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Meeting Women

Prolonged Eye Contact With A Female

Learn how to use eye contact In the case you are new to the world of seducing women something you can try which is not that difficult is prolonged eye contact with a female. Just sit down at the edge of a crowded street and observe males walking when they are just about to have a woman coming from the other direction. Almost all of them will avoid prolonged eye contact with a female. Why so? Well there are many reasons. One of them is that those males get horny…

Meeting Women

Cold Read

How to use cold read to pickup women Before you even consider using dating sites like plenty fish dating read this one. By the simple use of this technique you really will not need dating sites like plenty fish dating to meet women and seduce them. You can meet women everywhere in real life by the simple use of a cold read. The beauty of this technique is that it s an apparently innocent conversation starter. When well applied it has her interested in chatting with you: it makes her…

Meeting Women

Dating Tips For Guys

Five very important dating tips for guys This is a quick and effective checklist of dating tips for guys 1. The most important of the dating tips for guys is: never supplicate. Whatever you do when you meet a woman never, never kiss her up. By doing this you will distinguish yourself in her eyes very much compared to all the other guys she met before. 2. Another very important one of the dating tips for guys is: learn how to revert the frame of the prize in your favor….