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Meeting Women

How To Screen For Female Receptiveness And Why

When you are looking for a relationship with a woman, you should  screen for female receptiveness. Having the ability to pass the tests of virtually any woman, and have sex with her, is a good skill to have. However, it can cause you to make wrong choices, even short-term wrong choices…not just the long-term ones….

Seducing Women

How To Attract A Girl

Do You Want The Most Beautiful Girls Attracted To You Here Is How! I was thinking I might write a list of items you need to keep in mind when asking yourself the question of how to attract a girl, and I came up with some basic thoughts just for you. Here are some things…

Meeting Women

Places To Pickup Women

When you hear guys talking about how to pickup a woman, one topic that always comes up is where the best places to pickup women are. Well.. good places to pickup women are everywhere! That´s usually my answer. I have reason for answering like that: the topic “places to pickup women” is very often a…

Meeting Women

Focus On Attraction And Forget The “Second Meeting”

The traditional dating frame in our modern society turns easily into something which goes against the best interest of men That frame was based on the assumption that a woman is a “fragile” person who needs to be “protected” and “supported” and that to have her as your woman you will have to demonstrate that…

Seducing Women

NLP Basics 2 – Eye Contact, Rapport, And Calibration

The NLP approach to communication utilizes a different style with each different person, rather than a one-size-fits-all type of approach. In NLP, rapport is built by maximizing the similarities between two people, and by downplaying the differences.  Many guys do understand the meaning behind female reactions to dominant eye contact. If she looks to the…

Seducing Women

The Meaning of Social Proof and How To Use it To Seduce

Here is a description of how to use social proof to seduce women. Sexual selection is based on value, and it follows the same exact principles we see in marketing. Would someone buy a car no one else wants? Likewise, would a woman be with a man that no other woman wants? In their attempts…

Seducing Women

Basic NLP and Seduction 1

This is the first of several articles, in which I highlight how basic NLP applies to seduction. We will review NLP concepts and see how they apply to meeting women, seduction, and female relationships. Know your outcome and what you want to achieve. The more clearly you can visualize what you want, the more powerful…