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Female Relationships

Screen Women Everywhere

Screen women while you meet them Well let´s assume that you are at the stage of being able to approach women everywhere and are enjoying the wonderful feeling of abundance which comes with good skills in meeting women. Already at this stage it is very important for you to learn the art of screening women….

Female Relationships

How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

How to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend I am asked quite often this question: “how to get my ex girlfriend back from a new boyfriend” Here I am going to share with you techniques you can use to solve the problem how to get my ex girlfriend back from a new…

Female Relationships

How To Be Dominant As A Male

Being dominant as a male is the way for female sexual happiness Seducing a woman means giving her what her femininity is looking for. As a man you are attracted by receptivity, femininity, sweetness, mystery. As a woman she is attracted by self-confidence, directness, toughness, strong leadership. It´s the Yin and the Yang attracting each…

Seducing Women

Calibrating Value And The Seduction Game

Calibrating value – the importance of this concept in the seduction game I write this article where I expand more the concept of value and calibrating value in a relationship with a female. The concept of value in a relationship is the same like the concept of value in the commercial world. The big difference…

Female Relationships

Social Hijacking

Social hijacking: don´t let her do this to you in a long-term relationship Social hijacking is defined as: slow manipulation into social isolation. Without knowing it themselves men have to deal in female relationships with this more than they could imagine. If you are in a long-term relationship/marriage and slowly went into social isolation a…

Female Relationships

The Power Of Asking And Female Relationships

The power of asking: you can have her like you by simply asking for good things Guys, when you become an high status male and an expert seducer you will soon notice that asking good things from women will improve your relationship with them much more than giving. Asking has a magic power: as psychologist…

Meeting Women

How To Game Adventuresses – By JohnnyC69

JohnnyC69 is a good friend of mine and a very experienced playboy. He tells us how to recognize adventuresses and seduce them. It’s no secret that there is a handful of personality types you’re going to encounter when seducing women. For the sake of this discussion though, we’ll slot them into three main categories: the…