.

As experienced playboys know well emotionality and horniness in a woman go hand by hand. They are strictly linked to each other.

Nowadays a smart guy needs to be aware of what alcohol abuse means for a modern woman. For this reason I would like to share with you some thought about this topic.

You can detect when a woman is using alcohol to control herself by the fact that she has a logical structure for it.

For example: “My drinking begins at 6pm Friday evening” and “My drinking ends Sunday morning.”

Then she puts “sex»” into the logical structure and keeps it religiously out of that structure when she is sober.

This gives her the chance of enjoying sex while dealing with men with a “cold head” in other areas of her life.

Modern woman do this because it gives them the possibility of controlling their emotions just like a man would do by building a logical structure over the emotions.

In this case “drinking starts” > “drinking ends” is the logical structure in question. Of course there are many variations of it. This is an example.

You need to observe and calibrate.

Many of these women are either masculine women who want to be dominant in their relationships with men or women who have issues in their sexuality.

The HSE (high self-esteem) woman usually drinks moderately and has no need to deny her own emotionality.

The high level woman with a good self-esteem can be in touch with her emotional and sexual life and function in any other area at the same time.

Basing of my experience of night game there are several groups of women who drink a lot.

1. The ones who drink because they feel ashamed about their body and their sexuality and can have sex» only when drunk. These women are all LSE (low self-esteem) women.

2. The ones who hate themselves so much that they cannot interact socially, reach any intimacy or do whatever is fun without having some kind of “punishment” on the side. Spending the night in the first aid room, vomiting, hitting the head somewhere and being raped are usually the “punishments.”

3. The ones who use alcohol to avoid sex. Yes guys, it’s not always like that: alcohol increases female sexual horniness and heavy intoxication is largely used by women to control horniness itself.. There are women who drink to have sex and women who drink to avoid sex!

Many women make sure to intoxicate themselves so heavily at the end of the night to get all the validation and attention coming from the chat, the closeness, the connection, the make out, the kissing and avoid full sexual contact with you.

In a word: they make sure that they are in such a terrible state at the end of the night to be able to avoid sex.

They also put the guy into the situation that the only way he has to have sex with them would be to basically rape them. This is achieved by totally blocking rapport by the means of alcohol intoxication.

4. Then, thanks God, there are the above mentioned higher level HSE girls, who just go to have fun and typically drink without losing control on the drinking. They behave basically the same way like they would day time except that they are little bit more “out of control.” The funny thing is: these one are the easiest to seduce into sex. So you should focus on them!

You can recognize them by the fact that getting rapport with you does not exclude for them the possibility of having sex with you. They do not use alcohol to avoid deeper rapport!

Sadly you will not easily find in the club scene a woman like that. So you need to be good at screening.

Instead, for the pathological drinker girl getting rapport with you will be the ultimate turn off as she drinks – among the other reasons – exactly because she is scared of rapport and intimacy.

When you are aware of these differences you can also learn to screen women properly during night game. You know why certain women control their own horniness. You know how to act with different women to get what you want.

You know which the women you better avoid are. You know how to screen for the women it’s more fun to spend time with.

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Direct Game – Approaching From A Distance

January 5, 2011

In direct game there are good ways of opening a conversation with her from a distance.

When you succeed having her come to you, you come out as very, very self-confident in her eyes.

That gives you a huge advantage when you – a moment after – will shift from small talk into running your attraction game on her.

As you know from the Manual of Seduction women get wet for the Alpha Male.

It´s an overwhelming instinct for them.

By having the guts of opening the conversation from a distance you clearly show that you are not afraid of the opinion of the group around you.

You show that you are a leader of people.

Even if you are not talking to anyone else when you open from a distance and have her come to you, you show that you are not scared of leading the group around you.

The “group” may be the people around you in a bar, the people around you on the streets or the passengers in a crowded train.

You can start a conversation with a woman from a distance non verbally: one of the women who became afterwards one of my MLTRs (Multiple Long-Term Relationship) I opened in a train by non verbal gesture.

She was sitting something like 3-4 meters away and was listening to her CDs.

I happened to have CDs of mine with me.

I simply raised one of my CDs in the air in front of her, smiled and by non verbal gesture indicated something like:”Shall we listen to this?”

Then simply went close to her, sat down, put my CD into her player and we began listening to it.

Two pretty impudent gestures: telling her what to listen and opening her CD player without a permission.

Opening from a distance is worth.

There are several ways of starting a conversation with a girl who is – let´s say – something like about  2-5 meters away from you.

1. Eye contact + smile + “Hi” + giving her an order

This is done strictly from the frame of “welcome into my world.”

This means that you assertively invite  her to join you.

I tend more to invite her to come to the place where I am.

In the above example I went to her myself and I was taking the risk because.. the frame of “welcome into my world” was represented by the fact that – after all – we were going to listen to “my” CD!

You can do this either when you sit at the table of a bar or if you stand somewhere.

For example: if I am sitting at the table of a bar and she is sitting or standing somewhere I first follow her non verbal reaction, wait for her eyes to cross mine, get eye contact with her, smile and by my hand invite or to sit at my table or come closer to me.

This is like gambling: she is either in or out.

Very feminine and submissive women will often comply, some other less submissive will begin to chat from a distance (which is what I want), some more dominant ones will get pissed off at which point I will freeze them out.

Giving her an order in a crowded place requires guts. If you are sitting or standing somewhere with many people around you take the risk of facing rejection in a public place.

This may scare many guys but believe me: it plays in your favor. She will detect that you have the guts of doing this in front of everyone.

When a woman detects impudence in a guy she very often becomes horny for the guy.

2. Simply giving her an order.

This is even more impudent and even more gambling. Basically you get eye contact with her and say: “Hello, come here.”

Raising your voice may help.

Do this experiment on the streets: give an order to a girl by raising your voice little bit more than usual. You will notice several girls reacting submissive to it.

3. Asking her a favor from a distance.

You have a map in your hands, point at the map and indicate you need help with a direction.

Let her come to you.

You have a camera in your hands: first point at the camera and then at yourself and ask her non verbally that you need her to take a photo of you.

In both cases if you have her move from her place and come to you, you win the first step of your pickup: she is entering your world to do something for you.

Dominant girls or girls with a good game will resist this at times. If they do just raise your shoulder, smile and get to the next girl.

By the way: I am in the middle of my next book: “How to have women want sex.” Soon coming!

Today while I was writing the book I smiled at the face of a sexy woman sitting at a few meters from me something like x 3 times.

First two times no response.

The third time she smiled back.

Then when she left I smiled again and she smiled back again.

Not a word between us: it would have been a children´s game to stand up, walk to her and sit close to her..

Sadly, I cannot follow up as I am writing this book and my mission is more important than women!:)

So I can pass her to someone of you guys!

Just mail me:)

Wishing you great adventures and fun! 

helping men since 2004



Prolonged Eye Contact With A Female

January 3, 2011

Learn how to use eye contact

In the case you are new to the world of seducing women something you can try which is not that difficult is prolonged eye contact with a female.

Just sit down at the edge of a crowded street and observe males walking when they are just about to have a woman coming from the other direction.

Almost all of them will avoid prolonged eye contact with a female.

Why so?

Well there are many reasons.

One of them is that those males get horny when they are seeing a hot woman and feel ashamed of it.

Women know this and when they see a male who avoids prolonged eye contact with a female they already screen him out as a potential mate.

He is feeling ashamed of his sexuality so he is not an alpha male.

Alpha males do not make mystery out of wanting a woman.

So when you are at the first step of learning the art of seducing women when you are on the streets practice the art of prolonged eye contact with a female.

In a totally calm and non aggressive way when she is closer to you and coming from the other direction lock her straight into the eye. Lock on of her eyes and don´t look down.

Some of them will look away.

This is an automatic reaction in primates. By keeping your prolonged eye contact with a female you are showing dominance.

Don´t bother about the ones who are looking away.

When you see that she is looking at you back at that point smile widely and say “Hello.”

This is the simplest way of doing it.

Other ways of doing this is to smile and say something totally random, some short expression like:

“Nice day isn´t it?” > and smile.

“Oh.. life is so though sometimes!” > and smile.

“Wonderful!” > and smile.

If she smiles back and comments what you said you stop and begin to chat with her.

By doing this you already put yourself far above all the other men who are scared of prolonged eye contact with a female. She knows now that you are the deal.

At this point she will begin testing you which is what you want because..

When a woman is testing you she is actually saying that she begins to like you.

Franco, helping men since 2004

Cold Read

January 3, 2011

How to use cold read to pickup women

Before you even consider using dating sites like plenty fish dating read this one.

By the simple use of this technique you really will not need dating sites like plenty fish dating to meet women and seduce them.

You can meet women everywhere in real life by the simple use of a cold read.

The beauty of this technique is that it s an apparently innocent conversation starter.

When well applied it has her interested in chatting with you: it makes her feel that the contact with you begins in a natural and spontaneous way.

She will feel that the two you met each other casually.

It will give her the feeling that your meeting with her was in a way “decided by destiny” and this will have her feel herself even more attracted to you.

When you use cold read instead of plenty fish dating the street will be the place where you do your hunting : from the bus stop to the food store, from the bank cue to the bar close to your house.

The real thing in matters of plenty of fish dating!

This technique has been modeled by expert in seductions from illusionists and fortune tellers.

A practiced cold reader can obtain information about the subject by analyzing the person’s personality features.

Cold readers commonly guess something about the subject, quickly picking up on signals from their subjects as to whether their guesses are in the right direction or not.

Then they have the subjects link their emotions to themselves so that the subject feels like the guesser was right about them.

You don´t need to go this far to use cold read to meet women.

Plenty fish dating you can do in real life by simply guessing something about her which seems totally “innocent” and “casual”.

You should build your cold read so that is does not seem that you are “hitting on her” like every other guy did that day.

Perform these steps:

1. Choose a subject of the cold read

This can be whatever from guessing about her profession or guessing about her horoscope or is she a tourist or whatever related with her.

Basically you will have to use your fantasy. This plenty fish dating done on the streets requires some imagination.

Choose apparently innocent subjects for cold reads which are not related with her beauty.

If you choose a cold read too much related with her beauty she will feel that you are trying to hit on her like every other boring guy tried that day.

That will make you lose rapidly value in her eyes and this is not what you want: you should always come out of a frame of you being the prize.

Your non verbal attitude should be relaxed, laid back. Your non verbal attitude should be relaxed, laid back.

You should sub-communicate nonchalance and disinterest in her beauty.

If you telegraph too much interested with your non verbal communication this will have your cold read lose it´s effect totally.

2. Then cold read her

3. Watch carefully her response to your cold read, especially her non verbal reaction and adjust your response to that.

I like to use cold reads where I guess her nationality. This stimulates her vanity.

If she is blond

“Are you French?”

If she is brunette

“Are you Italian?”

When I watch her non verbal reaction while I do my plenty fish dating on the streets.

The best targets are the ones who go all emotional over the cold read.

In the majority of the cases I get a:

Girl: “Ohh.. that is nice. No one told me that before. It is nice to hear that I look French/Italian”

You can use cold reads about almost any topic like.

“You look like my English teacher. I am sure you are a teacher”

“I bet you getting out of hard office work. I am sure this day was really though for you”

“You look at me suspiciously. I feel you are a police officer” (with a smile)

“You look really serious. I bet you are a doctor”

And so on…

After the cold read you need to proceed to transitioning which is the second part of your plenty fish dating where you have her engaged in a conversation.

More on transitioning soon.

Franco, helping men since 2004


Dating Tips For Guys

January 3, 2011

Five very important dating tips for guys

This is a quick and effective checklist of dating tips for guys

1. The most important of the dating tips for guys is: never supplicate. Whatever you do when you meet a woman never, never kiss her up. By doing this you will distinguish yourself in her eyes very much compared to all the other guys she met before.

2. Another very important one of the dating tips for guys is: learn how to revert the frame of the prize in your favor. You will find on this site plenty of advice on how to achieve that. You can also post your questions on Franco Seduction´s Forum on the topic of how to achieve and keep the frame of the prize.

3. Whatever you do or say with the women you date remember then that one of the most important dating tips for guys is: never, never take a female seriously when she is being emotional. If you do that you fail one of the most common female tests for alpha. A real alpha male is not shaken by her emotionality.

4. Never talk about “the relationship.” This is another of the most important dating tips for guys. When you talk about the “relationship” with her you are engaging the logical part of her brain and that she will use to betaise you! This is because the female point of view about this is: if you are talking about the relationship with her that means she has your mental energy engaged into her and that means that she is free to go on with her hunting. You are basically done. She does not need to win you over anymore.

5. Never let a woman get control over you. She will try that always. The game of love between a man and woman – and this is one of the most important dating tips for guys – is: her game is to try to gain control over you and your game is to never let her achieve control over you. This will always keep her horny for you and satisfied no matter what she will say or do to deny it.

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